13 Free DIY Dollhouse Plans & Tuitorials

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13 Free DIY Dollhouse Plans & Tuitorials

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A dollhouse is one of the best gifts that you can give your little girl. It provides a place for her to keep the dolls and play with them.

You can get a dollhouse in any toy store near you but in most cases, it will not conform to the size of the room, or it might not be what your little one wanted.

Instead of buying the usual dollhouses that your kid might not like the best idea is to make her a DIY dollhouse that suits all her dolls.

With some good dollhouse plans, you can make something that will impress your child over the weekend. And the good thing about this is that you can also ask for her input to create something that she will like.

We have gathered some free dollhouse plans for you to make it easy to build something that your kid will love.

Check out the dollhouse plans below and pick one that you can make.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY dollhouse, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a toy box, bookshelf, and many more.

DIY 3-Story American Girl Dollhouse with Caster

This 3-story dollhouse will be ideal for 18-inch dolls and will provide a lot of space for your little girl to keep and play with her toys.

It is about 77 3/4-inch tall, and it also includes some caster for easy mobility around the home. The dollhouse plans will cost between $100 and $150 to implement, and anyone with at least intermediate skills can do it.

These plans are from Ana White’s site, and she provides lots of pictures, 3D sketches with dimension and step by step text instructions. And there is also a free download dollhouse plan in PDF format.

There are also shopping and cut lists in the tutorial, but the main things that you need are the MDF and plywood boards.

2. Under $100 3-Story Dollhouse for 12-Inch Dolls

Under $100 3-Story Dollhouse for 12-Inch Dolls

Here is another 3-story dollhouse plan from Ana White’s site. But this cute dollhouse is only about 45 5/8-inch tall and suitable for 12-inch dolls.

It will cost under $100 to make, and you will need a sheet of PureBond plywood, 8-foot 2x2, 8-foot 1x2, some casters and a few other things that are on the shopping list.

This simple dollhouse plan is just a one-weekend project and if you follow the step by step instructions and 3D images you can build it with ease.

3. Simple DIY Dollhouse from a Bookshelf

Simple DIY Dollhouse from a Bookshelf

Repurposing always makes DIY projects easy. For these dollhouse plans, it is all about repurposing a bookshelf into a simple dollhouse.

All you will need is an MDF scraps, nails or screws, wood glue and some paint to convert the bookshelf into a simple dollhouse.

It will take about a week to finish when working a few hours in the evenings but it is also possible to build it in just one weekend. And since this is a straightforward dollhouse plan you do not need a tutorial because the pictures and text description are enough.

4. Small Castle Dollhouse with a Tower

Small Castle Dollhouse with a Tower

These free dollhouse plans are for a small castle-type dollhouse. There are four components to the dollhouse, and it uses different plywood sizes, some wood glue, and 1-inch brads.

Most of the work goes into measuring and cutting the pieces, and if you get this right, the assembly should be easy.

There are some drawings with dimensions and pictures on these dollhouse blueprints, and if you combine them with the text tutorial, you will have all the information you need to replicate this project.

5. Easy DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

Easy DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

You do not always need any woodworking skills to make a dollhouse because one like this will not require any cutting or joining of wood pieces.

Whether you know how to build a dollhouse or not, you can still implement this project. And this because there is nothing much you will need to do. It is all about converting a regular bookcase into a dollhouse using some cardboard, wrapping paper, and yarn.

You will also not need any special tools because scissors will do most of the work. And with the 4-step instructions and pictures guiding you, this dollhouse should be ready for play in just a couple of hours.

6. DIY Folding Superhero House

DIY Folding Superhero House

Dollhouses are not always for little girls because you can also make a superhero house like this one for either a boy or girl.

This 30-inch wide DIY superhero house not only provides a lot of room for toys but it is also easy to fold for stability and storage.

You will need lots of 1x6 pieces for this project, some hinges and hook and eye closures but there is shopping list on this Ana White tutorial for all these things and their quantity.

