17 Easy DIY Hammock Stand Plans & Ideas

17 Easy DIY Hammock Stand Plans & Ideas

diy hammock stand

No backyard is complete without a simple place from which one can relax and unwind from a long day’s work.

Lucky for you, I have taken it upon myself to provide you with a list of 18 hammock stands that will help you create your own unique relaxing retreat. In just one weekend, you will be relaxing in style.

The great thing is that these hammock stand projects are simple and easy to complete. They are beginner friendly and creative. Choose any one of the hammocks stands on the list and enjoy all your summers henceforth.

After you've used a plan to build your DIY hammock stand, you can use it to build a hammock, Adirondack chair, or picnic table and then move onto a bigger building project like a deck, pergola, gazebo, pavilion, tree house, and many more. 

$40 DIY Hammock Stand

Needless to say, this is a simple design that is clearly easy to build and budget friendly. The wooden hammock stand is built to be attractive and sturdy.  

I love the fact that it can be built in one afternoon and is a project that kids can also join in and bond with their parents.

The Here Comes The Sun Blog provides a great tutorial for this wooden hammock stand. For the success of this project, you will need a 2x4s board, 0.5-inch bolts, and 8-inch bolts.

In addition to this, you also will need some nuts, washers measuring tape, deck screws, a chop saw and a paddle bit. The images in the step-by-step instructions will help you get a proper visual of the end product.

2. DIY Pergola Hammock Stand under $200

DIY Pergola Hammock Stand under $200

If you are looking for a guide on how to build a hammock stand, this is the one for you. It is true escaping to your backyard for a relaxing time can be difficult without a hammock.

With this DIY project, however, you can enjoy a professional looking hammock stand. The hammock stand by the DFO Home blog is sturdy and beautiful.

I love the fact that it does not rely on having trees to build. The blog guides you through building a simple pergola that can safely support your weight in the hammock.

The blog tutorial features a list of all materials required as well as images complimenting the step-by-step instructions.

3. DIY Portable Hammock Stand

DIY Portable Hammock Stand

This is probably the most creative hammock stand on this list. Having a hammock does not mean you are relegated to enjoying your nap and relaxing time in only one part of your backyard.

On the contrary, if you want to move around with the shade of your tree or whatever, you can build this portable hammock stand. Sure some bit of physics knowledge has gone into creating this safe hammock stand.

But do not let this scare you away, the blog tutorial has simplified the building process for you. Actually, this DIY hammock stand plan by the Dream Hammock blog is perfect for beginners as well.

4. Single Tree Hammock Stand

Single Tree Hammock Stand

If you have trees in your home that are close to each other, building a hammock is simply tying its ends to the trees.

But this does not mean that those who have only single trees or none at all are doomed.  The See Girls Blog tutorial shares the grand idea of building a hammock stand on one tree.

But how will the hammock be supported? Easy, you will build a sturdy pole on the other end of the tree. The process of building this sturdy post can be tricky but the blog tutorial simplifies the process for you.

You can accessorize the hammock stand as you please.

5. 3-Person Hammock Stand

3-Person Hammock Stand

Most hammock stands are designed to accommodate single persons. Sure a couple can stretch the limits of the hammock stand from time to time, but they are safely used by one person at a time.

If you want to use a hammock stand 3 persons at a go, consider this amazing hammock stand. The Ultimate Hang blog tutorial will guide you on how to make a hammock of this caliber.

The best part is that the hammock stand can be bought for only $40. It is strong and can be trusted to support a lot of weight.

6. DIY 2x4s Hammock Stand

DIY 2x4s Hammock Stand

Simple and elegant are the two words that can be used to explain the project. I love the fact that this hammock stand can also be moved with ease.

Building this hammock stands requires 2x4s. Bolting these woods together is the only process you need to go through to successfully build this hammock stand.

While tutorial has some mistakes made in the particular project, you get to learn and navigate around them. Overall, even a beginner is bound to have an easy time.

7. DIY Handsome Hammock Stand

DIY Handsome Hammock Stand

Summers are best spent snoozing in a hammock in your backyard.  This particular hammock stand stands out as a great option and a perfect addition to any patio. It is without a doubt bound to provide great comfort.

The key to this design is the support. The supports need to have a sturdy base. When you hack the strength of the support, you will end up with a hammock that can support your hammock stand.

While the Man Made DIY does not exactly provide a guide for building the stand, the image coupled with the simplicity of the wooden hammock stand plan is self-explanatory.

8. DIY Portable Hammock Pipe Stand

DIY Portable Hammock Pipe Stand

Hammock pipe stands have been around for quite some time. They are simple and strong. This is despite the fact that they seem weak. There are various variations of hammock pipe stands. However, they are all a breeze to construct.

