23 Free DIY Dresser Plans You Can Build Today

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23 Free DIY Dresser Plans You Can Build Today

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Think it's impossible to build your very own dresser? Well, it's not.

The dresser is an important part of many homes. It helps to keep things clean and tidy, and to maintain order in the home. We can hardly have enough dressers in a home.

I am sure you are interested in building a dresser by yourself, but you know how difficult it can be to find a plan which can inspire you. 

So, I have browsed around and carefully selected these 23 DIY dresser plans. It is my hope that one or two plans from this list, will spark your creativity and get you building your very own dresser.

After you've used one of these plans to make your DIY dresser, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a TV stand, bathroom vanity, floating shelf, corner desk, aquarium stand, drawer divider, nightstand.

DIY 7-Drawer Dresser

This first DIY dresser plan comes from Jenny, who created the 36-step guide. It takes you gently through each of the steps, and explains how she spent only $180 to build a $500 dresser.

The entire construction took her 6 work days and the cost could have been less than $180 if she had used cheaper extension drawer slides.

This tutorial starts by showing you how to shape the drawer's legs and how to drill pocket holes. It then shows you the parts that you need and how to assemble them.

Each of the 36 steps in this tutorial has a picture, which is also very well explained. Jenny also lists all the tools, materials and cut list separately. 

2. DIY 5-Drawer Cherry Veneer Dresser Plan

Classic 5-Drawer Cherry Dresser

One thing which stands out with this dresser is the lovely veneer used in decorating it. With 3 larger drawers and 2 smaller ones, this dresser will fit into most areas of the home.

There are 13 steps in this dresser plan, with extra sections on drawers and finishing. The beginning of the page also lists the materials needed to complete the job.

Overall, this plan is not very well detailed, and there are not very much pictures. But if you love the dresser, then this dresser plan offers you a starting point to building it.

3. Rustic DIY 6-Drawer Dresser Plan

DIY Rustic Dresser Plan

This dresser looks rustic, it is big and it is strong. The plan comes from Katie, a DIY mom of 2 boys. There are 2 parts to this dresser plan: A blog post and a PDF file.

The blog is of course Katie's. She shows photos of the different steps she took to build her dresser, as well as specific or unique steps.

The PDF file contains the material list, the tools and the cut list. It also contains detailed technical drawings, listing all the dimensions of the dresser.

Katie uses 2x2s for the frame, which are just perfect for building this dresser. Then she also uses plywood for the drawers and for the top of the dresser.

4. Chevron-Styled 7-Drawer Dresser Plan

7 Drawer Dresser with Chevron Top

This is an amazing project from the tractor driving mom, Amy. She built it using recycled wood from pallets. The plan contains everything you need.

One amazing feature of this dresser is the chevron top. Amy uses 30-degree cuts to create pieces of wood, which she joined together to create her 'Chevron top'.

The good thing is that every step of this plan has a photo and Amy explains it really well. she also shows how she stained the dresser to give it an amazing look.

You could of course choose different colors for your own dresser. I know I would, but the wheels are really a plus, and make the dresser worth much more.

5. Professional Grade 12-Drawer Dresser Plan

12 Drawer Dresser

This one is the mother of all DIY dresser plans. It is not at all for beginners. This tutorial is for skilled wood-workers who want a challenging job to do.

There are 12 drawers in total. 4 rows with 3 drawers per row. The interesting thing here though, is that all the drawers are perfectly spaced.

The main purpose of this tutorial then, is not just to build a dresser with 7 drawers, rather, it is to teach you how to build it with perfect spacing, just like a master.

In addition to 33 building steps, there are also 12 pictures with details, as well as technical diagrams and a cut list.. One thing is for sure though, you will be requiring lots of clamps for this task.

6. Elegant C&B Steppe 6-Drawer Dresser Plan

6 Drawer Dresser

Something about this dresser makes it look so elegant. With its height-width ratio, and those amazing legs, this is the kind of dresser that sells for lots of money, and C&B sells it for $1,600.

The dresser plan is well laid out in 12 steps, and each step has a drawing to show exactly what is meant. This plan is so easy to follow that you can hardly make a mistake.

The tutorial starts with everything you need to get started, which includes tools like a nail gun, drill, sander, tape measure, square e.t.c.

It also contains a material list and a cut list. The rest of the tutorial then lists in easy steps, how to get the job done.

7. John & Katie's Extra-Wide 7-Drawer Dresser

Kendal Extra Wide Dresser

John & Katie were expecting their first baby, so they turned to Ana White for this dresser plan. It is a 7-drawer dresser, painted white, and with simple drawer knobs.

The frame was done using 2x2s. It is 32 inches high, 54 wide and 19 deep. The plan includes everything you need for building it, including a material and a cut list.

