31 Quick & Easy DIY Easels for Photos

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31 Quick & Easy DIY Easels for Photos

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From holding paintings to being used as a message board or art display, easels are very useful tools, both in the home and in the office.

If you like DIY, then you don't have to always buy an easel whenever you need one. You can easily build the perfect style that you need, all with just a little help.

Following are 24 DIY easel plans, which I have collected from across the Internet. Going through them will definitely give you that inspiration boost that you need to build it by yourself.

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Easy $10 DIY Tabletop Easel Plan

With a height of 12 inches and an 8-inch width, this easel is the perfect solution for any of your tabletop needs. From being a message board to hosting restaurant menus and many other uses, this is one easel you can always rely on.

The plan is simple. It is built using 1x2-inch frames and a 1/2-inch plywood panel. It will take about an hour to complete, and the materials will cost about $10.

There is a 9-step construction guide. It leads you through the making of pocket holes, the attachment of hinges and a chain. The final color is left for you to decide though.

2. DIY Artist's Easel Plans

DIY Artist's Easel Plans

If you rather prefer an easel to paint with, then this DIY art easel should meet your needs. It stands 2 meters (6' 8") high and is solid and reliable.

A 4-step guide leads you through the process of cutting the wood and joining them together to create your art easel. The cut list is detailed in step 1, while step 2 includes easily understandable plans.

The backing board is made from plywood, and it 48 inches wide and 33 inches high. The final step of the construction includes tying the legs to stop the easel from spreading out too much.

3. Large Chalkboard Display Easel Plan

Large Chalkboard Display Easel Plan

Gail made this large chalkboard display easel. She initially made the chalkboard from a plastic dresser mirror and then went on to create an easel for it.

She first ripped her 2x4s into 2x2s, but you can also buy 2x2s directly. Next step was the 15-degree cut, for which Gail tried quite a few options, though a miter saw is always the best.

Gail adds pictures for every step of the way. She drilled a hole and passed a bolt through the 3 pieces of lumber, creating her easel thereby. She also went ahead and painted it black.

4. DIY Tabletop Cardboard Easel for Kids Plan

DIY Tabletop Cardboard Easel for Kids Plan

This DIY easel plan shows you how to make a cardboard easel for kids to paint with. As you can see, there are very different types and uses for easels.

With a tabletop cardboard easel, kids get a fitting background to learn painting with. To make these easels, you will need long and narrow sheets of thick cardboard and a sharp utility knife.

All you need to do is to make 2 shallow cuts on the cardboard, making it thereby easier to fold. As the pictures in this guide show, it's also quite easy to do.

5. Wayne's DIY Exhibition Easel Video Plan

Wayne's DIY Exhibition Easel Video Plan

Wayne Dowsent built some easels for an upcoming art exhibition to showcase his artworks. He also decided to make a video plan to help other artists who would like to make their own easels.

He shows you every step in the video, starting with the materials, then the tools he used, before diving into the construction itself.

After cutting the different lengths of timber, Wayne drills some holes into the front legs. These are for supporting the cross member that carries the painting. Total cost is less than $40.

6. High-Quality $125 DIY Children's Easel Plan

High-Quality $125 DIY Children's Easel Plan

For this DIY painting easel, you will need to spend up to $125 in materials, but you will then be rewarded with a high-quality easel for your kids that you can be proud of.

The entire build will take about 2 hours to complete and it requires easy to moderate woodworking skills.

This guide includes a material list, a cut list, and a tool list. There is also a downloadable template, which helps you to precisely cut out the right parts.

You are then presented with an 11-step guide, which leads you through each of the construction stages, beginning with the layout and ending with the installation of the paper roll. This easel serves 2 kids.

7. DIY Kids' Tabletop Cardboard Easel Plan

DIY Kids' Tabletop Cardboard Easel Plan

Here is another plan for cardboard easels for the kids. It shows you how to make a cardboard easel that up to 3 kids can use to paint at once.

This guide shows you how to cut up a cardboard box and then fold it into 3 sides to be used as an easel. You also tape it into shape, so that your easel becomes fully functional.