If you have in the past suffered at the hands of commercial hammock stands that flex, The Ultimate Hang blog tutorial shares a hack that helps avoid this problem with your DIY hammock stand project.

The span of this stand is bound to support varied tarp configurations as well as a variety of hammock styles and sizes.

9. Easy to Build Wooden Hammock Stand

Easy to Build Wooden Hammock Stand

I love the fact that wooden hammock stands are easy to replicate. They are a quick project that lasts for years on end. They help to enhance the look and style of your backyard as well.

If you do decide to build your own hammock stand, it should be this. The building of this simple, easy and potentially portable hammock stand requires basic tools and materials.

In addition, it is possible to hack its construction with basic woodworking techniques. The blog tutorial by My Outdoor Plans acts as a guide. You can alter the measurements as you please.

10. DIY Homemade Stand

DIY Homemade Stand

If your better half works hard all day and you feel they need a spot to relax after work, how about building him/her this simple but strong hammock stand?

At first glance, you might think this unit is unstable. But contrary to this thinking, this hammock stand by Instructables is sturdy and can support a lot of weight.

The PDF tutorial is not exactly detailed but the images provided explain the project perfectly.

11. Rocking Hammock Stand

Rocking Hammock Stand

If you are looking to recreate a boat floating sensation, this rocking hammock will drift you away into dreamland.

To build this rocking hammock stand, you need a 2-1.5-inch steel tube, 240-inches long, a 0.06-inch thick steel sheet, a tube rolling machine, a shear, welding machine and the hammock.

The PDF Instructables tutorial features step-by-step instructions and images to go with it. In all honesty, to hack this project, you will need advanced tools as well as welding and metal bending skills.

12. Piped 3-Person Hammock

Piped 3-Person Hammock

Ye some physics did go into creating this hammock stand. Well, okay, a lot of physic principles were applied. The good thing is that the Popular Mechanics does all the research for you and presents you with simplified instructions.

This hammock stand supports three hammocks at a go. Though it is made from pies, it is rather strong and sturdy. The instructions provided are easy to follow.

13. DIY Indoor Hammock Stand

DIY Indoor Hammock Stand

If you are interested in resting on your hammock in the comfort of your home, this is the perfect PDF tutorial for you. The Instructables tutorial provides you with all you need for the project.

While the project is simple, it can prove rather difficult to make the angled cuts especially if you are not a woodworking pro. On the bright side, it does present a perfect opportunity to practice.

14. DIY Backyard Hammock Stand

DIY Backyard Hammock Stand

If you are pressed for time and still want to build yourself a hammock to relax in every afternoon during the summer, this is a great project to embark on.

Bob Villa provides a hammock stand that you can build in an afternoon. I love the fact that its design does not rely on having trees in your backyard for anchorage.

The hammock stand is light enough to be dragged to a shade yet strong and sturdy enough to support a napping adult. With a few lumber planks, you can successfully recreate this project.

15. Trellis Top Wooden Hammock

Trellis Top Wooden Hammock

There are any enjoyable things in life. But very few can match the relaxing feeling one gets in a hammock on a sunny day.

The feeling is all the more heightened especially if you have a perfect backyard and a pool as well.

If you have no trees, this wooden hammock stand plans will do you good. You should note that this is a permanent hammock stand. The Charleston crafted blog guides you through the project.

16. Bent Laminations Hammock Stands

Bent Laminations Hammock Stands

In a way, the hammock seems to be smiling. It is a nice touch and will put a smile on your face as well. It is a dramatic stand. It basically is one sweeping curve measuring 216-inches.

The curve is made of several thin pieces of redwood (construction grade). These pieces are glued together to create a rather strong beam.

The beam features three identical pieces. Two of these pieces are butted end to end to make the smiling curve while the third piece is made to bind the two pieces together. The pieces are bolted to this lower piece.

While it seems like a complicated process, it is rather simple and even better, inexpensive. The Wood archivist details the process of bending the laminate and also how to create the laminate.

The blog tutorial features perspective diagrams along with instructions to help you hack the DIY hammock stand.

17. Happy Hammock Stand

Happy Hammock Stand

This unit is similar to the hammock stand listed in the 16th position. However, it comes with a different execution. This particular hammock stand by the Wood Magazine is made from 14 cedar 2x4s.

But though it looks complicated the blog tutorial proves that it is easy to hack. With some patience, your replica can be just as nice.

With these 17 DIY hammock stands, you have a wide array of projects to choose from. surely one of these will meet your needs and fancy.

If you do choose to build one of these, feel free to share the results with the community.

In addition, if you do find a problem with the list or find that we have left out a simple DIY hammock stand project, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.