17 Cool DIY Dog Crate Plans You Can Build Yourself

17 Cool DIY Dog Crate Plans You Can Build Yourself

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Have a pet but not too comfortable with the high price of dog crates? 

I think it’s time you switched your mind from store-bought dog kennels to DIY dog crates. This will help save you money and give the feel of having actually made something for your furry friend.

There’s a whole lot of ideas for homemade dog crates and I think you’ll be amazed at what we have in store for you.

Below are some unique dog crate designs you might want to consider before you build your own dog crate.

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Before setting out to build a DIY dog crate, there are a few things you need to consider. These are:

1. Choose right location for dog crate

Build your kennel in a location that's less exposed to weather elements. If you build outside, then you might want to place it near the house for easy access.

2. Choose right size of kennel

The size of the kennel needs to be larger than the size of your dog. This will ensure your pet has some extra room for movement.

3. Ensure dog crate is kept warm

Your pet deserves the same level of comfort you get. So it's important to always keep the kennel warm. Do this by putting some warm bedding on the floor.

4. Use a durable material that lasts

This is important, especially when building a dog crate out of wood. Use treated wood resistant to insects and moisture. You can choose to apply a protective coating or paint.

5. Choose door design that opens outwards

The way the door opens needs to be considered. Ensure that the door opens outwards to keep it from taking a lot of space.

6. Go for a sloped roof for good drainage

This is important if you build a dog kennel for outdoor use. The roof needs to have a slope that drains rainwater easily.

17 Cool DIY Dog Crate Plans

1. DIY Easy Dog Bed

DIY Easy Dog Bed

Looking for a DIY dog crate for a large dog breed? Caitlin has a dog crate plan you'll like. The crate is made of wood and has a nylon strap to reinforce it.

Caitlin starts with a list of the tools and the materials you'll need to finish the project. He uses common tools for the job so you won't have trouble finding them.

The tutorial is a 13-step process. Caitlin uses non-slip rubber for the feet to protect the floor. You can throw a blanket on this corner dog crate to keep your pet more comfortable.

So how much weight does this DIY dog crate hold? Well, Caitlin, says the crate can hold large breeds up to 160 pounds. It is also spacious enough to give your dog more room.

In terms of cost, this project will take around $80 to complete. Caitlin puts the duration of the project at 1 day. But I think you can do it in a few hours if you're skilled at woodworking.

2. DIY Mid-Century Style Pet Bed

DIY Mid-Century Style Pet Bed

Ever watched the star trek movie? Well, here's a chance to give your DIY dog crate the star trek touch. The crate is reminiscent of the mid-century style.

The crate is built using sanded wood to make a smooth finish. I like the design of this crate. It is more like a box chair with one open side.

The designer adds a soft pad to give your pet a cozy feel. A fabric with start trek prints is used to give the chair a more futuristic look. The legs are a little bit flared to provide more stability.

This tutorial has the picture of how the crate looks like once finished. The designer only gives the cost of the pillow, which is a mere $10.

Well, about the cost of the whole project, I think it's somewhere around $60. By the looks of this DIY dog crate, it makes a good option for small to medium size dog breeds.

3. Table to Pet Bed Revival

Table to Pet Bed Revival

Jamie shows how you can put your broken end table to good use. She converts it into a stylish DIY dog crate. Wondering how she does it?

Well, she gets to fix the broken leg with glue. The table is inverted into an upside down position. She uses the space to make a dog crate. Adding a pillow, you get a plush sleeping area for your pet.

Small molded legs are added to the space that was once the top of the table. The four legs give a sturdy support. The size of dog breed that this dog crate can hold will depend on the size of the table used.

How about some color to go with? Well, I like the white finish that Jamie uses since it looks good with many decors. Jamie says that this type of dog crate is ideal for that spoiled, pampered pet.

Wondering how much this project costs? Well, don't look forward to spending more. It's less than $40.

4. DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

Waste tires are something that you see just about anywhere. That said, this DIY dog crate plan is regarded as one of the cheapest. Jessi builds this dog crate for her puppy.

But a used tire doesn't look quite appealing, right? Well, Jessi takes that into consideration. She gives the tire a facelift by painting in a rose pink color.

The tire makes a nice enclosure. Jessi puts some bedding and cushion to add comfort and warmth. I like this DIY dog crate idea since the tire gives your pet something to chew on.

In her tutorial, Jessi gives the list of things you'll need and the instructions you need to follow to complete this project. The total time used for this project is around 2 hours.

Jessi doesn't give the total cost of the project. But wait for a second, an old tire is something you can get free. So what you'll need to buy is only the paint and bedding.

5. DIY Plywood Pet Bed and Occasional Table

DIY Plywood Pet Bed and Occasional Table

Space is not something we all have in plenty. This homemade dog crate is a good solution if you're tight on space or just want something multifunctional.

