11 Free DIY Hidden Gun Shelf Plans to Hide Your Gun at Home

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11 Free DIY Hidden Gun Shelf Plans to Hide Your Gun at Home

hidden gun shelf plans

If you have a gun, then you'll know that having easy access to it and keeping it concealed inside the house are both important. The clever solution, of course, is a hidden gun shelf.

There are hidden gun shelves for sale and they can be quite helpful as well, but if you can build one by yourself, then that's surely the best way to do it because its secret remains your secret.

Following are nice and thought-provoking hidden gun shelf plans from across the Internet. They should hopefully help you to build yours and to personalize it as well.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY hidden gun shelf, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a pipe shelf, floating shelf, bookshelf, garage shelving, vanity mirror, picture frame.

Clean Cut DIY Hidden Gun Shelf

Jamison the Rogue Engineer, decided to build this one to keep his gun and his wife's jewelry out of sight. The design is simple and clean-cut, and it cost him just $30 to build.

In addition to being a floating shelf, this DIY concealment furniture is also a decorative piece that will bring more style to any room it is installed.

This tutorial gives you everything you need to start and finish this project, including a materials list, a tools list, detailed plans with measurements, a cut list and a step by step construction guide.

The beauty of this shelf lies at the end of the process when it is stained to bring out its beauty.

Jamison uses lots of pictures to show you all these different steps in this construction, including the finding of studs and mounting the shelf stage.

2. 11-Step DIY Secret Compartment with Magnetic Lock Plans

11-Step DIY Secret Compartment with Magnetic Lock Plans

Featuring magnetic locks, this hidden gun shelf plan offers you an ordinary looking but a very functional floating shelf with enough space for a few handguns.

The magnetic locks add an extra layer of security to the system. 2 such locks are used in this project, including 2 spring hinges, polyurethane foam, and a $4 super magnet.

Step 1 begins with a material and a cut list. Step 2 deals with the building of the top assembly, while step 3 deals with the hardware and building a good magnetic key.

In step 10, final touches are made to the gun shelf, including the addition of foam. A video is also available for more information concerning this construction.

3. DIY Picture Frame Rifle Secret Storage

DIY Picture Frame Rifle Secret Storage

This one is not exactly a shelf, but it serves the same goal. You can design and build a picture frame like this one, which will provide you with enough space to hide your handguns and even rifles.

The picture frame in this project is used to hide an AR-15 rifle and it even still has enough space for more weapons. You are only limited by your imagination here.

In the material list, you will find wall mounts, brackets, a hammer and a screwdriver. The construction simply requires that you attach the picture frame to the wall using the brackets.

You will then install the wall mounts under the picture frame and that's it. You can, of course, attach more wall mounts in different sizes for different items or guns.

4. Free DIY Stealth Shelf Video Plan

Free DIY Stealth Shelf Video Plan

Here we have a great 'how to build a hidden gun shelf video'. It touches on every aspect of building the furniture, including how to measure out the crown molding and other valuable tips.

Though a little fast-paced, you are guaranteed to be able to make this hidden compartment shelf after watching the video.

You are also taken through the installation of the magnetic safety locks, and also shown how to make a better magnetic key than the store bought type.

Additions, such as the jack chains and a diamond plate increase the value of this shelf, in addition to properly staining and polishing it.

5. Free DIY Secret Compartment Wall Mirror Plans

Free DIY Secret Compartment Wall Mirror Plans

What better way for a woman to hide her AR-15 than behind a mirror? Corey from Sawdust2stitches did exactly that and released the free plans so that you too can build one like it.

This is one of the most impressive concealment furniture plans you can come across. You also have enough space for ammunition and it gets better if you decide to add a lock to it.

Things start off with a materials and tools list. Then come the cut list and a step by step guide to build the different parts and install them together.

The tutorial continues on a second page, where this gun compartment mirror was updated with a lock for improved security.

6. 8-ft Long Floating Shelf with Secret Compartment DIY Plans

8-ft Long Floating Shelf with Secret Compartment DIY Plans

This is one of the longest floating shelves that you can find. At 8 feet long, it offers quite a lot of shelf space and extra decorative lighting for any living room.

It also offers a secret compartment, which can easily be turned into the perfect secret gun compartment with a magnet lock or any other security lock option.

The video shows you how to rip and cut the needed pieces of wood, including how to make 45-degree miter cuts for perfect corners.

One extra feature of this shelf is the LED strip underneath it. This allows you to create a nice atmosphere with different colors using a remote.

Every other important aspect of this construction is also shown, including the sanding and staining, as well as the final installation

7. Free Floating Gun Shelf DIY Plan

Free Floating Gun Shelf DIY Plan

With this plan, you can build a floating shelf that is long enough to hold your long guns. This page includes a guide and a link to download the PDF plans.

There are 2 parts of this hidden shelf design. There is a part that is attached to the wall, and then there is a door part. The entire construction is 46 inches wide and will cost less than $50 to make.

Although the shelf here was painted white, you can also get a little creative and finish your construction however you feel like.

There is no step by step guide or detailed construction instructions for this project, but there are lots of pictures which make it easy to understand what to do, and there is a video tutorial as well.

8. Flip-Up Picture Frame Gun Compartment Plan

Flip-Up Picture Frame Gun Compartment Plan

Unlike most other plans in this list, which are drop down hidden gun shelf plans, this one flips up to reveal its hidden secret.

It's a very clever gun concealment furniture plan and it can be built using any normal picture frame. The video shows all the construction steps and lets you know what to watch out for.

The flip-up mechanism needs a little time before you can understand it. Once you do though, you will appreciate how clever it is. It uses a double-pivoting mechanism, which makes it easy to flip up and down.

You can also decide to add a safety lock or feature of one kind or the other to this frame. This one was painted white, but you can get creative and use a very traditional or classic picture frame.

9. Impressive Floating Shelf with Gun Compartment Plan

Impressive Floating Shelf with Gun Compartment Plan

There is a lot of woodworking skills to be learned from this DIY video plan. In creating this hidden gun shelf, every piece of wood was split, cut and shaped right there in the video.

The hinges for the drop-down compartment can also stop by themselves, providing multiple options for its use.

Unlike the other designs though, opening up this DIY concealment furniture requires proper knowledge of the system. It just cannot happen by chance or a mistake. A wonderfully designed hidden shelf, if you ask me.

10. Top Secret Hidden Gun Shelf Video Plan

Top Secret Hidden Gun Shelf Video Plan

You will be needing both wood and metal work tools for this project. The shelves are made from wood, while the mounting brackets are from metal.

The cool thing about this project is that it is very difficult to suspect that it could house a gun, even when someone actively searches for it.

Every step of the way is laid out in the video and although this hidden gun storage plan is not as elegant as the other drop down hidden gun shelf plans, it is very effective in hiding the gun.

11. 8x10 Picture Frame DIY Secret Gun Compartment Plan

8x10 Picture Frame DIY Secret Gun Compartment Plan

This beautiful 8x10 picture frame includes a secret compartment that can either be pulled upwards or sideways to reveal a gun or any other item.

The construction process is well documented in the video and the joinery method for the picture frame is also very nice.

In addition to building this frame, you will also enjoy the attention to detail here. Everything is measured out accurately and the entire project is carried out with perfection.                             

We have come to the end of our hidden gun shelf plans list and the turn is now yours to get to work. Hopefully, you will be building something unique.

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