37 Awesome DIY Garage Storage Ideas for A Well-Organized Garage

diy garage storage

It’s time to free up your garage space. So what garage storage ideas do you have in mind?

Well, there are many storage ideas for garage. But you’ll have to agree with me that DIY garage storage ideas are one of the best out there.

From cheap, simple, to stylish, there’s always something that you can work with. Below are 37 DIY garage storage solutions you can try out.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your garage storage, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a garage shelf, clamp rack, lumber rack, workbench.

DIY Custom Wall Tool Holders

Still using pegboard to hold your garage tools? I think you might want to switch to a more flexible storage solution. This tutorial shows you how to make wall tool holders.

In this DIY garage storage, you'll need to first install wood studs on the walls. There's a holder for almost every garage tool. One thing I like about this tutorial is that it has a video guide.

Due to the many wall tool holders, be prepared to spend a lot of time on this project. But the satisfying result makes this DIY garage storage worth all the time and effort.

2. Garage Storage Project: Shovel Rack

Garage Storage Project: Shovel Rack

Garden tools like shovels need to be kept out of the way. This shovel rack provides good storage with room to spare. It keeps your shovels and any long-handled tools up and off the floor.

The designer recommends installing the rack about 6 feet off the floor. The rack is made of wood and sport a flared top to hold garage tools.

It's a serious DIY garage storage. Due to its simplicity, this project can easily be done by DIYers with low skill level. The estimated time for this project is around 1 day.

This storage rack looks great when installed on the wall

3. DIY Stud Storage with Loft

DIY Stud Storage with Loft

Looking for some cool garage storage ideas? Wendy has got something I think you might like. It's a stud storage designed to hold tons of tools and equipment.

This organizer has multiple shelves and slats. Wendy goes a step further to include a pulley system to allow for ceiling storage. There's a loft storage that leaves enough space under for the cabinets.

Wendy uses wood to make this DIY garage organizer. It's surely a thoughtful way of creating that extra space you need in your garage.

This tutorial has some pictures and instructions to guide you in the project. From the look, this is one project that will take around 2 days to finish.

4. DIY EP19 Screwdriver Coat Rack

DIY EP19 Screwdriver Coat Rack

Ben comes up with a garage storage idea that will help you keep traditional screwdrivers organized. He settles for a coat rack made of wood.

To free up floor space, Ben chooses to mount the rack on the wall. In this tutorial, Ben lists the type of tools and materials for the job. This DIY garage storage is built in 6 simple steps.

Picture illustrations are given so you won't go wrong. This is one of the easiest ideas for garage storage. Ben puts the time spent on the project at less than 2 hours.

Depending on your location, you can do this project at a cost of $30 or less.

5. 3-Tier Garage Shelf with Storage Containers

3-Tier Garage Shelf with Storage Containers

Pam settles for shelf storage. To create more room for storage, she chooses a 3-tier design. There's a good clearance between the bottom shelf and the floor.

The clearance is enough to provide another storage space underneath. Pam places plastic storage boxes on the shelves to keep tools out of sight.

I like the neat and organized look of this DIY garage storage. Pam builds it using lumber and plywood. Each storage box is given a number to avoid confusion.

Pam says this storage shelf is cost-effective, even when you have to purchase the wood. Pam advises installing the shelves on the wall in case you live in areas prone to earthquakes.

6. 150 Square Feet Shelf Storage

150 Square Feet Shelf Storage

A cluttered garage doesn't look good. This DIY garage storage idea takes that into consideration. It is a versatile shelf storage system that keeps everything off the floor.

The unit is made of 2 feet wide shelves mounted high up on the wall. Lumber and plywood are used to cut down on the cost of the project.

You won't believe how much storage space this shelf system creates. The designer puts it at 150 square feet. It is a simple project that doesn't require much skill.

One weekend is enough to finish this project. Expect to spend between $100-$500 on this DIY garage storage shelf.

7. DIY Wooden Garage Golf Caddy

DIY Wooden Garage Golf Caddy

Looking for a nice DIY garage storage for golf gear? I think you might find this garage storage idea by Troy quite useful. It's a compact wood caddy that doesn't take much space.

It comes in the form of a cabinet designed to hold two golf bags. The middle section is made up of two shelves that come in handy to hold other golf gear.

