27 Free DIY Plans to Make High-End Gaming Tables

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27 Free DIY Plans to Make High-End Gaming Tables

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One thing's for certain. If you love playing board games and other table games, then sooner or later, you'll be needing your very own gaming table.

Needless to recount all the advantages that a gaming table offers. If the table that you love is out of your price range, then why not build it by yourself?

Following are 27 DIY gaming table plans that I've gathered from all around the web. Why don't you go through them? I'm sure you'll find a plan which will inspire you to get building.

You can find more than just these free gaming table plans like plans for console table, round table, side table, craft table, end table, picnic table, farmhouse table, router table, pallet coffee table, and many more.

Still in the building mood? Get free plans to build entertainment centerporch swing, sandbox, playhouse.

Portable DIY Gaming Tabletop Plan

A full gaming table will always take up space, so if you lack enough space for your gaming table, then maybe you should try out a portable gaming tabletop like this plan offers.

Being just a tabletop, you can easily store it when not in use, and when you want to play, you can easily set it up on any surface like a coffee or a dining table.

This plan shows you how to build this tabletop. It starts with a material list, then a tool list, plus a step by step guide. There are also lots of pictures which help you to understand what to do.

2. DIY Dining To Gaming Table Conversion Plan

DIY Dining To Gaming Table Conversion Plan

It might so happen that you already have a dining table that you would like to convert into a dining/gaming table. In that case, you are not alone, as this plan will show you.

There is a material list, first of all, followed by the 14-step guide to transforming most ordinary tables into a convertible state of the art dining and gaming table. This plan works for most, but not for all tables.

With detailed diagrams and explanations, this guide shows you the right steps you should take to convert any table into your dream table. This includes cup-holder molds, staining of the wood, and gluing of the fabric to the table.

3. The Fackrell Free DIY Convertible Gaming Table Plan

The Fackrell Free DIY Convertible Gaming Table Plan

This plan is for all those who want a high-quality convertible gaming table, but are not ready to spend a couple thousand dollars for it. It offers you the opportunity to build it by yourself for around $800 in material costs.

Rebecca Fackrell built an amazing table here and this guide is also detailed and contains lots of helpful pictures. It starts with a material list and also lists all the tools you'll be needing.

The table is 70 inches wide, 37 inches deep and 31.5 inches high. The plans have detailed measurements of all the necessary parts and the finishing and bolting of the legs make this tabletop classy.

4. Clawfeet Convertible Gaming Coffee Table Plan

Clawfeet Convertible Gaming Coffee Table Plan

Ryan Hiller the geek dad builds a unique and amazing gaming table here. First of all, it is a lovely coffee table with claw feet, which makes it stand out.

Secondly, it can easily be converted into a gaming table with the ability to leave some boards on the table in order to create more table space. It also features an accessory groove for cup-holders and other stuff.

This guide is long and detailed. Ryan explains as much as he can and adds lots of pictures to make things easier to understand. This is not a project for beginners though. You will need serious woodworking skills.

5. Geek Chic Inspired DIY Gaming Table

Geek Chic Inspired DIY Gaming Table

Geek Chic gaming tables are absolutely wonderful, but they cost a lot. For those who still want one but can't afford it, this DIY gaming table plan offers a solution.

This gaming table guide is different from the other plans in this list because it is posted in a forum, but it does have so many pictures. In fact, a bit too much pictures to be exact.

If you decide to build this project, it will cost you about $580 in materials, which is still much cheaper than a Geek Chic table. This guide is very detailed and contains all the information you need in order to successfully build it.

6. Free Outdoor DIY Checkers Gaming Table Plan

Free Outdoor DIY Checkers Gaming Table Plan

Checkers is a nice game which is enjoyed the world over by both young and old, amateurs and experts alike. If you would like to make checkers a permanent part of your life, then this plan might help.

The idea here is to have a single table with 2 tiled decorative portions, but which can be turned around to reveal 2 different checkers boards, allowing up to 2 games to be played at once.