The 3D SketchUp and step by step instructions make this an easy-to-build DIY dollhouse project, and anyone with beginner woodworking skills can do it.

7. Medium Size $125 DIY Mod Dollhouse

Medium Size $125 DIY Mod Dollhouse

With one 4x8-foot 2/4-inch piece of plywood and some scrap MDF boards, you will have all the lumber you need for this project. Everything else that you need is on the cost break down for the project.

It takes about $125 to build this dollhouse, and you can do it in a day or two over the weekend. And the 7-step instructions will be enough to help you implement these dollhouse plans.

The templates for this 36-inch tall dollhouse will be the most helpful, and you can get them for free.

8. Cheap and Easy DIY Dollhouse Plan from a Tri-fold Poster Board

Cheap and Easy Dollhouse from a Tri-fold Poster Board

This dollhouse design uses a tri-fold poster for the walls. It shows that you can always use what you already have in the house to make the dollhouse instead of buying expensive lumber.

Once you open up the tri-fold poster board, you will only need to cut some of its sections to form the partitioning of the dollhouse

This FISKARS dollhouse plan has both step by step instructions and pictures. And although there is no supply list the article explains in detail everything that you need.

You will only need to spare a few hours to build your own dollhouse like this, and it should be an inexpensive project.

9. One-Day Simple Homemade Dollhouse

One-Day Simple Homemade Dollhouse

These simple dollhouse plans are for a one day project that will also not cost much to build. The 48-inch tall dollhouse uses 1x12s, 1x3s, 1x16 and some plywood for the different sections.

I must admit that this is one of my favorite dollhouse plans as it makes everything simple. The 3D images with dimensions are enough to help you understand the project, but there is also some detailed text tutorial.

This 3-story DIY dollhouse plan will work for anyone including those with beginner woodworking skills.

10. Small Portable Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Small Portable Cardboard Box Dollhouse

With a little inventiveness and a little free time to spare you can make a dollhouse for your kid without spending any cash. This cardboard box dollhouse is an example of this, and it is also a portable one that she can take everywhere she wants.

The few things that you need to implement these free dollhouse plans such as the cardboard box, scrapbook paper, glue, and craft knife are already in your home. If not, you can get them for a few dollars.

The picture tutorial with some brief text descriptions is easy to follow, and it will make this project easy to build.

11. Wooden 3-Story DIY Dollhouse

Wooden 3-Story DIY Dollhouse

This 31-inch wide wooden dollhouse will not require a lot of boards to form. The 3-story dollhouse design provides a lot of space, and you can be sure that your kid will love it.

Although this article concentrates more on the decoration, building the wooden dollhouse is also straightforward, and you should not have any problem figuring it out. But, there is also a link to the building process.

The wallpaper and paint help to create some beautiful dollhouse patterns and you will hardly see anything prettier than this.

12. The 7-Foot Tall Bookcase Dollhouse

The 7-Foot Tall Bookcase Dollhouse

A bookcase provides one of the easiest ways to make a dollhouse. With a simple bookshelf from IKEA and a 4-foot pine board, you can build this fantastic dollhouse.

You will also need other supplies like wood glue, screws and white spray paint for this dollhouse plan. The tutorial provides a list of all the things that you will need.

Since you only need to add the roof, partition the shelves and decorate the dollhouse, it will take at least one weekend to make it. But, it should be an easy project since the picture tutorial will guide you through all the essential steps.

13. Easy $150 Dollhouse Bookcase

Easy $150 Dollhouse Bookcase

Here is another picture tutorial with some short text descriptions that will help you build a simple dollhouse bookcase.

You will spend about $150 on lumber and everything else that you need for this project. So, it is not only an easy to build dollhouse but also an inexpensive project.

And apart from providing pictures for all the stages of the build, there is also a link to Ana White's site where you can get the complete plans and comprehensive shopping and cut list.

Whether you are using modern or Victorian dollhouse plans, this is still one of the most straightforward DIY projects. And now that you have 13 different dollhouse plans you should not have any difficulties making one for your kid.