19 Free DIY Entertainment Center Plans – Build Your Own on A Budget

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19 Free DIY Entertainment Center Plans – Build Your Own on A Budget

The entertainment center is always the center of attraction in most living, family and recreation rooms because it houses the TV and all the other entertainment essentials.

While some houses will include a built-in entertainments center, most of the time, you need to buy one. However, they can be quite expensive, and you cannot always be sure of getting something that will suit your needs.

The best idea is to build a DIY entertainment center as it is not only cheaper but you can make something that suits your tastes and the space in your living room.

Our DIY entertainment center plans below will give you some inspiration on what you can build. All you need to do is check them out and pick one that you can make rat home.

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$300 Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Entertainment Center

A large and sturdy entertainments center like this one will cost thousands of dollars to buy. But, this Her Tool Belt tutorial will help you make it for just $300.

With a couple of weekends to spare, 3/4-inch plywood and few other pieces of solid pine lumber you can make this entertainment center that takes inspiration from Pottery Barn.

The tutorial provides some comprehensive guidelines that include detailed text instructions, pictures and some drawings with precise dimensions.

2. Under $500 DIY Plywood Entertainment Center

Under $500 DIY Plywood Entertainment Center

These entertainment center plans from Lowes are easy to implement, and you can do it one to two weeks and on a budget of under $500.

Anyone with at least intermediate woodworking skills or an experienced DIYer should be able to build this DIY entertainment center.

The tutorial provides the tools and materials list, but most of the sections use some oak plywood. Once you gather the necessary materials, all you will need to do is follow the step by step instructions that also have some pictures and a video.

3. DIY Homemade Slide-Out Media Center

DIY Homemade Slide-Out Media Center

Making wooden furniture with lots of moveable parts is not always easy, but with the detailed instructions on this article, you can build a slide-out media center with ease.

The design of this media center makes it possible to hide all the wires and also easy to connect new devices to your TV.

Although the tutorial does not specify the budget or time that it takes to build the entertainment center, it is a moderate budget project that should take at least a couple of weekends to finish.

For the materials, you will need MDF boards, hardware for the sliding drawers and your regular woodworking hardware such as screws and wood glue. But, the article still explains in detail all the tools and materials that you will need for each stage of the construction.

4. Barn Door DIT Media Console

Barn Door DIT Media Console

Shanty2Chic projects are always easy to implement because they are in most instances very detailed and with a lot of pictures. This barn door media console is not an exception, and even a beginner DIYer can implement it with ease.

But, what I love most about this entertainment center plan is that it uses leftover scrap lumber pieces, and so it is quite inexpensive.

You can build this media console in a day and even if you have to buy the plywood and MDF pieces, it will still be quite cheap.

There are some easy to follow step by step picture instruction with brief text descriptions. And the size of the entertainment center also helps to make it easy to make.

5. Modular Bookcase and Entertainment Center

Modular Bookcase and Entertainment Center

If you are comfortable with dadoes and rabbets here is a DIY entertainment center plan that will be worth trying out.

The modular bookcase and entertainment center will require you to pay attention to the measurements and cuts for all the pieces because everything needs to fit perfectly.

With the detailed directions and pictures on this article to guide you, this should be an easy to implement project over the weekend, and it will also not require a lot of lumber.

6. Easy 7-Step DIY Entertainment Center

Easy 7-Step DIY Entertainment Center

It does not always take a lot of effort and time to build entertainment centers. With one sheet of finished plywood and a few other materials like 2x4s, hinges and shelf brackets you can make this basic TV stand in a few hours.

There are easy to understand and follow 7-step instructions in this tutorial, and even beginners will not have any difficulties.

And apart from the step by step text instructions and materials list, there are also images to give you some idea of what you need to build.

7. Sectional DIY Entertainment Center

Sectional DIY Entertainment Center

Your old entrainment stand is probably not the right fit for the modern 4 to 5-foot flat screen TV and so you need to build something new. And homemade entertainment centers are just the right idea because you can make one that suits your particular needs.

This Extreme How-To article provides some free entertainment center plans that will help you make just the right stand for your large TV.

Like most other entertainment centers this one will also use plywood on most of the sections, but you will still need a few different lumber pieces. The tutorial provides some in-depth instructions for making this entertainment center.

There is information on everything from making the pocket holes to assembling the frame and all the other sections. And the few pictures on the tutorial will also be handy.

8. Reclaimed Pine Wood Entertainment Center

Reclaimed Pine Wood Entertainment Center

If you have a pile of leftover or reclaimed pine wood this DIY entertainment center plan will be inexpensive for you to implement.

You will also need one sheet of plywood, pocket hole screws and a few other materials to make this 81-inch long media console.

The tutorial starts by providing lists of the materials, lumber, tools and a cut list to help you understand the pieces that you need and their sizes.

For the actual build, you will get some SketchUp with text descriptions for all the steps.

9. DIY Metal Pipe Entertainment Center

DIY Metal Pipe Entertainment Center

Wood entertainment center plans are the most common, but they are not the only option because you can also build one like this from metal pipes.

You will still need a couple of 12x2s for this project, but the metals pipes are what gives it the unique industrial look. And if you have to buy all the materials this entertainment center will cost about $65 to make.

And once you sand, distress and stain your lumber you will only need to add the legs to finish the stand. There are some pictures on the article to help you understand what to do, and this media center project should only take a few hours to complete.

