42 Easy DIY Dog House Plans Anyone Can Build – 100% Free

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42 Easy DIY Dog House Plans Anyone Can Build – 100% Free

dog house plans

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So you want to be the hero and build a house for your dog? Well, you are not alone.

Man's best friend deserves a great home. Something both of you can be proud of. It gets even better if you are the one building it because it can become the experience of a lifeti

Following are 42 dog house ideas that I have collected from across the Internet. It is my hope that you'll find at least one plan on the list that inspires you.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY dog house, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a dog bed, dog crate, bird house, chicken coop, guinea pig cage, rabbit hutch, duck house, cat tree.


1. Super Stylish Dog House with Solar Light Plan

Super Stylish Dog House with Solar Light Plan

This plan was designed for a medium-sized dog. It stands out for being painted in admiral blue and covered with cedar shingles. It also has a porch with solar light.

This tutorial starts with a material list, which includes a 2x4, pallet wood plywood. The step by step guide then begins with a total of 10 steps until the dog house is finished.

The first step shows you how the plywood is cut into sections to create the sides, back, and front of the dog house.

The rest of the steps each has many pictures and shows you everything from fixing the different parts of the dog house together to painting it and adding the roof shingles.

2. Insulated DIY Dog House Plan

Insulated DIY Dog House Plan

This dog house design goes the extra mile of insulating the dog house with 2cm thick Styrofoam. This makes this dog house perfect for all kinds of weather.

The frame is made from 2 cm thick planks and then covered with plywood on the inside. A Styrofoam layer is added and then covered with wood strips on the outside.

This gives the dog house the look of a classic dog house, though it is very well insulated this time around.

Every step of this build process is shown in a picture, with tips and tricks making the build easier.

Door height is 40 cm and width 25 cm. The side of the house is 50 cm high, with the roof being higher. This dog house is designed for dogs up to 60 cm large.

3. Large & Crooked Dog House Plan

Large & Crooked Dog House Plan

Whitney first built this house for her dog Monty. It is large and actually crooked, with both the doorposts and the roof sides being unequal.

It will cost you anywhere between $100 and $150 to build this dog house, depending on your specific desires. This tutorial is laid out in 11 steps and includes pictures and detailed plans.

There is a material list and a cut list. There are also lots of cutting instructions and other instructions on how best to build this project.

This dog house is 42 inches high in the middle, which is the highest part of the roof. It is also 34 inches wide, with each side of the roof being approximately 32 inches long.

4. Mobile DIY Dog House Plan

Mobile DIY Dog House Plan

A dog house doesn't have to be fixed, it can also be built to be mobile. In fact, that's the beauty of building something by yourself, you can add anything you want.

The dog house's front is finished in brown varnish, while the rest of the construction is painted blue.

This guide begins with the house's dimensions. It is 60cm wide, 75cm high and 110cm long. Then follows a material and a tool list, followed by the rest of the guide.

This project will cost you anywhere between $100 and $300. It includes wheels, a strong frame to carry the weight of the dog house, and nice finishing.

The roof is hinged, allowing it to be opened at will, while the wheels were taken from a lawnmower. This is a DIY project, so feel free to also come up with nice ideas. 

5. Stylish DIY Wooden Dog House Plan

Stylish DIY Wooden Dog House Plan

Our next free dog house plan is stylishly made and roofed with wooden shingles. It is also designed for an average sized dog, though you can change it as you see fit.

The guide begins with a tool and material list, which includes a table saw, hammer 2x4 timbers and nails. You can also choose between painting or staining the dog house.

There are 4 sections in this guide, and each section has its own step by step guide. the sections include cutting, assembly, building and the roofing section.

In the finishing part, this guide also talks about finishes. It takes you deep into shingles and how best to use them for the dog house.

6. Dining Table DIY dog House Plan

Dining Table DIY dog House Plan

This dog house is built from a recycled dining table. No extra wood was bought and no extra finishing either.

The wooden dog house plan is more of a picture tutorial, taking you from step to step in pictures and comments. It starts with the destruction of the table and ends with a lovely dog house.

He also shows you how he cleverly created the dog house's base, plus how he carved a door into the plywood, to create an entrance.

In the end, he succeeded, but it might not be that way with everyone. Make sure you do some serious calculations first before tearing down any table.

