39 Brilliant DIY Earing Holders and How to Make Them

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39 Brilliant DIY Earing Holders and How to Make Them

diy earring holder

There is nothing as bad as losing a single piece of your jewelry when you need it for an event. Earrings like other pieces of jewelry are complementary and add a lot of oomph when worn.

If it keeps happening to you and you are tired of it, there is some good news. There are simple DIY holders that you can build and improve your organization.

Earring holders are not only stylish but also provide for easier access to your earrings. While there are many DIY earring storage ideas available, not all made it to the list. The listed items are stylish, practical and beautiful.

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DIY Clay Earring Stand For Studs

It is almost impossible to organize stud earrings. If you are constantly losing one piece, one moment you have one piece and the next the other rolls out of sight, this DIY earring holder is for you.

The earring holder is made from Sculpey clay. The amount of clay that you use is totally dependent on the size of earring holder you need. This, in turn, is determined by the number of studs you have to store.

The Sisoo blog tutorial details the process of building the DIY stud holder. It is simple and perfect for a beginner with basic DIY skills.

2. Charlotte Lace Earring Holder

Charlotte Lace Earring Holder

There are some earrings that are just too pretty to be bundled in a jewelry drawer.

If you have a specific pair of earrings you treasure so much and would not like to get damaged in any way, this lace earring holder will help to keep them safe.

The earring holder will help you contain the jewelry mess and keep all your shiny and valued pieces in one place. The earring holder is made up of a small piece of leather and European lace.

The holder is both beautiful and functional, but be warned, it also is delicate. The blog, For The Makers, details the process of building the earring holder with great ease.

3. DIY Stud Earring Holder

DIY Stud Earring Holder

DIY projects are more of a trial and error. You are lucky since the experimenting has already been done and the tutorial presents you with the best stud earring holder.

Though simple and easy to build, the unit is by no means flimsy. The plastic mesh accommodates a lot of studs. Building this earring holder, no glue will be needed.

To complete the project as detailed in the Mizz Rubiiee blog tutorial, you will need a pair of scissors, a frame featuring slide inserts and a plastic canvas.

You can store studs and actual earrings on this holder. They will be safe and best of all, will not get lost.

4. DIY Chicken Wire Framed Earring Holder

DIY Chicken Wire Framed Earring Holder

If you have a collection of beautiful earrings, the kind that can collectively make a beautiful masterpiece when hanging on a wall, you should build this earring holder.

The earring holder is simple yet highly stylish. It is constructed using chicken wire and a wooden frame. You can choose to buy a new frame or use one already displayed on your wall.

With the chicken wire and the frame, all you need to do is to staple the chicken wire to the frame’s back.

Hang on a wall, this creation by the Meagan Brooke Handmade Blog will display the earrings every morning thereby helping you make a better choice.

5. DIY Earring Display Holder

DIY Earring Display Holder

If you have a ton of earrings, you are obviously struggling with keeping them contained. In addition to this, you probably use other earrings more than others.

Not by choice but because you do not see most of them when you are choosing a pair for an event. For this, this wireframe framed earring holder provides ample space to organize as well as displaying your earrings.

For this project on the blog, My Calico Skies, you will need frame hangers, wire cutters, a vintage frame, a wire mesh and a staple gun. It is a simple artwork that is easy to hack, even for beginners.

6. Easy Embroidery Hoop and Lace Jewelry Display

Easy Embroidery Hoop and Lace Jewelry Display

Storing your earrings in a jewelry box is great. However, not all pieces need that level of protection. If you feel like switching things up and having them on display, this hoop display will work perfectly.

With this beautiful and creative piece of earring holder, you will find that you will wear more of the pieces.

The jewelry holder has been designed for earrings but if you make the lace sturdy enough, you can also throw in necklaces and bracelets a well.

Following the Bubby and Bean blog, you can hang the holder on a wall or lean it against a complimentary piece of art. The project is easy and perfect for beginner DIYers.

