10 Creative DIY Deer Stand Plans & Designs – 100% Free

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10 Creative DIY Deer Stand Plans & Designs – 100% Free

deer stand plans

When you are out on a deer hunt, there are few structures that can offer you as many benefits as a deer stand. The good news is that the right deer stand is also easy to make on your own.

I have collected 10 of the best DIY deer stand plans from across the web, and present them below. Going through the list, you should be able to find one task that you will be happy to work on.

These free deer stand plans are just some of many free woodworking plans that are available, such as ones that show you how to build a shooting bench, tree house, tiny house, shed.

 DIY Deer Shooting Blind from My Outdoor Plans

If you've been wanting to learn how to build a deer stand, and one which can last for many years to come, then you should pay close attention to this DIY task.

With well laid out deer box stand plans, you will get everything you need to create a very solid box. They also list all the single items you will need to get the task going.

The plans focus on a 4x8 deer stand and includes beams and plywood. This enables you to create a very stable construction, which can at the same time, stand against bad weather. All 4 sides of this box plus the floor, use this combination.

The box stands 82.5 inches high on the taller side, and 77 inches in the shorter. All the side panels leave 14 inches open for your vision, with one side featuring a 72-inches high door.

As one of the most detailed box blind plans, this DIY lesson also takes you through the process of making a roof for the box, complete with everything you can find on a normal roof.

2. Cheap Deer Hunter Ladder Stand

Economy Deer Stand Plan

This DIY task is both cheap and simple. It will cost you about $50 to build, depending on how beautiful you choose to make it. The deer blind plan lists everything you will need to get going.

There are 2 parts to this task, a ladder and a deck with a stool. A supporting beam on each side helps to hold the entire construction together, allowing you to easily lean it against a tree.

The ladder is made from 8-feet long 2x4's, of which you will be needing 12 pieces for this task. The deck is 42 inches wide when finished, allowing you enough space to move around.

You will also be needing a 12-inch long 3/4-inch metal pipe for the seat. The pipe should have a thread on each end, making it easier to fix it to the seat and the deck.

This do it yourself tree stand is easy to construct, and also relatively easy to transport from place to place.

3. 15-ft Double Decker Deer Hunter Box Stand

Free 2-Level Deer Stand Plan

This task takes the deer hunter ladder stand to a new level. It offers you 2 decks for 2 hunters, allowing for a shared parent and child deer hunt experience, one up and the other down.

Although the design appears a bit complex, you can actually construct this hunter box stand fairly easily, if you follow the instructions. It will cost you about $150 to build it completely.

You will need 1 or 2 strong trees to form a support for the ladder. Then you will need lots of 2x4's, plus plywood to make the box on top.

The entire framework can be constructed without the need for an additional ladder. The lower deck is attached to the tree first and then supported with the lower ladder.

The second ladder then comes in, then the second deck, and finally, you build the box. This is a great family task, especially for a father and son.

4. DIY Roof for Deer Blinds

Free Deer Stand Plan

Many DIY deer stands come without a roof. You could decide to add a roof to your box, using the instructions in this lesson. This requires that your deer blind is high enough to carry a roof.

The task also includes instructions for a door. Although based on a previous box plan, this lesson can be easily used to create a roof and a door for any size of deer blind.

The roof is 73.5 inches long, with each side being 36.7 inches wide, while the door is19 x 66 inches. The detailed instructions can be tweaked with a little imagination to fit your exact box.

5. The Ultimate Deer Hunter Stand

Free Deer Stand Plans

This one is the king of homemade deer stands. It is made up of 2 decks, plus a box blind on top. The top also includes a roof, making it perfect for all kinds of weather.

It is a free-standing deer hunter stand and does not need the support of a tree to hold its 2 decks. It does feature extra support beams, which extend outwards to keep the building stable.

This hunter stand's construction lesson is laid out in easy to follow steps. It includes clearly labeled photographs, which explain all the individual building steps in detail.

The first ladder leads onto the first deck. The second ladder also leads onto the second deck, but through a trap-door, which closes down, to form part of the floor of the box.

6. Extra Strong Deer Tree Stand 

Free Deer Tree Stand Plan

This deer tree stand is one of the strongest hunter stands you can build. The simple deer stand plan on the page is detailed, and a closer look will convince you of its sensible design.

This DIY task requires 1 or 2 trees. It consists of a 16-ft tall ladder, plus a 46-inch wide deck on top. The deck also includes a seat, and it is easy and quick to put together.

One thing about this stand is that it cannot be moved. Once built, it is almost impossible to take apart. You will also need 2 supporting beams beneath the deck, nailed into the tree.

This design can be taken a little further with rails. If you add railing around the deck, you can now use a camouflaging material to cover your deck and blend into the surroundings.

7. Classic Octagonal Deer Blind

Free Octagon Deer Blind Plan

This deer blind is a rather beautiful box. Unique in both design and looks, it offers you enough space in a stylish manner.

The entire task is complex and will cost quite a lot. It is not clear from the pdf file, how much it will cost, but the construction definitely looks complicated.

Made entirely from wood, and with both an octagonal floor and roof, each side has just enough space for a window, while one full side is used as a door.

The roof is tilted to one side, while the entire box rests upon a stand with a ladder. This is no small task, but it is surely a rewarding venture if you can pull it off.

8. DIY Simple Deer Stand

How to build a deer stand

This DIY task is specifically for those who want a simple but comfortable deer stand. It utilizes standard construction principles, to create a very simple box.

Using lots of 2x4's to construct the frame, flooring and walling is done with plywood. This task can cost over a $100, if you decide to go for quality materials, including timber.

The instructions are easy to follow and include lots of pictures. This is one of the best DIY wood deer blinds on this list, and when done well, will last a long time.

The floor measures 48 x 35.5 inches, and the stand has a height of 80 inches on the taller side and 73 inches on the shorter side.

9. Texas Styled DIY Deer Hunter Box Blind

The Outdoor Texan's Free Deer Blind Plan

This deer hunter blind plan is from the outdoor Texan. Unlike most other tasks on this list, this one comes with a metal roof and a window, which you can actually close.

The frame is made using 2x4's, and the entire box covered with plywood. Then came the roof and the windows. 

According to the outdoor Texan, this task took about 10 hours to complete, but you should plan in extra hours, if you want to make it really nice looking.

10. Homemade Camouflage Box Deer Hunter Stand

Weather-Proof Box Deer Hunting Stand

This one is probably the best-looking and free homemade deer stand plan, on this list. It is a well thought out design and also simple. It is also a very strong and spacious stand.

The concept is simple and the deer stand design takes everything into consideration, including Plexiglas windows, a door, and a metal roof.

Following the instructions, the task will cost about $200, although this will depend on your choice of materials and quality.

The list includes 27 pieces of 8-ft long 2x4's, a door handle, hinges and camouflage painting, which makes this stand really worth it.

You have now seen these 10 amazing and free deer blind plans, and it's now left for you to decide which one you'd like to construct. 

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