28 Creative DIY Garden Containers You Can Grow Your Own

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28 Creative DIY Garden Containers You Can Grow Your Own

diy container garden

It is high time that you get creative with your garden. Turn your backyard landscape into an all-natural screensaver that will refresh the mind in just one simple blink. 

Little by little, purpose to transform your garden with the DIY container garden projects I have compiled and listed for you. Yes, it is up to you to create the perfect landscape around you. 

Turn your backyard into a little heaven on earth. Use the below cheap and simple DIY container garden as inspirations for your next DIY project. 

If you'd like to find more projects similar to these, so you can build a grow box, planter box, raised garden bed, cold frame, plant stand, potting bench, tower garden, and many more. 

DIY Mobile Container garden

Yes, metal trash cans can be a work of beauty. This particular container garden is designed from industrial containers. Castors are attached on the bottom to make them mobile. 

You can use different sized metal trash cans to create a perfect masterpiece in your garden. The HGTV blog provides the details of building the DIY container garden. In addition to the blog tutorial, they avail a video. 

The DIY container garden is easy to create. You can be done with it in less than an hour if you are handy and dedicated. 

2. DIY Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

DIY Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

Truth be told, not every plant lover has room in their backyard for the garden layout they envision. That said, if you are a little low on space, try going vertical instead of horizontal. 

This garden tower planter by the Remove and Replace blog is perfect for your needs. It provides extra gardening space while eating up very little floor space. I love the pyramid design. It adds some oomph to the planter. 

To build the tower as detailed in the blog tutorial, you will spend approximately $200. It will take about 16 hours to complete the project. For the compound angles, you will need to use a miter saw. 

3. DIY Container Water Garden 

DIY Container Water Garden

If you are a fan of water lilies and just cannot wait to have enough to build your own pond for this, there is some good news. 

You do not need a pond to grow your lilies. This container water garden by the What Ur Home Story blog has got you covered. Following the blog tutorial for this container water garden, you will spend approximately $37.

If you have to get a potting soil, the costs could be higher. The tutorial provided is straightforward and is beginner friendly. 

Note that a water pump is needed for the project to keep the water moving and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 

4. DIY Recycled Barrel Planter

DIY Recycled Barrel Planter

This is yet another space saving container garden design for those pressed for space. The inspiration of this design is gotten from a retail planter design that costs a couple hundred of dollars. 

I love this container garden because it is designed from a recycled barrel and is thus cheap if not costing $0. The architectural tiers are to die for as is the weathered look. 

To build this container garden, follow the tutorial provided by the Design Sponge blog. The tutorial details the materials needed as well as step-by-step instructions to hacking the project.

5. DIY Hanging Gutter Garden

DIY Hanging Gutter Garden

Using gutters to build your container garden is a great way of using vertical space. In addition to serving as a container garden, the gutters provide stylish space dividers and act as perfect privacy screens. 

I love them for they are affordable and can be completed in a few hours. The materials and tools you need to complete the gutter garden are detailed on the Goods Home Design blog. 

You get to decide how many tiers of gutter garden you prefer. It is an easily customizable project perfect for beginners as well.

6. DIY Cork Planters 

DIY Cork Planters

Needless to say, these cork planters are super cute and sweet. In addition, they are easy to make. You can stick them on your fridge or give them as gifts to your friends and loved ones. 

To make this DIY cork planter, all you will need are magnets, soil wine corks, and succulent clippings. As for the tools, you will need a screwdriver, a pairing knife, and a hot glue gun. 

If you have been saving your wine corks for a special occasion, then this cork planter is that special thing. The Upcycle That blog provides instructions on how to create these cork planters.

7. DIY Hanging Gumboot Planters

DIY Hanging Gumboot Planters

The general design is adorable. Who knew gumboots could be turned into a piece of art. For this project, you can use your old gumboots or buy new ones. 

Whichever you chose, get gumboots of varying size and colors for a greater effect on the garden wall. You will never get bored of the sight. Actually, you will be looking forward to watering the plants.

8. DIY Molded Concrete Planter

DIY Molded Concrete Planter

Concrete planters are bound to be strong and long-lasting. They are after all made of concrete. The beauty of concrete container gardens is that they are easy to make and can be of any design you please. 

All you have to do for the design is vary the container you let the concrete dry in. In this project, the hardest part is probably the mixing. 

After filling the containers with your concrete mixture, all you have to do is wait. 

Before extracting the concrete planters, be sure to allow ample time for the concrete to dry otherwise it will fall apart in your hands with the slightest of pressure. The Rad Megan Blog takes you through the project tutorial.

