21 Gorgeous DIY Daybed Plans & Ideas For Your Home

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21 Gorgeous DIY Daybed Plans & Ideas For Your Home

There is always a struggle between squeezing in more furniture into your house and living enough space to avoid overcrowding.

One of the best and easiest ways of achieving this is by having furniture that is functional in more than one ways. And a daybed is one of the best ones when it comes to this.

With a daybed, you will have somewhere to lounge in the day and a sleeping area for your guests at night time. And unlike the Murphy bed or stow-away trundle bed, you will not have to focus on hiding the extra sleep area.

You can get a cheap daybed in most furniture stores but most of the time the design and sturdiness will not impress you, or it will not suit your space well.

The best idea is always to build a DIY day bed that suits your space, particular needs, and tastes. And it is easier to make than you might think provided you have some detailed plans.

We have gathered some DIY daybed plans and ideas in this piece to help you make something that you will love.

You can find more than just these free daybed plans like plans for murphy bed, bunk bed, platform bed, loft bed, raised garden bed, bed frame, and many more.

Simple DIY Pine Plywood Daybed

Plywood is a cheap material, but there are countless things that you can use it to build. This DI­­­­­Y daybed uses pine plywood, and it is a quick and inexpensive project to implement.

And apart from the plywood, you will also need screws and a few other things that are on the shopping list.

There are many pictures in this tutorial and some text guidelines to make this an easy-to-build daybed, and it should only take one day to complete.

2. Easy Homemade Daybed with Storage

Easy Homemade Daybed with Storage

A daybed will not only provide extra sitting and sleeping surface, but you can also make one with some storage spaces to make it even more functional.

These DIY daybed plans from A Trail Life provides a simple tutorial to help you make one in a few days and with a lot of storage space.

The picture tutorial will guide you through the crucial stages of the build, and you will only need to use regular lumber pieces like 2x4s and the essential woodworking hardware like screws.

3. $86 DIY Pallet Daybed Frame

$86 DIY Pallet Daybed Frame

Pallets are cheap and easy to get, and this project provides an idea on how to use them to build your own daybed frame. And although it looks cozy and fancy you will only spend about $86.

This daybed frame also has some casters to make it easy to move around and some pipe and flange arms to give it an industrial look.

The Pretty Prudent article provides a detailed tutorial with pictures for all the stages of the build and some in-depth text guidelines that also explain all the materials that you need and their sizes.

4. Simple Classic Slated Design DIY Daybed

Simple Classic Slated Design DIY Daybed

For a budget of between $100 and $150 and with this Ana White tutorial to guide you, it is possible to make a classic and straightforward daybed for your guest room over the weekend.

The article provides a shopping list for this DIY daybed plan that includes 2x6s, 1x3s, and 2x4s and there is also a cut list for all the lumber pieces.

The tutorial provides some easy to follow instructions with some SketchUp to help you with the construction, and so this should be an easy project to implement.

5. DIY Mid Century Daybed

DIY Mid Century Daybed

Despite the impressive mid-century look, making a daybed like this one is quite straightforward and you will not need to spend much.

With your mattress and a matching foundation, the only other things that you need are four table legs and mounting plates.

Although there is nothing much to do bedsides from mounting the legs on the mattress foundation the tutorial still explains the process in detail. And there are also some pictures to give you some inspiration on what to do and how to decorate the room.

6. Herringbone Patterned Under $75 DIY Daybed

 Herringbone Patterned Under $75 DIY Daybed

If you have some experience making the herringbone patterns on woodwork project or know how to do it here is a DIY daybed project that you should tray.

You will spend between $50 and $75 to build your own DIY daybed like this one, and you will need 1x2, 1x3, 2x2 and 2x4 lumber pieces for the project.

There is a cut list for the DIY daybed frame and all the pieces for the herringbone design and also a list of the tools that you will need.

For the tutorial, you will get some detailed 13-step text instructions and some 3D sketches that will provide all the information you need.

