30 Easy DIY Dog Beds Your Pet Love

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30 Easy DIY Dog Beds Your Pet Love

30 Easy DIY Dog Beds Your Pet Love

We all have a bunch of under-utilized items in the house that, with a little bit of creativity, can be transformed into wonderful creations.

Think about dog beds for instance. Did you know that you can actually transform old tires or even written-off suitcases into some eye-catching DIY beds for your pooch?

It's a hobby that can actually end up helping you save a lot of cash that would otherwise be spent in purchasing some expensive ready-made dog bed from a local store.

Well, here are 30 fantastic ideas that you can make with your everyday items.

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DIY Furring Strips with Foam Cushion Insert Bed

Easy and fun to make, this DIY dog bed is both unique and beautiful. Not to mention, it can accommodate smaller and larger dogs alike.

With furring strips, plywood, a foam cushion, wood glue, screws and wood stain, you will have a functioning dog bed.

The materials are relatively cheap making this design quite affordable. Furthermore, it is easy to move around without damaging the floor.

This design is simple yet innovative and will probably take you a couple of hours to assemble. Plus you can always paint it to give it an old, antique look so it stands out.

2. The Great Crate Challenge Bed

The Great Crate Challenge Bed

Made using a wooden crate, wood stain, candle holders or furniture legs and a big fuzzy blanket, this dog bed idea is quite affordable.

You can get the crate with around $8 and the rest of the materials at a couple of dollars if you don’t have them around the house already.

A single crate can work for either a small dog or cat. However, if you have a big dog, you may need to put together several crates.

Besides, you don’t need any technical skills for this because it is very easy to build. The best part is that you can customize the design to match your decor.

You can even add the names of your little puppies on the bed to make it more personalized.

3. Old Wooden Dresser Pet Bed with Cushion

Old Wooden Dresser Pet Bed with Cushion

This is probably one of the cheapest and stylish homemade dog beds especially if you already have an old wooden dresser at home.

After all, you just need a sheet of plywood, beadboard, primer, batting, lacquer and of the course the dresser.

Of course, you can easily source these materials from a local hardware store at an affordable price.

And another thing, apart from being a bed for your little doggie, it could also serve as a bedside table.

What’s more, if you want it to fit into your decor, you can paint the entire bed with a fun color of your choice.

4. The Simple Drawer Dog Beds

The Simple Drawer Dog Beds

If you have a drawer that you don’t need, you can turn it into a really neat homemade dog bed.

With this design, you don’t need to do a lot of work unless you would like to stain or paint it so it complements your decor.

As such, it is easy to make and at the same time very cheap. You probably will not spend a single dime except maybe for the paint.

Your doggies are sure to find them comfy once you add some extra twin pillows. In addition, they are easy to clean and take care of.

5. The $12 DIY Pet Bed

The $12 DIY Pet Bed

This dog bed idea by Shanty2Chic features a traditional and rustic kind of look. Best of all, the design (if done right) can provide a perfect addition to your living room decor.

With this bed, you will need a couple of furring strips, a pine board, paint and a cushion or blankets to make your little pooch comfortable.

You can use pillows in bright shades to make it even more stylish.

Aside from being affordable and simple, this is a really easy no-sew dog bed idea that you can have made in no time.

6. Minimalist DIY Dog Bed

Minimalist DIY Dog Bed

This dog bed design is a little more advanced. Fortunately, there are clear instructions that are easy for anyone to follow.

You need plywood, wood slats, firing slats, sloping roof battens, intermediate beams and white paint for the DIY dog bed frame.

All the materials are available in any local hardware shop and are relatively affordable.

The design has plenty of customization options which make it fun to build. For instance, you can paint it in your desired color or add a nameplate to the bed for a more personalized touch.

7. Customized Drawer Pet Bed

Customized Drawer Pet Bed

Making your own dog bed is supposed to be both a fun and easy project. And this DIY dog bed meets that criterion.

