18 Gorgeous DIY Fireplace Mantels to Decorate Your Home

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18 Gorgeous DIY Fireplace Mantels to Decorate Your Home

18 Gorgeous DIY Fireplace Mantels to Decorate Your Home

A fireplace isn’t complete without a mantel surround. There’s nothing more satisfying than building a mantel yourself.

There is a lot of plans to help you in your DIY fireplace mantel project. From stone, wood, to hand-carved mantels, you can’t miss something that matches your style and home decor.

In this article, I’m going to share fireplace mantel plans you might want to add to your to-do list.

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Rough Hewn Wood Fireplace Mantel

A chunky wood mantel can add warmth to a room. In this project, it is used to break up the large expanse of a fireplace brick wall. Furthermore, it reduces the impact of the brick wall even more.

The mantel is built using pieces of lumber. This mantel needs to have a distressed look. To achieve that, use lumber that has knots, marks, and cracks.

The mantel is mounted on the brick wall, about one foot above the fireplace. It resembles an open wooden box turned upside down. The top can function as a shelf.

The warm look of wood is achieved by adding a dark brown stain. This project costs a total of $25, which is a huge saving compared to the store-bought price of $200.

2. Crown Molded MDF Fireplace Mantel Surround

Crown Molded MDF Fireplace Mantel Surround

This is a fantastic DIY fireplace mantel surround for display purposes. It is designed to add beautiful details to a towering red brick wall.

This mantel surround is made of MDF boards. The top has a crown molding to add a decorative touch. It is wide enough to double as a shelf.

Painting in glossy white makes the mantel stand out from the red background. By following the laid down regulations, you can turn this into a mantel for a functional fireplace.

This is a project better done by two people since a lot of support is required. Design by Amy Huntley.

3. MDF Fireplace Mantel Surround with Trimmed Top

MDF Fireplace Mantel Surround with Trimmed Top

A classy beefy mantel can give an amazing transformation. The designer of this DIY fireplace surround adopts this idea.

The pillars and box beam header are made of MDF board. Cove molding and crown molding give the pillars a classy look.

A nice pine trim sits above the box beam. This wide trim acts as a shelf. The trim is stained dark brown while the pillars and beam box are painted white. This gives a beautiful color contrast.

The project requires good woodworking skills. You can do it alone using clamps.

4. DIY Fireplace Mantel Shelf

DIY Fireplace Mantel Shelf

A formal looking mantel shelf can be a perfect way of giving your fireplace an updated look. The impact is even greater when you settle for a chunky shelf.

Amy uses the idea to build this stunning mantel shelf. The shelf is built using alder boards and chunky corbels. She purchases the corbels from a wood store.

Drywall anchors and corbels support this mantel shelf. Amy adds a beautiful crown molded board to the face of the shelf.

She gives the shelf a dark brown finish. This sits well on a fireplace wall made of natural stone.

5. DIY Fireplace Mantel from Scratch

DIY Fireplace Mantel from Scratch

Did you know you can build a fireplace mantel without the shortcuts? In fact, all you need is a little know-how, right attitude, and the right tools.

This project is a modern surround mantel that has decorative crown molding and accents. It is built using pine boards.

Well, the look of this mantel might put you off. But the truth of the matter is that you can build it, even if you’re not a carpenter.

The face of the headboard and pillars have a beautiful paneled look that adds a tinge of retro styling. The top is made wider to doubles as a storage shelf.

It is recommended that you use heat resistant paint to get a functional and stylish mantel. Design by Megan Meyer.

6. DIY Fireplace Mantel and Hearth Makeover

DIY Fireplace Mantel and Hearth Makeover

This is a photo-heavy tutorial, which is exactly what most DIYers want. It is more of a makeover project, and building a deep mantel is one of them.

The background of the mantel is given an updated look. This is achieved by painting the wall over the fireplace.