7. Un-treated Wood Pallets DIY Daybed on Wheels

Un-treated Wood Pallets DIY Daybed on Wheels

Here is another simple DIY daybed that you can make from old un-treated wood pallets. And apart from the pallets, you will need some casters and hinges.

You will also need to palm sander to give the wood a smooth surface and your regular woodworking tools and hardware.

Although the article does not provide the step by step directions, the pictures should make the project easy to figure out even for beginner DIYers.

8. 2x4s and Reclaimed Hardwood Boards DIY Daybed

2x4s and Reclaimed Hardwood Boards DIY Daybed

That funny corner on your back deck that is always giving you a hard time when trying to decorate can be the perfect spot for a DIY daybed.

This project provides an easy to implement idea on how to build a DIY outdoor daybed with 2x4s and some reclaimed hardwood boards.

The DIY daybed tutorial provides a brief overview of what you need to do and some pictures, but the dimensions will depend on the space that you have for the daybed.

9. Easiest Homemade Hanging Bed

Easiest Homemade Hanging Bed

Here is another excellent DIY daybed from Ana White that any DIYer can build. And it only costs between $20 and $50 to make.

Like most of her other DIY projects, Ana provides some very detailed instructions that include both text and SketchUp to make this a straightforward DIY plan to implement.

There is a shopping list for this 84-5/8 inches long homemade daybed, but besides from the regular woodworking hardware, you will only need to buy 2x4 studs, 50-foot rope or chain, and some Eyebolts.

10. Cheap DIY Plywood Mid-Century Daybed

Cheap DIY Plywood Mid-Century Daybed

For those DIYers that are still trying to figure out how to make a daybed here is a lovely mid-century inspired one that you can build from plywood.

The easy to build DIY daybed will use one 4x8-foot sheet of plywood, and you will also need some mid-century tapered legs, but there is a complete tools and materials list in the article.

There are some written instructions with pictures for everything from cutting the limber pieces and assembling them. But, if you prefer something more visual there is also a helpful video for the project.

11. Minimalist DIY Daybed with Storage

Minimalist DIY Daybed with Storage

This DIY daybed with storage will be an excellent project for anyone that wants to add some extra storage space to their guest room.

The DIY daybed ils just a box with some storage space but what I love most about this plan is that it will only cost $90 to implement.

You will need some pine plywood and some 2x4s for this project, and the Proper Blog tutorial provides both a cut list and a list of the other tools and materials that you will need.

And if you follow the picture tutorial with brief text descriptions this should only be a one day DIY daybed project.

12. $200 DIY Outdoor Daybed

$200 DIY Outdoor Daybed

A DIY daybed can also provide a comfortable outdoor sitting area. And to make an outdoor one like this, you will only spend about $200 (price of the twin mattress size included).

This Rain On A Tin Roof article provides a comprehensive tutorial for making the DIY outdoor daybed, and it includes both lumber and tools list and a cut list.

Once you gather all the materials, you only need to follow the 8-step instructions and pictures to build the daybed. And you can finish it in just one summer day.

13. Easy Repurposed Door and 2x4 Daybed

 Easy Repurposed Door and 2x4 Daybed

This Keeping It Simple tutorial provides a simple idea on how to build a daybed using an old door and some 2x4s. It provides a great way to put an old wood door to good use, and it is also a cheap way of building a daybed.

Cutting and assembling the 2x4s should be easy and quick. And although it is very straightforward the tutorial still provides some helpful pictures and text guidelines.

Painting the daybed will take most of the time, but this is still a one-day DIY daybed plan that will only cost about $35 to implement.

14. Cheap Repurposed Doors Daybed

Cheap Repurposed Doors Daybed

Here is another easy and inexpensive DIY daybed project that uses some old doors. And it is a pretty easy project for any DIYer.

You will need a couple of solid wood doors for this project and a few other lumber pieces like 2x4s and 1x4s. Everything else that you need for the project is in the materials and tool list.

The tutorial provides some in-depth text instructions and some pictures that will guide you when building this repurposed doors daybed.

