42 Unique & Stylish DIY End Table Plans at Your Home

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42 Unique & Stylish DIY End Table Plans at Your Home

diy end table

A home is never yours until you add a personal touch to it. Sure memories make a difference when it comes to making a home, but items have an even bigger impact and give sentimental value.

While wardrobes and sofas require advanced-level skills and knowledge, an end table is basic and easy to put together with readily available materials.

It is a small project and does not consume a lot of time to design as well as create. But nonetheless, it does make a huge difference.

Like with coffee tables, wood is probably the easiest material to work with. However, you can be creative and use any you please.

I have compiled a list of end table designs that may offer you some inspiration and jump-start your next project.

Rustic X End Table

If you do not have any metal pipes or wood beams lying around, there is no need to freak out. You still can hack this project.

This end table is presented by Ana White and has been built with materials readily available in local hardware stores. These materials include lumber, corner bracket, decorative bolts and wood glue.

The end table features an X design and decorative braces on its corners and that adds to the overall beauty of the table.

While the project has been rated as an intermediate project, a with the detailed blog tutorial, a beginner can also hack it.

2. DIY 2 Hour Little End Tables

DIY 2 Hour Little End Tables

This is by far the easiest method of building an end table on the list.

Following the Instructable PDF tutorial, all you do is take apart a wooden pallet with ease, measure and cut to size and reassemble to replicate the end table.

It is small enough to fit in any space. I love the fact that you can give it any finish and it still looks glamorous.

If you have a rustic theme, use wool-vinegar solution to stain the end table for an old look. If you have the wall painted with a modern color theme, pick a color for the end table that blends.

3. Stacked Trunk End Table

Stacked Trunk End Table

We probably should not even refer to this project as a DIY project. You literally just have to stack the trunks and you are done.

You can decorate it as you please if you do not like the current look and feel of your trunks. But you have to agree, this does not need a tutorial.

The Liz Marie Blog, for the most part, shares images of their final product and creative inclusion into the living room. This should be enough to get you stacking.

4. DIY $10 End Table

DIY $10 End Table

Great furniture pieces do not have to be difficult or insanely expensive. On the contrary, the mark of a great DIY project is its simplicity and affordability.

This particular end table by Linn from the Addicted 2 DIY blog has a modern ring to it. The beauty of this end table is that it can be customized in many different ways to blend with your space.

With a 0.75-inch plywood (cabinet grade) you will spend only $10 for the project.  The blog tutorial is simply structured and perfect for beginners to follow as well.

5. Truss End Table

Truss End Table

This project was inspired by end tables that collectively retailed for $838. However, following the Ana White blog tutorial, the same design and look costs only $33.

Aside from the insane price difference I love that I can customize the end table into anything. If you do not have the basic woodworking skills, do not worry, the project is simple enough to hack.

Perspective diagrams complete with dimensions as well as step-by-step instructions are designed to shine the path to this project’s success. While on this project, remember to use only straight boards.

6. DIY Tidy Up End Table

DIY Tidy Up End Table

This is a rather creative end table. It blends perfectly with an antique interior design. I love the fact that Ana White features a guest post of a tutorial of this table made from scrap wood.

You can modify the end table in whatever way you please. Speaking of modifications, you can add a basket or a door to make it even more functional.

The tutorial provides simple and easy to follow step-by-step guides. It is a beginner project and will not cost you a fortune to build. Overall it will cost you between $10 and $50 to complete.

7. DIY 5-Piece Board End-Table

DIY 5-Piece Board End-Table

This is an insanely simple yet creative piece of furniture. It literally has been made from 5 identical wood pieces.

Two of the pieces make a cross at the center to improve the overall support and also add to its aesthetics. The board can be customized to fit anywhere in a home.

This project can be done in less than 30 minutes if you have all the necessary tools at arm’s length. The Liz Marie Blog provides a tutorial to guide you through the project. There are only 3 steps.

8. Round Trestle End Table

Round Trestle End Table

The Shades Of Blue Interiors blog is here to the rescue with an exquisite end table – the round trestle end table. Despite its unique and attractive design, this end table is easy to make.

I love the fact that it is not only creative but costs about $10. Well, about $15 (with some spare wood), if you decide to purchase the wood.

