26 Free DIY Gazebo Plans You Can Download Today

26 Free DIY Gazebo Plans You Can Download Today

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Gazebos are a great addition to your backyard, and they are just the perfect place for relaxing during the hot summer months.

With a gazebo in your compound, you can enjoy the beauty of your backyard without worrying about wind, sun or rain. But buying one or hiring a contractor to build it can be very expensive.

If you have always wanted to have a gazebo in your backyard, there is still another option that does no entails spending a fortune. This other option is building a DIY gazebo by buying the necessary material or using DIY gazebo kits.

There are various gazebo designs available, and so you can always be confident of getting something that suits your home.

And to help you with this I have gathered some DIY gazebo plans from where you can pick something to build for your backyard. But first, here are some important factors to consider when making a DIY gazebo.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY gazebo, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a shed, tiny house, tree house, deck, pergola, pavilion, and many more.

1. Research on the Best Materials for Your Gazebo

The material should always be an essential factor to consider when building anything and a homemade gazebo is not an exception.

Most gazebos are made from wood, aluminum or vinyl, but there are also many custom ones that are of other materials like concrete, steel, and stone.

Experts in gazebo making can make you one out of almost anything provided you can cover the cost. But in the USA most gazebos are wooden with the most popular wood types for making them being cedar and pine.

2. Decide on the Size That You Want before Buying Any Kits or Materials

You can get a gazebo in almost any size that you want. And so the space in your backyard and budget will be your only restrictions.

However, most popular gazebo plans out there are for building 12x12 feet ones, but other sizes like 14x14 and 12x14 are also quite common.

The right idea is always to go for a size that can accommodate your guests comfortably. For most people, the standard size works just fine.

3. Determine the Amount of Cash You Are Ready to Spend on the Gazebo 

Cost is another factor that you cannot overlook because you can only buy what you can afford. The best thing about DIY gazebo plans is that you can get one for almost any budget.

While some gazebos will cost just $500 others like the large high-end ones can cost as much as $40,000.

The size and material are the two factors that will influence the cost of the gazebo. But with the many free gazebo plans out there you can always make something that is within a reasonable budget.

4. Decide the Gazebo Shape that You Want

Although most DIY gazebo plans will be for the hexagonal and octagonal ones there are many other options. These alternatives include round, square, rectangular and oval.

You can get gazebo plan in almost any shape that you can think of including decagonal and dodecagonal. And so the choice is all up to your personal preferences, budget and the size or shape of your backyard.

Also, note that the shape of your gazebo determines how easy it will be to build as a DIY project. For example, the octagonal ones tend to be harder to assemble than square ones since they have many sides and angles.

5. Decide on the Location you Want to Setup the Gazebo

When making a gazebo, you will also need to consider the location. Most people prefer to have them away from the home where they can have a different view of the garden or backyard.

Considering factors like the kind of sun exposure you want and the view you wish to have, should give you an idea of the best location to have your gazebo.

The space in your backyard or garden, the size of the gazebo and its style or design will also influence the best location to have it.

26 DIY Gazebo Plans and Ideas

1. Simple DIY Wooden Gazebo

Simple DIY Wooden Gazebo

A beautiful gazebo like this one will stand out in your backyard or garden. It is also very spacious, and it is cheaper to build than most premade ones out there.

The gazebo plan from The Homesteading Boards forum provides some step by step pictures for all the stages of the build with a short description for each.

Although there are no materials or cutting list, the pictures make everything easy to understand. You can build this wooden gazebo in just a few weekends or under a week when working daily.

2. The 8-Foot Octagon Gazebo

The 8-Foot Octagon Gazebo

Most traditional gazebos come in an octagonal shape. An octagonal gazebo will look good in any backyard. And it is also cheaper and easier to build that you think.

These gazebo plans are very comprehensive and although they do not provide a lot of pictures the lengthy text description of the project will give you enough information.

You will need various timber sizes for this project which include 6x6s, 2x4s and 2x6s. There are also many other materials that you will need, but the tutorial explains in detail.

There are some drawings for the different sections of the gazebo that should give you some idea on what to build.

3. DIY Wooden Grill Gazebo

DIY Wooden Grill Gazebo

At a budget of over $500 and with a few weekends to spare you can make this fantastic grill gazebo. And what is even more interesting about it is that it only requires moderate woodworking skills.