15. DIY Twin Size Daybed with Storage Drawers

DIY Twin Size Daybed with Storage Drawers

Looks are as important as the sturdiness of your DIY daybed, and you will hardly see one that is more appealing than this one by Fix This Build That.

This twin size daybed also includes three drawers to provide some extra storage space. And you can build it from 2x4, 2x3, plywood and MDF lumber boards.

The article provides a video and step by step instructions with pictures on how to build this lovely 78-3/4 inches daybed. You can make it in one weekend or a few days depending on your skill level.

16. One-Day DIYOutdoor Daybed

One-Day DIYOutdoor Daybed

DIY outdoor daybeds will provide a comfortable sitting space for your patio or deck, and they are also a cheaper alternative to buying the outdoor couches,

My Outdoor Plans makes this tutorial for a DIYer that wants to make an inexpensive but still very functional daybed. And to implement the plans, you will need some 4x4s for the legs and other lumber pieces like 2x4s and 1x4s, but there are some lists of all the materials and tools.

When you get to the construction, the 3D sketches and text instructions will be easy to follow and also very detailed. And it should only take one day to build the DIY daybed.

17. Modern IKEA Cabinets DIY Daybed

Modern IKEA Cabinets DIY Daybed

Most IKEA cabinets are cheap and easy to order. And you do not have to use them as they are because it is possible to repurpose them into a lovely DIY daybed.

And so if you have been wondering how to build a DIY daybed your IKEA cabinets might hold the solution for you.

This project uses six 40-cm wide cabinets, and there is nothing much that you need to do besides from arranging and joining them into a daybed.

Although the article does not provide guidelines on how to build this DIY daybed with storage the short description and pictures should be enough to inspire any experienced DIYer.

18. Easy and Cheap DIY Wooden Daybed

Easy and Cheap DIY Wooden Daybed

This easy DIY daybed idea uses regular lumber pieces that you might already have in your workshop or can get without spending much.

And besides from the lumber board and some screws there is nothing much that you will need to make this 4.5-meter wide daybed for your guest room or cottage.

This DIY daybed idea is also quite inexpensive to implement. And depending on your choice of lumber, the size and the mattress that you want to use this can cost under $200 to build.

Even with the absence of clear direction on what to do this should still be a straightforward daybed design to figure out.

19. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

If you like swinging and would also want somewhere cozy to relax on a Saturday afternoon you should add this DIY pallet swing bed to your to-do list.

It might not be an obvious daybed for some people, but it still qualifies as an outdoor one. The Merry Thought article provides a short and easy to follow tutorial for making the swing bed that also includes some helpful pictures.

There is also a material list of everything that you need, and besides the pallets, you will need 2x4s and some screws. The pallets are easy to get for free and the other things you might already have, and so this is quite an inexpensive DIY daybed plan.

20. Quick DIY Old Bed Into Daybed

 Quick DIY Old Bed Into Daybed

A DIY daybed with trundle does not have to be a complicated project if you use a little inventiveness. And this project provides a good idea of how to do this.

This DIY project is all about converting an old bed into a daybed, and it is an inexpensive plan that does not require a lot of material to implement.

There are 4 easy steps in this project that provide some pictures and brief text explanations on how to do everything from painting to assembling and decorating the daybed.

And although the trundle design only entails placing an extra mattress under the daybed the article still provides some tips on how to enhance it.

21. Simple DIY Daybed Mattress

Simple DIY Daybed Mattress

If you already have a frame or know how to make a simple one the only other thing that you will need for your daybed is a mattress. And this project explains how to make a DIY one.

This tutorial provides some text guidelines for making the mattress using pillow filling and fabric, and there are also some photos to help you out.

Anyone can make this daybed mattress as it is just straightforward and it will be a great idea if you want everything on your DIY daybed to be homemade.

Do you already have a daybed? If yes, how did you make it and how long did it take to complete? Also, was it a cheap or expensive project?

We would love to hear your answers in the comments section below. And also feel free to tell us your thoughts and views on building DIY daybeds.