19 DIY Kitchen Island Plans With Stylish Designs

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19 DIY Kitchen Island Plans With Stylish Designs

kitchen island plans

The kitchen island is always the focal point of most kitchens, and so it is one of those things that you must have.

Not only does the kitchen island look good in the kitchen but it also adds some extra counter space and storage.

While you can hire someone to build a permanent kitchen island for your home, the best idea is always to make a DIY kitchen island.

You will also not need to invest a lot of cash to build a kitchen island, and in most cases, it only costs a fraction of what you would pay a contractor to make one.

We have gathered the free kitchen island plans below to give you some ideas on how to make one for your home. All you need to do is to pick one that you like most and start building it.

You can find more than just these free kitchen island plans like plans for farmhouse tables, coffee tables, floating shelves, TV stands, wine racks, home bars, desks, Adirondack chairs, bathroom vanity.

Under $250 DIY Kitchen Island with Seating

Build Basic provides this tutorial to help you build a fantastic kitchen island that would cost thousands of dollars to buy for just under $250.

The DIY kitchen island plan builds around two stock cabinets, and it should take about 2 days to make and few extra hours for painting and finishing it.

You will only need beginner woodworking tools like a drill, and circular saw and the tutorial lists them all plus the materials which include 2x4 boards.

The Build Basic article also provides some step by step instructions for making the cuts an assembling the boards.

If you are still not sure how to build a kitchen island with seating you can also buy the more comprehensive plans for the DIY kitchen island for a few dollars.

2. Furniture-Style DIY Kitchen Island with Marble Top

Furniture-Style DIY Kitchen Island with Marble Top

A unique kitchen island like this one will look amazing in your kitchen and also provide a lot of extra counter space.

For this project, you will only need to buy a marble top and some lovely wooden legs from Osborne Wood Products to start your project.

The two are the primary materials for the DIY kitchen island, but you will also need butcher block for the bottom shelf and a few other lumber pieces for the edges. But there is a more comprehensive material list on the plans.

Although this article offers a brief overview of the entire construction, there are also some free downloadable PDF plans that are more detailed.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Bar and Cupboards

Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Bar and Cupboards

This Ana White tutorial is for making a lovely farmhouse style kitchen island that consists of a bar and two large cupboards, some extra shelves in the middle and a large drawer.

You will spend between $100 and $150 to build a kitchen Island like this one, but it should be an easy project to implement because Ana provides a very detailed guide.

There is a complete shopping list that includes 1x4, 1x2 and 1x12 pieces and a detailed step by step construction tutorial with some 3D SketchUp.

4. Reclaimed Wood DIY Kitchen Island

Reclaimed Wood DIY Kitchen Island

The natural look of reclaimed wood will always give any wooden item an imposing look, and it might be just the element you need to enhance the appearance of your DIY kitchen island.

This project uses reclaimed oak and pine wood, but the tutorial provides a complete materials list if you want to purchase or use new lumber.

There are also hardware supplies and cut list that will be very handy when making this 56-inch long table and some step by step directions with 3D images.

The project should cost between $75 and $100 to implement, and you can do in a single weekend.

5. Easy-to-Build Rolling Kitchen Island

Easy-to-Build Rolling Kitchen Island

This DIY rolling kitchen island from Shanty2Chic is just the right size for any kitchen. It is also quite easy to build as there are no complicated angles and cuts that you will need to make.

The design of the DIY kitchen island will include an ample workspace and open shelf on the lower section for extra space. And it also has some casters to make it easy to move around and a hook rail for your towels.

The article provides a picture tutorial with some short text descriptions, but you can download the full free plans that will also include supply and cut lists and the written instructions

6. DIY Solid Wood Kitchen Island 

DIY Solid Wood Kitchen Island

It is hard to believe that you will spend under $200 to make this wooden kitchen island as it provides a lot of workspace and storage.

The project is on Ana White’s site, but it is by Michaela who posted in The Gardener’s Eden initially.

With the detailed tutorial that includes everything from the shopping and cut list to the step by step instructions with 3D SketchUp to guide you, this 60-inch long kitchen island should be easy to build.

7. Rustic Kitchen Table Island

Rustic Kitchen Table Island

If you have some old barn wood or pallets lying around here is how to build a kitchen island with them. And it will also be an inexpensive project since you are using recycled wood.

This cheap DIY kitchen island plan is also quite straightforward to implement, and even a beginner woodworker can do it.

It is all about cutting the old lumber, assembling it and finishing by sanding and applying a few coats of polyurethane. The tutorial provides enough details and pictures on how to do all this.

8. Small Wooden DIY Kitchen Island

Small Wooden DIY Kitchen Island

A small homemade kitchen island like this one will work for any kitchen, and it does not take a lot of time or lumber to build.

You can make this kitchen island for just $30, and you will need 2x4s, 1x3s, 1x8s, some screws and dark walnut stain.

The Cedar Tree Farmhouse takes you through the construction with pictures and written instructions to make this an easy DIY kitchen island plan.

9. New American Barnwood Kitchen Island

New American Barnwood Kitchen Island

This 60-inch long DIY kitchen island has a very striking look, and it will be the focal point of your kitchen. It features a couple of slat shelves, push-through drawer, and cabinet with a door on both the front and back.

The unique design of this homemade kitchen island might make it look hard to build, but it is not. The tutorial provides some detailed instructions with 3D images and written guidelines to make everything easy.