10. 6-Hour DIY Smart Entertainment Center

6-Hour DIY Smart Entertainment Center

A smart entertainment center like this one will not only provide a place for your TV but also for your DVD and many other decorative things.

It has three different sections that you have to build individually. You can choose to join the parts or leave them independent, and it will only take about 6 hours to make and a few extra hours for drying.

The materials that you will need for this homemade entertainment center include birch plywood and other regular lumber boards. But, the article highlights everything that you need and how to cut the lumber and also provides some step by step construction instructions.

11. Homemade Faux Fireplace Entertainment Center

Homemade Faux Fireplace Entertainment Center

This Blesser House project is one of my favorite DIY entertainment center ideas, and I will probably implement it at some point in the future.

Despite the elegant and sturdy look this multifunctional entertainment center will cost under $500 to build and you will need a readymade mantel front, 3 sheets of plywood, 2x4 board and a few other inexpensive materials.

The tutorial provides some lengthy and detailed instructions with pictures for making this functional and decorative piece, and if you follow them well, you can build it in a few weekends.

12. Tall and Simple Homemade Entertainment Center

Tall and Simple Homemade Entertainment Center

It is hard to believe that this fantastic entertainment center project is the work of a novice woodworker because everything about it looks perfect.

Despite the impressive appearance, this is still a simple media console design with some extra storage space, and so it should be easy to replicate.

The picture tutorial does not provide a complete materials lists but looking at the images you can have some idea of the pieces that you will need to build it such as 2x4s.

There is also a helpful video on the tutorial, and with all the materials and tools you can build the entertainments center over one or two weekends.

13. MDF Board DIY Entertainment Center

MDF Board DIY Entertainment Center

MDF boards always create some sturdy wooden items, and they are perfect for an entertainment center like this one.

Most parts of this DIY entertainment center use MDF board, but you will also need some plywood and a few other lumber pieces such as 1x4s

The size of this media console can be a little intimidating, but it is still possible to make it in a few days if you follow the pictures and instructions in this article. And there is also a downloadable cut list and diagram PDF document.

14. Large Entertainment Center with Lots of Shelves

Large Entertainment Center with Lots of Shelves

Here is an entertainment center idea for those with large living rooms or a lot of space and it is also quite easy to make.

Although this Remodelaholic article does not provide instructions on how to make it there are some pictures of the entertainment center that will help you figure things out.

The size of the entertainment center also means that it will take a few days to complete when working nonstop and you might need someone to help you. Also, you need a lot of lumber, and so this will not be a very cheap entertainment center plan to implement.

15. Rustic DIY Media Center

Rustic DIY Media Center

Anything with a rustic look will always add some style to your home and if you are looking for a DIY entertainment center Rogue Engineer has the perfect plan for you.

This entertainment center plan is very comprehensive, and it also includes lists with all the tools and materials that you will need to build the media center from scratch. Some of the wood you need is 3/4-inch plywood and lumber pieces like 1x2s, 2x2s, 1x4s, and 1x8s.

For the build, the Rogue Engineer provides some sketches with all the dimensions for building the 84-inch long media center, a cut list and some step by step SketchUp for the assembly.

16. DIY Built-In Entertainment Center

DIY Built-In Entertainment Center

These built-in entertainment center plans will be ideal for someone with intermediate or advanced woodworking skills, and they will take some extra effort to implement.

If you plan well before starting the project and use this article for information and inspiration, you can have this massive built-in entertainment center in your living in just a few weekends.

The article provides a list of everything that you will need to make this lovely entertainment center. And they include 2x4s, sheets of plywood and crown molding.

If you have someone to help you with the construction and take time to read the text instructions on this article, this should not be a very complicated project for you.

17. Simple DIY Entertainment Center with Barn Sliding Door

Simple DIY Entertainment Center with Barn Sliding Door

When you have a free weekend and want to try a fun but simple enough project here is one for you.

The media center idea gets inspiration from Ana White, and you can even build it over the weekend if you have all the materials and tools.

The article does not provide material and cut lists or even step by step instructions but you can always get them from Ana White's site.

However, the pictures for different stages of the construction will still be very handy when building and the sliding barn door design is the only thing that might need extra research and effort.

18. Built-In Entertainment Center with a Cabinet Base

Built-In Entertainment Center with a Cabinet Base

Here is another fantastic built-in entertainment center plan that you will want to implement as it looks fantastic. It is also quite large, and it will require a lot of space to build.

The entertainment center uses cabinets for the base, and so they will only need installation, but you still need to pick the right sizes for your empty wall.

There is a breakdown of everything that you will need to buy for this project and the cost, and despite the large size, it does not look expensive.

And with the few pictures on the tutorial and text description, you should not have any difficulties building the entertainment center.

19. DIY Rustic Wood TV Console

DIY Rustic Wood TV Console

I love anything rustic as it always has a way of spicing up a room and it will give guests something to admire. Here is another media center that you can make for your TV, and it looks pretty easy to construct.

Although the article does not provide the step by step directions for making the TV console they have lots of pictures to inspire a DIYer and a link to The White Cottage Farm where you can get the full plans.

This rustic wood TV console will cost under $100 to build, and it also includes some X legs that add some style and elegance.

With the 19 DIY entertainment center plans above, you should not have difficulties making one that suits the style and space in your living room.

If you have already tried one of the plans above or even have built a DIY entertainment center using others, we would love to hear how it went.

Kindly drop us your views and thoughts on entertainment center projects below.