7. Eiffel Tower Jewelry Stand

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Stand

If you cannot go to France, how about letting France come to you? This is a perfect way to achieve this. In this project, there is no building involved.

With the Eiffel tower in your possession, all you need to do is accessorize it to function as an earring holder. Add small wooden pegs to the sides of the Eiffel tower. Attach them securely using gorilla glue.

For a uniform color, you can spray paint the entire unit as you please. This artwork is bound to get the attention of all who lay their eyes on it.

The Hi Sugarplum blog details the steps of creating this earring holder with ease.

8. DIY Plain Frame Earring Holder

DIY Plain Frame Earring Holder

This is a perfect handmade gift that proves to be easy to make. This earring holder by the Natasha Goes blog has been designed using an 8x10-inch frame.

The frame has been sanded as well as painted to give it an attractive look. To hang earrings, you will have to include a crocheted lace.

It is a creative way of organizing your earrings and adds some bit of color to your dresser. With all the materials available, you can finish the project in a few minutes.

9. DIY Lace Earring Holder

DIY Lace Earring Holder

This is one of the few DIY projects that leave a lot of room to make adjustments to the design. The You Want Me To Buy That blog presents this DIY earring holder as a simple project.

The frame used has been routed to add to its overall design. It is beautiful and adds some personality to a room while displaying your jewelry. The tutorial is brief but easy to understand.

You can use just about any frame design and size you please as well as any lace design that appeals to you. Additionally, you can choose to paint the frame for a better more attractive finish.

10. DIY Hidden Jewelry Box

DIY Hidden Jewelry Box

You may have beautiful jewelry but if you are not one of those persons big on displaying their jewelry at home, you should not feel the pressure to.

You can build an earring holder that will help organize your jewelry and hide them away too. To meet this need, you can build a jewelry storage, behind a painting jewelry box.

If you have an old painting, you can follow the Design Sponge blog tutorial and build the hidden jewelry box. The tutorial takes advantage of the big frame.

You can, however, couple the frame with an old book or a container. It is an easy project, creative and covert.

11. DIY Clay Owl Jewelry Holder

DIY Clay Owl Jewelry Holder

If you love owls, despite their spooky nature and looks, then this earring holder is perfect for your needs. The Happily Occupied Home Bodies blog presents a colorful owl earring holder.

The owl is made from dry clay and decorated with paint. You can use whichever paint color, patterns, and combinations you please.

The number of earrings you would like the owl to hold will determine the size of the owl you create. Follow the step-by step-tutorial to recreate your decorative pierced earring holder. It is surely a creative and beginner project.

12. Plastic Embroidery Square Frame Earring Holder

Plastic Embroidery Square Frame Earring Holder

DIY earring holders cannot get any simpler than this. Simply get a normal plastic frame and pieces of embroidery squares from the local store.

Have your measurements right and attach the embroidery square to the front of the frame using hot glue. The plastic grid provides a lot more space to attach your earrings.

You can mount the frame on a wall to display your jewelry pieces. The Tragic Whale bog provides details on this.

13. DIY Picture Frame and Door Screen Earring Holder

DIY Picture Frame and Door Screen Earring Holder

If you have an old picture frame that you would love to repurpose, why not turn it into an earring holder. The result will be cute and you will absolutely love it.

You can use a picture frame of any style or size. Get rid of the back frame and leave it without any backing. Purchase a door screen and cut it to fit the size of your frame.

Use hot glue to attach it to the back of your frame. The steps are simple and straightforward. The Color Me Southern blog will guide you through this simple project.

14. 10 Minute Easy DIY Earring Holder

10 Minute Easy DIY Earring Holder

If you have an increasing need to stay organized, especially with regards to your jewelry, build this DIY earring holder by the I Always Pick The Thimble blog. I love the fact that the project is easy and pretty.

The project can be completed in just 10 minutes. Also, the fact that the aluminum sheet used is huge provides ample space on which you can display your jewelry.

The worst part about the project (though not exactly a deal breaker), is the sticker removal process at the back of the new aluminum sheet. It is sticky.