8. Cheap 45-Degree DIY Easel Plan

Cheap 45-Degree DIY Easel Plan

If you don't like cigarettes, then better skip this video. Asides from the smoke though, this video really teaches you how to make a very good and inexpensive easel for painting and other for other artwork.

Unlike other cardboard easels plans, this one is a bit more complex though. By following the guide, you will end up with a rather good easel. The only problem is that it is made out of cardboard.

9. 3-Stage DIY Artist Easel Plans

3-Stage DIY Artist Easel Plans

There are 3 stages in this plan, with each stage having its own steps. The first stage deals with the cutting of the timber, while the second stage deals with the building of the legs, and the last stage deals with the final installation.

For this project, you will need a rope, wood glue, 2x3 and 2x4 lumbers, as well as plywood and carriage bolts.

There are lots of diagrams showing you the individual steps, as well as detailed explanations of each of the construction steps.

10. Easy & Adjustable DIY Easel Plan

Easy & Adjustable DIY Easel Plan

Here we have a very easy to build easel. The construction is built using framing lumber and though flexible and lightweight, it is definitely not the longest-lasting easel on this list.

This tutorial is presented in a nice step by step manner. There are lots of pictures as well, showing each step of the construction process.

After a hole is drilled and a wingnut is used to hold the 2 front legs together, the back leg is attached using a hinge to the top and also held in place to the other legs using ropes.

11. Selfie-Stick DIY $3 Easel Plan

Selfie-Stick DIY $3 Easel Plan

With a material cost of about $3, this tutorial teaches you how to make an easel in an unconventional way. Unlike other plans, this one uses a completely different group of materials, including a selfie-stick.

The selfie-stick is the back leg of the easel and it rests on a non-skid mat, with a wood stopper at the end.

Your background board should rest directly on the selfie-stick and on a cut-off from a picture frame. This is obviously a tabletop design and can hardly be made bigger, but it's very portable.

12. Multiple Free DIY Mini Easel Plans

Multiple Free DIY Mini Easel Plans

We have about 5 slightly different DIY easel plans here to make mini easels. All of the easels are just a few inches high and can mostly be used for displaying pictures and notices on the tabletop.

The basic design is simple, three long pieces of wood or plastic, either tied or glued together, plus a cross member.

There are also 3 separate designs which stand out from the rest. One is made from paper, the second one from a soda bottle, while the third is made from candy canes. Creative!

13. Greg Picard's Art Easel DIY PDF Plans

Greg Picard's Art Easel DIY PDF Plans

Greg is an artist, so making his own easel is quite a big deal for him and naming the easel after himself is even cooler.

Picard's easel, as Greg named it, is unique and stands out with a classy style of its own. You will need to work with both wood and metal if you want to recreate this easel.

The PDF plan includes all the dimensions and measurements. It should be noted though, that this project requires a certain level of woodworking skills. It is certainly not for beginners.

14. DIY Tabletop Easel Plan

DIY Tabletop Easel Plan

For those who want to make a wooden tabletop art easel, this guide presents all the necessary information. This easel is made from pine wood, it is lightweight and the legs are joined together using a bolt.

The guide kicks off with a materials list, which includes a 6-ft long piece of 1x2-inch select pine wood. There are also nuts and washers for the bolt. Tools include a drill, a miter saw, and a hacksaw.

Nice pictures help to make the 9-step construction guide more understandable. In the end, you get a nice and portable DIY tabletop easel.

15. Leaning Arts Easel for Kids Plan

Leaning Arts Easel for Kids Plan

This DIY painting easel is designed to be easy to use by kids. It has only 2 front legs and no back leg, so it can only lean against a wall.

Coming from Ana White, this plan includes a shopping list with 2 pieces of 8-ft. long 1x2 boards. It also includes a cut list and a 3-step guide.

The cross member is 24 inches wide, while the entire easel is 52 inches high. This guide is simple and easy to follow, and it also includes a printable version for your convenience.

16. DIY Kid's White & Blackboard Easel Plan

DIY Kid's White & Blackboard Easel Plan

Jaime and her friend Ana built this one for the kids. It includes a blackboard, a whiteboard, a paper roll storage, and open access trays for the young artists. It cost less than $50 to make.