It takes a couple of hours to complete. The tricky part, however, may be the angle cuts. But once you get a hang of these, you will be a pro.

You can finish the end table in whatever color, patterns and combinations that meet your fancy.

9. DIY Farmhouse End Table

DIY Farmhouse End Table

This end table has a traditional design. but all the same, it is perfect for a modern theme décor. Bringing out this farmhouse theme is the classic X design on the sides, a grayish white finish, and a plank top.

It is a narrow end table. However, to make up for its reduced surface, it is tall and as such comes with a lower shelf thus retaining its function and usable surface.

The project is simple. So much so that the Shades Of Blue Interiors blog tutorial does not really take you through the building process. a quick look at it and you understand what needs to be done.

10. Dog Crate End Table

Dog Crate End Table

This is, to say the least, a masterpiece. That said, the details on this end table may get many to shy away from the project.

But contrary to what first impression you might get, this end table is simple to build. The details on the door and the side have been broken down in easy to understand steps in the Studio7 Interior Design blog tutorial.

11. Scrap Wood End Grain End Table

Scrap Wood End Grain End Table

If you are looking for a creative end table idea, this is it. This Instructable PDF blog tutorial takes you through the process of turning a pile of scrap wood into a magnificent piece of art.

This end table is made from all kinds of hardwood scraps. The variety gives it a nice color and touch. While the project is easy and straightforward, the hardest part is cutting the rugged scraps to size and sanding.

But hard does not mean impossible. With some bit of patience and creativity, you will be a DIYer turned artist with a one of a kind end table in your hands.

12. DIY Copper End Table

DIY Copper End Table

No, you do not have to bend any copper pieces in this project. But why use the word copper? Well, the finishing used by the Poppy Talk blog on this tutorial is copper spray paint. 

But despite it having a copper spray paint finish it can easily pass for a metallic end table. To hack this easy project, all you need is an IKEA camping stool (or any stool resembling this), and a melamine tray.

With these items, it will literally take you just 5-minutes to complete. After all, the project is all about spray painting.

13. White and Gold Stenciled Table

White and Gold Stenciled Table

This project is more of a makeover than anything else. Sure the table used is a unique one, and you might not have it but with the basic idea of the makeover, you can transform your end table.

The blog tutorial by Girl in The Garage sheds some light on how the layers are put on. The tutorial also takes you through the process of adding the stencil which is the meat of the end table.

The project is without a doubt simple and in no way boring. If anything, it transforms boring tables into lively pieces.

14. Modern DIY End Table

Modern DIY End Table

This table is bound to make your interior décor pop. The project though a beginner project, will test your woodworking skills. But this is nothing to cause you to leave it altogether.

The end table is built using walnut wood. The top features a continuous mitered joint on both ends and the base comes with a dowel joinery. This joinery type is sturdy and works to conceal any ugly holes.

I love the drawer that the end table features. It makes the table more functional. The Fix-This-Build-That blog tutorial takes you through the project.

15. Long End Table With a Mid-Shelf

Long End Table With a Mid-Shelf

If you have very little time on your hands for a DIY project, this is the perfect project for you. it is perfect for individuals looking for simplicity and storage.

The table measures 16.25 x 42 inches. It does take up a little more space than many of the other end tables on the list. But this is a little price to pay for additional storage space.

But if you feel the table is too long, you can always make modifications to the project while you follow the Ana White blog tutorial.

It features perspective diagrams to guide you through the project as well.

16. DIY End Table With In-Built Ice Bucket or Planter

DIY End Table With In-Built Ice Bucket or Planter

This is by far the most functional and the coolest end table yet. With this end table, you can store and enjoy your cold drinks at one time and another, depending on the occasion, add plant life to your home.

It is the perfect solution if you are dealing with a small space. What I love best about this end table is that it can be used outdoors and is easy to build despite its functions.

If you do intend to use it outdoors, make sure you use treated lumber. The Handy Man’s Daughter blog provides the details on the blog.

17. DIY Plywood Pet Bed End Table

DIY Plywood Pet Bed End Table

If you have a cat or a small dog and you need to get them a comfortable space for them to nap in, this is a great piece of furniture.