After all, you just need to add a wooden knob feet to an old drawer and then line it with a handcrafted pillow and fiber-filled bumper to make it comfy.

The bed can fit a small puppy but if you have bigger puppies, you can always use a bigger drawer.

On the flipside, though, this project entails quite a bit of stitching and that can be a little time-consuming. Is it worth all the effort? Well, the answer is an emphatic yes.

8. Modern DIY Geometric Doghouse

Modern DIY Geometric Doghouse

At first glance, this dog bed looks a bit complex to craft because of its faceted, angular appearance. However, it is actually quite easy to build.

The entire project may cost you around $30 as long as you have all the necessary tools to put it together.

You just need a sanded plywood, screws and grit sandpaper to smoothen the edges. And of course a pillow or a blanket for added comfort.

In addition, it will take you around 7 hours to complete or even less if you have a helping hand.

9. Side Murphy Dog Bed

Side Murphy Dog Bed

Living in a cramped apartment with minimal space to accommodate your dog’s bed? This DIY side Murphy dog bed might just be what you need.

It is not only tidy enough to put in any room but also simple and easy to make. Your dog will be so glad to have a bed of his own.

Some of the materials you’ll need are a frame/box, pieces of birch, piano hinge and a mattress that perfectly fits in the bed.

Furthermore, you can use the flat top as a convenient spot for your dog’s toys and treats. Also, you could always tuck the bed out of the way any time with little fuss.

10. Modern Pet Bed

Modern Pet Bed

Easy-to-make and with a modern style, your dog is definitely going to love this adorable bed. Although the design may appear a little complicated, the building process is actually pretty straightforward.

However, the woodwork can be time-consuming if you don’t have any carpentry skills.

With around $50, you can make this bed from scrap materials lying around the house or buy from your local hardware shop.

You will need poplar plywood, pillow stuffing or poly-fill, doweling, paint/stain and heavier cloth material.

And if you want to add a personalized touch to the bed, you can make the pillow yourself with different prints.

11. Picnic Basket Travel Pet Bed

Picnic Basket Travel Pet Bed

To create this bed, you will need a plastic tablecloth, picnic basket, a yard of mesh material, pillowcase or coverlet and a small safety pin.

This bed is best if your puppies like to follow you around because of its portability feature. You can, therefore, use it in the car, in the office or for an overnight trip.

It is easy to construct and the materials are relatively inexpensive. However, it needs a bit of sewing work (that should not, however, be an issue as the stitching is quite basic).

In addition, you can paint the basket to match your home or office decor or add the name of the dog on the side.

12. The $25 Wooden Cabinet Dog Bed

The $25 Wooden Cabinet Dog Bed

Looking for a fun project to do on those boring weekends? Why not try making this bed for your doggie to get rid of the boredom.

The bed is easy to make and can take you a couple of hours to put together. You can easily make it from an old nightstand or second-hand furniture.

Also, you may need to add a coat of paint and something comfortable for the bed area.

What’s more, it will only cost you around $25. Note that the design offers you a place to store your puppy’s toys, food, and other necessities.

13. Old Console TV Dog Bed

Old Console TV Dog Bed

As the name suggests, this dog bed is made from an old console TV. Yes, you’ve heard that right.

However, you will need to clean out the console which is not an easy task. It might take you a whole day.

Fortunately, the rest of the work is easy. You just need to paint it with your desired color to make it look attractive.

You will need foam brushes, sanding blocks, a trim-it roller pack as well as some comfortable curtains. All this work could cost you about $35 and can accommodate a small puppy.

14. Super Easy No Sew DIY Dog Bed

Super Easy No Sew DIY Dog Bed

This is yet another easy no-sew dog bed idea that only takes about an hour or less to put together. So if you’re not really into sewing, this is a great dog bed idea to try.

You only need to pin the fabric together using the needles and your little pooch will have a bed.

