14 Free DIY Duck House / Coop Plans & Ideas

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14 Free DIY Duck House / Coop Plans & Ideas

duck house plans

Have you discovered how rewarding it is to raise quacking ducks? I assure you it's an amazing experience, but first, you need a duck house.

Ducks and chickens share a lot in common but they do have their differences. There is not much of a difference between a duck house and a chicken coop though, but duck eggs do taste different.

Following are 14 duck house plans which I have compiled from many websites across the web. Going through them should hopefully spark your creative genius and move you to build a wonderful duck house.

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A-Frame Duck House with Cedar Shingles Plan

This duck house plan teaches you how to build a very lovely duck house. The A-frame design is simple but quite fitting and the cedar shingles give it a warm and beautiful look.

Kit, the DIY diva shows you how she built this beauty for her ducks using plenty of pictures and detailed step by step instructions.

One side of the A-frame roof is a door which can be opened for managing the duck house. The roof is covered with plywood, then a layer of tar paper is applied, before the cedar shingles.

A small door for the ducks is on the front side, with a ladder leading from it to the ground. Kit did not paint or stain this house, but feel free to do otherwise.

2. DIY Pallet Duck House Plan

DIY Pallet Duck House Plan

If you have pallets lying around, then why not use this guide to turn them into a functional duck house. Although the construction is not very good looking, it is still a great duck coop idea because it includes a tunnel into a pond.

This allows the ducks to go freely between pond and duck house safely. The pallet house is roughly built and does not protect against cold, but it is great for warm regions.

There are lots of pictures in this guide, and the step by step presentation of the construction makes it easy to understand.

There is no material list and no statement of cost here, but if you have free pallets, then you only need to buy nails, PVC pipes, and chicken wire.

3. DIY Scrap Wood Duck House Plan

DIY Scrap Wood Duck House Plan

Providing the perfect domestic duck house plan, you get a duck house here, with doors and an egg box. Since the entire house was built from scrap wood, only hardware cloth and door hinges had to be bought for about $17.

The base was simply a pallet, on top of which was built the frame for the house. The sides were then covered with plywood, while the bottom and top were covered with hardware cloth for ventilation.

You can use shingles for the roof if you want, and you can also paint the duck house if you want. This guide is very in-depth with pictures in a step by step manner. The explanations also allow you to improvise.

4. 7-Step DIY Duck House Plan

7-Step DIY Duck House Plan

This free duck coop plan comes from Lauren. It shows you how to build a duck house in just 7 steps using recycled items like wooden fence panels, plywood, and corrugated plastic.

The instructions begin with determining the kind of house you want and the features you would like it to offer. It then enters the stage of figuring out the materials you need and where to get them for free or cheap.

This guide includes a picture of most of the steps, making it easier for you to understand. It is not a 'do as I say' tutorial, rather, it tries to teach you how to design and build your very own duck house by yourself.

5. $200 Duck Coop with Run Plan

$200 Duck Coop with Run Plan

Renee Wilkinson offers her duck house design here, which also includes a run that is attached to a chicken coop.

The entire construction cost her $200, half of which is the cost of the corrugated plastic roof that she used.

Features of this duck house include a side door, which allows the easy management of the duck house, as well as simple nesting boxes, which make egg collection easier.

This guide does not take you through each stage of the construction. Rather, you are presented with an outline of the projects and lots of pictures of what the finished house looks like.

6. Simple DIY Pallet Duck House Plan

Simple DIY Pallet Duck House Plan

This duck house is not fancy, but it is simple and functional. Built from pallet wood boards, this plan is also easy and quick to build.

Plenty of pictures show you what's going on and lots of instructions and tips make it easier for you to build. The only disadvantage is that the walls may not be straight and that the pallet boards may not look amazing.

Although the roof got covered with shingles, you can make your own roof with whichever material you have available.

Same goes for painting. While this project was painted red and white, you may have different colors on hand. You may even decide to sand the boards a bit and then stain them. Your choice.

7. Cheap Duck House Plan

Cheap Duck House Plan

Pallets are great and can be used to build a variety of DIY home projects, but when it comes to building a chicken coop or duck house, why not use an already finished box?

If you drive around industrial zones, you will likely find these wooden crates which many factories use to receive international shipments.

Other materials that you will need include tongue and groove boards for covering the crate. You could also decide to use cedar shingles if you want.

