14 Easy DIY Lumber Racks You Can Build

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14 Easy DIY Lumber Racks You Can Build

diy lumber rack

A lumber rack is one of the most useful things you can have in your shop if you work at the very least, occasionally with wood.

A lumber rack helps you to stay organized as a woodworker. You don't have to pile your lumber on the floor. Everything looks neat and arranged, plus a lumber rack is simple to build on your own.

Following are 14 DIY lumber rack plans from across the Internet. I hope that you can find a plan that you love and would love to build from this list.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY lumber rack, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a clamp rack, outdoor firewood rack, pergola, nightstand, scrap wood, and many more.

Cheap & Easy Shelf Brackets Lumber Rack Plan

Sarah needed a cheap and easy to build DIY lumber rack. So, after a long while of weighing her options, she turned to her dad for help.

Her dad found 6 pieces of steel shelf brackets in his garage and Sarah decided to use them. There are different weight capacities for these shelf brackets. The ones that Sarah's dad gave her could hold 100 lb.

Installation here simply required coating the brackets with primer first, before spraying them with white paint. After drying, the brackets were carefully attached to one side of the shop's walls.

It's important to make sure that they are attached to studs. It's also important to use heavy-duty screws, which will be strong enough to hold the weight of the lumbers.

2. DIY Mobile A-Frame Lumber Rack Tutorial

DIY Mobile A-Frame Lumber Rack Tutorial

This DIY lumber rack is a simple but effective solution for storing lumber and also transporting it from place to place. It is 68 inches high, 40 inches wide, and 21 inches deep.

Originally designed by the Rogue Engineer, this project requires 2x4s, wood screws and 3-inch casters for mobility. This page also contains a link to the original DIY plans.

There are 5 levels upon which lumber can be stored. They vary in size and range from 20 to 30-inch boards on the topmost level, to over 5-ft. long boards on the lowest level.

This page does have clear pictures which show the construction process, but the real plans are on the Rogue Engineer's blog. Simply click over if you need the detailed plans.

3. Multi-Layer DIY Lumber Rack Shelves Plan

Multi-Layer DIY Lumber Rack Shelves Plan

One of the simplest and most practical lumber storage ideas is to build a vertical shelf on one wall of your shop using wood. You can also decide to line the shelves with plywood if you want.

There are 2 basic structures to pay attention to here. There are the uprights and the supports. The upright boards are vertical and go from top to bottom, helping to hold the supports.

The supports are horizontal, they rest on the upright boards, and they provide resting space for the lumber that you want to store. This guide shows you how to place a support on every stud, then add an upright above and below the support.

This tutorial includes 5 steps. They begin with the layout, then the cutting of the boards, and installation. It should be noted that with this design, you can make the shelves as high or as wide as you want.

4. Jay's Conduit  DIY Lumber Rack Plan

Jay's Conduit  DIY Lumber Rack Plan

Jay here originally planned to build an all-wood wall shelf lumber rack. On the road though, he changed his mind and ended up using conduit pipes as supports for the lumbers.

This tutorial also includes a video for those who love video tutorials. The design is simple, there are vertical boards on the walls, which then have 3/4-inch conduit pipes sticking out.

Jay takes you through his building process in a smooth step by step guide. It includes lots of pictures which help to show you the building steps.

5. Lane Bros DIY Wall Mounted Lumber Rack

Lane Bros DIY Wall Mounted Lumber Rack

Very few lumber rack plans are designed and built with so much love. The horizontal supports on this lumber rack are built in such a way that they stand out and still remain functional.

This lumber rack was designed by the Lane Bros and then featured on Ana White's website. A link from the comments on Ana's website will lead you to the original plans from the Lane Bros.

The Lane bros guide leads you with plentiful pictures through each stage of the construction. Once you pay a little attention to it, you will understand the plan behind the style.

6. Wall Mounted DIY Lumber Storage Rack Plan

Wall Mounted DIY Lumber Storage Rack Plan

This one is not for beginners because it includes lots of special cuts that you'll have to be familiar with first before engaging in it.

Still, you will create a nice lumber rack with this guide. The material list includes wood glue and plywood, while the too list includes a miter saw, clamps, stud finder, e.t.c.

The tutorial is provided in 6 steps, starting from the ripping of the wood, to the final installation.

7. Simple DIY Lumber Storage Rack Plan

Simple DIY Lumber Storage Rack Plan

Using wooden brackets, this lumber rack was built to be functional and stylish as well. It is made from 2x4s and plywood, and it is quite sturdy.

There are 4 rows supported by 3 upright 2x4s, which have been nailed to the wall. Each of the row brackets is made from 2 pieces of plywood and 2 short 2x4 boards.

