15 Simple DIY French Cleats to Hold Anything on Your Wall

diy french cleat

If you want to de-clutter your room or create more space, installing French cleats can be very helpful. These wall organizers can be installed in a workspace, living room, or shop to keep things organized.

While you can buy ready-made French cleats from your nearest home improvement store, the available designs may not be suitable for your or may be quite pricey.

With little creativity and few materials, you can build your own French cleats that are customizable according to your needs.

In this post, I have compiled a list of some pretty cool DIY French cleats that you can build and keep your workspace or shop more organized and clutter-free.

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Simple DIY French Cleat

Tools are very important in every workshop. They are used in cutting, holding and fixing joints which can’t be done with bare hands.

So, it makes sense to organize these tools in a way that we can easily find them when we need them.

This basic DIY French cleat can organize your workspace by holding small individual tools. It provides a safe hanging place for keeping your tools from ground moisture which can cause rust.

As detailed in the Popular Mechanics blog, you will require 3/4 plywood, a circular saw or jigsaw, wood screws to make these French wall cleats.

Once you build the cleat, you can hang the shelf along the cleat’s length for holding tools. You could also reinforce the shelf by adding additional side supports. These will provide additional strength for holding heavy items.

2. DIY Customizable Garage Storage System

DIY Customizable Garage Storage System

A garage serves as a parking area, warehouse, and workplace. It’s a place where we stash all kinds of heavy tools such as repair tools, gardening tools, and electrical tools.

When you walk into any garage, chances are high to find disorganized items. But by building this customizable garage storage system, you’ll de-clutter your garage and keep it more organized.

As explained by Family Handyman blog, this French cleat design for garage can be built with just a drill and circular saw. It consists of beveled strips screwed to the wall studs and customized wooden hangers.

The cost for building this system is around $100 – $500.

The best thing about this DIY garage storage system is you can store almost anything. You don’t even need to plan for future storage needs as you can customize it whenever you like.

3. A Simple DIY French Cleat for Heavy Stuff

A Simple DIY French Cleat for Heavy Stuff

This simple DIY French cleat is suitable for hanging that heavy stuff that blocks your way in your workspace. It’s an excellent way to create some additional space in your workspace for other tasks.

It’s simple to build, but you’ll need to first assemble several materials such as 3/4-inch plywood, chop saw, table saw, ruler, pencils, screws, and sandpaper.

This tutorial by Instructables blog provides step by step instructions along with images to help beginners learn how to build this French cleat.

4. DIY Modular Workbench Storage with French Cleats

DIY Modular Workbench Storage with French Cleats

Most of us are tired of hunting for studs every time we want to hang something on the wall. But you can solve this problem by installing this workbench storage.

It’s a handy system for small shops as it allows you to organize your shop without spending much. When you have installed these systems, you can rehang your shelves and cabinets whenever you need to.

For this DIY project, you will need 3/4 inches of plywood, glue, brads, screws a ruler and pencil. The tutorial for building this particular cleat can be found in the following link

The tutorial comes along with images to guide you through the process.

5. DIY French Cleat Tool Storage System

DIY French Cleat Tool Storage System

Sometimes we need to rearrange our shops when we need to add more items or want to create more space. This usually calls for rehanging of cabinets and racks, which can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

But by building this DIY French cleat storage system, you can reconfigure your shop whenever you like. The system gives you the flexibility in your shop so that you can move your shelves whenever you need to.

To make this French cleat hanging system, you will need 3/4 inches of plywood, 3-inch wood screws, a 4-inch level, a cordless drill and table saw.

The link provided here takes you a simple tutorial to help you learn how to build this French cleat storage system.

6. DIY easy French Cleat

DIY easy French Cleat

Make your wall a storage area by building this easy French Cleat. It’s simple to build and requires just some few easily available materials including screws and plywood.

It’s an affordable wall storage system to hang cabinets and shelves for keeping heavy items. You can get an image-guide on building this easy French cleat at Home-Dzine blog.

The images are clear and will help you learn to do it correctly. You will also need an electronic detector if possible to locate electrical conduits, pipes, and studs in the wall, just for safety.

