10 Simple DIY LED Grow Lights for Plant Growth

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10 Simple DIY LED Grow Lights for Plant Growth

Diy Led Grow Light

Want to grow plants or raise seeds indoors? Well, you might want to consider LED grow lights.

It might be the answer to some gardening problems you experience. Did you know there’s a way you can purchase LED growing lights and install as DIY project?

Well, there are a lot of ideas out there you can use for setup. Let’s get straight into looking at 10 cool ideas you might want to adapt.

180W LED Grow Light Panel

This is quite a basic setup made of 36 LED grow lights. The lights are mounted on a metal panel. A lot of soldering is needed here to connect together all the lights.

3 feet of wire connectors are used in this setup. Bolt divers are fitted for improved heat management. Efficient cooling is provided by a fan. Here, you can choose to use a spare PC fan.

This setup takes 9 steps from start to finish. The designer has a breakdown of what you’ll expect to spend on each item. In total, the project costs around $120.

2. 261W DIY LED Grow Light

261W DIY LED Grow Light

In this setup, there’s a total of 87 LED lights mounted on an aluminum housing. A voltage regulator is used here for safety purposes in case of power surge.

This LED grow light has improved cooling mechanism. It has whopping five cooling fans. There are one large PC fan and four CPU heatsinks with fans.

The designer fits a toggle switch that makes it possible to disable individual wavelengths. In this LED grow light system, you can choose to purchase the aluminum heatsink already mounted with LED lights.

One good thing about this tutorial is that it includes some basics on how this grow light works. According to the designer, this project will cost you $145. This is if you only have to buy the voltage regulator and LED lights.

3. LED Grow Light for 2 by 2 Feet Space

LED Grow Light for 2 by 2 Feet Space

You’ll agree with me that marijuana flourishes when grown in optimal light. Roy had this in mind when building this setup.

He settles for five emitters rated at 28 watts each. According to Roy, such a space needs about 165 watts of heat dissipation. To achieve that, he uses five monster sinks each with a heat dissipation capacity of 50 watts.

Roy keeps things simple by settling for a passive cooling system, which adds some extra watts required to run the fans. A recirculating fan is installed to help cool the emitters and improve ventilation.

5 current drivers are used to protect the emitters that are extremely sensitive to fluctuations of current. Roy gives quite a long and detailed tutorial that captures every small detail you need to know. The overall cost of this project is around $500.

4. DIY LED Grow Light with COBs

DIY LED Grow Light with COBs

Well, this is no one specific design for LED grow lights. What the designer does here is provide different setups to accommodate small, medium, and large grows.

He uses a solder-free 3000K COB setup. The designer recommends using 18 gauge stranded alarm wires that provide a much cleaner look. Slider connectors are used here to ensure every connection is secure.

An aluminum heatsink is used here. For better results, you need to transform the extruded design into a flat shape followed with some sanding.

In this LED grow light setup, the designer uses about 25 watts per square feet. Well, this is a good option in case you can keep up with the feeding and watering.

5. High Power LED Grow Lights M.k2

High Power LED Grow Lights M.k2

Electrical gardening, as some might call it, can be quite a risky undertaking. Well, the designer of this LED grow light removes the danger out of this type of gardening.

What he does is to come up with a setup installed with a current limiter. To make it simple, he gives a simple sketch diagram of how to design one. By keeping electric current constant, the risk of the bulbs blowing up during current fluctuations is kept to a minimum.

Well, this is a 15-watt setup housed in a large tub. A large aluminum box is used here for improved heat dissipation. The whole setup requires 10 steps to build.

6. DIY LED Grow Lights with COBs and CPU Coolers

DIY LED Grow Lights with COBs and CPU Coolers

This is a high-power LED grow light designed to use COBs. The designer uses a total of eight CREE CXA3070 COBs. Two are rated at 5000K while six are rated at 3000K.

It’s a 480-watt multi-mode DIY LED grow light. Cooling is provided by 8 CPU fans connected to an external power supply.

A major part of the tutorial comes in the form of picture illustrations and photos. The designer includes a list of all materials and puts an estimated cost for each.

Well, going by what is given in this tutorial, you should expect to spend around $599 on this project.

7. 5 Band DIY LED Grow Light

5 Band DIY LED Grow Light

Sander, the designer behind this grow light, starts with a few basics of the working of grow lights. His setup is made of 50 LEDs.

Each LED is glued onto a star-shaped heatsink and the whole setup laid out in an aluminum metal panel. The use of aluminum for the panel and heatsinks function to improve heat dissipation.

Ceramic resistors are used here to keep the current level in check. A fan is used to cool down the system. You can use a small 8cm fan since the ambient temperature hardly gets above 10 degrees.

8. DIY Inspired 8x 450w Complete LED Grow Light

DIY Inspired 8x 450w Complete LED Grow Light

What I like about this setup is that it comes in the form of a YouTube video tutorial. That means no need to read long boring pages. Everything is presented in a more practical manner.

Just a peek through this DIY LED grow light plan, it is housed in an aluminum casing that’s powder-coated for added protection and durability.

The setup draws 450 watts of power and includes three dimming channels of Red, Blue, and White. Switches are installed to provide the basic control you need.

This grow light even comes with a 24-hour timer so that the light switches automatically after a pre-set period of time.

9. Simple LED Grow Light with Two Narrow Spectral Bands

Simple LED Grow Light with Two Narrow Spectral Bands

This is a design of a grow light with a maximum heat dissipation of 165 watts. Here, the designer uses five 28-watt emitters.

Four are rated at 2700K while one is rated at 5000K. You have the option of using just one 5000K emitter if you don’t want something elaborate.

Five monster heatsinks attached to an aluminum frame are used to improve the cooling capacity. In this setup, each heatsink gives a cooling capacity of 50 watts.

The size of the heatsinks can be reduced by using an active cooling fan. A video tutorial is given here to make the design process much simpler.

10. $35 DIY LED Grow Light

$35 DIY LED Grow Light

The designer of this grow light comes up with a trick to keep power consumption to a minimum. He ditches the conventional LED lights and settles for LED strip lights.

Even though the output doesn’t compare to normal LED lights, it still serves the purpose. The whole strip uses a mere 60 watts and includes lights in the red and blue spectrum.

The setup uses a power supply from a computer. The housing is made mostly out of plywood. This tutorial comes in the form of YouTube video that’s about 16 minutes long.

I hope you now have some idea on how to design LED grow lights and tailor them to your specific needs.

The experience of setting up one can be a fun process but also quite challenging at the same time. So feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.