The shelves are adjustable so you can fit your gear with ease. This storage caddy can function as a freestanding garage storage or placed close to the wall to keep it more stable.

Troy completes this project in just one day.

8. Cheap DIY Recycle Bin Hangers

Cheap DIY Recycle Bin Hangers

Most homeowners like to keep recycle bins on the garage floor. That means a cluttered space that doesn't look that appealing. So here's a DIY storage idea that will keep them off the floor.

The designer project uses some pieces of lumber to create hangers. These are installed on the wall and let to hang out a little bit for better support.

You can use 18-inch lumber in case you have standard 20-inch recycle bins. Spacers are used to ensure that the bins fit well. Once finished, you get a column of bins held off the floor.

The cleats that support the bins give you an easy time removing or placing the bins.

9. Wooden DIY Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Wooden DIY Jumbo Tape Dispenser

It is not only the big tools that can compromise garage space. The tapes you use can also give you a headache. But here's a fancy way of keeping them out of the way.

The designer of this DIY garage storage settles for a large tape dispenser made of wood. It's more like a box that has a slot for each tape.

A filler block is inserted into the center wall so the tape unrolls with ease as you pull it out. The edge of the box has a hacksaw blade to cut the tape to the desired length.

10. PVC Pipe Garden Tool Storage

PVC Pipe Garden Tool Storage

Long handled tools can take a lot of space in your garage. Marji has a clever storage idea that will help keep them out of the way. You won't believe that she uses cut PVC pipe for the job.

She starts off with a large plywood mounted on the wall. Small PVC sections are screwed across the center of the plywood. This creates a series of slots that your long handle tools fit through.

You can have as many PVC pipe slots depending on how many tools you plan to store. Marji puts a tag on each PVC slot for easy identification of the tools.

11. DIY Attic Garage Storage with Labels 

DIY Attic Garage Storage with Labels

Garage storage isn't only limited to space on the ground. The attic in your house can make a good storage space. Ashley shows you how you can give it a facelift and keep everything organized.

She comes up with some form of adjustable shelving system made of wood. Each shelf is custom built to the size of the storage container it will accommodate.

She makes it easier to identify by sticking labels on each storage container. The result is an organized DIY garage storage right on your roof.

12. 4 Easy DIY Garage Storage Solutions

4 Easy DIY Garage Storage Solutions

Sometimes keeping your garage space organized needs more than one storage solution. This tutorial gives just that. It shows to build a ladder rack, wheelbarrow holder, suspended shelves, and bike lift.

The shelf is suspended from the ceiling and installed on the space above the door. It holds up to 160 pounds while the bike lift holds up to 100 pounds.

The tutorial has instructions for each type of storage. Tools and materials you'll need are listed. Expect to spend a day on this project. It's simple enough for novice DIYers.

The cost of this project is not that much. You'll spend between $20-$100.

13. Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling

Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling

Want to know how you can utilize the dead space on a garage ceiling? This DIY garage storage idea might be of great help. The tutorial is for an overhead storage system made of sliding totes.

The construction is fast and simple. That means it can be done with ease even by amateurs. In this design, each tote is expected to hold up to 35 pounds.

With a total of six totes, this overhead storage solution holds up to 210 pounds of tools. You can put lids on the totes to keep your tools free of dust.

This project takes a day to complete and costs around $100-$500.

14. Woodshop Organization Spray Paint Rack

Woodshop Organization Spray Paint Rack

Enter your textBethany has a pretty cool idea on how you can store your spray paint collection. It's a spray paint rack that has multiple angled shelves.

The rack holds up to 182 spray paint cans of standard size. Bethany makes the rack using wood and gives some instructions on how it's done.

It looks sturdy when installed or placed against your garage wall. This is a brilliant DIY garage storage idea for those that are into woodworking. 

15. Easy, Economical Garage Shelving from 2x4s

Easy, Economical Garage Shelving from 2x4s

Designers from Ana White think big when it comes to garage shelving. They come up with a DIY garage shelving subdivided into sections to give a more organized storage.

The width and the height of the shelf can be chosen based on your needs. To keep the shelf from tipping, they choose to install it on the wall.

They make 4 full shelves each spanning 20 feet long. In this tutorial, you get a cut list and the instructions needed to complete this project.

