16 Easy DIY Foldable Sawhorse Plans You Can Build Less 1 Hour

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16 Easy DIY Foldable Sawhorse Plans You Can Build Less 1 Hour

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If you are or if you want to become a serious carpenter, then you need your own pair of sawhorses.

The advantages of having sawhorses are numerous. From being used as a base for temporary tables to stacking lumber, or holding a portable table saw, the sawhorse is important to every woodworker.

There are different ways to build a sawhorse anyway, so I collected the following 16 sawhorse plans from across the web. You should hopefully be inspired to build your own by one of these plans.

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Under 10-Minute DIY Sawhorse Plan

If you are outdoors on a site and you need to quickly knock a sawhorse together, then this plan promises that you'll be done in under 10 minutes.

You can easily use scrap lumber for this project if you have 2x4s lying around. 8 pieces of 30-inch 2x4s for the legs and 6 pieces of 32.5-inch 2x4s for the 'I' beam are all you need.

This plan shows you how to quickly go about it in a step by step manner. It provides plenty of pictures to make things easy to understand and provides a lot of helpful information too.

2. Ultimate Sawhorse DIY Plan

Ultimate Sawhorse DIY Plan

This plan offers a way to build more stable sawhorses. You will also need more time to complete it, which is about 30 minutes. Painting is also not necessary, but an option.

The step by step instructions begin with the building of the 'I' beam. It uses 2x4s throughout and there are both computer diagrams of what to build and real-life pictures of a pair of finished sawhorses.

One of the units is 47 inches long, while the other unit is 49 inches long. This allows for them to be stacked, which is perfect for storing them in a corner of the shop until needed.

3. Easy & Stackable DIY Sawhorse Plan

Easy & Stackable DIY Sawhorse Plan

If you need lots of 2x4 sawhorses and you want them to be stackable, then this plan might be what you need. It offers sawhorses that can be stacked as many as you want.

This plan is less sturdy than the previous plan, though it uses screws. With this plan, you can stack the sawhorses to your heart's content. The guide is easy to follow and offers enough diagrams.

There is a 4-step construction process. In step 1, you cut your 5 pieces of 8-ft 2x4s down to 10 pieces of 30-inch long boards and 4 pieces of 32-inch long boards for the top and bottom of the 'I' beam.

4. Quick & Easy Sawhorse Plan

Quick & Easy Sawhorse Plan

This one comes from the Art of Manliness website and is also stackable. You will need 2x4s, galvanized nails, and wood screws to make these.

To build a pair of these simple sawhorses, you will need 6 pieces of 32.5-inch 2x4s for the 'I' beams, 8 pieces of 30-inch 2x4s for the legs, plus 12 wood screws and 32 galvanized nails.

The construction is completed in 3 steps, which include measuring and cutting, building the 'I' beam, and nailing the legs to it.

5. 14-Step DIY Sawhorse Guide

14-Step DIY Sawhorse Guide

Using 2x6 yellow pine boards, this 14-step guide shows you how to make sawhorses in a different way. They ripped the 2x6 lumbers in half in step 3, but if you use 2x4s, then there's no need to rip your boards.

The rest of the steps show you where to cut, including angled cuts and how to join the different pieces together.

The end product is a sawhorse which is quite sturdy, though not stackable. You will require a tape measure, circular saw, a hammer, nails and an angle square for this project.

6. Stylish & Classic DIY Sawhorse Plan

Stylish & Classic DIY Sawhorse Plan

If you want to learn how to make a sawhorse that is as functional as it is a classic, then this plan might be for you. It teaches you how to build very sturdy and reliable sawhorses with good joinery.

The legs are also splayed at 75 degrees, giving this sawhorse an unforgettable look. This design was first published in a 1987 article in Fine Woodworking, but Tim Killen modified it to suit himself and republished it here.

There is a downloadable and printable template, detailed plans with measurements, a step by step construction guide, and clear pictures.

7. Strong & Collapsible DIY Sawhorse Plan

Strong & Collapsible DIY Sawhorse Plan

If you feel that you need a more complex sawhorse, then take a closer look at this plan. It features a cool design, which is also collapsible and very portable

You will need a little time first in order to understand this folding sawhorse plan, but the guide leads you gently through the entire process so that you don't miss a thing.

This design is so unique, so versatile and so functional. The plan includes a material list which includes a 6-foot locking tie down, a tool list which includes a compound miter saw, and a cut list for the legs and other parts.