This plan includes a material list, a tool list, and an 18-step picture guide. Step 16 shows you how to paint the checker's squares on a board and I really think it's an awesome thing to learn.

7. $95 DIY Ricochet Gaming Table Guide

$95 DIY Ricochet Gaming Table Guide

If you love ricochet, then this plan offers you the opportunity of building your very own ricochet game table.

It should cost about $95 and take an intermediate woodworker about 6 hours to complete. There are detailed plans with measurements and a cut list to help you do a good job.

A 15-step guide takes you through the individual stages of the construction process, and there is even a link to download the rules and a scorecard for the game of ricochet.

8. DIY Train Play Table Plan

DIY Train Play Table Plan

Playing with trains is generally a thing for boys, though there can be exceptions. If you ever find yourself in need of a train table, then let this plan help you out.

The tabletop measures 32 x 48 inches. This plan is free and provides all the basic information you need to build it, but if you need more information, then there is a link to a paid plan with detailed measurements and a step by step guide.

If you are creative though, then this free plan should be enough for you. It includes a material and tool lists, plus safety tips.

9. Convertible Outdoor Coffee & 3-Game Table Plan

Convertible Outdoor Coffee & 3-Game Table Plan

This multi-purpose table can either be used as an outdoor coffee table or a checkers, a tic-tac-toe, or chess gaming table.

Simply flipping the board over changes it from tic-tac-toe mode to checkers/chess mode. This tutorial is very detailed and also includes lots of pictures.

A 12-step guide shows you what to do. From the building of the table's frame to the application of an outdoor protectant, each step is supported by a picture.

10. Walnut Veneer Plywood Mid-Century Lego Table

Walnut Veneer Plywood Mid-Century Lego Table

Kids love to play with Lego blocks, especially boys. But if you want some sanity, then you will need a way to manage those blocks. That's where this table comes in.

Featuring a mid-century design, it is built from plywood which has a walnut veneer to capture that mid-century look. The cut list is very detailed and lists out the exact measurements of each part.

A 9-step guide leads you through the construction process, including the installation of the hairpin legs. Being modular, you can arrange these 3 desks the way you want, in order to create the table you need.

11. Trestle Style DIY Play Table for Kids Free Plan

Trestle Style DIY Play Table for Kids Free Plan

With its large tabletop surface and shelf, your kids will enjoy doing their homework and playing their favorite games on this table. It is 41 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 22 inches high.

You get a detailed shopping list of all the items that you'll need, including the plywood for the tabletop. A cut list and cutting instructions make things simpler for you and detailed diagrams are also available.

With the 6-step instructions, you can have this table finished in just a few hours and for less than $50. There is also a printer-friendly version of this plan, as well as a PDF version for your convenience.

12. Free DIY Carpetball Table Plan

Free DIY Carpetball Table Plan

Carpetball is a nice and cool game which is played with billiard balls. If you've played it once, then you'll always love it. To play though, you will need a carpetball table.

This free DIY guide and table plans are presented by the National Carpetball Association on their website. It is an 8 step tutorial which teaches you how to build a portable carpetball that you can enjoy everywhere.

The table has a total length of 12 ft, but it can be folded down to 6 ft.  When folded, it rests on casters which allow for easy mobility. Lots of pictures in this guide help you to quickly understand everything.

13. Free DIY Poker Table Plan

Free DIY Poker Table Plan

Poker is probably the most popular table game there is, so this list would not be complete without a nice poker table plan. Coming from Black&Decker, the maker of quality power tools, this guide provides you with complete building instructions.

There is a tool list, a material list, and a cut list. The table is designed for up to 8 poker players, but the tabletop can also be removed to reveal a simple 4-sided tabletop, which is more suitable for other table games.

The tutorial is well laid out and includes enough pictures. This gaming table is 31.5 inches high and 55 inches wide on each side.