The blog tutorial provides a list of all materials required and the instructions for building the pretty earring holder.

15. DIY Pink Frame Earring Holder

DIY Pink Frame Earring Holder

This is a perfect solution for individuals who are looking to organize their earrings. This earring holder is pretty and also helps to display the earrings allowing you to choose the best pair for any event.

The frame used is an 8x10 frame and has the ability to hold about 100 earrings. If you need more space, you should use a larger frame and plastic canvas.

For the polished pink finish, the Doodle Craft Blog painted the frame pink. The plastic frame is attached to the inside of the frame using hot glue.

16. DIY Simple Earring and Necklace Holder

DIY Simple Earring and Necklace Holder

There is no better feeling than knowing that you can locate your jewelry with just a glance. You save yourself a lot of trouble, tangled necklaces, and lost earrings.

This project presented to you by the Craft Ideas blog is perfect for both kids and adults. It is simple and quick to put together. It is a perfect way to organize and display your jewelry with much grace.

The project is simple two craft sticks with a wire screen at the center to hold the earrings. To hand the necklaces, there are some small sticks decorated with hearts that stick out from the craft stick.

17. DIY Earring and Headband Holders

DIY Earring and Headband Holders

The blog tutorial by Krafty Kaylas features two projects – one for your earrings and another for your headbands.

The earring holder is basically a picture frame with a plastic mesh attached to it using hot glue. You can decorate it to suit your style.as for the headband holders, oatmeal containers and candle holders are used.

Overall, to complete the two projects, you will spend approximately $30 assuming you make purchases of all materials required. The blog tutorial guides you through the project.

18. Rectangular Frame Earring Holder

Rectangular Frame Earring Holder

Display your hooks and loops in style and have them available to you when you need them without any hassles. On this earring holder, your loops and hooks will hang on a mesh screening.

You can choose to hang the frame close to your mirror, or even on the hallway walls making it your last stop before you leave the house.

The earring holder can be as big or as small as you prefer. You can even add some extra bling if you like. The satin ribbon at the top used to hand the frame adds some personality to the project.

The Artful Crafter provides the steps to follow to hack this simple project.

19. DIY Cardboard Frame Earring Holder

DIY Cardboard Frame Earring Holder

This is simple self-supporting earring holder. I love that it has been designed from readily available cardboard, wire mesh and a small piece of fabric.

The video tutorial and YouTube shows that the wire mesh is sandwiched between two identical cardboard cutouts. This provides the otherwise weak cardboard frames with some strength. The fabric finishing adds to their beauty.

On top of this fabric, you could also add some pretty stick-on to enhance the beauty. Overall, the project is simple and inexpensive. It can be completed in less than10 minutes.

20. DIY Shoebox Earring Holder

DIY Shoebox Earring Holder

This is a creative way to organize your jewelry. Use material that would have otherwise ended up in the trashcan to better your life.

The Flutter and Sparkle blog details how you can convert a shoebox lid into an earring holder quick and easily. Sure it may not be the most ingenious idea yet, but it does offer a solution to losing earrings.

The involving bit of the project is poking holes into the lid. Use an earring stud you do not mind losing to make the holes. You could decorate the lid or leave it as is. It is up to you.

21. $8.50 DIY Picture Frame Earring Holder

$8.50 DIY Picture Frame Earring Holder

DIY projects should be fun and easy to do. This DIY earring holder project by the Oh Sweet Joy is exactly that.

If you want to learn how to make an earring holder, then this is the perfect project for you. The blog tutorial details the materials and tools you need to the project and also provides the steps to follow.

Adding to this, the project also provides the prices of the items. You as such know just how much you expect to spend. Overall, the project requires only $8.50 to complete.

22. Burlap Fabric Stud Earring Holder

Burlap Fabric Stud Earring Holder

If you are one who has a lot of studded earrings and very few hoops, you will find that very few solutions work for you. How is that? Stud earrings are small and require small spaces to be attached to.

The Ideas From Me To You blog details how you can build a simple burlap fabric frame for your studs. The project is simple and straightforward.