7. DIY Wooden Dog House with Rooftop Deck

DIY Wooden Dog House with Rooftop Deck

With its rooftop deck, this DIY dog house sets itself apart from the rest. If your dog loves climbing, then he will love this.

It is a standard dog house with a shingle roof and enough space for any medium-sized dog, but it also has a staircase on its side, which the dog can take to the rooftop.

It will cost about $175 to build the dog house alone, but adding the staircase and deck will bring the cost up to about $220.

This tutorial starts out with a tool and material list, then goes on to show you the building process in 11 steps. You can also build it without the staircase and deck.

8. Country Style DIY Dog House with Porch Plan

Country Style DIY Dog House with Porch Plan

Built using 2x4s and a tin roof, this dog house features a prominent front porch, making it different and easily recognizable.

The tutorial starts with a shopping trip and continues with the cutting and assembly of the 2x4s. There is no cost given for this plan, but it should not exceed $100.

Plywood was used for the floor as well as the roof, before adding the tin roof. 

It is worth noting that this dog house plan simply presents an idea here and that you can still change whatever you like, like using wood shingles but still keeping the porch.

9. DIY Luxurious Modern Dog House Video Plan

DIY Luxurious Modern Dog House Video Plan

When it comes to dog house designs, then this dog house is definitely near the top. It will also serve you well if you need a large breed dog house plan.

This tutorial is in video format, so if you are the type that likes videos, then it's a plus. The guide shows you how to build from the base to the top in an easy to understand way.

You may still decide to make changes to this design if you like. You could make it smaller for example if you don't have such a large family of dogs.

This guide also uses liquid nails and an acrylic sheet for the window panels. A creative color job could also be worth it here.

10. Tropical Dog House DIY Plan

Tropical Dog House DIY Plan

This DIY dog house plan shows you how to create a dog house with a tropical vibe to it. you will need lots of bamboo for this one, and some soil to make it a green roof.

This guide is hosted on Imgur, so it comes with lots of pictures which can even be zoomed for more details.

The base and the dog house sides are made from plywood. The sides are then covered with a bamboo screen, while the roof is covered entirely by bamboos.

To make this dog house even greener, the roof-top bamboos received slits, which were then filled with sand and green plants planted into them.

11. DIY Simple dog House Plan

DIY Simple dog House Plan

One thing about this dog house which stands out is its paint job, aside from that, it is a very simple dog house.

The framing was done using 2x4s, while the rest was covered with a sheet of exterior wood siding. This guide includes all the materials and the tools used in the construction.

There is also a detailed cutting plan with measurements to cut the sheet of wood siding. Pictures provide build information with comments along the way.

One of the nicest parts of this small dog house plan is the part where the custom paint job begins. This custom paint really turns it into a special piece of work.

12. Holly's DIY Mobile Dog House

Holly's DIY Mobile Dog House

Built to house 2 Labrador retrievers each weighing over 100 pounds, this dog house is both mobile and very sturdy at the same time.

The tutorial takes you through the steps to build this dog house starting from the frame to the roof. Lots of 1x4s were used both for the frame and the roof.

One unique feature of this dog house is that it rests on 4 casters, making it mobile and able to be pushed to any corner of the yard.

Another feature is the wide entrance, which is wide enough to hold 2 Labs. If you plan on building this house for just 1 dog, then please make the door smaller, so that it can keep warm in cold weather.

13. Cottage Style DIY Dog House

Cottage Style DIY Dog House

Delivered as a 13-step guide, this DIY dog house teaches you how to build a dog house with lots of love.

Everything about this dog house is done with love, from the design, size, choice of finish, and attention to detail. 

The house is 22 inches wide, 25 inches long and 34 inches high. These dimensions are great for a 55-lb dog, so you will have to make changes to fit it to a larger or smaller dog.

You can also remove the roof of this dog house for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it is so lovely that you could even leave it inside the house.

14. Cute DIY Dog House with Sloping Porch Plan

Cute DIY Dog House with Sloping Porch Plan

One look at this dog house and you'll know that it was designed to be both stylish and functional. This DIY guide is full of so many tips and information to get you on the right path.

It explains how big the dog house should be, ventilation issues, reasons to keep the dog house above ground level, and the best way to make it safe from harsh weather.