It is 54 inches high, 25 inches wide and 24 inches deep. A paper dowel in the middle of the easel makes it easy to roll the white paper across the board to the top.

Jaime's site also has a link to Ana's site, where the full plans for the easel are located. Here you'll find a cut list, material list, detailed diagrams, a 6-step construction instruction, and a printer-friendly version of the plan.

17. Kaelah's DIY Kids' Chalkboard Easel Plan

Kaelah's DIY Kids' Chalkboard Easel Plan

Costing under $30 and requiring about an hour to make, this DIY easel is perfect for most older kids that have overgrown the age of tabletop easels.

You will be needing 2 pieces of 6-ft long 1x2s and 8-ft long 1x2 lumber for this project. A chain, eye hooks, a hinge, and screws are also part of the material list.

Kaelah bought a pre-made dry erase board to act as the easel's backboard. The rest of the tutorial is detailed with instruction and pictures, plus an overjoyed little Toby.

18. Striking & Portable DIY Easel Plan

Striking & Portable DIY Easel Plan

Here we have an easel that is lightweight, easy to carry and stylish in black. The build process is simple, quick, and is delivered with both pictures and a video animation.

The material list includes both a picture of the materials used and a listing of them in words. There is also a cut list and blueprints in step 3 of the guide.

Step 4 deals with the installation of the different parts, including the animation video. The foldable legs are bolted together and are therefore durable. You can also hang pictures on it on 2 different levels.

19. Free DIY Cardboard Easel for Kids Plan

Free DIY Cardboard Easel for Kids Plan

Here is another great tutorial on how to make an easel out of cardboard. It is designed for kids and to be a tabletop easel which kids prefer to work with, as opposed to standing ones.

You will need large cardboard boxes for this project. You will also need duct tape and sticky Velcros. There is a step by step guide, showing you what to do and backed up by clear pictures.

This cardboard easel can only be used by 1 or 2 kids at once. There is no third cardboard side. The 2 folded sides are held together using a tape and Velcros.

20. Kids' Outdoor Acrylic Painting Makeshift Easel Plan

Kids' Outdoor Acrylic Painting Makeshift Easel Plan

You can finish building this entire project in a single afternoon. You will need a 36 x 30-inch acrylic sheet, 3 pieces of 2x4 lumber and 1 piece of 1x6.

Other materials include nails and screws. You also get a tools list and a free downloadable project plan. The tutorial is straightforward and includes pictures in a step by step manner.

One highlight here is the addition of a full spectrum laser to etch the words "ARTISTS AT WORK" on the acrylic sheet, giving it thereby a very professional and personalized touch.

21. DIY Adjustable Artist Easel Video Guide

DIY Adjustable Artist Easel Video Guide

This tutorial is available in 2 parts. This video is the first part and there is also a second video to complete the easel building tutorial.

It begins with listing the needed materials, then the cutting of the parts, before the final assembly can begin.

You will notice that this easel looks quite different from the other easels in this guide. Much focus is placed on precision and accuracy here, but in the end, you'll get a very adjustable and high-quality easel.

22. Easy Quick & Cheap DIY Artist Easel Plan

Easy Quick & Cheap DIY Artist Easel Plan

Costing less than $15 in materials and just a few hours of work, this DIY easel design offers you a sturdy and long-lasting easel that you can rely on for years to come.

The tutorial starts off with a material list and a cut list, followed by an 18-step DIY instruction set. Each of the steps includes a nice image and detailed instructions.

Where others use a rope to hold the 2 front legs and the back leg together, this design uses a chain. This DIY art easel also includes a middle support, which most other designs don't include and which makes it a more versatile easel.

23. Bob's 3-In-1 Drawing Easel for Kids Plan

Bob's 3-In-1 Drawing Easel for Kids Plan

Bob Clagett from "I Like to Make Stuff" built this easel for his kids. He presents it here in a video tutorial, and there are also digital plans available for $5.

The aim is to have a white-board on one side and a blackboard on the other side. Bob then added a paper roll that could simply be rolled up using a crank, making it a 3-in-1.

The video is nice and clear, and it lasts for about 8 minutes and a half. Bob takes you through each process in the video, making sure everything is easy to understand.