14. Free DIY Garden Checkerboard Game Table Plan

Free DIY Garden Checkerboard Game Table Plan

A checkerboard is always great to have. This one can be built directly in your garden, allowing unlimited outdoor fun for you and your entire family.

The tiles have to be ceramic and the board has to be built first, before attaching it to the table. This plan contains a material list, a detailed diagram of the table with detailed measurements, and construction instructions.

A checkerboard can also be used to play chess, so this is a 2-in-1 game board. You attach the ceramic tiles to the board using thinset mortar and it has to dry for 24 hours first. It should be noted that the beauty of this game board depends on the ceramic tiles, so take your time with it.

15.  Minwax DIY Table Hockey Gaming Board Plan

Minwax DIY Table Hockey Gaming Board Plan

Table hockey is fun and if you want to build your own board, then this guide is definitely for you. It starts with a list of required tools and materials, as well as a cutting list.

There is a 26-step construction guide, as well as plans with detailed measurements. It even contains a guide to playing table hockey.

Few woodworking guides are as well planned and laid out as this one. Although it does not come with step by step pictures, you will still do an excellent job by following this guide.

16. Free DIY Dapper Dan Poker Table Tutorial

Free DIY Dapper Dan Poker Table Tutorial

This tutorial focuses more on applying foam and fabrics to the table, than on actually making the table from wood. It does link to a nice tutorial for making the table though, or you could also use any other poker table tutorial.

The point here is the foam and the fabric. The guide starts with cutting out foam for the tabletop and gluing it onto the desktop. The edges are trimmed off, then the table covered with fabric.

The rail is also padded and added tot he tabletop. Then the whole thing is fixed onto folding metal legs, making it a table.

17. Free 9-Step DIY Poker Table Plan

Free 9-Step DIY Poker Table Plan

If you love poker and you've got up to 2 days to work or even a full weekend, then why not try building this table? The 9-step guide is presented in a very professional and helpful manner.

Each step contains a picture so you can see what's going on. The tabletop is first constructed, before the rest of the table is made and they are fixed together.

It should be pointed out that this construction guide is not for beginners. You need good woodworking skills in order to understand and carry out the processes presented.

18. Kristen's DIY Carpetball Gaming Table Plan

Kristen's DIY Carpetball Gaming Table Plan

Kristen uses 2 IKEA Expedit shelves to make the base of this gaming table. What you then get is a carpetball table with lots of shelving space underneath.

This guide begins with a material and a cut list. It then shows you how to build the carpetball tabletop and then attach it to the 2 cubbies underneath.

It is 144 inches long and 23.5 inches wide. Kristen uses plywood for the tabletop's base and covers it with carpet adhesive, before finally laying the carpet on it. Since the top can easily come off, it can also be transported easily.

19. Joe's Poker Tables DIY Guide

Joe's Poker Tables DIY Guide

This page features many poker tables designs from Joe. There are 4 different tables to be exact, although they are all based on the same tabletop.

The first table comes with a red velvet, while the others come with green. Joe takes time to explain how he built the first table, including the type of plywood he used and the arc cuts.

The second table saw more improvements and so did the third and the fourth. It's up to you here to decide which table you prefer and would like to build. They are all alike, but with slight differences in design and material quality.

20. DIY $475 Convertible Dining / Poker Table Plan

DIY $475 Convertible Dining / Poker Table Plan

In addition to spending $475 on materials, you will also need to have intermediate woodworking skills in order to do this project. It is estimated at about 10 hours total build time.

Being multi-functional, it is normally a dining table with its top on, but when you take off the top, you get a wonderful poker table for hosting friends.

This tutorial is long and detailed. It contains so many steps and tips, as well as pictures and ideas. If you can be patient and follow the instructions, you will end up with the most lovely dining and poker gaming table you have ever seen.

21. Free DIY Gaming Table with Wine Storage Plan

Free DIY Gaming Table with Wine Storage Plan

If you are tight on space, then you should always be considering alternatives. You could bundle a gaming table with cubbies for wine storage as an example, and this is what you'll get.