The reason for building a deeper mantel is to make it beefy enough to double as a storage shelf. Furthermore, it looks more decorative compared to a shallow fireplace mantel.

The entire section of the shelf and pillars are adorned with crown moldings. A gorgeous marble hearth surrounded by a chunky wood trim brings a new face to the fireplace.

The whole thing is primed and painted in glossy white. This is a neutral color that blends well with most home decors. Design by Shannon.

7. Super Slim-Lined Mantel Surround

Super Slim-Lined Mantel Surround

You can enjoy the beautiful look of a mantel even when there is limited space around the fireplace. The solution is to consider a slim-lined mantel surround.

Abi calls her creation a wrap-around-mantel. It looks simple and has a clean line. She uses wooden boards to build it. Cedar is what she settles for, which is actually a top preference in this kind of job.

Abi wants a mantel surround that is more than just a decorative piece. So she adds a wider board to the top to create a shelf.

Gaps between the fireplace wall and the mantel are filled up with grout. The simplicity of this project makes it a one man’s task.

8. Mantel Surround with Double Shelves

Mantel Surround with Double Shelves

A light, classic mantel surround can make a bold statement. The impact is even greater when you add two shelves to it.

This mantel fits the description. It looks minimal, simple, but with some warmth and glam. It is built to sit on a tiled mosaic background that makes it even classier.

Jeremy, the designer of this DIY fireplace mantel surround uses marble tile for the background. This adds a bit of a sparkle for a beautiful contrast with the glossy white wooden mantel.

Cove, crown molding, and trim work add beautiful design details to this mantel. The double shelving used here make this mantel a real treat.

9. Wood Beam Mantel with Rustic Weathered Oak Finish

Wood Beam Mantel with Rustic Weathered Oak Finish

Everything about this mantel surround screams coastal. You know what, the rustic finish is a big plus for homes with wooden floors.

The beam is built over an existing mantel. Kim weighs in on something that will contrast well with the glossy white finish. That leads her to this rustic wooden beam.

She builds the beam using thick MDF oak boards. From a distance, it looks like a solid piece of wood.

The top section of the beam is wide. Such a size makes it double as a mantel shelf, which is a nice extra. A distressed look on the beam adds a nice weathered look that stands out in any setting.

10. Chunky White Mantel Shelf for Stacked Stone Wall

Chunky White Mantel Shelf for Stacked Stone Wall

The idea here is to get rid of that plain look of the wall surrounding the fireplace. I think you will love the creativity that Aniko puts here.

What she wants is a chunky shelf that is decorative and functional. She chooses a white finish to contrast beautifully with the dark stone background.

Building this box mantel isn’t a challenge. After all, what you need to do is just cut to size and assemble the panels together.

The challenge comes when mounting on the stone wall. This is where you might need a helping hand to displace some stones and drill through. Drilling is done to install wooden stud supports to the wall.

Aniko says the project has been a great success. Now she gets somewhere to place her pretty work of art. She calls it a cool transformation from plain to awesome!

11. DIY Rustic Chippy Faux Fireplace Mantel

DIY Rustic Chippy Faux Fireplace Mantel

Vintage looks and feels sweet, don’t you agree? This fireplace mantel is built to add a little vintage styling to the fireplace.

It is built mostly out of pallet boards. The mantel has columns, a top beam, and a shelf. This makes it a complete mantel surround that is both stylish and functional.

False wall backing is used here to keep it sturdy. This is made using pallet boards. The mantel is screwed onto wooden studs on the wall.

Screwing is a good idea in case you plan on moving the mantel in future. Design by Hannah Hathaway.

12. Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

It is quite untrue to say that “faux” things are always inferior to the real deal. Such is the case for this DIY faux mantel surround.

It looks sophisticated yet so easy to build that it will literally blow your mind. This super fun project requires just one sheet of plywood.

The columns, header, and the top are adorned with trims and molding. A wide trim goes to the top to function as a shelf.