The DIY Network blog tutorial takes you through the steps of building a three-sided cube table. This table can serve as both a pet bed and end table.

To give it a professional look, it does require some significant woodworking skill level, but it is nothing beginner with a little dedication and patience cannot hack.

The project takes a single day to finish and is a beautiful addition to a home.

18. Puzzle End Table

Puzzle End Table

Do not fret. The name has got nothing to do with the complexity of building the end table. If anything, courtesy of the Ana White blog, the project is rather simple to follow.

Unlike most end tables listed here, this end table covers two sides of your sofa. It as such provides ample storage space and adds to the décor.

With the added storage as well as display shelving, you can transform your home. With the right materials and tools, the project takes several hours to finish.

You should expect to spend anywhere between $20 and $50 on the project.

19. DIY Ugly End Table Makeover

DIY Ugly End Table Makeover

When you bought your end table, you probably thought it was beautiful. Well, it probably was or it not.

But whichever the case, if you have decided you want to give your end tables a makeover, this blog tutorial can guide you through the process.

The Artsy and Classy blog takes you through giving your end tables a coastal look. You like this look (though it looks great), but the basics outlined in the blog tutorial will guide you through your makeover.

The project takes a couple of hours but only because you need to wait for the paint to dry. Being a makeover project it is perfect for a beginner and leaves ample room to experiment.

20. Arhaus Inspired End Table

Arhaus Inspired End Table

If you know about Arhaus, then you know just how gorgeous their furniture is. Trouble is, the price tag on these pieces of furniture is insane.

With that in mind, the Sawdust to Sequins presents to you a gorgeous Arhaus knockoff tutorial. Not only is the table gorgeous, it features three shelves including the top on which you can place your items.

The design of the surfaces is amazing and easy to replicate. The blog tutorial provides a downloadable PDF tutorial for this.

21. Simple White Outdoor End Table

Simple White Outdoor End Table

Your outdoor sofa can also do with an end table. It doesn’t matter if you have a coffee table. This will accentuate the overall look and feel. Ana White presents a tutorial of building this simple end table.

She gives the table a white finish but you can paint it whatever color that meets your fancy. The table is a square measuring 19 inches and is 18 inches high.

While this design is simple, the top is slated and comes with breadboard ends. You can make it using scrap wood which gives a more pleasing feeling.

22. DIY Upcycled End Table

DIY Upcycled End Table

Flea markets are the bomb. They literally provide you with antique and unique items that you could easily repurpose into extraordinary pieces of furniture for almost nothing.

This particular blog tutorial by the Wayfair blog details how you can convert a birdcage into an awesome end table. This project costs a total of $15 – imagine that.

Aside from the birdcage, everything else you can forage for in your home. It is simple and the outcome really depends on your creativity. Whatever you will the result to be.

23. DIY Tryde End Table With Shelf

DIY Tryde End Table With Shelf

If you constantly find yourself daydreaming about getting that perfect end table to complete your living room, build this DIY Tryde end table.

This table by Ana White is functional but beyond that, it looks really strong. It features a shelf you can use to store your books. It is a perfect décor piece for small spaces.

The table measures 23 x 21 inches and is 24 inches high. This blog tutorial provides perspective diagrams to give you a better understanding of this project.

24. Benchright Round End Table

Benchright Round End Table

If you look at this end table by Ana White closely, you will notice that it is just a stool with a round top and some few other modifications.

If you are looking to learn how to build a DIY round end table, this is the perfect DIY project. Honestly, it can be rather intimidating to build a round furniture piece.

But to make work easier, you can use the nail and strong technique to draw out the circles with ease. Conquering this step (the most challenging bit) means you will successfully replicate the tables.

The complete project will need approximately $25. You can add a shelf to the bottom leg supports if you like.

25. DIY Stump End Table

DIY Stump End Table

Trees are everywhere around us. They are an integral part of nature. Without them, beauty disappears. The Redhead Can Decorate blog are aware of this and decides to bring this beauty indoors.

The end table described by this blog is made from a stump. If you already have a stump lying around, you are almost done with this project.

With your tree stump at hand, the only thing you need to do is polish it up. Give it a presentable look and set it up at the end of your sofa.

Be sure to use a stump with a flat surface since you might want to place something on top.