The materials for this plan cost about $100 and it took a whole day to build it. There are detailed plans, with every information you need.

This plan is not for those who are after easy dog house plans. It is for people who are ready to take their time and learn how to build the perfect dog house.

15. East Fork DIY Dog House Guide

East Fork DIY Dog House Guide

This one is more of a picture guide than a step by step do house plan. Still, it teaches you everything you need to build such a dog house.

One thing you should keep in mind though is that this dog house is simply too big for a dog to sleep in through winter. So plan correctly ahead if you are interested in this dog house.

It starts with the material and tool lists. Then there are general instructions, followed by detailed diagrams. The floor is made up of a pallet, while the rest of the frame is built from 2x4s.

The rest of the dog house is then covered in plywood. You can also view this guide in PDF or download a printer-friendly version.

16. DIY Mini Ranch House Dog House Plan

DIY Mini Ranch House Dog House Plan

When it comes to dog house blueprints, few plans are as detailed as this one. The design is also not bad, creating a dog house that stands out.

There are many details plans with markings and measurements, including materials used in the construction, such as a drill, a saw, a hammer, a pencil and a paintbrush.

The build instructions are laid out in 6 steps. They begin with the mapping out of plywood parts and end with attaching asphalt shingles to the roof. 

Building this ranch-style dog house will cost you about $200. It's 41 inches wide, 35 deep, and 41 inches high. The asphalt roof is, of course, removable, to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

17. $75 Insulated DIY A-Frame Dog House

$75 Insulated DIY A-Frame Dog House

By building an A-frame dog house, you can avoid plenty of things, like having to carve out walls beforehand, which can be difficult, at times.

Scott built this A-frame doghouse using asphalt shingles. All you need is to make your A-frame, then you are directly off to roofing, which is usually the last part of other dog house plans.

This insulated dog house plan is properly laid out in 4 steps. It begins with a material list, then the first step of the tutorial, which includes a plan with detailed dimensions.

Asphalt or fiberglass shingles can be used for the roof according to Scott. A floor can also be added, although this will raise the cost of the dog house above $75.

18. 8-Step DIY Luxury dog House Plan

8-Step DIY Luxury dog House Plan

This is one stylish dog house, which was built with lots of love. This plan is not for beginners, but you can give it a try if you are sure you can nail it.

It starts with a base that is built from a single Euro pallet. The gaps in the pallet were covered, while a frame was built on it using 2x2s.

The design of this dog house is to have a roof sloping down one side, with the other side being flat to provide a sun deck.

The tutorial is divided into 8 steps and includes the building of the different parts, including a window, a door and the custom black and white paint job.

19. Very Detailed DIY Dog House Plan

Very Detailed DIY Dog House Plan

If you want to learn how to build a dog house the right way and from a very detailed and step by step guide, then follow this guide to learn everything you to know about building dog houses.

This guide is divided into 5 different pages, starting with an introduction page, parts and cutting list page, the plans page, building instructions page, and a photos and comments page.

The plans are very detailed, while the plans are well designed to create a sturdy dog house. It is 33 inches high, including the roof, 32 inches wide, and 48 inches long.

This guide was written by Les Kenny, who takes his time to both deliver a useful plan and to include plenty of tips and instructions on how to build a dog house the right way.

20. DIY Double Dog House Plan

DIY Double Dog House Plan

This plan is designed to provide a sturdy frame and dog house, which can support 2 pets at the same time. Unlike simply having a larger house, this plan divides the house into 2 sides.

The tutorial lists everything you need, from 2x4s needed for the legs and the frame to plywood for the floor, walls, and roof.

It will take a day to complete this project, and a list of tools is also included. The plan is 48 inches high in the front, 36 inches high behind, and 73 inches wide.

This tutorial also includes a plan to build a very waterproof roof with plywood, tar paper, and asphalt shingles.

21. DIY Extra-Strong Ferro-Cement Dog House Plan

DIY Extra-Strong Ferro-Cement Dog House Plan

This guy decided to build a dog house with Ferro-cement, a material which is both cheap and very strong. He even claimed funnily, that it would stand for 1,000 years and withstand a nuclear strike.

The plan is simple and straight to the point. First, you will need about 4 layers of wire mesh, with which you will create a frame of the desired shape.