This mantel surround costs $75 to build. Design by Jamison Rantz.

13. Floating Fireplace Mantle

Floating Fireplace Mantle

A beefy fireplace mantel without the columns. That’s what I’d call Stephanie’s design. What she wants is a chunky mantle that looks classic and substantial.

The mantel is suspended midair onto a wall stud. Stephanie adds a skirting that completely hides away the wall stud, hence the name floating mantel.

This is a beautiful, sophisticated mantel. A piece of crown molding and edge trim at the top give a decorative touch. The edge trim is used on the shelf portion.

This project might require two helping hands. In fact, Stephanie builds it with the help of her husband.

14. Custom DIY Fireplace Mantel Beneath Shiplap

Custom DIY Fireplace Mantel Beneath Shiplap

This mantel is built with a simplicity that you will definitely love. It is a custom mantel built to borrow details from the room.

The mantel is built under a shiplap that dictates the proper positioning. Alex, the designer builds it using wood panels.

The pillars of the mantel have crown molding that adds beautiful details. The shelf is wide and shallow.

Various embellishments add more visual interest and depth to the shelf. Alex achieves this by fitting a beaded trim and a cove trim piece on the shelf.

15. DIY Statement-Making Faux Mantel

DIY Statement-Making Faux Mantel

A fireplace mantel with a bold statement is perhaps one of a fireplace’s biggest transformation. This faux fireplace gives you just that. It’s designed to add architectural features and character to any home.

The mantel is built using plywood, wooden boards, and a pre-made mantel front. The plywood is used to cover the back of the mantel.

There’s one thing that makes this fireplace mantel quite different from others. It is fitted with a fake firebox and a functional, hinged door. The door closes to hide away the fireplace.

Molding pieces are used on the columns and beneath the shelf. This gives the mantel a more stylish look. It is built to fit a tight budget. The overall cost of the project is less than $600. Design by Cassity.

16. Clean Shaker-Style Mantel

Clean Shaker-Style Mantel

Custom fireplace mantels are a good way of getting a mantel surround that matches the style of your room and fireplace. Such is what Chelsea has in mind.

She builds this shaker-style mantel with help from a friend. Chelsea uses 1-inch thick boards. She builds it leaving sections where smooth plywood panels fit. This creates some beautiful recess that gives a simple yet clean look.

This is a fully-functional fireplace mantel. It includes the columns and a large shelf for storage. A removable panel is fitted into one column. This houses a cable organizer, which is good if you plan to hang a TV above the mantel.

According to Chelsea, the hardest part of this project is the math and measurements.

17. Cottage-Style Fireplace Mantel

Cottage-Style Fireplace Mantel

This is a complete makeover project and the way it is done is simply fantastic. Gina Luker uses wood salvaged from the old mantel. In short, she doesn’t spend a penny on additional materials.

Pieces of lumber are used to frame out the columns and structure. Plywood covers the spaces left by the frame pieces.

The top of the mantel is built using a stair runner. A stock crown molding sits underneath the top to add some more detail. There is a wide trim piece that serves as a storage shelf.

Gina adds a white “firebox” surround. She paints the mantel and surrounding wall in aqua blue to give a nice, beautiful contrast.

18. $100 Mantel Hang Over Stone Fireplace

$100 Mantel Hang Over Stone Fireplace

Ever built a floating shelf? Well, this fireplace mantel is built using the same idea.

It is a box-shaped mantel shelf. The designer supports it using corbels and wall studs. This mantel is built with the aim of achieving a distressed vintage look.

To get this, it is painted and some of the paint peeled off. This gives a good, old fireplace mantel.

I hope this post on DIY fireplace mantel plans inspires you to build your own mantel. So which mantel plan appeals to you most? Or have you already made up your mind and started building one?

We welcome any ideas or suggestions. In case you have any questions or pictures don’t hesitate to post in the comments. Thanks for Checking In!