The DIY gazebo is spacious enough to accommodate your grill and with plenty of space for your guest to sit. Although you will need a lot of lumber to make it, most of it is 2x4s and 4x4s which is relatively cheap.

For the build, you get 13 very detailed steps with pictures to make it easy to implement the gazebo plan.

And besides, from the timber, you will also need a lot of wood screws and some roofing panels.

4. The Homemade Redwood Gazebo

The Homemade Redwood Gazebo

These gazebo building plans come in a PDF document, and they are very comprehensive to ensure that any DIYer can make this gazebo. It is an octagon gazebo that uses some high-quality timber pieces.

The PDF plan provides detailed instructions on how to build everything from the framing and decking to the railing. There are also material lists for the lumber and other product that you will need.

Like most other gazebo projects, this one will require several weekends to finish, and you will also need at least moderate skills to implement.

5. Traditional 8-Foot Wide Octagon Gazebo

Traditional 8-Foot Wide Octagon Gazebo

Here is another octagon gazebo that will not take a lot of material to build and has a relatively straightforward design that most woodworker can implement.

What I like most about this gazebo design plan is that it includes everything that one can need to implement this project. There is everything from complete tools and material lists to step by step instruction for the build.

One of the drawings on the PDF tutorials also showcases the timber sizes for all the pieces on the gazebo.

And so with enough time to spare anyone that knows how to read and follow woodworking plans can make this 8-foot wide octagon gazebo.

6. Simple 8x8 Square Gazebo

Simple 8x8 Square Gazebo

This square gazebo uses some pressure treated lumber to ensure that it is sturdy and very durable. The pieces include 4x4s that form the roof beams and other lumber pieces like 2x8s and 2x10s.

These PDF square gazebo plans provide a material list that consists of the dimensions for all the lumber pieces, and there is also a list of all the hardware.

For most DIYers, the drawings with precise dimensions for all the section of the gazebo will be the most helpful.

The detailed building guide that provides information on how to make all the sections and the construction tips on the PDF document will also be beneficial.

7. 2-Day DIY Gazebo from a Kit

2-Day DIY Gazebo from a Kit

DIY gazebo kits are handy since they make the construction easy and cheap. This DIY Network tutorial provides some 15-step instructions on how to make a gazebo from the kits.

This gazebo plan will only take 2 days to implement, and you will only require a few other material like decking screws and a few essential tools.

Despite this being a simple gazebo project the tutorials is still very thorough. The 15 steps not only provide detailed text descriptions but there are also some pictures to show what to do at each stage.

8. Easy to Build Backyard Gazebo

Easy to Build Backyard Gazebo

This gazebo plan caters for everyone that wishes to make a gazebo for their backyard. It does not restrict the construction to specific measurements but instead offers suggestions.

There are suggestions on how to make everything from the base to the roofing and railing. Also, there is a guide on how to pick your materials depending on the gazebo you want to make.

By following the information on this tutorial, you can have a gazebo in your backyard in just one weekend.

9. Modern 9-foot Wide Garden Gazebo

Modern 9-foot Wide Garden Gazebo

Although this gazebo building plan will require a lot of resources and time to build it looks fantastic, and you will not regret making it.

It is 9-foot wide, and it features an all wooden construction that starts with 6x6 post saddles. The other materials that you need to make this gazebo include 2x4s, 2x8s, and a few different extra lumber sizes.

You will also need a few other items for this gazebo plan. However, The Classic Archives tutorial provides lists of the hardware and all materials plus their sizes.

The drawings on this guide will be very helpful, and if you combine them with the step by step instructions, you should be able to build this contemporary garden gazebo.

10. Large Rectangular DIY Gazebo

Large Rectangular DIY Gazebo

If you have a large garden or backyard, you can make a big gazebo with these plans. This open gazebo can accommodate a lot of people. But it will also take longer and more resources to build.

Despite this being a substantial DIY project it is still possible to implement it since there is some in-depth text description of all the construction and with some drawings for illustrations.

There is also enough information on all the material that you need to implement these rectangular gazebo plans. And so with a little patience and enough time to spare you can have this gazebo in your garden in no time.

11. $1200 DIY Gazebo from Google SketchUp

$1200 DIY Gazebo from Google SketchUp

This Instructables gazebo plan will be ideal for someone that wants to spend less but still end up with a large and high-quality gazebo.

All the material that you need for this project will cost under $1,200, and you will only need a few days to build it. This tutorial provides a 10 step guide on how to assemble the gazebo, and there are also plenty of photos to make things even simpler.