A list of tools and materials is also included. This project is quite easy and can be done by DIYers at beginner level.

16. DIY Garage Family Bike Storage 

DIY Garage Family Bike Storage

How do you keep your bikes? Well, there are clever DIY garage storage solutions for your bike. This tutorial gives a design that won't give you a hard time.

Jennifer settles for a bar storage bike rack. She builds it using a steel bar installed on the wall. The bar is kept at a height that's easier for kids to reach.

Hooks are attached to the bar. The hooks hang up the bike via the front tire. You can have as many hooks as you want based on the number of bikes you have.

A label can be added to each hook. In Jennifer's design, she comes up with a bike storage that holds up to 5 bikes.

17. DIY Garage Reveal for Total Facelift

DIY Garage Reveal for Total Facelift

This one-week challenge tutorial gives you an idea of how you can give your garage a facelift. Sypsie goes for something that looks more like a total overhaul of her old garage.

She puts up a new workbench, shelves, and board storage. Sypsie goes for elegant touch-ups and comes up with a garage space that looks stylish and well organized.

Truth be told, this is a project that might require some serious skills. What's more, you'll be looking forward to spending some weeks on this project.

On her part, Sypsie puts the duration of the project at 6 weeks. 

18. Cheap Wooden Wall-mount Bike Shelf 

Cheap Wooden Wall-mount Bike Shelf

A bike shelf? Well, that might come as a surprise to you. Jesse makes this DIY garage storage idea a reality. He builds a simple shelf that supports the bike on the wall.

The shelf looks more like a box with a grooved opening on the side. A bike fits through the groove and stays perfectly in place. You might want to consider the frame size of your bike before building the shelf.

Jesse's bike shelf is made of wood. Only a few pieces of lumber and you have it ready. It's a cheap garage storage idea you might want to try out.

19. 100 Square Feet DIY Overhead Garage Storage

100 Square Feet DIY Overhead Garage Storage

Want a DIY garage storage idea that helps you save up to 100 square feet of floor space? This overhead shelf storage system made of pinewood lets you achieve that.

According to Ana White designers, this garage overhead storage is not difficult to build. You can do it even if you're at the beginner level. The shelf is finished in white paint. 

The paint creates a neutral finish that blends well with virtually any decor. This project takes 3-6 hours to complete. The shelf spans 8 feet long and costs a mere $25 to build.

20. $500 Easy DIY Garage Storage and Bench

$500 Easy DIY Garage Storage and Bench

Versatile garage storage units have become the norm. The designer of this DIY garage storage settles for something that serves the purpose. 

It's more like a 2-in-1 garage storage. This storage unit is made up of 20 drawers. It has a top surface designed to double as a workbench.

The bench spans 22 feet long providing plenty of workspaces. It's 39 inches from the floor so you won't have to strain much to reach it.

This tutorial gives the list of things you'll need. It takes 8 steps to complete this project. The total cost for this project is around $500. But this will vary depending on the quality of wood used.

21. $81 DIY Folding Garage Workbench

$81 DIY Folding Garage Workbench

Want a level work platform that folds away easily for storage? Well, Ana White designers have got something for you. It’s a workbench that's made to fold up to the wall after use.

Ana White DIYers use kiln-dried wood for this project. The result is a sturdy and strong workbench. This storage idea is for DIYers at beginner level.

The time needed to complete this project will vary depending on your skills. Expect to spend anywhere between 6-9 hours on this project.

Ana White designers spend around $33 on lumber and $47 on hardware. This brings the total cost to roughly $81.

22. 6-Level Wooden Organizer Garage Shelves

6-Level Wooden Organizer Garage Shelves

Cassie comes up with a creative way of keeping paints and tools organized. She settles for two shelf cabinets made of wood. Each cabinet sports 6 shelves that can be adjusted to create more space.

Cassie uses L-shape brackets to brace the shelves to the wall. She uses untreated wood for this project. That helps her shave down on cost.

The shelves are quite simple to build. That means they won't be any trouble even to DIYers who are just starting out. Though not stated, I would put the total cost of this project at around $80.

23. Fold Down Work Bench with Leg Brace

Fold Down Work Bench with Leg Brace

It is always good to settle for a workbench that can hold up well to heavy use. That's exactly what the designer of this workbench had in mind.

