18 Free DIY Go Kart Plans – How to Build Your Own Go Kart Frame

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18 Free DIY Go Kart Plans – How to Build Your Own Go Kart Frame

Have you ever dreamed of building a go-kart from a kit or even from scratch? As difficult as it may sound, go-karts are somewhat easy to build on your own.

Furthermore, this can be a great way to spend plenty of bonding time with family and friends.

And with so many styles of go-kart plans from modern to old-fashioned ones, you are sure to find the perfect plan for your taste.

Below are some free go-kart plans to help you build one for your family and have the kids cruising around.

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DIY Learner Go-kart Project

This go-kart plan is the work of nine-year-old 10 engineering students. As such, it is a bit easy to build especially if you have the experience and right equipment.

This project will probably take you a couple of weeks to assemble.

Not to mention, there are plenty of notes, a parts list and a lot of useful drawings to help you get a clear view of how to build it.

Some of the key materials you will need include steel tubing, pipe, aluminum sheet, nuts and bolts, square steel, engine, and wheels.

While the materials are easy to source on online stores and local kart shops, they can be a bit expensive.

2. Simple Downhill Go-kart

Simple Downhill Go-kart

Simple and fun to build, this is probably one of the easiest and least expensive free go-kart plans in this guide.

You can build it using reused materials if any from other projects and in no time it will be ready. And another thing, you don’t need to possess any woodworking skills.

With small non-swivel caster wheels, wood screws, wood, screws and some nuts, you should have your downhill go-kart ready.

The plan offers plenty of customization options by allowing you to paint it into your favorite colors. You can even add a seat to make it more comfortable.

3. Electric Go-kart Powered by Arduino

Electric Go-kart Powered by Arduino

If you are looking for something a bit more challenging and sophisticated, then this DIY project is the perfect bet. All you need to do is improvise to by-pass a few gray areas.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

Well to start you off, you will need to have a bit of background knowledge about microcontrollers. The microcontrollers used for this project are from Arduino which is an open source platform.

Other than that, you will require sprocket, jackshaft, chain, bore pillow blocks with ball bearing and a sensor-less brushless motor to make something similar.

To save on costs, you can use some secondhand materials but they need to be of good quality.

In addition, you can go ahead and paint the chassis to make the kart more attractive

4. Gravity Powered Go-kart

Gravity Powered Go-kart

This go-kart plan is one of the ways for kids to have fun and still learn a few basic driving skills such as how to use the brake pedal and hold the steering wheel.

It is mainly built from recycled materials hence there is no exact step-by-step guide on how to build it but is cheap.

The beauty of it is that it leaves you with a lot of room to exercise your creativity. And as it turns out, just a little bit of inspiration can go a long way.

You will need plywood for the chassis, screws, wheels, rotating drum for the steering, brake calipers, and chrome-framed chair.

5. The 14-Step DIY Metal Bottom Go-kart

The 14-Step DIY Metal Bottom Go-kart

This cool homemade go-kart is the perfect choice for any DIY fan looking to build a fully functional go-kart.

It may cost you around $750 (or slightly less) depending on where you source the materials or if you have some of the materials around the house.

Some of the materials you will need are a sheet of plywood, axle, pillow blocks, bolts, brackets, washers, spacers and of course a motor.

However, you can spend countless of hours particularly on the design part and not to mention cutting, welding and testing the kart.

As such, this is not a simple plan but it can be done with a lot of dedication and patience.

6. The $120 Plastic Chair Easy To Make Go-kart

The $120 Plastic Chair Easy To Make Go-kart

Thinking of building a go-kart, but don’t know how? This free downloadable go-kart plan can be a good place to start.

It is easy to make and at the same time quite inexpensive as it only costs around $120. However, it can be even cheaper if you have some spare parts like tires, wood, PVC pipes and wood glue lying around.

Apart from wood, you will also need a plastic chair, nuts and washers, spray paint and PVC pipe connectors.

Besides, you can always add a roof or make some few changes on the go-kart in order to make it unique.

7. Recycled Gas Powered Go-kart

Recycled Gas Powered Go-kart

With an old gas-powered kart, you can adopt this idea and turn it into an electric go-kart. However, this is not a simple project that you can finish in a couple of hours.

The good thing is that the items needed to put this unit together are available. The only caveat is that you may have to search in more than one store to find the right combination of parts.

Apart from the old gas-powered kart, you may need paint, lead-acid battery pack, brushless motor, key switch and a speed controller.

Overall, you will have a lot of fun building the go-kart and it is loads of fun to drive it.

8. Simple Off Road Wooden Go-kart

Simple Off Road Wooden Go-kart

You can pull off this go-kart plan with the help of zip ties, plastic chair, wagon wheels, planks of wood, a rope and eye hooks.

The kart is easy to construct and there are detailed instructions as well as pictures on how to assemble it.

Furthermore, the materials are not expensive or difficult to find. Besides, you just need the basic tools like a drill and a saw.

So, depending on your woodworking skills, this plan should not take much of your time to put together.

9. Dune Buggy Homemade Go-kart

Dune Buggy Homemade Go-kart

Building this go-kart requires a lot of planning. You will need to have a well laid out design before starting the construction if you want to pull off something cool and functional.