Instructables also provides some sketches that will be very handy, and they also have a downloadable version of this gazebo plan.

12. Easy Attached/Lean-to Homemade Gazebo

Easy Attached/Lean-to Homemade Gazebo

Some people will prefer to have their gazebo attached to the house, and this is more so those with small backyards. If you are one of them here is an easy project for you.

I love the simple design of this gazebo and the fact that it only takes a day to build. When I get the time to make a gazebo this plan will be on top of my list of considerations.

This 16-foot long DIY wooden gazebo requires 4x4s, 2x4s, and 2x6s lumber, some plywood, screws, siding and a few other materials that are on the shopping list.

With the help of the 3D drawings that also include descriptions, you can make this fantastic gazebo.

13. 2-Weekend Wooden Square Gazebo

2-Weekend Wooden Square Gazebo

These square gazebo blueprints will require a couple of weekends to implement, and you will also need some extra pair of hand to help you out.

The 10x10 gazebo plan uses some 4x4 posts for the frame, 2x6 wooden boards, and 2 1/2-inch screws. But, you also need various other items like cement and tube forms to implement these gazebo plans.

Once you get to the actual construction, everything should be just straightforward since the How to Specialist tutorial provides 3D illustrations with text descriptions of the different stages.

14. Octagonal 12-Foot Wide DIY Gazebo

Octagonal 12-Foot Wide DIY Gazebo

Octagonal gazebos can be a little complicated to build, and so they will require someone with excellent woodworking skills. But, with the guidance of a skilled friend, you can still make this one.

This gazebo is just over 12-foot wide, and it will take about one day to build. The tools and materials that you need are on the tutorial’s list.

This DIY guide from My Outdoor Plans also uses 3D drawings to illustrate all the stages of the construction. And so this gazebo design plan is quite easy to follow.

And given the quantity and size of lumber that you need, it will cost up to $1,000 or more to build this gazebo, but it is still cheaper than many others out there.

15. Easy DIY 10x10 Gazebo Plan

Easy DIY 10x10 Gazebo Plan

A 10x10-foot square gazebo plan like this one will be perfect for almost any backyard or garden. Most of the lumber that you need to make it is quite cheap, and so this is also an affordable gazebo plan.

The YellaWood PDF document will provide some long and complete list of the lumber that you need and its dimensions. And there is also another list for the hardware and fasteners.

Although the PDF does not provide much information on how to make this gazebo, the drawing with dimensions for all sections and hardware and material lists should be enough.

16. White Octagon DIY Gazebo

White Octagon DIY Gazebo

A cute white octagon gazebo like this one will make you want to spend more time in your backyard. It is a medium size gazebo with a professional look, but you can still make it at home.

Although this article from This Old House does not provide directions on how to make it, there is still enough ideas on how to own a gazebo like this one.

The article gives different options that include buying the plans for the gazebo online and making it. Also, you can spend a few thousand dollars on a DIY gazebo kit for this cute white octagon gazebo.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the important thing is to end up with this fantastic gazebo in your home.

17. The Pre-Manufactured Gazebo Kit

The Pre-Manufactured Gazebo Kit

Buying the pre-manufactured gazebo kits can save you a lot of time and also increases the likelihood of ending up with something sturdy and beautiful.

Although I always prefer to build things from scratch, I would not mind having a pre-manufactured gazebo like this one.

These screened gazebo plans for the assembly of the kit are in 9 easy steps. Each of the steps has some clear descriptions and a picture to make it even easier to understand.

Once you get this gazebo kit and have your woodworking tools, you can assemble the gazebo in a day or even less.

18. 12-Foot Octagonal DIY Gazebo

12-Foot Octagonal DIY Gazebo

These detailed PDF gazebo plans provide a lot of information on how you can make a 12-foot octagonal Gazebo at home from scratch.

The PDF provides both floor and roof plans which are vital when building a gazebo. There are also some plans for the floor joists, elevation, bench cross section and the post anchors.

And to make sure you know everything you need to buy, these gazebo plans also include a comprehensive bill of materials with dimensions for all the lumber pieces.

This plan does not specify the cost of time for the project. However, given the size of the gazebo, it should take a few weekends to finish, but the budget will be just moderate.