If you cannot find the exact frame used in the project, any other frame type will work just fine.

23. Vintage Frame and Lace Earring Holder

Vintage Frame and Lace Earring Holder

If you have so many earrings that you have no clue what to do with them, then this tutorial will shed some light on a perfect solution.

Building an earring holder as the one presented by the Cutout and Keep blog is simple. You will have your earrings well organized in no time.

I love the fact that the frame has a vintage look which can complement the interior design you have going on.

24. Red Plastic Frame Earring Holder

Red Plastic Frame Earring Holder

Truth be told, earring holders are not easy to find. And when you do end up finding one that you fancy at the local store, the price will be insane.

Lucky for you, the Eighteen 25 blog presents to you simple solution to your earring organization problems. The earring holder design has a red frame and a base stand.  A plastic canvas is added to hold the earrings.

The frame is bought at local stores. The overall cost of the earrings holders is less than $3. So not only is it functional, it also is inexpensive.

25. Large DIY Frame Earring Holder

Large DIY Frame Earring Holder

If you love earrings, you know how important it is to wear a pair that matches and compliments your outfit. However, your love comes with a downside. It is hard to keep all these earrings organized.

You may have a jewelry box but this does nothing to help with the mess. It only contains the mess. It is for this reason that earring holders are perfect.

This particular earring holder is large and accommodates lots of your earrings thus keeping them from getting lost. It has a black thin frame which accentuates the look of the wall you place it on.

The Kaleidoscopic Dream blog provides a guide for this earring holder.

26. Tray Set tray Jewelry Organizer

Tray Set tray Jewelry Organizer

This is yet another perfect DIY earring organizer that is creative and that goes all out. It is a little more intricate and complicated than the rest but nonetheless, a beginner project.

This project is presented to you by Tonya Staab. The organizer is compartmentalized into tiny boxes of different sizes which give it the cool look.

You do not have to build the organizer as it is available in local stores for just about $20. The organizer can hold bangles, earrings, and necklaces even. It is truly a beautiful space in which to store your jewelry.

27. $5 Framed Earring Organizer

$5 Framed Earring Organizer

It is pretty impressive what $5 can get you. With a little bit of creativity, you can get a pretty and functional earring holder.

This earring holder is perfect for a jewelry hoarder with great taste. You get to display your earrings and other jewelry to the world.

In the process, you also get to use all your jewelry and not just a selected few. It is important that you get the perfect necklace for every outfit as it acts as the cherry on top.

The Dream Green DIY details all you will need and provides you with instructions to hack this simple project.

28. DIY Heart-shaped Scented Wooden Earring Holder

DIY Heart-shaped Scented Wooden Earring Holder

This earring holder is all kinds of creative. Everyone who gets a glance at it will be impressed. To hack this project you need a wooden board, paper sheet, decorative ball head nails, paper sheet, aromatic oil, red synthetic string.

If you like, you can also build the unit without a scent. The YouTube video tutorial explains the process you will follow. The video takes you through the simple steps slowly.

The result is a beautiful antique design wood earring holder.

29. DIY Cheese Grater Earring Caddy

DIY Cheese Grater Earring Caddy

Rather than giving your cheese grater a new home in your beautiful dresser, you should also give it a facelift using a new can of spray paint.

While it is initially designed to grate cheese and even carrots, the tiny holes on its side are perfect for holding your earrings. The Brit blog details the process of making this transformation.

30. White Antique Frame Earring Holder

White Antique Frame Earring Holder

This frame by the U Create Crafts blog is beautiful. The white spray paint only adds to its beauty. If you do not have a similar frame, you can buy any cute frame from your local store.

At the back of the frame is a lace that will support the earrings you put on display. You staple this lace to the back of the frame. Use any lace with any pattern.

The blog tutorial details how you can bring an old frame to life and make it work to better your earring organization.

31. Small Black Frame Earring Holder

Small Black Frame Earring Holder

If you have a small number of earrings that still prove hard to keep track of, and would like to put on display, this earring holder by Tattooed Martha will serve you well.