26. DIY Modern Plexiglass End Table and Chatbook Holder

DIY Modern Plexiglass End Table and Chatbook Holder

It took some bit of brainstorming by Ashley from the Simply Designing blog to come up with this design. necessity played a major part in the creative process of this end table.

This end table has been designed to act as chatbook storage as well. You could also use this storage space to place some unique decoration items. Your options with this end table are endless. The sky is the limit – literally.

I love that it can be modified into pretty much anything to suit different needs a little tweak in the measurements and it fits into any space.

27. Narrow Cottage End Tables


If you are pressed for space, this end table will work wonders for you. It has been designed to be narrow and perfect for tight spaces. The large drawer it features makes it more functional than just a décor piece.

You can stash remotes in this drawer and place your books or morning coffee on it. The finishing varies and depends on your tastes.

The basics of the project are shared by Ana White on her blog tutorial.

28. DIY Rustic End Table With ‘X’ Base

DIY Rustic End Table With ‘X’ Base

Another creative end table on the list. At first, it looks unstable but upon closer examination of the tutorial presented by the Décor And The Dog, you realize it is strong and stable.

The end table features two surfaces. Sure they are close to each other but all the same, functional. It has a wide top and is a perfect addition to any living room.

A free plan is made available by the blog. You can complete it in a few hours.

29. Modern 3 Leg End Table

Modern 3 Leg End Table

What is not to love about this end table/ It has a minimalistic style, features beautiful dipped legs and is gorgeously simple.

It sports a round top which adds to its beauty. Sure the individual pieces may prove a bit challenging to pull off, but all the same, a beginner can hack the project.

The Pneumatic Addict blog tutorial can guide you through the project with ease. It includes images which give you a better understanding of the project.

30. DIY 2-Way End Table

DIY 2-Way End Table

Admittedly, this end table by Kristi Murphy took a lot of brain power to complete. This does not mean it is complicated. On the contrary, it is simple. It is probably the finishing that requires more time.

All the pieces used in this project are identical. They are held at right angles to each other. To pull off the right angles, you can choose to use L-brackets or long screws which are recommended.

The two ends provide storage space and give the end table a cool design. you may choose to leave the wood finish paint over the wood – your choice.

31. DIY End Table With a Cabinet

DIY End Table With a Cabinet

Just when you thought you had seen it all, this comes along. The Unskinny Boppy blog tutorial really outdid itself with this piece.

You can tell that the piece was designed by a DIY woodworking ninja. The details and the function of the end table are too perfect. Being an engineer, Jamison designed the intricate piece with zero issues.

So do you need to be an engineer to build this? No. The blog tutorial provides you with everything you need to succeed in the project. I personally love that this end table has a cabinet divided into two.

32. Wood and Concrete End Table

Wood and Concrete End Table

This is an easy DIY end table. A combination of concrete and wood to make the perfect industrial style end table is impressive. The result is a perfect for an apartment.

In this project, making the legs is probably the hardest part of the project. It requires some basic woodworking skills.

As for the concrete top, all you need to do is mix some concrete in a container, dip the legs strategically in the concrete and let to dry. In a few hours, you will have your end table.

It is a minimal effort project that pays off big time. Follow the HGTV blog to hack the project.

33. DIY Stacked End Table

DIY Stacked End Table

This end table is taller than any other table we have on the list. It is truly one of the unique end tables ideas. It is narrow and as such can accommodate a few items.

To help it contain unstable items like files and books, the end table features ‘railings’ on both shelves. The Hallmark Channel blog tutorial designed these to improve its storage.

The blog tutorial explains the process of building the unit from scratch. You can always make modifications to the end table to suit your needs.

34. $10 Simple DIY End Table

$10 Simple DIY End Table

This is a unique end table idea that requires the use of a quarter sheet of plywood. This costs about $10 if you decide to cut it up from a full plywood sheet.

If you decide to buy a pre-sized 2x4 sheet, you will spend $20. The design of this end table is simple and nice. You will without a doubt have a blast following the Instructable PDF tutorial and building the piece.

The end table can be placed in a corner, can be used as a simple nightstand or add beauty to your living room next to a sofa or chair. A video tutorial is available to help you better understand.

