11 Simple DIY Drip Irrigation Systems You Can Install Your Own

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11 Simple DIY Drip Irrigation Systems You Can Install Your Own

Diy Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation system is imperative to ensure your plants remain green and remain healthy all year round. They can, however, be costly.

But a DIY drip irrigation system is bound to save you money and time and will still grow healthy plants in your garden.

Automatic watering systems are preferred as they will deliver water to your plants at times when they will take up the moisture best.

The fact that they are automatic means that the system will hydrate your plants even while you are away for the day or even the weekend.

We have compiled a list of 12 DIY irrigation systems that you can build for your garden. The tutorials highlight the process of setting up the DIY irrigation systems.

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Easy DIY Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants

Automatic watering systems for outdoor potted plants will lighten your load of taking care of your plants. It will also save you a lot of time.

The great thing about this DIY drip irrigation system is that it is easy to install. The DIY drip irrigation system by the Get Busy Gardening blog is designed for potted plants.

It is necessary because potted plants tend to dry faster than in-ground plants. The DIY blog tutorial features a supplies list. Included in the list are an irrigation hose, backflow preventer, pressure regulator, drip connectors, and other supplies.

The instructions are simple to follow and have laid out in a step-by-step fashion. It is a great beginner project.

2. DIY Irrigation for a Raised Bed

DIY Irrigation for a Raised Bed

Raised bed irrigation systems are the in thing. If you have built one for yourself but are worried about killing it with inconsistent watering, this irrigation system has got you covered.

I love this irrigation system because it comes pre-made. The system detailed by the Pretty Prudent blog is a DIG Irrigation Products drip and micro sprinkler system. It comes with an installation guide which is easy to follow.

Even better, in the event you would love to install sprinklers, misters, and faucets late on, the system allows for their addition.  Overall, this is a basic yet awesome and slightly scalable system.

The blog tutorial takes you through the step-by-step instructions complete with images of each step. It surely does not get any easier than this.

3. DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation

DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation

Most vegetables if not all, have very specific requirements about water levels in the soil. The soil needs not be too dry or too soggy – it should just be right. The same applies to micro-organisms in the soil.

If you are a gardener who is prone to over-watering or under-watering, then this automated DIY system is for you.

It gets rid of all the guesswork you have to do and provides your plants with just the right amount of water. The drip irrigation supplies and parts may be confusing however, the set-up is simple.

The blog tutorial by the MakeZine blog guides you through it. The drip irrigation system is overhead and as such if any repairs are needed, they are easy to make.

4. DIY Above Ground Drip Irrigation

DIY Above Ground Drip Irrigation

Slow drip irrigation systems have proven time and time again to be best for plants and trees. If you need to learn how to build a DIY drip irrigation system, this blog tutorial by DIY Network will guide you.

To build this DIY above-ground drip irrigation system, you will need easy connectors, above ground tubing and wire cutters. The blog tutorial provides step-by-step instructions along with images making it easy for beginners to hack the project too.

Being an above ground system, you will not have to dig the ground for the installation.

5. Easy DIY Irrigation System

Easy DIY Irrigation System

Yes, it is true. Starting a garden is easy. It is the process of taking care of it that proves to be a hassle. Some gardeners like their gardens and plants to babies that need constant attention.

But while it is generally hard work, there is a way to lighten the workload. Build a drip irrigation system. This system will automate the watering system and hence the maintenance thus saving you time.

In addition, it will save you lots of water in the long run. The drip irrigation system is above ground. You will not need to get your hands dirty by digging the hard ground.

To successfully build the system, the Denver Post blog details the supplies needed as well as the instructions of piecing the parts together. It is an easy setup process.

6. DIY Bottle Drip Irrigation

DIY Bottle Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is imperative. The method you chose to build this system will, however, differ. Most gardeners are okay with the sprinkler method and the overhead drip.

Yes, they are great and effective systems, but when you intricately compare them to this bottle drip system, they lose.

This is because these systems tend to lose water via evaporation through the leaves. The bottle drip system delivers the water gradually to the roots which get rid of this water loss.

To build this system, you can recycle bottles you already have in your home. Since it uses recycled material, it is free.

While it is not an automatic system per se and the bottles need refilling every so often, it only takes a few seconds to fill each bottle. The blog tutorial by Provident Living offers more instructions on the project.

7. DIY $50 PVC Drip Irrigation

DIY $50 PVC Drip Irrigation

If you are living in an area with water restrictions, you cannot water by hand. it is just too wasteful.

In addition, regardless of how careful you might be, you still will get foliage wet and when the heat wave comes, the plants will get scorched. For an effective watering system, you need to have this PVC drip irrigation system.

The blog, Curious about Green outlines the process of building this system for an 8x8-foot garden bed. Overall, the system will cost about $50 and is easy to set up. The tutorial even features a list of supplies needed.

8. DIY Bucket Drip Irrigation

 DIY Bucket Drip Irrigation

The creativity of DIYers never fails to amaze. If you are not into the whole idea of messing with complicated drip systems, this bucket drip system will work perfectly for you.

It relies on gravity to work and has in the recent times gained popularity the world over. It is easy to build and the CPP. Edu blog provides a guide for the same.

All you need to build the system is a bucket, tubing, a filter and inline drippers and you will be good to go. When you finish setting up the system, you need to elevate it. It is a perfect beginner project.

9. DIY Micro-Irrigation System

DIY Micro-Irrigation System

If you have a hanging container and basket plants that you struggle watering to maintain their lush and beautiful look, you should build this micro-irrigation system.

Hanging plants usually dry out faster courtesy of gravity. As such, they require regular watering through the dry season. This micro-irrigation system is easy to set-up and inexpensive.

Though simple, it is elaborate and contains all the basic parts of a drip irrigation system including supply tubing, 4-way connector, compression adapter, backflow preventer, hose adapter, filter, pressure regulator, water timer and a faucet extension.

The blog, Me and My DIY, details how all these parts fit together to build the effective irrigation system for your hanging plants. It is simple and does not require technical skills to build.

10. DIY Drip Irrigation With Sprayers

DIY Drip Irrigation With Sprayers

If you have a large garden, hand watering can be a pain. To save you from all the watering trouble, you can build this elaborate DIY drip irrigation with sprays.

The system is like any other only that it is designed to cater to a large garden and features sprayers. You should note that the system is not ideal for lawns.

To build this irrigation system, you need to buy all tubing and accessories and lay out a plan. Afterwards, follow the blog tutorial by This Old House. While there are many steps, the process is simple and easy.

11. Easy Drip Irrigation Using Bottles

Easy Drip Irrigation Using Bottles

For gardeners growing pumpkins, cantaloupe, zucchini and other vine garden plants, you will have to build a bottle drip irrigation system. These plants do not thrive well with sprinkler systems. They love having their roots watered.

You can also add some plant fertilizer into the bottles ensuring that you only feed your plants and not weeds. To build this system you need a 2-liter bottle, a box cutter, and a garden trowel.

The Instructables PDF tutorial guides you through the project. It is easy and works great.

And with that, we conclude our 11 DIY drip irrigation ideas list. Hopefully, you got some inspiration to automate your plant watering.

If you do end up building one of these DIY projects, do share the images to encourage other gardeners.

We love hearing from you.  Share any additions or corrections to the list in the comment section below.