It's a 2-in-1 DIY dog crate designed to double as an occasional table. Well, it's more like a table that has a box opening on the side. It is this box space that's used as a dog crate.

Patrick, the designer of this homemade dog crate uses plywood to cut down the cost. He puts a cushion in the perch area to keep the pet more comfortable.

This dog crate is built in 11 steps. Patrick says this is one of the most simple dog crates. That means that this project can be done even by DIYers who are just starting.

The cost of this project is moderate and you won't have to break a bank to cover the cost. Total time spent on this project is a mere 1 day.

6. DIY Dog Crate Nightstands

DIY Dog Crate Nightstands

Does your dog sleep beside your bed? You may have found it quite compromising, especially when you want to put a nightstand. But don't worry since Shara has a clever solution to that.

She comes up with a DIY dog crate nightstand. That means you get a nightstand with a dog crate in the space below. Shara makes the crate using wood.

She puts slats on the sides so your pet can breathe easily and get a chance to peep outside. The crate has a door for security purposes.

I noticed that this homemade dog crate even has a drawer to store small bedroom items or some dog supplies. A pillow is spread on the floor of the crate and voila, you have a comfortable pet area.

Judging from the size of this DIY dog crate, I'll say it's a perfect match for small to medium dog breeds. The cost of the project is not given but I estimate that it's somewhere around $70.

7. DIY Dog Cabinet

DIY Dog Cabinet

Homemade dog crates with storage area are almost becoming a norm. I bet you'll like this idea if you're short of space or want something that will stand out.

Jenna comes up with a 2-in-1 dog crate. At first glance, you can mistake it for an ordinary cabinet. But a closer look at the space in the middle gives you a hint.

On the top of the crate is an open drawer while the bottom sports a lockable drawer Jenna makes the floor of the dog crate slightly deeper to create room for a pillow.

Jenna spends just $25 for the cabinet. With the additional cost for the pillow and paint, I'd put the total cost of this project at around $40.

The size of the cabinet you use will determine the size of dog breed it can accommodate. In Jenna's case, she builds this dog crate from a small cabinet. This makes it ideal for puppies.

8. DIY Dog Crate with Wardrobe

DIY Dog Crate with Wardrobe

There are many cool dog crates out there. I bet that this one surely makes the cut. It's one of the many unique dog crates I've come across.

But this dog crate literally blew my mind. It's designed to be a multifunctional furniture. The designer makes a frame box wardrobe and the door of the wardrobe opens into a day bed for your pet.

This dog crate plan looks great when mounted on the wall. A bedding is upholstered on the door of the wardrobe so your pet gets the much-needed comfort.

Here, the designer envisioned something large enough to accommodate at least two large size dogs. The frame box fits a twin mattress. He spent around $49 on the cabinet.

Adding the cost of the mattress and the door, I think the total cost of this project can hit the $100 mark. But that will depend on the quality of mattress you use for the bedding.

9. Repurposed Crib Dog Crate

Repurposed Crib Dog Crate

Have a crib you don't use? Well, you can use it to save yourself the cost of a new dog crate. Mindi comes up with this idea using her old crib.

As you can imagine, she almost has all the materials she'll need at the ready. Mindi removes the panels on the crib and uses them to cover the top and ends.

She cuts slat design on one side into half to create a double door. Using plywood on the bottom, Mindi creates a level platform that can be used to support a pet pillow.

One thing I like about this dog crate is the swivel casters that make it easier to maneuver and relocate from one room to another. You use the top of this dog crate to place items.

Mindi spends around $25 on this DIY dog crate. So you get one stylish crate at a budget-friendly cost. Don't forget it also offers space for storage.

10. Drawer Dog Beds

Drawer Dog Beds

Puppies don't need much space when it comes to dog crates. A small thing like a drawer might just be enough to accommodate them. Liz Marie, the designer of this dog crate puts this clever plan to use.

She uses two drawers to build pet crates for her two puppies. Liz paints the drawers and gives them a shabby, distressed look. She gives a number to each crate.

But for the number part, that's your choice to make. You can do without it. She puts a bedding on each crate to give a cozy look. Liz says she spent around $4 on each drawer.

Well, that puts the total cost of the project at around $8 making it one of the cheapest dog crate plans. What I like about this project is that it doesn't take long to finish.

You only need to do the painting, something that can be done in under 30 minutes.

11. Dog Bed from a Wine Barrel 

Dog Bed from a Wine Barrel

I knew wine barrels could be put to many uses. What I didn't know is that it can be turned into a DIY dog crate. Well, be prepared to be amazed by this dog crate plan.

The designer of this dog crate avoided the $250 cost of a new wine barrel and instead settled for an already cut barrel for a mere $22.

This plan uses the bottom part of the barrel. Cut it down to about one-third of the height. Cutting gives the rim of the barrel a different color.