7. A DIY French Cleat Storage Solution with Wooden Strips

A DIY French Cleat Storage Solution with Wooden Strips

These particular cleats are a bit different from the above ones as they are built to hang on wooden strips instead of screwing them into the wall.

The wooden strips have a 45-degree cut on the top edge and are mounted on the walls. It’s on these strips where the French cleats will hang. The storage pieces are then attached to the cleats for storing your desired items

You can get a tutorial on how to build these French cleats at Acme Tools Blog. The instructions are simple to follow and will guide you through the entire process.

8. Simple French Cleat for Storage

Simple French Cleat for Storage

This simple French cleat will help you de-clutter your shop or house. It’s made of easily available materials such as plywood, screws, and glue.

The number of French cleats you’ll build will depend on their intended purpose. The instructions are easy to follow and have been explained in detail in the link provided below.

9. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

Are you a Bibliophile or Bookworm who always has a collection of books to read? Where do you keep all those books? A floating shelve attached to a French cleat is an excellent way of storing your books.

You can install these shelves in your living room or bedroom, or wherever you like reading your books. Floating shelves make better storage areas than those bulky shelves found in your kitchen.

To build this amazing storage unit, you will need to gather some materials including a French cleat, wall anchors, cordless drill and assorted bits, a circular saw and board. You can make your own French clean or buy from your nearest store.

You can learn how to build these amazing shelves from the tutorial provided in Merrypad blog. You will also find some images to help you understand the entire process.

10. A Simple DIY Hanging Headboard

A Simple DIY Hanging Headboard

This particular French cleat is made up of a 6-inch piece of wood with 45 degrees-cut down the middle. It’s a good DIY hanging headboard that can be used to hold various items in your workspace or home.

To make this particular headboard hanging system, you will need a table saw, wood, and screws – as simple as that! It’s an easy process that won’t consume a lot of your time.

The blow tutorial provided here will guide you through the process.

11. A DIY French Cleat Organizing System

A DIY French Cleat Organizing System

This a series of French cleats installed on a wall for organizing things in a shop. In this case, they are built 8-inch apart and allow you move around any item you’re hanging.

The tutorial provided is a 12 step-guide with images and shows how to cut the wood and assemble the pieces.

The tutorial also includes a video to help you master everything before you begin the DIY project.

12. Easy DIY French Hanging System

Easy DIY French Hanging System

Some people like hanging signs on the walls of their bedroom, living room or shop.

A good place to hang that sign and make it look beautiful is on a DIY French hanging system.

Building this cleat is simple when you’ve gathered the materials. For this project, you’ll need some materials including boards of the desired length, Table saw, chop saw, countersink bit, screws, ruler, and cordless drill and bit.

The system is suitable for hanging heavy staff including signs, cabinets, shelves, and other items. The tutorial provided here and will help you build amazing French cleats to hang your or any other item you want.

13. A DIY General French Cleat 

A DIY General French Cleat

What if you could build a French cleat that you can hold anything in a garage, home, or shop. This particular French cleat can be built anywhere and serves as a permanent hanging system.

You can hang cabinets, shelves to store various items like arts, crafts, tools, etc. The link provided here will take you to a video tutorial for building this hanging system.

Note that in the video, MDF is used just for demonstration purpose. You would want to use plywood instead to build a strong long-lasting French cleat.

14. DIY TV Stand French Cleat

DIY TV Stand French Cleat

What about building a French cleat which can hold your TV? Isn’t it interesting? Since a French Cleat can hold a cabinet or shelf, this means that it could be designed to hold your TV set.

You can get some inspiration on how to build this kind of French cleat from the blog images in the following link.

15. DIY French Cleat for Hanging a Mirror Frame

DIY French Cleat for Hanging a Mirror Frame

Some people especially ladies can’t live without a mirror. They are always behind it confirming their looks and makeups. But where do you hang your mirror frame? Is it safe?

Well, a French cleat could serve as a good, safe place for hanging mirror frames. Just take a look at the tutorial provided in the following blog to get some inspiration and possibly build your own.

With the DIY French cleats listed above, we hope that you will find one that is easy and meets your needs.

If you successfully build your own French cleat, feel free to share with us some images of your final French cleat.

We love hearing from. If you have any comments, thoughts or corrections on the above DIY list, share in the comment section below.

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