To craft the bed, all you need is stuffing or clothes you don’t wear, two squares of t-shirt or polar fleece fabric, elastic and a few needles.

15. End Table Dog Bed with Leopard Print

End Table Dog Bed with Leopard Print

Rather than throwing away that broken end table, you can use it to build this comfortable bed for your little puppy.

You don’t need a lot of materials except for a pre-made pet bed or a pillow, the end table and paint to make it look attractive and stylish.

The design is inexpensive and does not require any carpentry skills to nail together. Besides, it does not consume much time.

You can also personalize it for your little pup to ensure he gets very comfortable throughout.

16. Crate Bed with Castor Wheels

Crate Bed with Castor Wheels

Designed to be simple and inexpensive, you really don’t need to put so much effort into building this crate bed dog.

With scrap plywood, small castor wheels for easy maneuverability, a comfortable cushion, and paint, your dog will not be heading back to the couch anytime soon.

To save some money, you can make the cushion out of old feather pillow and use any leftover wood from furniture projects.

The bed offers plenty of customization options including adding your dog’s name to the front of the bed and painting it to any color you like.

17. Three-Sided Plywood Pet Bed

Three-Sided Plywood Pet Bed

This contemporary DIY dog bed is quite simple hence ideal for people with no woodwork skills. It can serve both as a bed and a side table or nightstand.

The key materials you need are a sheet of cabinet grade plywood, pillow/cushion, stain, sealer and wood putty.

If you are going to use it as a side table, it is advisable to color-coordinate the cushion so the bed complements your style.

Furthermore, it will only take you a single day to have it ready depending on how dedicated you are to the entire project.

18. Pillow Bench DIY Pet Bed

Pillow Bench DIY Pet Bed

This dog bed requires a bit of sewing work which, you should be able to maneuver through with just a little bit more effort.

The end product looks so professionally done that you can put it anywhere in your home and earn bragging rights for it.

The bed is designed using dense fabric and then packed with synthetic filler to make it plush. Besides, the materials for making the bed can be old, unnecessary clothing around the house.

Also, you will need ready-made ties and strings for connecting the walls of the cushion bed.

19. Raised DIY Large Dog Beds

Raised DIY Large Dog Beds

If your dog belongs to the larger breed, making a dog bed that is easy to get up and down once it grows older is important.

Therefore, this bed could be a great addition to your DIY projects.

It is easy to make with legs attached to the base to ensure it is raised just a little bit. You simply need to add a dog bed or cushion for added comfort.

The bed requires nylon strapping, wooden legs, upholstery tacks, corner brackets, cut ends and a couple of staples.

It will cost you around $80 for the materials and a single day to complete this entire project.

20. DIY Side Table Makeover Dog Bed

DIY Side Table Makeover Dog Bed

If you already have an old side table, you can transform it into a DIY dog bed frame with a little of a makeover.

You could also buy one for a cheap price.

The entire project is not really much of work because all you have to do is remove the doors of the side table, do some painting job and add a cushion.

As for the dog bed cushion, you can either buy a pre-made one or sew one if you are good at sewing projects.

Overall, the entire project should not take much of your time which makes it beginner-friendly.

21. Mid Century Style DIY Pet Bed

Mid Century Style DIY Pet Bed

Featuring a modern design, this bed dog is unique and ideal for stylish pet parents. It is relatively small, though, and hence ideal for smaller dogs.

The bed is built from a sheet of pine plywood, bed, wood glue, brackets, and cushion. For the cushion, you can choose to buy a pre-made one or just customize at home.

Depending on where you source the materials, you could spend around $50 which makes it an affordable project.

In addition, the bed gives you the option to add a personalized touch by painting it with your favorite colors so it can match your decor.

22. Vintage Suitcase DIY Dog Bed

Vintage Suitcase DIY Dog Bed

This idea works equally well for small dogs as well as big cats. It can be completed in less than an hour and for under $10.

