30 DIY Drawer Dividers To Inspire Your New Project

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30 DIY Drawer Dividers To Inspire Your New Project

diy drawer divider

Having an organized drawer is a major accomplishment for many. While it can be a tedious process constantly arranging your items in the drawers, drawer dividers solve the problem.

The market is flooded with drawer dividers that are not as attractive and not fitting for all drawers. To make your DIY drawer divider, you need some creativity and inspiration.

I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of custom and creative drawer dividers. They are simple to make and highly functional.

Hopefully, you will find one of the drawer organizers on the list creative enough to start on your next DIY project.  

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY drawer divider, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a jewelry boxvanity mirrorearing holder, makeup organizer, and many more.

DIY Cardboard Drawer Divider Layers With a Decorative Shelf Liner

Kids are not innately neat. They are just born that way – boys especially. Sure, there are a few who tend to be neat and organized, but they too need some help to maintain their organization.

If you have a kid whom you want to take charge of his room, teach him to be organized. Part of this learning process should include using drawer dividers. This drawer divider is simple.

It is made from cardboard and lined with a decorative shelf liner to add to its beauty. The project is easy to hack even for kids. One only needs to get the measurements (height and length) right.

The Homes I Have Made blog provides a tutorial detailing the process of making this simple drawer divider.

2. Interlocking DIY Drawer Dividers

Interlocking DIY Drawer Dividers

If you lots of clothes and accessories, you need more storage space. The additional storage space will cater to your clothing with ease. However, the drawers will need some dividers to make them more functional.

Scarves, belts, boots, handbags and general accessories are only neat and organized by drawer dividers. The Iheart Organizing blog provides a tutorial on building a simple interlocking drawer divider.

This drawer divider type is bound to suit your drawer size and design with ease. You just have to get the internal measurements right. This drawer divider adds 9 compartments to your drawer.

The project is simple and only requires you to be accurate in your measurements and cuts.

3. Cereal Box Drawer Divider

Cereal Box Drawer Divider

Office tables are full of piles of papers and files. But keeping these organized for most is a walk in the park. It is the tiny office tools and stationery that create a huge mess in the drawer.

To have your drawer organized and neat, use the leftover food boxes to build drawer dividers. Any box from waffles, granola bars, and cereal will work just fine.

Sure you will have to cut the boxes down to size and line them with decorative paper, but nonetheless, the project is simple. The result is a colorful drawer. You might not even want to fill up the boxes/dividers after.

The Iheart Organizing blog tutorial takes you through the steps of building this drawer divider.

4. DIY CD Case Drawer Divider

DIY CD Case Drawer Divider

Going green means being conscious of the life choices you make and getting creative with what is already at your disposal.

To teach your child organizational skills and how to live green, show him how to transform CD cases into functional drawer dividers. I love this project because it makes use of items you would have otherwise thrown in your trash.

It is a 5th grade DIY project. To make one drawer divider, you need two CD cases, thick ribbon, and heavy-duty glue. The Education blog tutorial has steps to follow in making this drawer divider.

5. Adjustable Acrylic Drawer Dividers

Adjustable Acrylic Drawer Dividers

 If you hate having to sort through your drawer to find an item you know you placed in it, you should get a drawer divider.

It is a great feeling to know that you will find an item exactly where you left it. This goes for any drawer be it a bathroom, kitchen, clothing or an office supply drawer.

Courtesy of the Iheart Organizing blog tutorial, you can build a unique acrylic drawer divider that you can adjust from time to time to suit your organizing needs.

To make these drawer dividers, you need several supplies. These include; dentil molding, plastic sheets, wood glue and finishing nails.

6. Wooden DIY Drawer Organizing Dividers

Wooden DIY Drawer Organizing Dividers

Kitchens get messy fast. And with so many things to do, keeping the kitchen drawers can seem like you are fighting a losing battle. And truth be told, you will lose if you are trying to get organized without dividers.

The retail market is full of wooden drawer dividers. These cost between $20 and $30. It sounds cheap but if you intend to have several dividers for your drawers, the costs quickly add up.

Luckily, the Restoration Beauty blog outlines a tutorial of DIY wooden drawer dividers that will cost you a total of $10. For this project, you need 3 2-inch Alder hobby boards and some glue.

The first and most critical step in this project is taking internal measurements of your drawers and cutting the boards to fit and suit the design you are after. Overall, the project is simple and functional.