The rest of the tutorial is straight to the point. Just make a hole for the door, cover the body of the crate and add a roof to protect the duck house from the rain.

8. Elegant Duck House with Run Plan

Elegant Duck House with Run Plan

Frankie Kimm builds an amazing and elegant duck house here. It is large, spacious, and includes a run for the birds as well.

This guide is detailed. It includes pictures along the way, with detailed explanations of what's going on at that stage of the construction.

Most of the wooden boards for the frame are 2x4s and Frankie uses more expensive hardware in order to protect the ducks from predators, which are many in this area. Still, feel free to use chicken wire if it's okay with you.

There is no material list, no tool or cut list, but the guide is easy to follow. There is a sketch of the project though, but then, that's all Frankie provided.

9. The Quacker Box DIY Duck House Plan

The Quacker Box DIY Duck House Plan

The Quacker Box plan teaches you how to build a duck house that stands out. This box includes a handle for carrying it around, as well as wheels to make the movement easier. It is, in fact, a duck tractor.

There is a garden on the rooftop, plus a door on the rear of the tractor for managing the ducks. The entire construction is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.

This tutorial includes lots of useful diagrams and pictures. It is detailed, fun to read and follow, as well as beautiful.

There is no material, tool, or cut list, but there are enough diagrams to make you understand what you need to do in order to get the final result.

10. 1-Hour Upcycled Duck House Guide

1-Hour Upcycled Duck House Guide

This one is not exactly a house, but it is still something which could be useful for someone. What you get here is basically an enclosed space, with a sheltered area inside.

There is also no step by step guide or detailed plans to follow while building this. This guide just shows you what they built and how you too could build yours.

Simply enclosing a space and adding one type of roof or the other to create some shade and shelter, is enough. You will have to build such a project inside a safe area though.

Since this enclosure does not protect the ducks from predators, it can only be built inside an already protected area. Else, it would be useless.

11. Liz's $25 Duck House Plan

Liz's $25 Duck House Plan

Built mostly from scrap materials, this duck house cost just about $25 to build. It is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, and about 4 feet high.

The house is closed-off with plywood on most sides, but it includes hardware cloth on the top for ventilation. A corrugated plastic roof is also added to the top to protect the ducks from the rain while letting in air.

There are 2 doors, one large door for managing the house, and another smaller door for the ducks to get into the run or back into the house.

This cheap duck house plan includes detailed pictures which show in a step by step manner, what you have to do.

12. Jack's DIY Duck House Plan

Jack's DIY Duck House Plan

Jack offers very well prepared duck house plans here. These simple duck house plans show you how to build a duck coop that is functional, sturdy and long-lasting.

This project is divided into 3 parts. The first part is the duck house, which is 48 inches high and 48 inches wide. The second part is about the roofing of the duck house, while the 3rd part concerns the nest box.

There is a material list and a tool list. This project should take about a day to complete and you are free to either paint it or to stain it.

13. 4x4-Feet Duck Coop with Nesting Box Plan

4x4-Feet Duck Coop with Nesting Box Plan

This duck coop tutorial begins with a material list and a tools list. It uses 4 pieces of 8-ft long 2x4 boards and 18 pieces of 2x2s. It should take about a full day to complete this project.

These plans are detailed with specific measurements and color-coded parts. A step by step construction process with diagrams makes this tutorial easy to understand.

The frame is well built and will last a long time. The roof is also well protected with tar paper and asphalt shingles on top.

14. Floating Duck House DIY Guide

Floating Duck House DIY Guide

Ducks need a house alright, but one thing they love is water. Building a floating duck house, therefore, makes lots of sense because the ducks living in it will definitely feel at home.

The tutorial begins with wood selection. This is important because you need to use wood like larch wood, which can be well preserved in water.

The second part of this tutorial is the instructions and plan section. Here, the detailed plans are presented, with all the measurements you need.

It should be noted that the original tutorial was written in German, so there is a link in the second page of this guide, which you can click on and have the original tutorial automatically translated into English for you.

Raising ducks can be fun, but they do need a secured house.

As we come to the end of this list, I hope that one plan from it has sparked your interest at least.

I wish you lots of fun with your project, and please let me know what you are working on.

Also feel free to pin or share this post or any of the duck house pictures.