He comes up with a solid workbench that has one side built into the wall to provide a sturdy support. The bench has 3 leg supports and a cross bracing for extra reinforcement.

It's made from 2 x 4 lumber and the top working surface covered in a hardboard material. The bench folds up on the wall to free up space when not in use.

I like that the tutorial gives complete instructions on how you go about making this folding workbench.

24. DIY Garage Storage Cabinets with 5 Lockers

DIY Garage Storage Cabinets with 5 Lockers

Talking about stylish DIY garage storage, this one here surely makes the cut. Mandy decides to settle for garage storage cabinets that have a modern touch.

He starts by lining the space with plywood to create that stylish frame. This is quite a huge cabinet sporting 5 locker areas. Each locker area is subdivided into shelves. 

Mandy does the shelving of each locker at different heights to fit most size of garage tools. Finished with doors, the cabinets look quite flawless.

Though it looks quite complicated on the picture, this DIY garage storage cabinet is quite easy to build.

25. $500 Giant DIY Garage Cabinet

$500 Giant DIY Garage Cabinet

Size does matter when it comes to garage storage. This tutorial shows you how to go big in garage storage cabinets. The cabinet measures 16 feet long and stands 7 feet tall.

The cabinet is partitioned into shelves strong enough to handle bulky items. The designer uses sliding doors for easy access. To keep the cabinet sturdy, the designer recommends building it against the wall.

This project is good for DIYers with moderate skill. Expect to spend a whole weekend on this project. I like what you get to pay for all these storage space. It's a mere $500.

26. DIY Pegboard "Book" of Tools

DIY Pegboard "Book" of Tools

Enter your text herePegboards are among the most stylish ways of organizing garage tools. Christin takes the stylish look of pegboard storage a notch higher.

She calls it pegboard 'leaves' since the arrangement is in the form of pages in a book. Christin settles for 3 pegboards hinged to a sturdy support on the wall.

Together, the three pegboards take only 6.7 square feet of wall space while providing 32 square feet of storage area. That means you get to save space yet store a ton of tools.

Christin gives 4 step-by-step instructions on how to make this pegboard storage....

27.$60 DIY Basement Storage Shelf

$60 DIY Basement Storage Shelf

Want complete information on how to build a basement shelf? Ann has a detailed plan that you'll surely love. It's one sturdy shelf that's built against the wall.

She uses plywood for the backing and shelf platforms. Ann builds the shelf to 8 feet long sporting four levels of storage. I like how detailed this DIY garage storage idea is.

It even has some arithmetic calculations to ensure you get everything right. All the materials and tools you'll need for this project are listed.

This project takes a few hours to complete. For instance, you can set aside one evening for this project. The total estimated cost for this project is $60.

28. $15 DIY Wall-Mounted Lumber Rack

$15 DIY Wall-Mounted Lumber Rack

Gina comes up with this cool idea of a lumber rack that mounts on the wall. She builds it using plywood and furring strips. It's a sturdy rack that serves the purpose well.

This project is recommended to DIYers with intermediate skill level. Depending on how fast you are, this project can be done within one afternoon.

Gina puts the estimated time for the project at 3-6 hours. The cost for this project can be as low as $15. However, if you have to buy all materials, expect the cost to go up to $50.

29. Fold-away Shelving with Loop Cable Support

Fold-away Shelving with Loop Cable Support

Shelves are a clever way to free up garage space. This tutorial takes the space-saving function of shelves to a whole new level. Instead of fixed shelves, Barbs goes for a fold-away design.

The shelf has wall supports that suspend it using cable loops and carabiner. You can adjust the loops to ensure that the shelf sits parallel to the floor.

You can use hooks as an alternative to a carabiner. The shelf is large enough to support a lawnmower. The pivot design created by the cable loops lets the shelf fold away with ease.

30. Custom DIY Fold-Up Garage Worktable 

Custom DIY Fold-Up Garage Worktable

So far we've come across a fold-up workbench and fold-away shelf. So how about a fold-up worktable? Barb has a good idea you might like.

He designs a fold-up worktable that folds up against the wall. One thing I like about the way this worktable fold is the fact that the legs also fold flat with it.

Bard uses some little hooks to keep the table in place in the folded position. Hinges are used to create a smooth pivot system. Barb suggests adding an electrical switch to the worktable for easy use of power tools.

