8 Simple DIY Dado Router Jig Plans You Can Actually Build Yourself

Router Dado Jig

If you have been in woodworking for a while now, you understand that handheld routers are useful and versatile. This is especially when you are starting out. 

Actually, they are one of the four most used power tools in a carpenters arsenal. Routers are designed to do two things perfectly. First, they profile edges into various shapes and plow grooves. 

Speaking of which, any groove running along the grain is referred to just that – a groove and any groove running across the grain is referred to as a dado. 

Seeing their usefulness, I have compiled a list of router jigs that will help you make perfect dadoes. They are beginner projects and best of all, cheap.

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Simple Router Jig For Square Shelf Dadoes

If you are looking to build a bookcase, you will without a doubt need a router. While making a bookcase, most often than not, you will have to cut a dado. 

This jig as detailed in the Start Woodworking blog tutorial will guide you in making a perfectly straight and square dado. 

All you need to build the jig are 2 pieces of hard scraps measuring 3.5-inches wide, four screws and wood glue. 

The blog tutorial details the steps to follow in building the router jig for making perfect dadoes. The step-by-step instructions are complemented by images for better visualizing.

2.  DIY Exact-Width Dado Jig 

 DIY Exact-Width Dado Jig

I love this for the mere fact that the jig is adjustable. With this router jig, you get to cut dadoes of the exact width you want. 

With this router jig, you do not need to have different jigs for different widths. A simple adjustment of the side will provide you with the width you are after. 

The Wood Magazine provides a blog tutorial to guide you in building the jig. Also available is a perspective diagram. The perspective diagram features all measurements and shows you where each piece fits in the adjustable router jig puzzle. 

3.  DIY Cheap and Simple Dado Jig

DIY Cheap and Simple Dado Jig

If you are a handy DIYer, you most likely get to work on many wood projects. This is a great and fun thing. 

With the various pieces you come up with, you always find yourself needing to incorporate a dado for a perfect design and look. For every one of these, you have to take measurements before routing for the perfect pattern. 

While this is a simple process, it gets repetitive and boring way too fast. This is where this router jig by Popular Woodworking comes into play. It gets rid of the repetition while delivering clean-cut patterns.

4.  Simple DIY Router Dado Jig 

Simple DIY Router Dado Jig

Let us say it as it is. The quest for accuracy in the woodworking industry is real. And not everyone has had the privilege of acquiring it. 

The process of achieving accuracy most often than not is like finding your way out of a maze. Making a wrong move at the very beginning will have you going in circles without ever getting close to that perfect dado. 

The entrance to the dado seems simple and promising, however, shortly after, it transforms into an uphill task. Moving a large piece of wood across a router does not always work as planned. 

It is largely inefficient and yields imperfect results most times. That said, you should save yourself the hassle by building this router dado jig by popular mechanics. Building this jig is simple and straightforward. 

The techniques explained in the tutorial are priceless and will go a long way to helping you build the perfect dado jig. 

5.  DIY 2x2 Plywood Router Dado Jig 

DIY 2x2 Plywood Router Dado Jig

If pocket holes cannot cut it in the project you are about to embark on because of the angles and sizes involved in the projects, then you should consider making this dado jig by Jay Custom Creations. 

What I love about this dado jig is that it is made using 2x2 plywood and gets rid of the need to cut slots. The process of building this dado jig is not complicated and even a beginner can hack it. 

All you need to assemble the jig is some wood glue and 0.625-inch brads to hold the pieces into place. The brads are not for strength but just holding everything together as the wood dries. 

Follow the blog tutorial outlined and you will be good to go. 

6.  A 3-Step Router Dado Jig 

 A 3-Step Router Dado Jig

If you use dadoes in many different ways, from vertical case partitions to fixed shelves and drawer construction, you need a tool to make the work easier.  

Traditional router jigs are used by many but the whole idea of having to clamp everything down might not sit well with you. To help ease your dado making process, build this dado jug by Wood Archivist. 

This dado jig is built in 3 steps and proves easy to align and use when complete.

7.  Easy DIY Dado Jig 

Easy DIY Dado Jig

This particular dado jig by Router Workshop is perfect in holding long uprights in place as you cut out dados for your shelves. 

The DIY dado as detailed in the blog tutorial is easy to make. As a matter of fact, the dado can be built in a few minutes. 

Router workshop used 0.75-inch 20x30-inch plywood for the base and screwed two 1-inch strips of pine wood onto the plywood. 

With this design, it is the top strip that will hold the clamps and upon which the uprights will rest against. 

8.  DIY Dado Jig with Clamps 

DIY Dado Jig with Clamps

We already established that a router is imperative to woodworking. Without them, dadoes would be non-existent. But with a router only, making a dado is difficult. 

To ease up the process, build this dado jig. It is designed with an integrated clamp to avoid the hassle of having to use separate clamps. This dado jig by Carter Tools is functional and easy to make. 

The width of the dado slot is 0.73-inches which is sufficient for most projects. 

There you have it. 8 simple, cheap and functional dado jig you can make in a few minutes. Hope you get inspired by one of the dado jigs. 

When you do get some inspiration, feel free to share images of the finished product with us. Additionally, if you have any dado jig you feel might fit the list perfectly share with the rest of DIYers. 

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