The sides of this frame are elaborate and the lace included is dark to match the color of the frame. A spider web lace is used.

You can get a small picture frame of any design at your local store for $1. If you find it necessary, you can also spray paint the frame to blend with the design of your room or wall.

32. DIY Frame With a Baker’s Twine Cris-Cross

DIY Frame With a Baker’s Twine Cris-Cross

There is nothing like a yellow frame to help pop your interior design. It screams for attention and though it can be a gamble, is a great addition.

The frame is slender and though a chicken mesh is added to the frame, a baker’s twine is crisscrossed on the frame. This provides space on which the earrings are hang.

The baker's twine also adds to the overall look of the earring holder.

33. DIY Frame Earring Holder With Knitted Lace

DIY Frame Earring Holder With Knitted Lace

Unlike most of the projects available online, the lace used in this project is knitted. But regardless of this being a project involving knitting, it is simple, quick and easy.

The knitting pattern and design are elaborated in the Lay Lock blog tutorial. The knitted lace is mounted on an old wooden frame. You can use thumbtacks to secure the lace onto the wooden frame.

If you like, you also can hang keys on the lace frame using some S-hooks.

34. DIY Handmade Earring Holder

DIY Handmade Earring Holder

Before you buy an earring holder, consider this homemade earring holder. The DIY project will cost you about $10 for materials including spray paint, wire, and a frame.

With these materials, building this unit will take less than minutes to assemble the framed earring holder. Follow the directions on the blog tutorial and you will be good to go.

35. DIY Jewelry Tray

DIY Jewelry Tray

This is a clever tutorial making use of foam core and velvet leftover. It strays away from the norm of using rolled fabric. The result is a smooth and uniform looking earring organizer.

The Thanks I Made It Blog also makes use of a BaubleBar box for this earring tray. The tray is perfect for organizing and storing stud earrings.

A list of materials required for the project is listed on the blog tutorial. Detailed instructions are also provided to help you succeed in the project.

36. DIY Metal Sheet Earring Holder

DIY Metal Sheet Earring Holder

Moving is a hassle. It is tiresome and the worst bit is that it takes ages to settle down. A lot of bits in your life are thrown into disarray and seems like you are stuck in an unending cycle.

But this mess does not have to apply to your jewelry. With this DIY earring holder project, you can solve your problems.

The Erin Basset log details the use of a punched metal sheet mounted on a frame to build an earring holder. The metal sheet is strong and can withstand a significant amount of use.

37. Revolving Earring Organizer

Revolving Earring Organizer

Seeing projects through to their end is an important skill to have. This earring holder project was completed by kids. This is to say that it is a simple project.

I love the fact that this earring holder revolves. It is a nice twist in design. The earring holder is designed to be functional to hold studs and hoops.

It has a Lazy Susan base which adds to is strength and stability. A list of the supplies is featured on the Nocturnal Lecturer blog.

38. Burlap and Felt Flowers Framed Earring Holder

Burlap and Felt Flowers Framed Earring Holder

To build this project by the Positively Splendid blog, you need an empty frame, a burlap piece, spray starch, die cutting machine, freezing paper, acrylic paint and hot glue.

The earring holder made using these materials is beautiful. You should choose a frame with a beautiful design. Do not pay much attention to the color as you can always change this at a later date.

39. DIY Thrifted Jewelry Display

DIY Thrifted Jewelry Display

Display your little neat collection of earrings on a frame with lace. The lace is used to keep the costs of building the jewelry display low.

Again, like with all other projects, use any frame you please. With little direction from the Kobrien Jewelry blog, you can hack the project with ease.

And there you have it – 39 DIY earring holders you can make for yourself cheaply. The earring holders improve your jewelry organization and also act as pieces of art when done the right way.

Whichever project you choose to build, feel free to share with us images of the end product.

We love hearing from you as well. Keep the conversation alive and share with the community of any other DIY earring holder projects you might have and we might have left out in the comment section below.