25 Free DIY Desk Plans Anyone Can Build

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25 Free DIY Desk Plans Anyone Can Build

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It is true that when you work from your couch you will get some work done. But it is also true, that with a working desk, you will get a lot more work done and in a shorter time too.

The problem is, getting a desk from a local shop is insane. The prices are ridiculous and highly discouraging. So you opt to stick to your couch.

Luckily, there is another option to get a working desk – a DIY project. And the beauty of building your own working desk is that you get to save money and get a unique and beautiful piece.

For this reason, I have put together a list of 25 DIY desk plans you can choose from. Most of these plans have a detailed step-by-step tutorial and can be completed in a short time.

Here are the free desk plans. You'll find everything from simple to more advanced desk such as standing desks, corner desks. Be sure to click on each of the links to find instructions, diagrams, and photos.

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DIY Concrete Desktop With Wooden Legs

I personally have fallen in love with this DIY desk because of its industrial look the concrete top affords it. The use of wooden legs gives it a more natural look adding warmth to any interior décor.

The design is simple and Manda McGrath of The Merrythought saw it fitting to add some storage for more functionality. The Merrythought outlines 3 main steps to constructing the desk.

These include building the concrete surface, the wooden legs and attaching the two parts. Each of these main parts is explained in depth using a step-by-step blog tutorial.

The inexpensive DIY desk tutorial is easy to follow and can be followed by a beginner.

2. DIY Sawhorse Desk

DIY Sawhorse Desk

This DIY desk is inspired by the Sawhorse Trestle Desk by Restoration Hardware. It is a simple and easy to build version of the same. The best part is that it is doable by almost any handy DIYer.

To hack the DIY desk, Ana White details the process in the blog step-by-step tutorial. The tutorial includes a cutting list, supplies required as well as perspective drawings to give you a visual of the 3D construction.

The DIY desk is built using a premade panel for the table top and off the shelf lumber. According to Ana White, the estimated project cost is between $20 and $50 which is only a fraction of retail costs.

3. DIY Piping Desk

DIY Piping Desk

This is one stunning industrial style workbench. It is perfect for individuals who love keeping things simple. It is made from galvanized pipe with a butcher block for its surface.

According to April Hoff from House By Hoff, when you have everything ready, putting the table together only takes 40 minutes give or take a few minutes. April Hoff in the blog tutorial lists the steps she took to build the work of art.

The DIY desk plan consists of cutting lists and simple instructions to guide you through the project. I love the fact that she added casters. This makes it easy to move the heavy duty DIY desk around.

Given the simplicity of the project, beginners can handle it with great ease and within a short time too as mentioned above.

4. DIY Truss Desk

DIY Truss Desk

Shanty 2 Chic did a great job in creating a distressed look on this stunning DIY desk. With the design and finish, the desk is suitable for your home office and even your bedroom.

The blog tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic details the creation process of the DIY desk as well as that of creating any additional components you may prefer, including side cabinets and bookcases.

To create all these, Shanty 2 Chic provides a detailed blog and PDF tutorial along with free DIY wood desk plans in PDF format.

While the tutorial is not formatted as a step-by-step guide, the perspective drawings and images do a great job in guiding you through. While you might need to get supplies, overall, the DIY project is cheaper.

5. DIY Pottery Barn Style Farmhouse Desk

DIY Pottery Barn Style Farmhouse Desk

If you are tired of the lackluster mass produced desks with insane price tags, then this farmhouse style desk is best.

Embarking on this project, you should expect to spend a meager $150 compared to $600 which is the price of a new Pottery Barn Printer’s Desk from which this DIY desk project borrowed inspiration.

The desk features 3 drawers perfect for storage. The Borrowed Abode makes available a PDF DIY desk blueprints. These are complete with Images, supplies and cutting list and building instructions.

The entire project takes between 3 – 5 days depending on your skill level and level of procrastination.

6. DIY 3-Compartment Desk

DIY 3-Compartment Desk

If you have been suffering trying to make the best use of your small space, you are in luck. This 3-compartment DIY desk will provide you with additional storage space while taking up little space.