19. Cost Effective and Simple Octagonal Gazebo

Cost Effective and Simple Octagonal Gazebo

An octagonal gazebo does not always have to be expensive to make despite the fact that it requires more lumber pieces. This 8-foot one is very cost effective since it uses ungauged lumber which is very affordable in most localities.

BuildEazy provides a very in-depth tutorial for making this octagonal gazebo. It sections the construction into different parts and uses both text and drawings to illustrate what you should do.

There are also some material and tools requirement lists for this octagonal gazebo plan. And with all this information you should be able to make it in one weekend.

20. The Rectangular Homemade Gazebo

The Rectangular Homemade Gazebo

For those DIYers still trying to figure out how to build a gazebo, this rectangular one would be an ideal starting point. The design is not very complicated, and the tutorial provides a lot of information for the build.

This gazebo will be about 15-foot long, and it will take at least a couple of weekends to build. The My Outdoor Plans tutorial provides a complete list of both materials and tools.

Some of the things that you will need include 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x2s and lots of screws. The list captures all the materials.

The 3D drawings on this tutorial that feature all the stages of the build from the frame to the finish and the text description will make the rectangular gazebo straightforward to create.

21. Modern DIY Screened Gazebo

Modern DIY Screened Gazebo

There are many wooden gazebo designs that you can choose from, but this is one of the coziest ones that you can build. It is a hard and a little expensive project, but it looks fantastic.

This screened gazebo plan will take several days to implement, and it is best suited for an expert woodworker. But any DIYer that is good at following instructions can make it with some extra effort.

It will cost between $4,000 and $5,000 to make the 18-foot long gazebo. And the tutorial is helpful enough as it divides the construction into stages with some descriptions and illustrations for each.

The drawings, material lists and cutting lists for this The Family Handyman gazebo plan is also available in a downloadable PDF file.

22. Octagonal DIY Gazebo Anchored on Concrete

Octagonal DIY Gazebo Anchored on Concrete

Anchoring your gazebo on concrete makes it sturdy and ensures that it will last for a long time. This traditional octagonal design one is anchored in concrete, and it is not as complicated to build as it mig24. t look.

The tutorial starts the project with complete material and tool lists. Some of the things that you will need include 4x4s for the posts that should be 9-foot long, 2x4s for the decking, plywood, and shingles for the roofing.

Constructing this octagonal gazebo should be straightforward for any experienced DIYer since the tutorial provides both text and 3D illustrations

23. Garden Gazebo with Modular Units

Garden Gazebo with Modular Units

The many angles and sides on an octagonal gazebo designs make them look very complicated, and this might discourage many people from making one. 

This wooden gazebo plan makes things easy as it includes some modular units. You will only need to lay out the frame and attach the pre-built walls to your gazebo.

Despite this 11ft2 garden gazebo being relatively simple to assemble, it still comes with one of the most extensive tutorials. There is everything from the assembly and construction drawings to a detailed guide of the entire build with lots of pictures.

24. Free Standing DIY Gazebo

Free Standing DIY Gazebo

These free standing gazebo plans are straight to the point, and so they will be ideal for someone that does not like reading or following lengthy instructions.

Amish Gazebos provides the plans in steps to make them easy to understand. And they explain everything you need to do from digging the holes to the set up of the posts.

Although there are not as many pictures as most DIYers would prefer, the instructions on this guide are still enough for anyone that wants to make this gazebo.

25. The Small Square Gazebo

The Small Square Gazebo

If you do not have a lot of space in the garden or backyard and would still wish to have a gazebo you can go for something small like this one.

This small square gazebo is relatively cheap to make, and it can be ready in just one weekend. And it still provides enough relaxation space for you and a few friends.

BestDeckSite does not offer free gazebo plans for this project, but you can buy them on their site for a few dollars.

26. Hexagonal DIY Gazebo in 9 Easy Step 

Hexagonal DIY Gazebo in 9 Easy Step

A hexagonal gazebo has a unique shape, and it is also not very common. This gazebo is easier to build than what most people assume.

This tutorial provides some straightforward gazebo blueprints that will help you make your hexagonal gazebo with no hassle.

These gazebo plans come in 9 easy steps. Each step features detailed text description and a diagram illustrating what you need to do.

If you have the all necessary lumber and other materials and tools and follow the simple steps, you can make this gazebo in one or two weekends.

With our DIY gazebo plans above you will have more than enough inspiration to make one for your home. For those that have already implemented one of the DIY ideas, please let us know how it went in the comments section below.