This table is 30 inches high, 42 inches wide and 42 inches deep. It is built using 2x4s, 2x2s, 1x2s, and plywood. There is a material lits, a cut list, and a 10-step construction guide.

There are 10 dividers beneath the tabletop. 8 of them are 4 inches wide, while 2 are 5 inches wide. Below these dividers you also get a drawer, making this a fully functional home furniture.

22. Elegant Poker Table DIY Guide

Elegant Poker Table DIY Guide

While some gaming tables fulfill multiple functions, others are designed with pure beauty in mind. If you want a beautiful poker table that will bring more sunshine into your life, then here's the plan to build.

Coming from Popular Mechanics, this plan is as professional as it is elegant. Everything is well thought out and the step by step process is very beautifully presented in 21 steps.

The best thing about this plan is that it doesn't even require mad woodworking skills. Any average woodworker can diligently follow the guide step by step to recreate this furniture masterpiece.

23. MDF Pool Table DIY Plan

MDF Pool Table DIY Plan

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) can be quite sturdy and still inexpensive. That's why this plan uses it to build a pool table, which includes compartments for the cue sticks, rack, and ball tray.

The material list for this project is long and so too, are the tools needed to build it. The table has a playing surface area of 7 feet by 3.5 feet. The legs are 16 inches high and there is a 21-step instruction to make the table.

It should be noted that this is not a project for beginners, neither will it be of much good for non-lovers of pool and snooker. There are also no step by step pictures here and this makes this guide a little more difficult to understand.

24. Professional Poker Gaming Table Plan

Professional Poker Gaming Table Plan

Supposing you want a table that looks like the real thing, then you will have to give this plan a try. It comes with a 12-step guide and helps you to build a gaming table that can be used to host a poker championship.

It requires a high skill level in woodwork and will take you over 2 days to complete, but if you want it, then you'll have to put in the work.

Most of the 12 steps come with pictures for better understanding. The desktop is built using MDF, oak veneer plywood, vinyl, and stainless steel cup holders.

25. Minwax Tabletop Soccer Free DIY Plan

Minwax Tabletop Soccer Free DIY Plan

This project requires intermediate skills at least. Table soccer is enjoyed all around the world by young and old players alike. So, building one by yourself will be a very rewarding experience.

Presented by Minwax, the popular makers of wood finishing products, this guide includes everything you need to get started. There is a tools list, materials list, a cutting list, and of course, recommended finishing products.

This PDF file also contains a 29-step construction guide, plus work and safety tips, as well as diagrams of the tabletop soccer with detailed dimensions and measurements.

26. Checkers Gaming Table DIY Transformation Guide

Checkers Gaming Table DIY Transformation Guide

Some people love upcycling stuff. The table in this guide was gotten for free through craigslist, and after sanding and staining, it was turned into a valuable checkers gaming table.

You will probably not have the same table nor the same size of checkers chips or chess figures, but following this guide, you should know what to do.

All you need is an 8 x 8 square grid in order to play checkers or chess. As this guide shows you, you can create it by first measuring the lines out with a pencil and then tracing it with a white paint pen or any other idea you may come up with.

27. Adorable Wall-Mounted Chessboard DIY Guide

Adorable Wall-Mounted Chessboard DIY Guide

Chess, the most dignified of all boardgames has one big problem, and that is having to pack up a game when there is no more time to play.

With this wall mounted board though, there is no need to pack up. Just leave it where it is and continue from there when you are ready to play again. It is also fitted beautifully into a timeless wooden frame.

This guide leads you step by step and shows you how to create this masterpiece by yourself. From stacking the wood to staining the board, to framing, you will be proud of yourself when you are done with this project.

We have come to the end of our list and I hope you have already found something that is exciting you.

Whether you are into poker or chess, carpet ball, table hockey or soccer, I wish you all the fun in the world with the construction of your gaming board.

I would love to hear from you!

Let me know what you are up to and feel free to pin and share anything you want to.