The lids on the compartments open upwards. And here is the best part, the lids on the inner surface feature mirrors. How cool is that?

The DIY desk is built to blend perfectly with a rustic, vintage, modern and beachy design. The Shades of Blue Interiors blog provides a PDF guide on how to build a desk from scratch.

It avails PDF homemade desk plans complete with perspective drawings for you to follow. The tutorial is perfect for beginners as well.

7. DIY 2x4 Wooden Casual Desk

DIY 2x4 Wooden Casual Desk

The More Like Home blog has taken it upon itself to guide you through the creation of a cheap, easy and simple DIY 2x4 desk. The overall design of the unit is casual.

To make the tutorial easier to follow even for beginners, More Like Home provides a shopping list, tools list, and a cutting list. The list of tools includes a saw, drill, wood glue, screws and wood filler.

Assuming you have the tools, the cost of the project amounts to about $22 (price of the 2x4s). In addition, the blog tutorial features 3D images to provide you with a visual of the desk as you learn how to build a desk from scratch.

8. DIY Parson Tower Desk

DIY Parson Tower Desk

It is amazing what a few 2x2s and an MDF board can produce. This DIY desk is strong, sturdy and most importantly functional.

If you are looking to add space to allow you to declutter, then this DIY desk is perfect. Overall, the design is clean, simple and modern.

The Ana White blog details that this particular homemade desk was built with pocket holes. And since it is a DIY desk, you can adjust the measurements to suit your preference.

The PDF tutorial detailed in the blog features perspective plans along with a tools and materials list and simple instructions to follow. The office desk plans provided are perfect for beginners.

The estimated cost for building the desk is between $20 and $50.

9. DIY Office Corner Desk

DIY Office Corner Desk

If you were wondering how to build your own computer desk, then you are in luck, Ana White details the process of creating one without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Adding to this, the PDF tutorial provided is designed for beginners. If you want to make use of that corner in your home office, this DIY computer desk plan is perfect.

The DIY corner desk takes up minimal space and comes with storage space sufficient for your office documents and items. According to the downloadable PDF tutorial by Ana White, the main material you require is MDF boards.

The 3D images added give a clear visual of how the unit should look at every stage. For this project, you should expect to spend between $50 and $100.

10. DIY Simple Computer Desk

DIY Simple Computer Desk

This Computer desk blueprint by Bobs Plans resembles the DIY desk detailed above by Ana White. The only difference is that it features the chest of drawers on one side. The unit, however, retains its beauty and simplicity.

In case you intend to move, you will love the fact that it disassembles easily. The drawer cabinet can be moved to either side of the cabinet thus making it fit on any side of the home office.

For this DIY desk project, Bob Plans avails a downloadable PDF tutorial containing the dimensions of the desk. A beginner will find the tutorial easy to follow and implement.

11. DIY Adjustable Height Desk

DIY Adjustable Height Desk

If you will be sharing your DIY desk, it would be best you implement height adjustability. This will allow the desk to accommodate persons of different heights and afford them comfort.

It is perfect for a child as he will grow with the desk negating the need for a new desk every several years.

Rob Brown from Home at Home provides a tutorial on building an adjustable height desk. To hack this DIY project, the project details that you will need a sheet of plywood, solid wood and a few other hardware.

The blog tutorial also includes a list of materials and tools needed and step by step instructions coupled with images for easy comprehension and following.

12. Easy DIY Pine Height-Adjustable Office Desk

Easy DIY Pine Height-Adjustable Office Desk

If you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time on your desk meeting deadlines, you are well aware of how tiresome it can be. To ease your body an adjustable height desk is best.

This simple adjustable height desk will afford you the luxury of sitting on your chair or sending emails while standing depending on your mood.

According to the Extreme How To blog tutorial, you should expect to spend about $150 to complete the project. This is way cheaper than the low-end units in retail.

This DIY desk by Extreme How-To is built with locally available material and using basic techniques. While the project is not as easy, with a little bit of patience you can hack this project.