7. Inexpensive Dentil Molding Drawer Divider

Inexpensive Dentil Molding Drawer Divider

Organizing your drawers should be a simple process. Adding to this, it should be inexpensive and above all, custom to suit your ever-changing space requirements.

The Family Handyman blog presents a tutorial for building a drawer divider using dentil molding. This molding provides the drawer divider with an adjustable feature.

The project is all about lining the dentil molding around your drawer and cutting dividers to slip into the slots. Overall, the project is simple and takes only an hour.

8. PVC Pipe Drawer Organizer

PVC Pipe Drawer Organizer

If you love hidden storage options, then this PVC pipe drawer organizer is on your turf. Rebecca Farrant from Infarrantly Creative details how she organized her messy underwear drawer.

In the project, she uses 3-inch PVC pipes and this allowed her to have sufficient room in her drawer for her bras as well. The 3-inch PVC pieces were cut to match the height of the drawer.

The PVC pipe pieces were then spray painted to give the whole unit some color. To make the pipes stationary, she glued the PVC pipes together on their sides.

For only $8, you too can have this cute organization system in your drawer.

9. DIY Paper Drawer Dividers

DIY Paper Drawer Dividers

If you are looking to get neat and organized but have a small budget to work with, or you have little time and basic cutting skills, this DIY drawer divider project is perfect for you.

This paper drawer divider by Iheart Organizing is more of a beginner project. It is also perfect for those who find acrylic trays awkward fitting and wasteful.

In the tutorial, the paper drawer dividers maximize space effectively. In addition, every tray is sized to contain given supplies. It solves the problem of cramming supplies into tiny slots.

The organizers are surprisingly sturdy. They are built from cardstock. However, they are perfect for office supplies and not kids’ toys and clothing.

10. DIY Bristol Board Sock Organizer

DIY Bristol Board Sock Organizer

If you love being super organized but are not willing to pay a fortune for retail organizers, this sock organizer is perfect for you. The Bristol board is cheap and easy to use in making drawer dividers.

The More Style Than Cash blog provides a tutorial explaining the process of building this Bristol organizer using only 4 sheets of Bristol board.

Admittedly, piecing the organizer together requires some effort but the end product is worth the time spent. With the building basics from the tutorial, you can customize the organizer to fit your drawer space.

11. Easy Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Easy Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

If you are tired of constantly digging through the junk and you cannot seem to find what you are looking for in the spatula, tongs and whisks jungle, this drawer divider is best.

It is super easy and costs a meager $10. The resulting drawer dividers will present you with a lot of space to work with. The overall idea is basic and involves taking accurate measurements and cutting wood pieces to size.

You can use different wood types. Different woods have different colors. Following the blog tutorial by Kevin and Amanda, you will end up a professional looking drawer divider.

12. Easy DIY Wood Drawer Dividers

 Easy DIY Wood Drawer Dividers

Big kitchen drawers are hard to keep neat and organized. Using plastic bins helps but the result looks rugged and still messy. Good thing making DIY wood drawer dividers is easy.

I love the fact that the drawer dividers resemble professional and expensive drawer organizers. The drawer dividers are tall enough to keep everything separate and neat.

The H2O Bungalow blog provides a tutorial on the basics of building the DIY wood drawer divider. With the basics, you can adjust the measurements to suit your space needs. The project is simple and easy.

Be sure to measure the length of your longest and widest utensils for a perfect fit.

13. DIY Makeup Drawer Organizer

DIY Makeup Drawer Organizer

If you are one who cannot leave the house without makeup on, you probably have lots of makeup products and kits cluttered in your drawer.

The clutter and hassle of finding the needed makeup thus take away the joy of the beautiful transformation. To get you back your freedom and joy, this makeup drawer will organize everything for you.

I love that making the drawer organizer is cheap. With the wood cut to the right measurements, piecing the wood to create your divider is an easy process.

You can paint the divider to match the color in the inside of your drawer or leave it plain. Either way, it will serve the intended purpose.

14. Simple DIY Cardboard Drawer Divider

Simple DIY Cardboard Drawer Divider

If you have a baby, you can attest to how challenging it is to keep the tiny clothing accessories neat and organized in one place.

Most often, even after a weekend of organizing the drawer, somehow they end up floating around in the drawer. To maximize the drawer space and have the bibs and socks organized, build this simple drawer divider.

According to the Apple Green Cottage blog tutorial, with some cardboard, you can build a drawer divider in no time and at no cost. The blog tutorial guides you through the project.