Tamara uses pictures to show you how she did it all. She first cut the plywood into 10 x 14-inch pieces, then measured out 1.5 inches from the top right and bottom left corners.

Once she connected these dots with a line, she had her 2 plywood pieces for the bracket. The next steps are also shown clearly in this guide.

8. Clever DIY Mullet Style Lumber Rack Plan

Clever DIY Mullet Style Lumber Rack Plan

Here we have one very well thought out lumber rack. Designed to satisfy all your garage lumber storage needs, it conveniently offers you space for large sheets, long boards and for cut-offs as well.

This lumber rack is additionally quite stylish, featuring 2 sets of vertical supports. There is an included video tutorial for those who love videos, but no step by step guide on the page.

Lots of big and bright pictures show you what is being done at each stage of the construction process though. There are 3-shelf rows for long boards storage, plus 5 drawer-like shelves for cut-offs.

9. $5 Lumber Rack DIY Tutorial with Video

$5 Lumber Rack DIY Tutorial with Video

A lumber rack doesn't have to be expensive and so too, is building it by yourself. This DIY guide shows you how far you can come with just $5 in material costs.

You will simply learn how to use simple wooden brackets in building a lumber rack. It could just be 1 or 2 rows as is in the guide, or you could create multiple rows.

Jay presents this guide in 5 steps, including a tool list and a material list. There is also a full video tutorial included for those who love video tutorials.

10. Jack's A-Frame Mobile Lumber Rack Plans

Jack's A-Frame Mobile Lumber Rack Plans

The A-frame mobile lumber rack is one of the best lumber rack ideas that there is. Not only does it offer an efficient method of organizing your lumbers, it is also mobile, giving you more flexibility.

This particular design is 48 inches long at the base and 15 inches wide. At the top, it is 15 inches long and 12 inches wide.

The guide begins with a material list, then tool list and tips, before going into the plans in detail. At the end of the build, 4 pieces of 2-inch caster wheels are attached for mobility, and the whole rack is then properly sanded down.

11. Multi-Functional DIY Lumber Rack Guide

Multi-Functional DIY Lumber Rack Guide

Lots of lumber racks are just designed for long boards alone, and without consideration for other types of lumber supplies like large plywood sheets and cut-offs.

With this rack, you get top shelves that are great for long boards and a bottom area which is perfect for shorter boards, sheets, and cut-offs.

You'll be needing 6 to 8-ft. long 2x4s, wood screws, and some scrap wood. This guide presents you with lots of pictures. Everything is presented in a step by step manner, with each step having a picture and some written instructions.

The steps here are easy to follow. Getting a little creative, you can even make some slight changes to fit the design to your personal needs since the frame is well built.

12. Free & Simple DIY Lumber Rack Plans

Free & Simple DIY Lumber Rack Plans

Needing a lumber rack for the pile of oak and walnut timber he had just bought, Quinn's dad decided to build this simple DIY lumber rack.

There is nothing fancy about this lumber rack. All you need is 3 short pieces of lumber and you can make a bracket. Then you build 3 or more brackets and nail them all to the wall.

Although there are plenty of pictures here, the tutorial takes just about one paragraph. He uses 1x4s and 2x4s to make the brackets, with the 2x4s serving as reinforcements.

13. Ashley's A-Frame DIY Mobile Lumber Rack

Ashley's A-Frame DIY Mobile Lumber Rack

Ashley's mobile lumber rack is based on the Rogue Engineer's plans, but she builds it all without any power tools. Ashley uses a Japanese handsaw and a Nobex manual miter handsaw.

This guide starts off with a tools and supplies list, then dives into the step by step guide to building the A-frame mobile lumber rack. Each step is accompanied by a large picture so that you can easily understand what's going on.

She used a Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes before making the 2 ladders that will from the rack's frame. In the end, she added 4 casters beneath the frame. 2 of the casters are rigid casters, while the other 2 are swivel casters.

14. Pallet Wood Clever DIY Mobile Storage Rack

Pallet Wood Clever DIY Mobile Storage Rack

This project offers one of the best lumber storage ideas in this list. It shows you how to build a garage lumber storage system that is sturdy, mobile, flexible, and cool.

The tutorial takes a step by step approach in presenting the building process. The base is first designed and put together, and then casters are attached to make it mobile. Taking a closer look at the base, you will also see that it remains forklift compatible.

A frame is then built on top of the base, after which the rest of its sides are covered with pallet boards. The end result is a unique and really cool mobile lumber rack system.

We have gone through our 14 DIY lumber rack plans and I hope you loved them and are ready to get building.

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