24. Patrick's $20 DIY Art Easel Plan

Patrick's $20 DIY Art Easel Plan

This final easel might not be everyone's type. They look odd, hang on the wall, and are used mainly for displaying paintings.

If you are looking for something portable, then forget this design. But if you are looking for something extraordinary, then this design might just be right for you.

It also features 2 easily adjustable cross members using wingnuts, which make them easy to unscrew and shift correctly into any desired position.

25. Lovely DIY Chalkboard Easel

Lovely DIY Chalkboard Easel

You can build this one for less than $12. Built by the Shanty2Chic sister Whitney, it took just a few hours to complete. You will need 2x3s and 2x4s to build this project.

The tutorial begins with the cutting of the boards and the preparation of the MDF chalkboard that will be used as well. The boards are held together using pocket holes made by a Kreg Jig.

In the end, Whitney stains it with a dark walnut stain from Rust-Oleum, giving it an amazing look. There are so many pictures in this guide that you will have no questions once you've seen them all.

26. Cassity's A-Frame Chalkboard Easel Plan

Cassity's A-Frame Chalkboard Easel Plan

Standing 42 inches high and 24 inches wide, this DIY easel can be used for a wide variety of applications, including listing menus for a juice bar or advertising a restaurant's special dish.

The chalkboard is made from plywood, and since it measures 19 x 31 inches, you can make up to 3 such A-frame easels from one sheet of plywood.

You get a material list, a cut list, and a step by step guide with lots of tips. Step 3 handles the 3.5-inch accent corners and although they are optional, simple DIY instructions are still provided.

27. Professional Grade Adjustable & Foldable DIY Easel  Plan

Professional Grade Adjustable & Foldable DIY Easel  Plan

This DIY easel has one thing going for it and that is its adjustability. Modeled after a high-quality professional easel, this design provides a reliable and equally long-lasting painting tool.

Coming from the WoodArchivist's archive of quality DIY projects, you get a bill of materials, a step by step guide, and plans with detailed dimensions.

This easel is a full 83 inches high and 34 inches wide. The back leg can reach up to 23 inches backward, but can also be easily folded compactly for easy transport.

28. Mini DIY Card Easel Guide

Mini DIY Card Easel Guide

These easels are very easy to set up and so small that you'll want to take them everywhere with you.

Since these easels come as a kit, all you have to do is put them together whenever you want. You can also decide to paint them or finish them in any way that you like.

On the other hand, if you've got the woodworking skills, then you can easily make a few by yourself. Just make dowels, trim a board, and drill 2 holes in the board, and that's it.

29. Lovely DIY Chalkboard Easel with Metal Fittings Plan

Lovely DIY Chalkboard Easel with Metal Fittings Plan

This DIY easel starts off just like any other tabletop easel, but then metal fittings come into play and change its entire look.

Mindi's addition of the metal fittings using screws and the dark brown staining of the wood combine to make this a truly unique piece.

She shows you all the steps necessary to create it in a step by step guide, which includes lots of diagrams and pictures. It has board space of 10 inches across and 11.5 inches high.

30. Simple DIY Chalkboard Easel

Simple DIY Chalkboard Easel

This guide provides you with a different DIY easel design, which you can build by yourself. You will need 2x3 boards, a chalkboard panel, and other items.

The pictures and the instructions combine to provide a helpful guide, which shows you how to do a lot of things, including screwing 2 joints together, without making pocket holes first.

After the dark staining of the timbers, the whole project really took on a new look. Hinges and a jack chain were also added for completeness.

31. DIY Straw Easel Guide

DIY Straw Easel Guide

This guide shows you how to make an easel using just straw and glue. This kind of easel is best used as name card holders on a table or in other similar situations.

You will need a pair of scissors to cut the straws to size, and then hot glue to hold them in the right shape. The simple 5-step guide shows you how to do all these.

In addition to the suggested use scenarios, you can as well get a little more creative and make these straw easels for entirely different purposes.

We have come to the end of this long list of different and amazing DIY easel plans. I hope your creativity has awoken and that you already know what you are about to build.

I love feedback, so feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what you are up to.

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