15. DIY Diagonal Drawer Dividers With Shelf Liners

DIY Diagonal Drawer Dividers With Shelf Liners

Kitchen drawers are disastrous. Finding anything in the jungle of utensils requires some bit of luck at times. Using trays and containers only partitions the drawer jungle. Building a DIY drawer divider is your only hope of getting organized.

To hack this project by the Happy Go Lucky blog, you need several materials. These include; 0.25-inch poplar wood, measuring tape, wood glue, miter saw, pencil and a shelf liner.

The blog tutorial guides you through making vertical, horizontal and diagonal dividers in just 5 steps. It truly is a beginner project.

16. $10 DIY Silverware Drawer Organizer

$10 DIY Silverware Drawer Organizer

Remodeling a kitchen is fun. It is, however, involving. While remodeling, you have to ensure you upgrade your silverware storage as well. Using shallow trays will not cut it anymore.

This drawer divider by the Ugly Duckling House blog provides a perfect solution. It can accommodate tall, short, curved and crooked silverware you have perfectly. The drawer divider is custom made and is easy to make.

You just have to ensure you have the measurements right and make accurate cuts. Follow the blog tutorial to successfully complete the project.

17. Neat Bathroom Drawer Divider

Neat Bathroom Drawer Divider

Though few, it is important that you have your dental hygiene tools well-arranged and organized in their drawer. Drawer dividers improve on order and give the feeling of being more hygienic.

The Pretty Handy Girl takes you through the basics of making the divider. With the basics, you can make adjustments as you please.

For this DIY drawer divider, you need wood glue, 0.25-inch poplar hobby boards, shelf paper, and a miter saw. Instructions on the project are short and concise. The first step involves cleaning out the drawer, designing and measuring.

18. DIY Scrapbook Paper Drawer Organizer

DIY Scrapbook Paper Drawer Organizer

Serena Appiah from the Thrift diving blog is all about simplicity. If you share in her sentiments and you are all for making things easier, organized and automated, you should build this DIY drawer organizer.

The dividers made from scrapbook paper are cheap and present an easy way of keeping your drawers organized. The resulting divider is beautiful and perfect for jewelry, undies and socks, stationery and knobs.

In the absence of scrapbook paper, you can use cardstock which will work just as good.

19. DIY All-Purpose Drawer Divider Insert

DIY All-Purpose Drawer Divider Insert

Drawer dividers are a creative way of avoiding chaos in your drawer. Unfortunately, you alone hold the solution to your drawer chaos. How so?  Well, you are the only person who understands your chaos.

There aren’t commercial drawer dividers that can perfectly fit your drawer. These dividers/inserts need to be custom made. Luckily, building one is inexpensive and easy.

The Saw Dust Sisters provide a tutorial on building a custom wooden drawer divider. You will need a 1x3-inch board, wood glue, saw and a nail gun to successfully build the divider insert.

20. Contact Paper and Cardboard Drawer Organizer

Contact Paper and Cardboard Drawer Organizer

Boxes and containers are used by many as drawer organizers. However, they rarely do a good job in organizing the drawer mess. If you only have basic DIY skills, you will hack this project with ease.

For this project, you can use cereal boxes, cardboard or any other sturdy item. According to the Instructable PDF tutorial, you can decorate the dividers using gift wrap paper or contact paper.

While making the divider, ensure you get the height, length and width measurements just right.

21. $20 Wood Drawer Organizer

$20 Wood Drawer Organizer

Anyone who says kids are great obviously has not had to clean up after them. As a parent, you surely understand the hassle of having a kid at home. Sure, they are a blessing, but messy little blessings.

With all the cleaning you have to do, the last thing you want is to have to search for items in your drawer. To have your drawer organized, you can build this DIY drawer organizer as detailed by Ana White.

This is a beginner project and with all materials at hand, you will be done in an hour. The blog tutorial shares the basics of building an organizer for a large drawer.

You can adjust these measurements to suit your drawer size.

22. Homemade Sock Drawer Divider

Homemade Sock Drawer Divider

If you are tired of having a junkie sock drawer, you should build a sock drawer divider. This will save you from the hassle of having to deal with unpaired socks.

The fact that this sock drawer divider is homemade means it will match your drawer size perfectly, will use locally available material like cardboard and take very little time to complete.

The Make It Or Fix It blog tutorial will guide you through building an interlocking drawer divider for your sock. The end product is beautiful and neat.