You just need an old vintage suitcase which you can buy from an antique market for a couple of dollars in case you don’t have one on hand.

However, not just any suitcase will do. You need one with hard exterior shell, a pillow and pillow sham to make it more stylish.

23. The Simple DIY Fleece Dog Bed

The Simple DIY Fleece Dog Bed

This is a sewn pet bed project that is so easy to make and does not cost an arm and a leg either. You don’t even need to possess some sewing skills to create the bed.

You can choose to sew it by hand or using a sewing machine for a more professional look. However, the best thing is to partly hand-stitch just in case you would like to add more stuffing in the future.

Just a couple yards of fleece and at least two pillows for the stuffing are all you’ll need to make the bed comfy.

24. Recycled Tire DIY Bed

Recycled Tire DIY Bed

There is a lot you can do with an old tire including turning it into a beautiful and comfortable bed for your doggie.

Apart from the recycled tire, you will also need some spray paint designed to stick to rubber and some cushioning or a round pet bed.

This dog bed idea is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs but you can always source tractor tires for larger breeds.

Depending on how fast you are, it will take you around two hours including the time spent waiting for the paint to dry.

25. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Wine Barrel Dog Bed

If you want a dog bed that matches your rustic decor, this wine barrel DIY bed is a great choice. It is fairly easy to construct and the barrel costs a paltry $22 or thereabouts.

To construct the bed, you need to source wood stain, sealer, a couple of bolts and nuts and the wine barrel.

In addition, you can make or buy a rounded cushion to go into your new dog bed.

26. A Fluffy-Looking DIY Dog Bed

A Fluffy-Looking DIY Dog Bed

This fluffy-looking and spacious dog bed could be just what your “best friend” needs to rest on after a busy day out.

It is not only unique and attractive but also very simple because you don’t really need a lot of other supplies to put it together.

The design is relatively straight-forward and with just a little bit of commitment, anyone can get this job done.

Some of the basic materials required to hack this project include plywood sheets, planks and hobby boards.

The bed is elevated in such a manner that its underneath is easily accessible for cleaning.

27. Wooden Chair Homemade Dog Bed

Wooden Chair Homemade Dog Bed

You don’t always need to acquire expensive materials to put a cozy dog bed together. This design only requires you to have a wooden chair, a few screws and a pillow.

The short list of materials required to make this little couch means that you can do it almost on a zero budget.

What’s more, the project takes less than 1 hour to complete. If done correctly, the bed can actually complement the decor of your living room.

28. The Simplistic Turquoise DIY Dog Bed

The Simplistic Turquoise DIY Dog Bed

The intelligent blend of turquoise and yellow patterns in this dog bed gives it a homely appeal. But that’s not all.

The design only requires one to acquire the pillows and then play around with the arrangement to create a nice and cost-effective bed for your pups.

In fact, the design is so nice that you can adapt it for the benches around your home as well.

29. The Upgraded Dog Bed

The Upgraded Dog Bed

Thinking of upgrading your dog’s bed to something more comfy and modern? Then this design is probably what you need to mull over.

You only need some good quality, machine-washable fabric, chair fabric and of course a surface. If you are good at carpentry works, then you can build a platform and place the stitched pillow on it.

Otherwise, you can just improvise any bench or old wooden chair around your house for similar results.

30. The Good Old Suitcase DIY Dog Bed

The Good Old Suitcase DIY Dog Bed

If you thought your old suitcase was good for nothing, think again. This plan helps you make good use of it and at the same time save space in your home.

You will only an old suitcase, a pillow, wood ball feet and a few wood screws to put this together.

The process is so simple; you don’t need any special skills to sail through it. Best of all, you can finish the job in as little as 30 minutes.

Giving your pet a treat of a lifetime doesn’t get better than this.

As you can see from the 30 examples shared above, there is no limit as to the horizons you can explore with bed dogs.

You only need to be a bit creative and willing to dedicate a few minutes of your time to bring some wonderful ideas to life.