9. DIY Dresser Planter 

DIY Dresser Planter

Some creative minds were at work during the creation of this DIY dresser planter. And the outcome is beautiful and unique. Best of all, it is cheap. 

If you have a dresser you have been thinking of disposing, how about turning it into a container garden? If you do not have one, you can get a decent enough dresser from a thrift store at about $6. 

You should, however, remember to paint the dresser planter or seal it if you intend to expose it to have it outside. The Kelly Elko provides a blog tutorial to build the dresser planter.

10. DIY Pocket Shoe Store Vertical Garden

DIY Pocket Shoe Store Vertical Garden

If you have cats, you know all too well how much cats love to dig up and toilet on gardens. The thought of them doing their business in a vegetable garden is too gross. 

Luckily, Instructables provides a solution to this problem. The PDF tutorial provided guides you through creating a vertical garden with pocket shoe stores. These are filled with soil vegetables planted and hang on a wall. 

The tutorial provides a complete guide including step-by-step instructions and a list of tools and materials required.

11. DIY Bicycle Planter 

DIY Bicycle Planter

If you have an old and worn out bicycle, then this DIY garden planter idea is for you. Now you probably are wondering how a bicycle will hold the soil and plants. 

Well, the blog, Our Fairfield Home & Garden, details just how you can convert the piece of junk into one. 

Aside from the old bike and plants, you will need two baskets and a piece of wood or metal to support the bike. 

Speaking of which, add the metal support at the beginning to avoid the stress of supporting a heavy bike planter while trying to drive it through the ground. The project is easy and costs less than $10.

12. DIY Book Planter For Succulents 

DIY Book Planter For Succulents

If you are a reader, you probably would never go for this. You might even view the idea as a great sin. If this is you, this is definitely not for you. But you have to agree it is creative. 

It makes it easier when you think of it as freeing the story from its cage - or turning something beautiful into yet another piece of art and beauty.

To build this unit, you will need a vintage book, succulent plants (these cost about $2 each), an Exacto knife, plastic bag, white glue or ground cover. 

Apartment Therapy provides a blog tutorial and instructions to guide you through the creation process. 

13.  DIY Tire Planter

DIY Tire Planter

What a random beauty. I love the fact that it is cheap and even costs $0 if you already have an old tire. There is not much that goes into setting up the tire planter. 

All you need to do, according to the Recaptured Charm blog is drill some holes at the bottom of the tire for drainage and add soil, compost, and your flowers. 

It is as simple as that. Heck, you do not even need to be a DIYer to hack this project. Just start on it. 

14. DIY Tin Can Planter 

DIY Tin Can Planter

If you are looking for a gift for your green thumb friend, these particular tin planters are perfect. They are cute, adorable and most importantly cheap and inexpensive. 

The project makes use of tins already available in your kitchen. You can spray paint them to give them some bit of color and contrast. Bright colors are best. 

The Dos Family blog provides a tutorial on how to go about the creation of these planters in detail. The process is simple and easy to follow. 

15. DIY Modern EP29 Hanging Garden 

DIY Modern EP29 Hanging Garden

This DIY hanging garden is sleek and affordable. It is the perfect way of turning your window into a productive and beautiful piece of art. The fact that it is vertical means that it eats up very little space. 

To build this hanging garden, you need some Terra Cotta flower pots, 0.75-inch pine boards, rope and zip ties. The Homemade-Modern blog details how these materials come together to make the beautiful hanging planter. 

16. DIY Upcycled Copper Planters 

DIY Upcycled Copper Planters

If you have a metallic crush, you will absolutely love these copper planters made by Jungalow. The project starts with simple copper canisters of varying sizes. 

At the bottom of each canister, drill 3 holes to act as drainage for excess water. Fill the canisters with soil and add your succulent plants. The DIY container garden is easy to build and is long lasting.

If you are creative enough, you can get some use for the canister lids as well.

17. DIY Spiral Container Garden 

DIY Spiral Container Garden

Rather than have a circular container garden you can add some spice to it by building it in form of a spiral. The spiral design has a beautiful effect. It will easily be a conversation starter. 

While some more work is required compared to other container gardens listed, the results are well worth the time spent. The Glue and Glitter blog details the process of building the spiral container garden. 

18. DIY Magical Fairy Garden 

DIY Magical Fairy Garden

The secret behind this natural, easy and quick garden created in a small container is chia seeds. Chia seeds are quick growing and best of all hardy. It has a carpet-like look and is lush green. 

With chia seeds, you can have a beautiful garden in less than a week. You do not have to be a green thumb to make them survive the week. 

The magical bit of the garden is catered for by the garden scenery. You could choose dinosaurs for decorations like the Crafting A Green World blog did or you could put in any tiny figurine and decorations you please. 

19. DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Garden

DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Garden

Most often than not, container gardening is incorporated when there is minimal space. If you live in a studio apartment or your own place with a small yard, containers are perfect. 

However, even when you have enough space for a full blow garden, incorporating container gardens is still an awesome idea. For this, you can make use of 5-gallon plastic buckets. These buckets are cheap and readily available.

With these buckets, you can come up with self-watering buckets or wicking bucket. The Sustain a Blog tutorial details 7 different container garden designs. 

20. DIY Kokedama Strong Garden

DIY Kokedama Strong Garden

Kokedama is Japanese moss balls. They look great in homes and are fun to make. Even surprising is how super easy they are to make. 

In the tutorial designed by Design Sponge, you will need a combination of peat soil and bonsai soil. The process is dirty but the results are out of this world. 

The Design Studio provides detailed instructions complemented by images taken of each step. The tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for beginners.

21. Rectangular Container Planter

Rectangular Container Planter

Learning how to build a container garden is simple. In addition to this, it is cheap. I love this container planter because you can make it from recycled 2x4 pieces of wood. 

It is small and is rectangular in shape. The planter provides aeration for the roots and can hold about 2-4-inches of soil. The instructions are clear and concise. 

22. DIY Upcycled Colander Planter 

DIY Upcycled Colander Planter

A colander makes a perfect planter for succulent plants. It already comes with pre-made holes on the sides. They are designed for decorative purposes but as a planter, they come in handy as drainage for excess water. 

If you have an old colander, a paint job using spray paint will bring it back to life, enough for it to create a beautiful planter for your succulent plants. 

Krista details the process of building and upcycling a colander. It is easy and perfect for beginners.

23. DIY Mosquito Repelling Container Garden

DIY Mosquito Repelling Container Garden

If you already know what kind of container garden you want, then the next step you are moving to is finding the perfect plants to add to your container gardens. 

You obviously do not want plants that breed mosquitoes. For mosquito repelling plants, you should choose the kind that has a strong fragrance enough to mask human odors and that have odors repelling mosquitoes. 

There are several factors to be considered when building container gardens. The Hallmark Channel blog provides a tutorial outlining all these factors. The tutorial even gives suggestions of the best mosquito repelling plants.

24. DIY Wine Box Herb Garden 

DIY Wine Box Herb Garden

Ask any chef you know and they will confirm that the secret to making delicious meals is using fresh herbs. Fresh herbs provide a unique fragrance and flavor. If you are planning to have a container garden, grow herbs. 

Herbs are carefree, easy to grow and the ultimate ingredients to delicious foods. Additionally, you only harvest what you need to use. For this, turn that old wine box into a container garden. 

While the Pass the Pistil blog does not lay out the process of building the container garden, it does provide tips on growing and taking care of the herbs planted.

25. Simple DIY Container Gardening 

Simple DIY Container Gardening

Instructable has taken it upon itself to share some tips on creating a simple DIY container garden for your vegetables. 

The container garden is easy to make and maintain. Additionally, it is beautiful and contributes to the overall house beauty. The blog tutorial features a tools and materials list needed to complete the project along with instructions for the same. 

26. DIY Modular Wall-Mounted Container Garden

DIY Modular Wall-Mounted Container Garden

You must have played around with the idea of using a juice jug or plastic milk bottle cut at the top but still with handles as a plant pot - this works great. 

However, they do prove to be a pain when hanging with the handles as they wobble way too much. 

But Instructables has built a similar container garden that is stronger and more stable. The blog tutorial guides you through the process of building one. 

27. DIY Beach rock Container Garden

DIY Beach rock Container Garden

I love this because it is small and best of all cute and free. To start this container garden, all you need to do is get a beach rock with holes and you will be good to go. 

Just be sure to pick stones with two holes, one to hold the soil and one to act as the drainage. You can add similarly tiny decorations like dinosaurs to focus attention on the container garden. 

Instructables features a PDF tutorial with 12 steps of how you can create this container garden. 

28. Upright Pallet Container Garden

Upright Pallet Container Garden

Using cheap or even free pallets, you can have this beautiful container garden. The pallet garden is leaned against a wall and has a rustic look.

For a successful completion of this project, you will require several items. These are provided in a list on the Instructable PDF tutorial. While the process of making this unit is longer, it is simple and the results are rewarding. 

There you are – 28 DIY container gardens to decorate your home with flowers and to indulge your green thumb self. Hopefully, one of the items gives you enough inspiration to embark on the project. 

Feel free to share any additions to the list. Any concerns and corrections are welcome too. Lastly, when you do end up building one of the container gardens listed above, share images with other DIYers as well. 

We love hearing from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.