9 Simple DIY Grow Boxes That Work Efficiently

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9 Simple DIY Grow Boxes That Work Efficiently

Diy Grow Box

Grow boxes are a good way of growing plants and flowers. They provide an isolated environment which in which one can better control growing factors and elements as well as significantly reduce the potential problems that may arise.

While there are commercial grow boxes you can purchase, you will have to part with hundreds of dollars and make due with cliché designs. Luckily, you can make your own beautiful DIY grow boxes with cheap materials.

To give you some inspiration for your DIY grow box, below are some DIY box ideas and plans. But first, let’s look at some factors to consider when building a grow box.

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 DIY Stealthy Grow Cabinet

If you have always wanted to grow cannabis, but have a small house, space and a generally crowded neighborhood that does not allow growing the cannabis, this grow cabinet is your savior.

Not only is this cabinet creative, it is also covert. Friends you have over will see a modern looking cabinet until you grant them access to view the interior.

To build this grow cabinet, you need a cabinet, (the Grow Weed Easy blog got one for $35 and that measures 24 x 30 x 70 inches). Additionally, for air circulation, you will need an inline fan and a LED grow light for temperature and light control.

The blog tutorial provides SketchUp plans, and easy to follow instructions.

2. DIY Wooden Grow Box

DIY Wooden Grow Box

If you do find yourself wishing for more growing space at specific times of the year you need to get yourself a grow box.

This grow box by Put Your Shovel blog is movable and will help you grow vegetables like lettuce and spinach even during winter. The blog tutorial built the grow box from cedar. You can, however, use pine or scrap wood.

The grow box features handles on the sides. Overall, it is a simple construction. If you intend to use screws in the construction, predrill the holes to keep the wood from splitting.

3. $300 DIY Grow Box

$300 DIY Grow Box

This is basically a grow cabinet. Unlike the above listed grow cabinet which makes use of a premade cabinet, this blog tutorial by the Grass City forum details the process of growing the grow cabinet from scratch.

While it might seem difficult to hack, the tutorial details an easy process of building the cabinet. The tools needed include plywood sheet, cater wheels, pint contact cement, blower, bulbs, eyebolts, and length chain.

The supplies list also comes with price estimates of building the grow cabinet. Also available is a tools list and simple instructions. The grow cabinet is designed and built to meet the essentials of a perfect grow box.

4. DIY Armoire Grow Box

DIY Armoire Grow Box

If you are into an antique look and design, you will love this Armoire grow box. Like the cabinet grow box, it is private and no one would know of its contents unless provided with access.

You can have this creative grow box in your living room and still have it add some style. The grow box tutorial is provided by Reddit.

Given the professional look, it is clear a DIYer took some time to pull off the grow box design project.

That said, to hack the project you need an Armoire, inline fans, carbon filter, hose clamps, desk fans and many other supplies listed in the tutorial.

The grow box sports all basic features of a grow box making it easy to control growing factors.

5. DIY Indoor UV Grow Box

DIY Indoor UV Grow Box

This is indeed a creative grow box. The planter is made from a storage tote. But why the UV grow box title?  Well, the grow box designed by Danman1453 has all the basics of a perfect grow box covered.

The grow box though providing a simple growing environment sports UV fluorescent lighting, a case fan to circulate the air, and acrylic windows that help to reflect the UV light back into the grow box and retain the heat generated.

The grow box measures 28 x 15 x 14 inches which is perfect for indoor spaces. Follow the blog tutorial provided to hack the project as detailed. It is a beginner project that meets all the requirements of a grow box.

6. DIY PC Case Grow Box

DIY PC Case Grow Box

If you are looking to grow a few plants in your grow box, then a PC case grow box is perfect. This project is a creative way of reusing that PC casing lying unused in your garage.

I love the fact that it comes with a fan already and as such you will not need to invest in one. Unless of course, you insist on getting an inline fan which comes with added functions.

To convert the PC case into a little grow box, follow the step-by-step tutorial provided by the Hunker blog. The conversion is simple and straightforward even for a beginner.

7. DIY Marijuana Grow Box

DIY Marijuana Grow Box

To build a grow box for marijuana, you will need to strictly adhere to the grow box elements and have complete control. Marijuana is highly sensitive and a wrong move or neglect can cause the plant to die.

Luckily, this basic marijuana box is built to adhere to all rules and provide you with complete control of the growing environment. The grow box comes with a fan, a lamp, and a timer.

If you cannot just stand the smell of marijuana in your home, you can add a carbon filter to the grow box. The grow box is made from wood and is simple to build.

The blog, How-to-Marijuana details the process of building the grow box from scratch. Perspective diagrams are also made available.

8. DIY Dresser Grow Box

DIY Dresser Grow Box

A chest of drawers also makes for a perfect stealth chest of drawers. And the beauty of this project is that it is not only creative but also unique and affordable.

With a couple of supplies and the blog tutorial by Hail Maryjane, you will be done with the project in no time. With this stealth grow box, you will get a harvest of 5-6 ounces every 60 days.

With such a harvest, it is worth noting that the grow box only uses 300 watts of power. This is similar to what a standard desktop computer uses too.

To build the dresser grow box, you will need about 8 hours to complete the dresser conversion. The project is simple and easy for beginners as well.

9. DIY Stealth PC Grow Box

 DIY Stealth PC Grow Box

If you are not using your PC, how about stripping it and converting it into a stealth PC grow box? It is creative and will cost you way less.

The tutorial by the 420 Magazine blog details the instructions for building the grow box as well as a shopping list of every item you will need to convert the PC casing into a grow box.

Included in the supply list are a fan, filter material, light fixtures, coating sprays and duct tape. Images are also available to guide you through the project.

With the 9 DIY grow boxes listed above, we hope you find one that meets your fancy and prompts you to start on the DIY project.

If and when you start on any of the projects, feel free to share images of your final project.

We love hearing from you. If you have any additions or corrections and concerns with the list, feel free to share it in the comment section below.