23. Bedroom Dresser Interlocking Drawer Dividers

Bedroom Dresser Interlocking Drawer Dividers

If the decluttering and organizing spirit has just hit you, adding dividers to your dresser drawers should be at the top of your list. But rather than buying the expensive drawer dividers, get creative with DIY drawer dividers.

The Hawk-Hill blog tutorial details using an extruded polystyrene insulated sheet to build the DIY drawer dividers. This foam core board is lightweight, rigid and easy to cut. The tutorial insists on getting the measurements right before cutting the board.

It is a simple project. And with this blog tutorial to guide you, it is bound to be a success.

24. DIY Oak Board Kitchen Drawer Organizer

DIY Oak Board Kitchen Drawer Organizer

This DIY drawer organizer by the Wood Working For Mere Mortals blog is simple and easy to build. It is a magnificent work of art.

The video embedded in the blog shows how the drawer organizer holds up after a couple of years. To build the DIY drawer organizer, you need oak wood measuring 2.5x96-inches.

This board is cut to different lengths and the organizer design carved out. It might look complicated but the blog tutorial makes it an easy project.

25. 30-Minute Wooden Drawer Divider

30-Minute Wooden Drawer Divider

Utensils can fast get out of hand. One time they are perfectly arranged, an hour later you cannot locate a knife or fork in the clutter. Standard utensil holders try and solve the issue but they don’t quite succeed.

A drawer divider is your only savior. The Duke and Duchesses blog provides a tutorial on building one. The tutorial makes use of several wood pieces measuring 0.375x3x24-inches.

With accurate measurements, you can build a neat custom drawer divider. Follow the blog tutorial to hack the project.

26. DIY Desk Drawer Organizer Using Assorted Small Boxes

DIY Desk Drawer Organizer Using Assorted Small Boxes

If your desk drawer is larger, the items you store in it will move around with every movement the desk makes. This can be annoying. You need to add drawer organizers to keep the drawer contents stationary and organized.

In My Own Style blog provides a tutorial for building a creative drawer divider. Every compartment in the resulting drawer is a small box. Overall, the entire unit is made of tiny boxes lined with scrapbook paper.

The compartments are also labeled making it even easier to land the items.

27. Poplar Board Kitchen Drawer Divider

Poplar Board Kitchen Drawer Divider

Kitchen utensils are either large or small. While utensils vary in size, they can drive you crazy and be a pain to store neatly. To organize your kitchen, you need an organizer large enough for the spatulas and spoons and the large utensils.

With the drawer organizer detailed in the blog, By Stephanie Lynn, you will enjoy organizational bliss. The drawer divider is made from poplar wood which is versatile and easy to work with.

The blog tutorial will guide you in building the neat drawer dividers.

28. ‘Winged’ DIY Drawer Organizer

‘Winged’ DIY Drawer Organizer

You should have a silverware drawer. This is almost mandatory for every kitchen. However, finding one that perfectly fits your drawer dimensions is not exactly a walk in the park.

Lucky for you, this DIY drawer divider version sports wings that glide outwards to add to the storage space. The blog tutorial costs a total of $23 and will take about 4 hours to complete.

It is a moderate skill level project but beginners can hack the project as well. The cuts are easily made though it does require accuracy and finesse. The Basic-Build tutorial provides a guide to hacking this ‘winged’ drawer divider version.

29. Triangular Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Triangular Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Most drawer divider compartments are rectangular or square. If you are looking for something unique, this triangular divider is probably it for you.

The dividers in this project are clear acrylic plastic sheets. Each has a thickness of 0.5-inches. The Crazy Organized Blog tutorial provides guidance in building the divider.

To add some life and color to your drawer, you can choose to spray paint the clear acrylic sheets.

30. DIY Makeup Drawer Organizer With Vinyl Fabric Lining 

DIY Makeup Drawer Organizer With Vinyl Fabric Lining

If you love color and flawlessness on your face, you obviously love it in your drawers as well. To organize your makeup drawer, follow this Modern Bohemian Lifestyle blog tutorial.

The resulting drawer divider is colorful and hot. Totally custom made to your color tastes. To hack this project, you will need several items. These include; foam board, vinyl fabric for the edges, regular fabric and spray adhesive.

This drawer divider is easy to build and costs less than $20.

And there you have it – 30 impressive drawer dividers to inspire your next DIY projects. If you do choose to build any of these projects, feel free to share with us images of the final product.

We love hearing from our readers. Share any additional drawer divider designs we might have missed. Also, comment below with corrections to the list provided. Help other DIYers succeed.