Next step is to slap on the concrete bit by bit until the entire structure is decked, then keep it damp for a week or even up to 4 weeks for maximum strength.

That's it, once it is dry, this extra-strong DIY house will be ready for decades of use. You can also seal the concrete or even add waterproof agents to the concrete if you want it to be totally waterproof.

22. DIY Geometric Dog House

DIY Geometric Dog House

This geometric design is for those who want to build something challenging. The geometric shape is made from triangles, which have all been fitted together to create it.

The first step is to select a triangle height. You should measure your dog and use its height for the triangle's height.

This tutorial is based on the triangles made from plywood and pieces of 2x3 boards, which you have to cut at a 42-degree angle.

There are a total of 8 steps here, plus a plywood template and even an animated image to show you how to do it.

23. Detailed DIY Insulated Dog House Plan

Detailed DIY Insulated Dog House Plan

This is another very detailed DYI guide, perfect for any beginner who wants to build a dog house like a professional. It includes everything you need to do a great job.

This dog house will cost about $150 to build, although similar dog houses are priced around $500. It uses exterior grade plywood and Pine framing lumber.

There is a front deck, which measures 18 by 26 inches. The dog house itself was designed for a medium sized dog. It is 37 inches high, 30 wide and 33 inches deep.

This guide includes a separate page for drawings and a material list, then there is a 4-step guide, with each of the steps being on an entirely different page. You will definitely not lack for information here.

24. DIY Dog Tree House Plan

DIY Dog Tree House Plan

Yes, a dog too can have a tree house. If you decide to build one for your canine friend though, then you should know that you will require a tree.

One side of the tree house hangs onto the tree, while the other side is an open porch with a ramp to climb onto the tree house.

This project will take about a day to complete and will cost about $100 to build. It starts off with a tool and material list, then walks you through the building process in 5 steps.

The deck is built using 4x4s, 2x4s and 2x6s, while the rest of the dog house is built from 2x2s and plywood.

25. DIY Custom Built Insulated Dog House

DIY Custom Built Insulated Dog House

A custom built insulated dog house like this one offers the advantage of providing perfect warmth, comfort, protection and privacy for your dog.

The goal of this custom built insulated dog house plan is to show you how to measure your dog so that you can build the parts of the dog house with his measurements.

There are 9 steps in this tutorial, starting from measurements and ending with adding the roof and installing the shingles.

One nice feature of this plan is that it provides an inner room without an outer opening. Then all the walls are insulated, including the partition wall. This helps to create enough warmth for your dog.

26. Mac's Gorgeous Knock-Down Dog Mansion Plan

Mac's Gorgeous Knock-Down Dog Mansion Plan

Few dogs have a house that is even half as gorgeous as Mac's doc house. Mac is a 5-year old German Shepard/Belgian Malinois mix and his house is just so majestic.

From the roof to the custom feet, everything in this dog house is designed to be both functional and stylish. The roof design, for example, is taken from airplane wings.

This allows the roof to both shed water and to provide a deck for Mac to sit and enjoy sunny days. This dog house even includes a functional window that can be opened in summer for fresh air.

This dog house cost about $375 though, with the window costing $75. Still, it is a knock-down construction, which makes it easily taken apart and transported from place to place.

27. Cheap Pagoda-Style DIY Dog House

Cheap Pagoda-Style DIY Dog House

This small dog house plan is designed to look like Asian pagoda buildings. It will take about a half day to finish and cost less than $50 to make.

You will need a jigsaw, a miter saw and a drill for this project. The walls are built using plywood, with 1x1 inch corner cleats for support.

The entire tutorial is delivered in 4 steps. It begins with the building of a very normal dog house and then takes an interesting turn with the attaching of trimmings in step 2 and roof trusses in step 3.

The roof is then covered with asphalt shingles or in any way that you prefer. You should note that this plan is for a small dog, so so changes should be made for larger dogs.

28. Simple DIY Gabled Roof Dog House

Simple DIY Gabled Roof Dog House

This one is a simple dog house plan for those who want a simple but nice dog house. It uses 2x2s and 2x4s for the frame plus plywood and shingles for the roof.

The tutorial is delivered in 7 steps and includes lots of pictures every step of the way. It even includes a video of all the steps, for those who prefer videos.

There is also a PDF file with the plans, which you can download or print out for an easier guidance. The house is designed for a small or medium-sized dogs up to 50 pounds.

