10 Easy DIY Lathe Stand Plans to Build Your Own

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10 Easy DIY Lathe Stand Plans to Build Your Own

Lathe Stand Plans

Woodworking is a popular art dating back to the 6th century. As a woodworker, you get to become a creator and turn otherwise useless pieces of wood into invaluable pieces of art. 

For this process, getting the best wood lathe is imperative, no doubt. That said, you should note that while getting the best lathe, it is equally as important to get a strong, heavy and stable stand. 

This will go a long way in aiding your creation of beautiful masterpieces. While you have the option of buying a retail lathe, you would save more if you built your own. 

To help you out, I have taken it upon myself to resent to you a list of lathe stands that would be perfect for a DIY project.

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DIY Lathe Stand with Shelf

Having a professional quality lathe stand that is heavy, strong and stable goes a long way in helping you make masterpieces. This particular DIY lathe stand is considered to be better than a steel stand. 

The lathe stand is built from plywood and measures 5.8ft in height. This is height provides you with quality control of your tools. 

Most of the plywood parts of the lathe stand are made from two pieces glued together firmly, face-to-face. Popular Woodworking provides a DIY lathe stand plan complete with a supplies list, a cutting list, and an exploded view. 

In addition, the plan comes with step-by-step instructions. 

2.  DIY Wood Lathe Stand With Storage 

DIY Wood Lathe Stand With Storage

In making wood masterpieces, a lathe is not the only tool you will need. Sure it is the primal tool, but other tools are important as well. 

If you often find these tools cluttering your working space, this DIY lathe stand with storage will help you organize your workspace. In the storage space, you can store your lathe tools and accessories, turning blanks and kit hardware. 

The storage spaces come in the form of a cabinet and drawers. FixThisBuildThat provides a free DIY lathe plan to make this stand. The provided plan shares perspective images, instructions, and a supplies list. 

3.  Simple DIY Lathe Stand 

Simple DIY Lathe Stand

If you are looking for an easy, quick and inexpensive DIY lathe project, one that has a small footprint, then this is the project for you. 

Tables and cabinets tend to collect dust and shavings from the lathe. But this particular lathe stand, having an open design at the top lets everything fall right through for easy cleanup. 

This lathe stand is easy to make as it has very few special joints and cuts. It makes use of common sized materials and is assembled using screws, glue and butt joints. 

IBuiltIt details the process of building the DIY lathe stand from scratch. Images are shared on every step for better understanding and picturing the end product. 

4.  DIY Lathe Stand Cabinet 

DIY Lathe Stand Cabinet

If you want to learn how to build a lathe stand, this lathe stand plan by My Outdoor Plans will guide you through it. The DIY lathe stand built comes is designed as a cabinet. 

The cabinet provides space to professionally store your work tools and accessories. The cabinet is designed simply with two doors and a single shelf inside.

When building the lathe stand, prefer cedar or any other weather resistant lumber. It will cost you a pretty penny at the beginning but it will surely pay off in the long run. 

Be keen to get the right measurements even when you make adjustments. The DIY lathe plan features perspective images, materials and cutting list and simple instructions. 

5.  DIY Workbench Lathe Stand With Extension 

DIY Workbench Lathe Stand With Extension

This is one simple DIY lathe stand. Despite its simplicity, it proves to be strong, sturdy and above all, stable. It is made using tenon and mortise joints. It also has an extension. 

So at the very least, you have to have basics of making these joints. But if you do not have the basics, do not worry. The Wood Gears tutorial will guide you through it. 

Working with tenons and mortises, it is easy to piece the stand together. It does not consume a lot of time and you still can be very accurate.

6.  DIY Lathe Stand With Strong Fastening System 

DIY Lathe Stand With Strong Fastening System

If you need space to store and organize your tools, and from time to time store heavy items like sandbags and the like, this sturdy lathe stand is perfect for you. 

It features shelves that can support even 120 lbs. In addition, the unit is made to absorb vibrations courtesy of the double plywood used and the nuts housed in copper tubes. 

This DIY lathe stand is more of a beast and Wood Archivist takes you through the steps of building it. The DIY lather stand plan is free and easy to follow. 

7.  DIY Mobile Lathe Stand 

DIY Mobile Lathe Stand

This DIY lathe stand is built to be sturdy, strong and heavy. However, despite its heavy nature, the lathe stand is mobile. In their plan, Ashley Grenon included castor wheels thus making the lathe stand mobile. 

Its design is simple and straightforward. Actually, it is perfect for beginners with limited woodworking skills. The basic DIY skills will work wonders in this project. 

8.  DIY Mini-Lathe Stand

DIY Mini-Lathe Stand

Mini lathes, though small, come packing some serious power and capability. If you have a mini lathe, you cannot afford to skimp on the size and strength of your lathe stand. 

A lightweight lathe stand will not support and withstand the weight and vibrations from the mini stand.

This lathe stand is built for strength and support. It features drawers and cabinets for lathe accessory storage. To top it all off, this DIY lathe stand is mobile. Wood Smith Plans avails a PDF DIY lathe stand to follow.

9.  DIY Lathe Stand With Castor Wheels

DIY Lathe Stand With Castor Wheels

If you are always moving around your workshop, you need a lathe stand that can move with you. And what better DIY lathe stand design is there than one with castors? 

Overall, the DIY lathe stand is compact and has just enough space to accommodate your lathe. On the sides, you can add some nails to hang your mask. 

DIY Huntress provides a downloadable PDF DIY lathe stand plan. The plan includes all you need to succeed in the project.

10. DIY Metal-Lathe Stand 

DIY Metal-Lathe Stand

In case you are wondering, no, this lathe stand is not made from metal. The metal in the title description refers to the type of lathe. That said, metal lathes tend to be very heavy and therefore need great support. 

In the project as directed by Crafted Workshop, you will need to glue two pieces of plywood together to achieve the much needed strong support. 

The DIY lathe stand has a simple design and features a shelf to help keep your workspace organized. Craft Workshop not only provides a blog DIY lathe stand plans but also avail a video tutorial.

And there you have it, 10 different DIY lathe stand plans to help build a lathe stand. Hopefully, the list inspires you to start on a DIY project building a piece of furniture that will improve your art. 

Now we would like to know if you ever got to build the lathe stand. If you did, how did it go? What challenges did you experience? What advice would you share? 

We love getting feedback from our readers. So please feel free to leave a comment in the space below.