Some of the materials you need include metal conduit, steel rod, bolts and nuts square tubing, steel cable and a motor.

While some of the materials can be pretty expensive, you can save on costs by recycling some parts from idle items around your home.

Assembling this go-kart is not time-consuming but you might spend a lot of time in the designing as well as testing and revising stage.

10. Perfect Budget Homemade Wooden Go-kart

Perfect Budget Homemade Wooden Go-kart

This is a great go-kart plan especially for someone on a tight budget. After all, it is estimated to cost around $185 only.

It is pretty cool but on the other hand very dangerous because it does not have brakes. As such, it is not ideal for kids and adults should use it with caution.

The entire plan features 10-inch tires, go-kart steering system, Briggs and Stratton 5 HP engine, sprocket and pine wood. You could also add a plastic chair.

More so, being a six-step go-kart plan, it is easy to construct and less time-consuming.

11. The Old Fashioned Bogie Kart

The Old Fashioned Bogie Kart

Easy to build, you can make this kart from an old bike lying in your garage. But in case you don’t have one, you can always buy a secondhand bike.

It is fun to make and your children will definitely have a good time riding on it.

Not to mention, you probably will not spend a lot of time disassembling the old bike to get the parts you need.

The kart features a rope, 4 wheels, tongue and groove floor boards, pieces of steel, eye bolts and push rod since it does not have a motor.

12. Mario and Luigi Kart

Mario and Luigi Kart

If you are a fan of Mario and Luigi, you will most likely love this go-kart idea. It is both easy and inexpensive to construct.

To top it all, it is sure to be a Halloween hit as your kids ride in style.

A ride-on toy or vehicle, cardboard boxes, glue gun, duct tape and yards of colored felt are all you’ll need to pull off this go-kart frame design.

Moreover, you can choose to add a wire-framed basket to the rear to create a storage area for things like phones, bags, and flashlights.

13. Go Shopping Cart

 Go Shopping Cart

In four simple and easy-to-follow steps, you can build a cool and functional go-kart out of two old shopping carts.

Assembling this go cart is fairly easy since the design is available in PDF format for extra convenience.

Apart from the two shopping carts, you will need four wheels, a go-kart steering system, seat and a simple 212cc engine to power the kart.

In addition, you can make the kart using common DIY tools (you may, however, need to purchase a few items to complete the system).

What’s more? You can make it more attractive by adding your favorite paint finish.

14. Custom Electric Go-kart with Brushless DC Motor

 Custom Electric Go-kart with Brushless DC Motor

Unlike most go-kart frame ideas that come with four wheels, this is a three-wheeled go-kart. The kart is designed to be reliable and useful even off the racing tracks.

Also, it boasts plenty of room for an extra passenger or cargo with excellent ground clearance.

However, this is not an easy to make go-kart frame kit. It requires some basic skills and knowledge hence not ideal for a novice.

Besides, it is relatively expensive and very time-consuming.

Some of the key materials you will need are a steel frame, brushless motor, go-kart steering, disc brakes and brushless DC controllers.

15. Simple DIY Electric Go-kart

Simple DIY Electric Go-kart

On paper, this may sound like a complicated project to undertake. However, once you take a look at the final product, then you will get an idea of how fun and practical this project can get.

The basic materials for this are wood, wheels, engine a small battery and you are good to go. The only tricky part about this is preparing the front suspension.

Fortunately, the following tutorial explains every bit of that. In other words, with a bit of dedication, nothing can stop you from getting the job done.

16. The 3-Day DIY Go-kart Plan

The 3-Day DIY Go-kart Plan

This project may cost you $0 if you are fond of storing materials like tubing frames, seats, steering wheels and assorted bolts.

Otherwise, you can source these materials for a small fee from your nearest store. The blueprint requires just a little bit of commitment to understand.

With good time planning, the entire project can take just a little over 3 days to complete. The end product is a strong and durable go-kart that can be used for many more days to come.

17. DIY Chibikart Homemade Wheel Racer

DIY Chibikart Homemade Wheel Racer

This small yet maneuverable electric go-kart requires nothing more than off-the-shelf, hobbyist components.

The design is pretty flexible and as long as you are willing to jog your mind, there is no limit as to heights you can explore with this design.

Even better, none of this go-kart’s parts require conventional machining to put together. What’s more, you don’t have to be perfect to nail it.

Just take it on as a fun project and everything else will fall into its place.

18. Wooden Go-kart Plan

 Wooden Go-kart Plan

You don’t always have to hire a full-time welder to put a go-kart chassis together. All you will need to put this wooden plan together are some power tools to cut the wooden blocks to the right sizes and shapes.

Besides wood, you will need 4 wheels and a few bolts, nuts and washers. The project is quite fun to undertake although it’d require you to dedicate several days to get the job done.

However, once done, you’ll be a proud owner of a turbo-charged wooden go-kart. Luckily, for you, the following go-kart blueprints would be sufficient to guide you.

Building your own 4 wheels locomotive never gets easier than this. And the best thing is that you never run out of fun when doing this.

So, go ahead and put your design skills to the test. In fact, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.