It doesn't cost much as well to put this project together. Although not exactly stated, the cost should be way less than $100.

29. Shasta-Style DIY Puppy Camper

Shasta-Style DIY Puppy Camper

Inspired by the old Shasta trailers of the 40s and 50s, this puppy camper is for those who can appreciate the artwork. It rolls, though it is designed for indoor use.

This PDF file contains all the instructions and sketches from the designer, Michael. It is designed for dogs up to 30 pounds in weight and includes a snuggly fitting memory foam bed.

The guide includes a complete list of the tools and materials that you'll be needing, which is everything from a hammer to a putty knife, a chisel, and a table saw.

The material list is as equally impressive and will give you the impression that this is not a project for beginners. Michael has been into woodworking for 45 years, and this project for him was a labor of love.

If you decide to go through with it, then you will find all the information you need to be contained in the 12-page guide.

30. DIY Pallet Dog House for 3 Dogs

DIY Pallet Dog House for 3 Dogs

This one was built using wood from pallets. It can house up to 3 dogs, with the smallest house also being able to either be part of the larger house, or independent.

You will need tools to tear the pallets apart before installing them together. You will also need much more tools and materials, which are all listed in this guide.

Plenty of pictures lead you step by step through each stage of building this dog house. The pictures are also well explained so that you will understand what's going on.

Aside from the tools used, the material cost of this DIY dog house is $0 (zero). This guide even includes a link to tips on how to get pallets for free.

31. DIY Under the Stairs Dog House 

DIY Under the Stairs Dog House

While this project might not be for everyone, it is still a very clever thing to do. If you have some space under your staircase, then why not turn it into a dog house?

This guide takes you through the simple processes of cutting the walls and then lining the sides with tongue and groove pine boards.

It is important to create some space inside though because dogs prefer a smaller and warmer house than a large space that is too big for their body warmth to keep warm.

The final part in this tutorial is the covering of the entrance with beautifully designed and cut pine boards and providing a bed for your dog.

32. DIY Under the Stairs Dog House Plan

DIY Under the Stairs Dog House Plan

Zach and Rachael built this under the stairs dog house with plenty of love and attention to details. The marvelous result was also worth the effort they put in.

This guide provides you with enough pictures and directions to build your own under the stairs dog house. The final plans though will depend on your staircase and the size of your dog.

Total cost was just $130, with the gate costing a whole $50. Time spent was roughly 12 hours, which makes it a weekend project for 1 to 2 days.

One beautiful thing was how Zack naturally extended the wooden floor and the rest of the house design into the dog house before adding that beautiful gate.

33. DIY Log Cabin Dog House

DIY Log Cabin Dog House

Using logs to build a dog house is not a far-fetched idea. Log cabins are beautiful and even romantic. With a log cabin dog house in your yard, you will be adding beauty to your life.

This plan is detailed, providing pictures with each stage of the building process. There is a tool list and a material list. Materials include paver, chinking and construction adhesive.

You will also need a wood chisel in order to properly stack the logs. The roof itself is made using plywood, metal sheets and 2x4s.

34. $300 Dog House Including Air Conditioning

$300 Dog House Including Air Conditioning

For about $300 and a day of work, you can build this dog house with air conditioning. This one was built for small sized dogs and includes a porch and roof shingles.

The base rests on 4x4s and the body is made from plywood. There is space for you to carry out maintenance, filter changes and other stuff.

The roof was also properly built. The trusses were made from 2x4s and then fastened to the plywood on the front and rear ends. 

Plywood was first applied, then tar paper, and then shingles. One concern here is to keep the AC's cable out of site, so the dogs don't chew them.

35. DIY Curved Wall Dog House Plan

DIY Curved Wall Dog House Plan

This tutorial teaches you how to build a dog house with rounded corners. It costs a little over $100 to build and takes about a day to finish.

You will need a staple gun, screwdriver, drill bits and other tools. For materials, you will need a 1/2-inch plywood board, plus luan (flexible) plywood for the sides with rounded corners.

The roof is also somewhat curved and is covered using corrugated tin. All the steps are shown in this guide, starting from the base floor with a 14-inch radius, to the upper floor with a 13-inch radius.

