13 Awesome DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas Your Pet Love

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13 Awesome DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas Your Pet Love

Guinea pigs or cavies are some of the most wonderful pets you can ever have around. However, they are also quite fragile and that is why you need to make sure they are well-protected.

But wait! Did you know that all it takes to keep them safe is a few DIY moves?

Yes, you've heard that right. As long as you are willing to follow a few simple steps, then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get this done.

Here are some examples of guinea pig cage DIY plans that you can have fun exploring.

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 Wooden Guinea House with Disco Ball

This reasonably-sized guinea pig cage is made out of MDF and it comes complete with corner brackets and door magnets. If you are planning to house more than one piggie then you might want to consider increasing the room.

Besides, this DIY project is quite simple and straightforward. You only need to cut the MDF, paint it and then fit it into position using wood glue.

If you feel like being a little creative, you can even put a mini disco ball in there to light up the life of your lovely pet.

With a few attempts, this should be a painless way to house your piggie as shown in this short tutorial.

2. Jobara Guinea Pig Cage

Jobara Guinea Pig Cage

Sometimes all it takes to provide a good home for a guinea pig is a little bit of searching. The Jobara guinea pig cage tutorial is offered in German but we think it is quite helpful.

All you need to do is access it with Google translator to follow. Put simply, the Jobara cage is a simple, wooden structure which allows for 2 meters in length.

You can partition the interior to provide a living area of 1.50 meters by 0.80 meters. That is just enough to house two guinea pigs.

The space is adequate to allow for free movement, especially for playful piggies.

3. Yuku Guinea Pig Cages

Yuku Guinea Pig Cages

This is yet another one of the fantastic DIY guinea pig setups you’ll ever come across. Although it looks like something that would take time and skill to build, its design is definitely worth trying.

The unique design makes this cage instantly noticeable and unique and that makes it a great part of any living room. One thing you should know about this design is that it is spacious.

It gives your pig enough room to play with and that is definitely a good thing. This modern style offers a great start to any pet owner.

4. Naturally Curly Guinea Pig Cage

Naturally Curly Guinea Pig Cage

You don’t have to be a carpenter to figure out something simple for your pet. In fact, all it takes with this design is just a little bit of nailing here and there and you are done.

This cage features the use of wood and mesh. And the bottom is made of MDF board or plywood depending on the kind of material you have available.

You can reinforce the floor with a polythene bag. Whilst the cage may not be very warm, it provides a simple shelter for any guinea pig looking for happiness.

5. Plastic Glass Sides Guinea Pig Cage

Plastic Glass Sides Guinea Pig Cage

If you are looking to hone your skills, then this option will offer a reasonable alternative to you. The spacious cage provides room for at least two guinea pigs in a span of 3 meters by 1.5 meters.

Best of all, the wooden structure does not involve a lot of work to set up. In fact, with just a little bit of learning, you can put it together in as few as 6 hours.

You only need OSB plates to form the base of your cage. Besides, you’ll need a pond liner, timber boards (for sides) and plastic glass.

6. L-Shaped Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

L-Shaped Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

An L-shaped cage is an ideal bet when placing the structure at the corner of your home. Remember, two guinea pigs require at least 1 square meter.

Therefore, the L-shape is one of the ways to maximize available space in your house. This design is relatively simple provided you start by drawing a simple sketch of it.

Once you have the sketch in place, you will need to get the materials. These basically include OSB plates, pond liners, timber boards, wire-mesh or plastic glass.

7. Moose Three-Storey Guinea Pig Cage

Moose Three-Storey Guinea Pig Cage

Looking for a creative way to spend your weekend? This three-story guinea pig cage can provide you with the challenge you need. You only need some wood.

The two by two timber provide a perfect rail for providing the base of the structure. Using this sturdy base, you can then progress to create multiple levels of the cage.

The good thing with this wooden cage is that it provides just enough space to house all piggie stuff. You can use mesh sidings to save on wood and provide adequate breathing space for your pet.

8. DIY C & C Guinea Pig Cage

DIY C & C Guinea Pig Cage

If you are not good with woodwork, then some C & C designs might be all you need to get the job done. The good thing about this design is that it does not involve a lot of cutting and fixing.

In addition, the end product looks quite modern, unlike most wooden structures which look a little odd. You will require a few grid cages, connectors, and Coroplast.

The grid cages and connectors provide a good platform for erecting the sides. The Coroplast, on the other hand, is ideal for providing the flooring.

9. Easy-To-Clean Guinea Pig Cage

Easy-To-Clean Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are social animals. Therefore, designing a cage that keeps them together provides them with just the kind of fun needed to live longer.

This design does not qualify to be simple and neither is it complex. We would categorize it as a medium-level project.

You only need a few 1x2 and 1x4 pine wood, one-eight inch plywood, mesh wire, optional plastic glass, wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Once you have all the materials in place, all you will need to do is follow a few simple steps to put it together.

10. Swimming Pool Guinea Pig Cage

 Swimming Pool Guinea Pig Cage

You can never go wrong with wading pools. These cheap materials provide a perfect surface that can easily be set up.

A 3.5ft diameter kiddie pool would be adequate to house at least two pigs. Best of all, this kind of design is easy to move around and convenient to cleanup as well.

However, besides setting up the cage out of your ordinary wading pool, you need to be mindful of the length of the walls. A good approach in this case is to install a tall mesh wire all round the structure to prevent the piggies from jumping out.

11. The Petponder Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

The Petponder Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

You don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to get a guinea pig cage done. With this simple guide, all you need is a bunch of easily available materials.

We are talking about wooden plywood and Coroplast.

The process is quite simple and straightforward. Once finished, this structure will measure 30x36 inches which is more than enough for one adult guinea pig or two young ones.

The Petponder cage is suitable for indoor use and can be used both for sleeping and feeding.

12. North Star Rescue Guinea Pig Cage

North Star Rescue Guinea Pig Cage

Some guinea pigs love to live in social groups. If you own such, then the idea of giving them enough room interact is a good one.

One thing to remember is that guinea pigs placed in spacious cages tend to be less depressed and talkative. Therefore, this outline does a pretty good job at providing you with at least 7.5 sq ft. of space.

1.5 sq ft. out of this space can be used as running space. Best of all, this design eliminates the constant interruption caused by ramps and walls common in other designs.

The few steps in this tutorial should be adequate to help you out.

13. Simple Guinea Pig Cage from Pet Lover Center

Simple Guinea Pig Cage from Pet Lover Center

To put this simple structure together, you will need Coroplast, tape measure, box knife, storage cubes, cable ties and packing tape. The 10-step process should take you 5 hours maximum.

In the end, you will have a structure complete with a sturdy exterior. This can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Best of all, the design providers just enough play area for one guinea pig. While at it, it is worth keeping in mind that one piggie needs at least 7 sq ft of space – so the bigger the better!

So, there you have it! 13 wonderful guinea pig cage plans that you can adopt and have fun working on.

All you need to do is purchase a few cheap materials and find some free time.

Don’t forget to share your experience of this DIY project with us. Feel free to share your thoughts, photos, and worries via the comment box below.