35. DIY Small X End Table

DIY Small X End Table

If all end tables you source are too small for the space you have at home, you should build your own DIY end table. With custom needs, custom sizes do not do anything to provide a solution.

This end table by the Shades Of Blue Interiors, however, provides a solution to the space problem. And the beauty of it is that it can be built with just $20 or even less.

Even better, the table can be completed by a beginner (following the blog tutorial) in a couple of hours. For the finishing, you can go wild and do whatever pleases your eye.

The table measures 16 x 16 inches and is about 24 inches tall. The shelves have a clearance of about 8 inches.

36. DIY End Tables With Hidden Storage Space

DIY End Tables With Hidden Storage Space

The internet is full of one pretty amazing people, images, and DIY end table ideas. This idea by the Ash Bee Design is one of the impressive and amazing designs. What is even better than having storage space on your end table is having a secret storage.

It is great when you can hide items in plain sight. The end table is built with two plywood acting as the top surface and the base and two concrete floating tubes covered with fabric for added beauty.

The blog tutorial guides you through the project stating all you need and outlining all the steps to follow.

37. Mosaic Top End Table

Mosaic Top End Table

In a way, this end table resembles a shoe shelf. If this is the first impression you get when you first lay your eyes on this project, you are pretty intuitive and keen.

This project by the RYOBI Tools blog was actually based on a shoe shelf furniture. The size of the end table has been adjusted to fit in a small area designed for this furniture.

I love that it comes with two shelves and that the top has a mosaic pattern which is beautiful and attractive. Overall, the mosaic top end table is easy to make.

Log into the RYOBI Tools blog to gain access to the project details.

38. Gold Hexagon End Table

Gold Hexagon End Table

Exquisite is the word to describe this end table design. It is simple and breathtaking at the same time. The tiny spindles all around have a great effect with regard to adding beauty.

When building the end table, Pneumatic Addict needed a special tool - a self-centering dowel jig. It is locally available.

However, while the blog tutorial used this tool, it is not absolutely necessary. But it does make the project considerably easier. Given the size of the spindles, you need to use a strong wood. Hardwoods are preferred.

Follow the blog tutorial for a successful project.

39. DIY Log Slice End Table

DIY Log Slice End Table

This is a beginner level DIY project that can be put together in a weekend. The DIY end table is simply a sliced trunk portion supported by 3 hairpin legs. The hairpin legs give the entire unit some class.

The blog tutorial is simple and straightforward. It is perfect for beginners. With a tree stump, almost half the work has been completed. All you need to do is smoothen the surface and finish the tree slice.

The hairpin legs are easy to add to complete the project. The E-How blog tutorial is thorough in the details offered.

40. Refined, Homemade X End Table

Refined, Homemade X End Table

By now it is clear Ana White loves the 'X' design end tables. This particular end table is perfect for DIYers who are super busy and cannot handle long DIY projects.

This end table by Stephanie (a guest blogger on Ana White’s blog) used Purebond Plywood for the top and bottom shelf. The two were then joined using a Kreg Jig.

Building this end table can take a day free of distractions to complete. Overall, the product costs about $75 in total. Follow the tutorial to nail the project exactly as explained.

41. Unique Pallet End Tables

Unique Pallet End Tables

If you are looking for an extraordinary end table, this is it for you. Pallets never go out of style in the DIY world. They give a natural feel to everything they are used to build.

More to this, pallet furniture is so diversified and endless these pallet end tables are beautiful and have drawers for storage.  They are easy to build and spruce up any home décor.

42. Vintage X Back Step Stool End Table

Vintage X Back Step Stool End Table

You have probably seen this type of steps in old-school movies. They were the in-thing back in the day. You can build one and have it complement our vintage or even modern décor.

The front is slanted and features three steps while the back has slates crossed to form an ‘X’. These help in adding beauty and improving the strength of the stool end table.

Ana White provides free plans to follow in building the masterpiece.

With the above listed 42 DIY end table ideas, you should get inspiration to start on one of the DIY tables soon.

When you build your DIY end table, whichever design you choose, feel free to share images of the resulting end table with us.

Last but not least, we love hearing from you. You make us and your contribution matter. If you feel we left out an idea from the list, share with other readers in the comment section below.