The DIY desk blueprints feature step-by-step instructions, images, and a supplies list to guide you through.

13. DIY File Cabinet Desk

DIY File Cabinet Desk

This is by far one of the simplest DIY desks I have in this list. But despite its simplicity, you can tell that its creators were oozing creativity at the time of building it. It is stylish and elegant.

According to Refashionably Late, to replicate this DIY desk, you need 2 furniture legs, a file cabinet, wrapping paper, wood for the desktop, spray paint, mod podge and gorilla glue.

Aside from cutting the furniture legs down to size, no cutting is required for this DIY desk project. Because of this, the blog tutorial is brief and not exactly step-by-step. Nonetheless, it is easy to follow.

A beginner can hack this project and be done within hours of embarking on it.

14. DIY Barstool Desk

DIY Barstool Desk

This DIY desk is creativity at its finest. This desk is so easy to build. Just find two barstools, plywood and you will be good to go. No cutting is required for this project.

The blog tutorial details the step-by-step guide in such simplicity. The final images of the unit are posted on the blog for comparison purposes. Overall, you should expect to spend about $100.

If you have the barstools already, the costs will be much lower.

15. DIY Solid Wood Corner Desk

DIY Solid Wood Corner Desk

You can think of this like a 2-in-1L-shape DIY desk. It is perfect for those who are pressed for space and need ample space to share a desk. It is solid, sturdy and long-lasting.

While it may seem complicated to hack, it actually is easy and pretty straight-forward. Well, the blog tutorial by Little Home Happiness lightens the project load. According to the tutorial, the DIY desk was built with $20.

I should point out that drilling the pocket holes and assembling the table top will require some bit of skill. Nonetheless, a beginner can hack it but it will take a while.

16. $55 X-Design Desk

$55 X-Design Desk

This is yet another stunning DIY desk from the Ana White blog. I love the design and the fact that it needs only $55 to complete. $55 is a cheap price for such a fancy DIY desk.

To build the DIY desk, Ana White provides a DIY free desk plan. In this plan, she provides the general instructions along with images, measurements, and a supplies list. Practically all you would need to complete the project successfully.

Speaking of images, they are more of perspective drawings to shed light on the project step-by-step. To complete the project, you will need intermediate carpentry skills.

17. DIY Functional Desk With Drawers And A Cabinet

DIY Functional Desk With Drawers And A Cabinet

This is one attractive, well designed and functional DIY desk. While it seems to have a lot going on, it is relatively easy to build.

The design of the unit includes a cabinet and drawers. These make it a practical addition to an office. Using the PDF DIY desk idea as outlined on Rona, you will be done in a weekend.

To complete the project, you need either MDF or natural wood. For the complete list of materials and tools required, you can find them listed on the tutorial.

What I loved about the tutorial is the fact that it featured perspective diagrams to break down the project to beginner level, even though it seems to require intermediate carpentry skills to hack.

18. DIY Ehler’s Desk

DIY Ehler’s Desk

There is no dispute about the beauty oozed by this DIY simple desk. In fact, it is rather hard to believe it is a DIY project. But that I guess says more about the DIYer than the project itself.

To build this DIY project for yourself, you should follow the detailed tutorial. While it may not be step-by-step, the write-up flows and is easy to follow.

The drawers on the desk add some storage space to the unit making it more functional and easy to arrange your documents. The center drawer is designed with beautiful cup pulls while those on the edges feature knobs.

According to the blog tutorial on Jen Wood House, the installation of these cup pulls is the hardest. But they are doable.

All in all, a beginner can hack the tutorial with ease and spend far less compared to a retail desk.

19. DIY Custom Computer Desk

DIY Custom Computer Desk

Simple and easy is the best term to describe this custom computer desk. The DIY desk has been designed to accommodate two computer geeks sitting comfortably without obstructions of supports.

To pull this off, Remodelaholic repurposed their old, thick and strong desktop for their new desk. The PDF tutorial provided on the site features a tools list and instructions on how to assemble the desk.