There are some lumber, hardware and cut list to get you started and if you follow the instructions well, it should only take a few days to build.

10. Cedar Wood DIY Kitchen Cart

Cedar Wood DIY Kitchen Cart

A small DIY kitchen cart like this one will provide some extra prep space for your kitchen, and it will also add some style to the room.

It is just a 2-day project that does not cost much to make, and anyone with some advanced woodworking skills can build it. 

The DIY Network tutorial provides some very detailed guidelines that include materials and tools list and step by step instructions with pictures. But some of the materials that you need are 4x4 posts and 1/2-inch plywood.

11. Classic DIY Kitchen Work-Station

Classic DIY Kitchen Work-Station

Combining different styles is one of the best ways to come up with a unique DIY kitchen Island. For this particular one, you have to blend a classic workstation look with some modern kitchen island utilities.

Although it is just a small kitchen island, it still provides a lot of storage space with the drawers and shelf, and there is also a drop-leaf top and pullout bin for waste.

The Popular Mechanics tutorial provides some written instructions and lots of pictures for the different stages of the construction. But you can also get these kitchen island woodworking plans in a printable PDF format.

12. Butcher Block and Pre-Built Panels DIY Kitchen Island

Butcher Block and Pre-Built Panels DIY Kitchen Island

You will need to buy some pre-built panels and butcher block to build a kitchen island with an aesthetically appealing and modern look like this one.

The design may look complicated as there are several components including drawers and a unique top, but most of the work only goes into the assembling.

With the written text tutorial on this DIY kitchen island idea and the few pictures, you should have enough inspiration to build one just like this. It should take at least one-weekend to complete, and you should also be ready to spend a significant amount of cash.

13. Rustic X Small DIY Rolling Kitchen Island

Rustic X Small DIY Rolling Kitchen Island

If you are looking for simple kitchen island plans that you can implement over the weekend, you can always trust Ana White to have something for you.

These particular kitchen island plans are for a small rustic one that also includes some wheels and an X design. But, the DIY kitchen island plans are not by Ana as she gets them from Shanty2Chic.

However, Ana White still provides all the details you need to build this rustic kitchen island from the shopping lists to the step by step directions with 3D SketchUp.

14. $30 2x4s Homemade Kitchen Island

$30 2x4s Homemade Kitchen Island

There are many things that you can build with 2x4s scraps, but this DIY kitchen island idea is one of the most impressive ones.

The fact that it only costs around $30 to build makes this a must-try project for me because I love cheap and easy DIY projects.

If you have at least beginner woodworking skills, you will not even need a tutorial to build this DIY kitchen island. But the photos, brief text description and supplies list are still handy.

15. Easy Multi-Drawer DIY Kitchen Island

Easy Multi-Drawer DIY Kitchen Island

The straightforward design of this DIY kitchen island makes it very easy to build, and any DIYer with a little experience can build it.

For this kitchen island plan, the most important thing is to get the measurements right, and the tutorial provides some 3D images to help with this.

This Cherished Bliss article also provides these free DIY kitchen island plans in a downloadable PDF file with the complete materials and cut lists.

16. Simple DIY Rolling Kitchen Island Cart

Simple DIY Rolling Kitchen Island Cart

Simple kitchen islands are not only easy to make, but many are also the most useful in the kitchen. This DIY kitchen cart is one such project.

Despite the small size of this DIY rolling kitchen island it still takes some effort to build, and you will need to have at least moderate woodworking skills.

The tutorial will provide lots of pictures to help with the construction, and there is also a diagram that demonstrates how the different parts will fit together.

17. Repurposed Coffee Table Kitchen Island 

Repurposed Coffee Table Kitchen Island

If you like repurposing things here is how to build a kitchen island from a console or coffee table and some galvanized pipe.

And besides, from the coffee table, you will also need 3-inch screws, plywood, and 4x4 lumber boards. The article provides some summarized steps to give you some idea of what to do, and there is also a helpful video that demonstrates what you need.

Since this is a repurposing project, the cost will depend on what you already have and what you need to buy, and it should only take a day to finish.

18. Modern Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Modern Multifunctional Kitchen Island

A sleek and modern looking kitchen island like this one will look great in any kitchen. And it also provides lots of storage space.

The Lowes tutorial provides step by step directions with all the information you need to build the DIY kitchen island including some pictures. And there is also a short YouTube video that takes you through the entire build.

This DIY kitchen island idea will help you convert your unfinished cabinets, stock boards, and a countertop into a multifunctional kitchen island. It will take 1 or a couple of weeks to complete and a budget of less than $500.

19. Cheap DIY Kitchen Island from a Desk

Cheap DIY Kitchen Island from a Desk

DIY kitchen island plans come in many forms, and this one is also about repurposing an old desk with wheels. The desk size is just right, and it also has an appealing design that will look fantastic in your kitchen.

All you need to do is to build a base to give the desk a counter height before spray painting. The tutorial provides some pictures on how to do all this.

If you have an old desk or can get a cheap one, this will be an inexpensive DIY kitchen island idea for you that you can implement in just a few hours.

DIY kitchen islands are a fun project that any DIYer can implement. And now that you have 19 different DIY kitchen island ideas, you should not have any difficulties making one.

For those that already have a DIY kitchen island, we would like to know how you built it and some the challenges if any and your thoughts on these projects in the comments section below.