8. Cheapest & Ugliest Sawhorse from Scraps Plan

Cheapest & Ugliest Sawhorse from Scraps Plan

Well, it's not every time that one needs to build a highly professional piece of furniture, you could also decide that you want an ugly sawhorse.

This ugly sawhorse plan is made from scraps, making it very cheap. It even has support rails on each side, which makes it quite stable.

The 5-step construction guide uses pictures to show you how to build this rather functional sawhorse in all its ugliness.

9. Free DIY 14-minute Sawhorse Plan

Free DIY 14-minute Sawhorse Plan

Contained in 5 steps, this DIY guide shows you how to build 2 sawhorses in 14 minutes flat. The sawhorses are sturdy and quite durable.

Step 1 contains the cutting of the lumber. There are 8 pieces of 30-inch 2x4s for the legs, 6 pieces of 32.5-inch 2x4s for the I-beam, and scrap pieces of plywood.

Each of this guide's construction steps includes a picture, which helps you on with the process. Although galvanized nailed were used here, you can simply use screws, if you want to have a sturdier construction.

10. Multi-Feature DIY Sawhorse Plan

Multi-Feature DIY Sawhorse Plan

This design might appear ordinary at first, but it does offer some features which are not found on traditional sawhorses. It is 26 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.

It offers a flush, 3 x 1 ft. surface, which is perfect as a bench for measuring and hammering. It also offers a longitudinal trough, which perfectly fits any length of 2x4 boards. This prevents the board from slewing under pressure, while a second channel allows for easy cutting with a saw.

In spite of all these extras, this pair of sawhorses can be made for roughly the same cost of other sawhorses. The plan is also simple and easy to understand.

11. Sturdy & Stackable DIY Sawhorse Plan

Sturdy & Stackable DIY Sawhorse Plan

If you need to learn how to build a sawhorse that is sturdy and yet stackable, then this plan might be what you need.

This guide begins with a material list. It uses both 2x3s and 2x4s, as well as nails and a piece of plywood. A step by step plan leads you through each stage with diagrams and detailed instructions.

The last step of the tutorial is the assembly of the sawhorse. This too is presented in very easy steps, from the nailing of the beam together, to the attachment of the legs and plywood plates.

12. Light, Strong & Stackable Sawhorses Plan

Light, Strong & Stackable Sawhorses Plan

The 3 advantages of this sawhorse are that it is light, strong, and stackable. These 3 advantages make it a great design for those who need very portable sawhorses that are also easy to maintain.

This plan contains detailed diagrams which show where and what to cut, and at what angles to cut the boards.

Though there is no step by step guide here, the directions are still good enough for any serious woodworker to use.

13. DIY Replaceable Insert Sawhorse Plan

DIY Replaceable Insert Sawhorse Plan

One thing about sawhorses is that they get eaten up with use, which usually means that your quality of work suffers. With this design though, once your sawhorse insert gets eaten up, you can easily replace it.

This sawhorse is also stackable, allowing you to save floor space when they are not in use. A printer-friendly version of this guide is available for those who would love to download and it out on paper for convenience.

The plan is detailed but complex, so this is definitely not a job for beginners. Although there are some instructions, there is no step by step guide here.

14. Jimmy Diresta's Sawhorses Video Guide

Jimmy Diresta's Sawhorses Video Guide

Jimmy Diresta makes tons of Youtube videos, including this one where he builds 10 sawhorses in a nicely edited video.

He uses plywood for the legs and 2x4s for the beams. Diresta uses a lot of jigs in this video, so you may need to get familiar with them first.

In the end, those jigs help him to make 10 sawhorses with amazing speed and accuracy. If you are interested in this sawhorse and you are not bothered by the plywood legs, then check out Jimmy's video.

15. Simple DIY Sawhorse Plan

Simple DIY Sawhorse Plan

This sawhorse plan might be simple but it still produces very stable horses. The flush tops also open more opportunities for working with different boards.

With very detailed drawings and measurements, this sawhorse plan provides you with all the information you need to build the project successfully.

There is a material and tool list, with a step by step guide which includes lots of clear and helpful pictures.

16. Samurai Sawhorse DIY Plans

Samurai Sawhorse DIY Plans

Coming from the Samurai Carpenter, this sawhorse plan is not for beginners. There is no step by step instructions and the drawings and measurements are not easy to understand.

It is a great project, which features lots of fancy joineries, but you will have to know what you are doing to take on this one.

A material and tool list is included, but then, that's it.

We have gone through our 16 sawhorse plans and I hope you found something along the way.

Please feel free to pin anything and to share this list.

I would also be happy if you could leave me a few lines in the comments, and let me know what you are building!