This tutorial has pictures and instructions to guide you on how the worktable is built.

31. Versatile DIY Hold-Everything Tool Rack

Versatile DIY Hold-Everything Tool Rack

Some DIY garage storage units are designed to hold specific tools. Why not settle for a flexible garage storage solution that holds just about anything?

David designs a tool rack that's up to the task. It's a versatile wall rack that stores everything within easy reach. The rack spans 48 inches long and 48 inches wide.

David uses poplar to create a sturdy and durable storage unit. But you have the choice of using other hardwood materials. Grooves and slats let tools slip in with ease.

This is quite a simple project that can be done by DIYers at beginner level.

32. All-Around DIY Garage Wall Organizer

All-Around DIY Garage Wall Organizer

This DIY garage storage idea helps you decorate and free up garage space. It's a plan by Elsie and Emma. The organizer sports a paneled board installed on the wall.

Hooks, storage baskets, and hangers are attached to the panel. You can put as many as you want based on how much wall space you have.

Elsie and Emma settle for a white finish that gives the organizer a neutral look. This creates one stylish wall organizer that blends well in almost any garage.

33. 5-Level Labeled Shelf Storage

5-Level Labeled Shelf Storage

Do you spend lots of time searching for your garage tools? Well, how about a labeled shelf that provides easy access to tools whenever you need them?

Krystal comes up with this shelf made up of 5 levels. The shelves are further subdivided into small compartments. She labels each compartment according to the type of tools it will store.

This shelf is built against the wall to keep it from tipping over. Krystal uses plywood for the support platform to cut down on the cost of the project.

34. DIY Practically Free Workbench Storage

DIY Practically Free Workbench Storage

Have some waste tin cans lying around? Well, there's a way you can turn them into useful garage storage units. In this tutorial, the designer chooses to screw them onto a pegboard.

The screwing is done at an angle to ensure that the tin cans don't fall off. The tin cans create some form of slots where you place your garage tools.

To cut down on cost, you can choose to use plywood as an alternative to a pegboard. This tutorial lists all the tools and materials you'll be needing for this project.

This is a cheap garage storage solution since the tin cans can even be got on the trash.

35. $30 Truss Shelves: Cheap Garage Storage

$30 Truss Shelves: Cheap Garage Storage

Enter your text here...Ana White designers have a creative DIY garage storage idea. They settle for truss shelves. The shelves are built using 2 x 4 and 1 x 2 lumber. She puts braces on the shelves to keep them from wobbling.

There are 4 levels of shelving enough to hold tons of garage tools. This forms some kind of a ladder. This project is recommended to DIYers with intermediate skill.

You won't be spending a lot of time on this project. Just 3-6 hours and you'll be done. Wondering what the total cost of this project is? Well, Ana White DIYers put the cost at around $30. 

36. Adjustable Hanging Garage Storage System

Adjustable Hanging Garage Storage System

I loved the simplicity of this DIY garage storage idea right from the start. What you need are just some cleats and hangers. This tutorial shows how you can use 3 cleats for the job.

How high you place the hangers is more of a personal choice. The good news is that you can adjust them so that your tools don't look crammed up together.

There are 4 steps to making this adjustable hanging garage storage. The tutorial gives detailed instructions and pictures on how you go about it.

This is a cheap and simple project. It can be done by just about anyone. This is a project that will cost a mere $8 or even less.

37. Ceiling-Mount Fishing Pole Storage

Ceiling-Mount Fishing Pole Storage

This is good news for DIY fishermen out there. Miller comes up with a clever idea on how you can store your fishing poles. He builds a pole storage using two pieces of wood.

The two pieces are placed 5 feet apart and mounted on the ceiling. Holes are drilled through each piece to allow the poles fit through with ease.

The amount of spacing will vary depending on the length of your fishing poles. Miller spends $5 on the two pieces of wood and $13 for miter box and pegs.

This project takes 4 simple steps to complete. Pictures are included to ensure you don't go wrong.

We hope you’ve found a DIY garage storage idea that will work for your garage space. Now it’s time to tell us how you feel about our DIY garage organization ideas.

Are they helpful? Or do you want to make some suggestions or remarks on the garage storage ideas we’ve discussed so far?

Feel free to communicate to us in the comment section below and let’s help each other improve the look of our garage space.