You can take care of that by staining to match the rest. A much deeper cutout is made on a section of the side of the barrel. The cutout serves the function of an entry and exit point.

The designer gives 12 steps on how to make this dog crate from start to finish. A dog bed is added to complete the look of this homemade dog crate.

12. Contemporary Geometric DIY Doghouse

Contemporary Geometric DIY Doghouse

You don't want something that looks odd in your new fancy house. So why not settle for a modern dog crate for your furry friends? Lynn has just the right plan for that.

He comes up with a contemporary dog house that has a unique, triangular shape. This dog house provides up to 14 inches of clearance, making it a good choice for small dogs.

Lynn uses plywood to build this dog crate so as to shave down the cost. From the look of this DIY dog crate, I bet you'll need some skill to get this project right.

The steps involved in making this dog crate are quite many. So expect to spend some good amount of time building it. I'd say about a whole day to finalize this project.

13. Pallet Dog Crate

Pallet Dog Crate

Pallets are something you can get at throwaway prices. It will be good to settle for recycled pallets to cut down the cost. Jonnie uses these to make his dog crate.

It goes without saying that this is one of the cheapest indoor dog kennel plans you can do right at home. With a few tools and shipping pallets, Jonnie comes up with two dog crates.

He uses the pallets to build some kind of box. With some little strapping and painting, he gets a beautiful dog crate that stands out in any space.

Jonnie positions the small dog crate on top of the larger one using posts. So you get a double dog crate for your smaller and large dog.

Jonnie adds bedding to the dog crates to keep the pets more comfortable. The total cost for this project is not given. But I estimate it to be around $30. Expect to spend less if you have pallets lying in your garage.

14. Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Having a DIY indoor dog kennel that can be put to different uses is something you always find useful. Anna White comes up with a space-friendly DIY dog crate plan.

This kennel is designed to double as an end table. At 36 inches long and 24 inches wide, you get plenty of tabletop surfaces where you can keep household items.

Anna gives the kennel a beautiful look with slats. It has a hinged door that can be locked to keep your pet safe. This kennel has plenty of room to fit at least two puppies.

The bottom is covered in plexiglass to create a waterproof surface. That means the floor stays dry always. You can choose to put some bedding for a cozy finish.

This is a nice cottage style kennel for DIYers with intermediate skill level. There are 10 steps to building this DIY indoor dog kennel. Anna puts the total cost of the project at $50-$100.

15. Dog Crate Table

Dog Crate Table

Looking for the elegant custom built dog crates? I think this DIY dog crate plan won't disappoint. This is one dog crate that you won't even notice.

It blends well with any living room space and has a tabletop surface that can be used for other purposes. Well, the kennel is a double door crate measuring 36 inches.

Sporting a wire mesh construction, this is a dog crate that's sure to last. The designer of this kennel goes for a table that fits right above it.

A gloss white paint on the table and you have one beautiful 2-in-1 dog crate. Hide the kennel behind a curtain for that flawless look. 

The total cost of this dog crate is not given. But for the crate, you can visit Amazon and check the price. Remember the price of crates at Amazon vary depending on quality. Expect to spend around $50.

16. DIY Dog Kennel Table Top

DIY Dog Kennel Table Top

So far, we've seen several ideas of cool dog crates with a tabletop. Jenny comes up with something quite similar. However, she makes it a little bit larger to create more room.

Well, it all starts with a wire mesh crate. You can get this crate at Amazon for a good price. The size you choose will depend on the size of your pet.

Jenni builds a tabletop surface on the top of the crate using wood. She places a pillow on the floor of the kennel to create a cozy feel. The instructions needed to build this dog crate is given in the tutorial.

This is among the simple dog crates that can be built by novice DIYers. You won't be spending much time on this homemade dog crate. Jenni says it takes around 2 hours to build.

Worried it might cost much? Well, the good news is that it's quite budget-friendly. You only spent around $50 on this project.

17. $330 DIY Dog Crate with End Table

$330 DIY Dog Crate with End Table

Our pets are more like a family to us. So there's nothing keeping you from spending hundreds of bucks to give them a comfortable home.

This dog crate plan is one of the most complex to build. That said, you need to have an advanced woodworking skill to pull off this project. The tutorial starts with a list of tools and materials you need.

With 20 steps involved in building this dog kennel, expect to spend a good amount of time on it. The designer of this DIY dog crate puts the total time at 10 hours.

At 21 inches long and 19 inches wide, this dog crate has plenty of space to accommodate small to medium size dogs. This beautiful dog kennel doubles as an end table.

The cost of this project is $330, which is quite worth it.

We’ve come to the end and I hope that you have benefited a great deal from these cool dog crate plans.

I know there are other dog crate ideas out there you can share with us. Or maybe you want to make some suggestions on what we’ve already given.

Well, don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below. We hope to hear from you soon.