There are not much photos from John & Katie. There are mostly drawings for the dresser with instructions. If you like the dresser though, you can easily follow the instructions to build it.

8. Rolling DIY Rustic Dresser Plan

Rolling Rustic Wood Dresser

This dresser looks so rustic and authentic, that it can easily sell for more than double the $200 that it cost in materials to build.

There are 6 large drawers and four large wheels. They make this dresser unique and in a class of its own. The tutorial includes a shopping list, tool list, and a cut list.

The building process is simple and requires nothing difficult. Legs can also be used in place of wheels, and you can also change the finish to make it more modern.

This free dresser plan is well detailed with full measurements, allowing you the flexibility of changing any part of the design to suit your individual needs.

9. Whitney's DIY 6-Drawer Dresser

DIY 6 Drawer Dresser

Whitney built this for her daughter as part of a dresser bed combo. This dresser comes with 6 drawers. It is also very wide, reaching from the top of the bed to its bottom.

Whitney's dresser plan is very detailed. There are photos showing all stages of the building process, including tips and tricks, and there is a PDF file containing the plans as well.

This PDF file is a wealth of information. It is one of the best wooden dresser plans available. It includes drawings, measurements, a material list and a 15-step guide to build this dresser.

Whitney used 1x2s, 1x3s and 1x4s for the frame, plus 1/2 inch plywood for the top and sides. She painted the entire dresser in Antique-white, giving it a very nice touch.

10. Rod Johnson's 4-Drawer Dresser

Dresser Chest of Drawers

There can be different designs of wooden homemade dressers, as Rod shows us with this design. While other dressers tend to be as wide as possible, this one is slim and tall.

Rob is an experienced cabinet maker and divides each drawer into 2 areas. He also finishes the dresser in a clear satin finish, giving it a serious and original look.

This tutorial begins with a materials list, then tools list, plus detailed plans with measurements. Rob then takes you through the process of making the dresser in 7 steps.

11. West Elm Patchwork DIY Dresser Plan

Modern Patchwork Dresser

For less than $200, you could build this amazing patchwork dresser, which would otherwise have cost you about a $1,000. Moreover, you will be proud of yourself.

This is one piece of designer furniture that is worth every minute spent on it. A good skill level is required here, and you are even free to take the wild idea further and make your own additions.

There is a material list, a cut list, and diagrams with dimensions. This dresser building plan is detailed and provides you with all the information that you need to get the job done.

Ana White and her friend Ashley teamed up for this one, and the end result is an amazing designer piece of furniture that anyone would love to have.

12. Finea DIY 4-Drawer Dresser

Finea 4-Drawer Dresser

This plan shows you how to build a look-alike of the Crate & Barrels Linea dresser, which is listed at $1799 in their catalog.

Though this plan does not say exactly how much you will spend for it, materials should be less than $200, since you only need timbers, drawer slides, plywood and 4 drawer pulls.

Everything you need for building your own dresser is included in this guide. There is a material list, tool list, a cut list and a 5 step tutorial on how to build this dream dresser for a fraction of the price.

13. Arts & Crafts DIY Classic Dresser

Arts & Crafts Dresser

All woods are not created equal. Some are simply more beautiful than others. The 20th century Arts & Crafts movement in America highlighted the beauty of quarter-sawn white oak.

This DIY plan aims to bring back that beauty, but beware, the cost of timber including the oak, drawer slides, pulls and finishing, will put you back at least $700.

Asides from costs, this tutorial is very good. It explains everything you need to understand. There are clear photos of the building steps, detailed descriptions and a material list.

If you love beauty, then the high price of this little dresser will not hold you back. This is because few things can compare with the look of deep brown stained white oak patterns.

14. Pottery Barn Inspired 5-Drawer DIY Dresser

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Dresser

Whitney once again builds something amazing here. This time, it's a 5-drawer dresser for her son. It is wide, bold, strong, and finished with a dark walnut stain.

The building process is easy to follow because she includes lots of pictures. This dresser plan includes everything you need. Materials cost about $175, and it includes both a material and a cut list.

Detailed diagrams show measurements for each part of the furniture, including how to build the different sized drawers.

The space underneath the drawers can also be used for something else instead of laundry baskets, and a different finish can also be used. Similar dressers cost way over $500 by the way.

15. 16-Drawer Tall DIY Dresser

16 Drawer Dresser

This is another dresser which takes a different approach from the rest. 16 drawers tall, this dresser can be used for socks, makeup, office supplies, hair supplies, e.t.c.

It measures 53 inches in height, is 24 inches wide, and 18 deep. This dresser woodworking plan is very detailed and shows you in 9 detailed steps, how to build a dresser exactly like this one.