After adding padding inside the dog house and adding a door, the fifth and final step is the installation of the roof. With that, you have a lovely dog house with rounded corners.

36. The Chateau De Dogue Dog House Plan

The Chateau De Dogue Dog House Plan

As far as dog house plans go, this one is one of the funniest that you'll come across. Marcus Ranum has a quite a sense of humor and this also shows in his dog house design.

The Chateau De Dogue is the result of a six day project that started out just for fun. He does not present things in a step by step manner, but the flow of pictures carries you along.

Marcus also comments in detail about each stage, with his sense of humor seeping out oftentimes as he gives tips and tricks, and lists the things he learned at each stage.

You will need to go through this plan a few times in order to get a real sense of what you are up against if you decide to build the project.

37. Clean & Cute DIY Dog House Plan

Clean & Cute DIY Dog House Plan

This diy dog house plan comes from Lowe's and is very well arranged and detailed. It is laid out in 5 sections, which each have their step by step guides.

It starts with a tool and materials list, then continues with the planning section, the cutting section, assembling section and so on.

This plan was designed for a medium sized dog. It comes with a layout for cutting the panel elements, while the frame is made from 2x4s and 2x2s timbers.

The roof is finally covered with shingles, while the you can still finish the sides of the house as you may wish with exterior latex house paint or simply with linseed oil or varnish.

38. Simple DIY Dog House Plan

Simple DIY Dog House Plan

Measuring 28 inches in height from base to the tip of the roof, 24 inches across and 26 inches long, this dog house is for small to medium sized dogs.

It is simple to build and the plan is easy to follow. You just cut the plywood and support it with 2x2 boards. This tutorial lists the materials you will need, and it is delivered in 5 sections.

The first section deals with the construction of the base. It is divided into 5 steps, with each step having a diagram with descriptions.

The second-second deals with the walls, while the third section shows you how to put up the roof. In the fourth section, the finishing of the dog house is dealt with.

39. Breezy DIY Dog House

Breezy DIY Dog House

Coming from Ashley of the Shanty2Chic sisters, this dog house cost $70 in materials to build. It is not exactly a house, but more of a bed with lots of fresh air.

The base is practically a self made pallet. A frame made from 2x4s is then attached to it. You will need a miter saw or jig for some of the cuts here.

After the frame is done, the roof is covered by 1x6 boards and a lovely bed is added below to make the bed comfortable.

The construction is 32 inches across, 39 inches long and 47 inches high.

40. Insulated DIY Dog House Plan

Insulated DIY Dog House Plan

This insulated dog house plan come with a toy box, bowl holders and a deck. It was built by Shara for Lucy and designed to keep her warm during the winter.

This tutorial does not follow any step by step pattern, but it does have lots of pictures to let you know what's going on.

The insulation stage is also well detailed, allowing the freedom to use your own ideas.

The house is 34 inches high on the low roof side, 48 inches wide and 49 long. You can download the free and printable PDF plans from Jan's site or click over to Shara's blog for them.

41. DIY Dog House Gazebo Plan

DIY Dog House Gazebo Plan

This one is a rather fine construction. It cost about $250 to build using untreated pine boards. This dog house is 40 inches across, 53 long and 54 inches high to the tip of the roof.

It was designed for a large dog, Watson, who weighs about 100 lbs. The house includes a mattress for some comfort and a nicely painted roof.

You can download a free detailed plan of this 'Dogzebo' as the builder calls it and you can also make changes to the dimensions to let it be more fitting to your own dog.

Most of the frame is done using 2x4s, with 1x4 boards used for the floor and the sides.

42. 27-Step DIY Beautiful Dog House Plan

27-Step DIY Beautiful Dog House Plan

Our last dog house in this list is this absolutely beautiful and well painted dog house. The tutorial is delivered in 27 steps and includes lots of diagrams.

The material list includes 2x4s, 1x6s, plywood, and paint. No cost was given for this plan, but it should cost over $100.

It includes a porch and 2 windows, and the custom paint job makes it quite unique and fun to look at.

Most of the frame is done using 2x4s, but every step of the construction process is well detailed and explained, including the exact materials to use.

We have come to the end of this list of 42 free and amazing dog house plans from across the Internet and I hope you must have found a plan that interests you.

I wish you lots of fun building your dog house. 

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you are building.

Also don't forget to share and pin!