Complementing the instructions are drawings and sketches to give you a visual of the steps. The desk plan can be followed by beginners and professionals alike.

20. DIY Rustic Office Desk

DIY Rustic Office Desk

If you are looking for a cheap rustic desk for your office, this DIY desk by DIY Network is just what you need. Though being a new DIY construction, the desk oozes a vintage feel.

In addition, for drawers, the unit uses fruit trays. The use of fruit trays helps to reduce the project costs. There is a lot of measuring and cutting in this project as detailed in the blog tutorial.

It is worth noting that this tutorial provides instruction stepwise and provides images of each step as well.

To hack the construction of the unit, you will need a sheet of regular plywood and walnut veneer plywood and dressed walnut. For tools, you will need a Miter Saw, a drill and a table saw.

21. DIY Minimalistic Desk

DIY Minimalistic Desk

If you already have a small desk and would love to improve it and have it cover more space, consider this DIY desk plan. The main piece of this minimalistic desk is 2 workhorses.

Now you can choose to purchase the workhorses or build them yourself at a reduced cost. To build a single workhorse, you will need 7 pallets.

Aside from the pallets, the pallets require a door panel, machine screws and drywall screws of various sizes. With all supplies at hand, you can follow the DIY PDF tutorial provided by Instructables.

Since this project is more of a recycling project, you should expect to spend as little as $5 for materials. This could be more depending on what you have to purchase. But still, you will end up saving.

22. DIY Floating Oak Desk

DIY Floating Oak Desk

This DIY desk project by Design Sponge is very crafty. It is stunning, simple and uses very few boards. I loved the fact that it floats on the wall.

Following the simple PDF instructions provided by Design Sponge, you will have this custom desk in just a weekend. The simplicity in the design makes the project perfect for a beginner.

To successfully replicate the DIY desk, you will need oak boards, L-brackets, a stud finder, an electric drill, wood screws and tung oil.

23. DIY Desk With 4 Drawers

DIY Desk With 4 Drawers

The first thing that caught my eye is the fact that Manhattan-Nest built this DIY desk with a view. Too bad, creating the view is not part of the DIY project.

That said, the DIY desk is impressively neat and breathtaking. It features a drawer cabinet on one side and two legs on the other side.

You should note that Manhattan-Nest repurposed the chest of drawers which slashed the costs. But even if you have to build the drawer cabinet from scratch it would still be affordable.

Follow the intricate and detail tutorial on building a desk and enjoy your masterpiece.

24. Wall-Mounted Desk Cum Chalkboard

Wall-Mounted Desk Cum Chalkboard

This design should be given a medal. The DIY desk features a 2-in-1 design. The top surface of the board acts as a desk while the bottom piece acts as a chalkboard.

It is a perfect idea that provides kid witch crafting space. If you want the idea to work for you, you could add a whiteboard instead. It is much cleaner. The creation process would be the same.

So basically, the DIY desk is a single board mounted on the wall using hinges and supported by a chain.

While a skilled carpenter only needs to look at the project and replicate it, Instructables still went through the trouble of providing PDF tutorials for beginners. The tutorial includes perspective images as well.

25. DIY Computer Gaming Desk

DIY Computer Gaming Desk

If you are an intense gamer, a writing desk will do squat for you. a desk perfect for you will need afford you the luxury of performing at your best. This particular DIY desk is designed for gamers.

It sports enough room for several monitors, a gaming CPU, and your keyboard. It even has cable management and a headphone stand.

Being a gamer, it is safe to assume your carpentry skills are not as good as your gaming skills. But not to worry, Simplified Building has got you covered with a detailed DIY desk tutorial.

The tutorial is complete with images as well. You will without a doubt have fun creating the desk.

I bet 25 DIY desk plans are more than enough ideas to get to build your own desk. Hopefully, you find one that appeals to you and triggers your creativity.

When you do pick one of the plans to build, we would love to see what you come up with. Share the challenges you experience (if any) and any improvements you would recommend for other.

Leave your comment below and help another DIYer save money. We always love hearing from you.