A material list is of course included, with 1/4" and 3/4" thick plywoods, 1x2s, 1x3s and 1x4s. A cut list rounds up the tutorial.

16. Designer DIY Herringbone Dresser

Diy Herringbone Chest Reveal

I absolutely love the time and the level of detail invested into this dresser. Though it has just 3 drawers and is not large like the rest, its herringbone design makes it a unique piece of art.

Ayisha spent over 4 days creating this herringbone drawer cover, including the time for gluing, sawing and oiling. The best part is how each drawer pattern matches the other drawer's patterns.

The tutorial is also detailed. Pictures and detailed explanations guide you through the various steps of creating such a beauty.

As far as dresser woodworking plans go, this is one plan to gain inspiration from, and to trust yourself knowing that you can never labor in vain, because Ayisha did not.

17. 4-Drawer & Open Bottom Shelf Dresser Plan

Small Dresser with Open Bottom Shelf

This dresser is unique for its 2 larger and lower drawers, plus its open lowest shelf. It is stained at the end, although you could decide to paint yours, and make it look different.

As with most Ana White plans, this one is complete with all the information you need to get the job done. There is a material list, a tool list, and a cut list. 

The instructions are also straight to the point. There are 13 steps in total, and each one includes a diagram with dimensions and directions.

18. C&B Steppe Dresser Look-Alike

Crate & Barrel Steppe Dresser

This is the second design of this particular Crates & Barrel Steppe dresser. The builder here is Lindsay Ballard, and she spent only $300 to build this $1,600 dresser.

In a second page, which is the continuation of the blog post, Lindsay shows how she turned the design into a 2-tone dresser, turning it into a unique work of art.

She painted the box in a bright white gloss paint, and stained the drawer fronts in American Walnut. She also waxed the drawer fronts and sides, turning this dresser into a lovely piece.

19. DIY 9-Drawer Dresser

DIY 9-Drawer Dresser

Jen builds a 9-drawer dresser here. The dresser plans are very detailed and is contained in 4 different blog posts.

There are 6 larger and lower drawers, with 3 smaller drawers on top. The step by step guide takes you through the building process with lots of clear photos, each one very well explained.

The final dresser is dark stained and oiled, making it look like a very expensive dresser. There is no material list and Jen didn't list the dresser's costs. 

Still if you follow this tutorial, you will surely end up making an amazing piece of furniture, because she explains everything in detail.

20. Media Storage 6-Drawer DIY Dresser Plan

DIY Media Storage Dresser

Ashley from Shanty-2-Chic designed this dresser for her bedroom. It is a giant dresser with 6 giant drawers and open shelves for your media players.

The tutorial is very detailed and includes a free plans PDF file. This file contains the material list, dimensions, and a 14-step building guide.

Ashley's media storage dresser is also very strong and it includes decorative hardware to make it look better.

Though it was stained brown, you could still choose a different kind of paint or decorative hardware to make it look different.

21. $250 DIY 7-Drawer Dresser

Wide Cabin Dresser

This 7-drawer dresser is based on the pottery barn dresser. It will cost you anywhere between $200 and $250 to build.

It is strong and reliable, with its frame built from 2x2s. The only difference here is the change of drawer arrangement.

This dresser can take you over 20 hours to complete, depending on how you choose to build it. It has no plan of its own, but rather has a link to the pottery barn dresser plan.

22. Tall DIY Dresser with Tapered Legs

Tall Dresser with Tapered Legs

This dresser is tall and beautiful, with 4 large drawers and 2 small ones. It can easily cost many hundreds of dollars, but it took just about $200 to build.

Built by the tractor driving mom Amy, this dresser will look good anywhere, including bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Amy delivers the tutorial complete with detailed plans, measurements, a material list, cut list, and even cut diagrams.

She then leads you through 7 steps of building the dresser, complete with photos. This plan is also downloadable as a PDF file.

23. Ana's Rustic 7-Drawer Dresser

Rustic 7 Drawer Dresser

Costing about $300 to build, and requiring quite some wood-working skills, you should budget the whole weekend to building this dresser.

It is based on a different dresser plan, which Ana White also built but painted white. This one though, is stained in Early American, and then finished with a matte varnish.

It has the same 7 drawers as in the plan, but it looks much more lovely than the white painted dresser. Its page has no plans of its own, it just links to the other dresser's tutorial.

You have seen the 23 dressers I promised, and you'll agree with me that they are all special in their own ways.

You do not have to like them all. Just one or two is enough, and then you add your own creativity to it and create something unique and beautiful.

I wish you the best with whichever dresser you decide to build, so long as it makes you happy. 

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment, and feel free to share and pin!