34 Creative DIY Craft Table Plans to Make Your Own

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34 Creative DIY Craft Table Plans to Make Your Own

diy craft table

If you are into making crafts, you know how important it is a designated area from which you work on the projects. The area needs to be large enough to accommodate your craft supplies.

A craft table is a great addition to any DIYers, craft room. Since quality craft tables tend to be expensive, and needless to say lack of creativity, how about building one for yourself?

I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of DIY craft table plans you can get into building. These projects are courtesy of creative minds with skillful hands.

With these DIY projects, you can learn how to build a craft table at the comfort of your home.

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DIY Modern Craft Table

A craft table is where the ingenious DIY ideas are born. So it makes sense if the craft table is also as creative in addition to being functional.

This craft table by Ana White meets all the important qualities you would want. It provides ample space and storage.

The table is simply two bookshelves with a tabletop. It is stylish and functional.

2. DIY Large Craft Table

DIY Large Craft Table

If you are looking for a craft table that is large enough to accommodate your large DIY projects this is the best craft table plan for you. If you like you can refer to it as a DIY craft island

But though large, this table leaves enough room for a decent walkway. You can also customize the measurements to your needs.

The table features simple baskets and open shelves. The bases are oversized and the countertop is laminate. The Infarrantly Creative blog details the process of making the table step-by-step in intricate detail.

3. DIY Ikea Kallax Shelf

DIY Ikea Kallax Shelf

Ikea is a popular furniture brand. The creativity depicted on its furniture is through the roof and are pleasing to look at. If you want to gift yourself with an Ikea furniture, this is the perfect DIY hack.

The worktable features a huge surface, great and convenient storage and is easy to move around courtesy of the casters at its base. The top is made of plywood finished with hardwood edging.

Building this unit is simple. The Family Handyman will guide you through the building process. It requires moderate woodworking skills and can be completed in a weekend.

Building this craft table should cost anywhere between $100 and $500.

4. Sturdy custom Craft Desk

Sturdy custom Craft Desk

The one thing I love about this craft desk is the fact that it features ample storage room. In addition to this, it has a lot of space to work with and is extremely sturdy.

Following the process outlined in the ‘Littlevs’ blog, you should expect to spend about $112 give or take a few couple of dollars. The craft desk features little cubicles on the side which add to the storage of the table.

The measurements on the blog are from both the main and side desks. A list of materials and tools are included in the blog tutorial.

5. 1-Hour Saw Horse Craft Table

1-Hour Saw Horse Craft Table

Truth be told, crafting is not always a job you can complete when seated. There are those that need you to stand for comfort. Unfortunately, there are very few clean craft tables to choose from that provide great height comfort.

But with a little work and creativity, you can conjure up your comfortable craft table. The table measures 34 inches. This height is perfect for standing and when seated on a counter stool.

What I love most about this craft desk is its contrast of a smooth top and the unfinished wood saw horses. The fact that you can build the unit in about an hour is an added advantage as well.

The Homedit blog provides you with a guide and all you need to succeed in the project.

6. DIY Craft Room Desk With Shelves

DIY Craft Room Desk With Shelves

The beauty of owning your own room as a DIYer is that you get to design your home into whatever you please. This desk can not only act as your crafting table but can also double as a room divider.

To hack this project, you will need the IKEA Expedit shelves. In addition to this, you will need the IKEA adjustable table legs and tabletop.

The Creative Imperative painted the top with chalkboard paint thus converting it into a huge designing area. The blog tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through.

7. DIY Kids Crafting Station

DIY Kids Crafting Station

Kids are a blessing there is no doubt about this. But anyone with a child can testify that they can be a pain in the behind.

If you cannot get any DIY crafting done on your workstation courtesy of your kids’ interruptions, build this craft. The best way of getting your kids off your back is to get them busy with their own project.

This miniature DIY crafting table from Handmade Charlotte is perfect for kids. It helps kids indulge their creativity without restrictions and bond with you in your workspace.

8. DIY Makeshift Craft Counter

DIY Makeshift Craft Counter

If you constantly have to rifle through boxes and boxes of items in the basement to get what you need to use for your current DIY project, you need some order in your life. This craft table will be perfect.

It is simply two cubes, some legs and a plain table top brought to work together in perfect unity. On this craft table by the 'Make-it Love-it' blog, you can either stand or use pull up a chair.

For the top, rather than leaving it plan, you can work some creativity into it and add some patterns.

9. IKEA Rast Dresser Converted into a Craft Table

IKEA Rast Dresser Converted into a Craft Table

It is always exciting when you have to work with IKEA products. Especially when you know the hold the brand has in the industry. Getting an affordable product and converting it into a furniture that meets your needs is allowed.

In this Addison Meadows Lane blog tutorial, you learn just how you can convert an IKEA Rast Dresser into a craft room desk.

Though the process is rather intricate, it has been simplified by the blog tutorial and is perfect for beginners as well.

All you need is some paint, castor wheel, plexiglass and a plexiglass cutter and some other few materials to hack the project.

10. IKEA Expedits Craft Table

IKEA Expedits Craft Table

If you have a room that will soon be free, you should build yourself a craft room. This room will help you better focus on your projects. In this room, you should have a craft table.

In the De Jong Dream House blog tutorial, the raft table has been using the IKEA Expedits.  Sterilite clip boxes have also been thrown into the mix to help with arranging products and keeping everything organized.

You could add casters to the table if you anticipate any movement. But you should note that it will increase the height of the table and you should factor this in as you make your building plans.

11. DIY Built-In Craft Desk

DIY Built-In Craft Desk

This project can fool you into thinking it is complicated and a lot of work. But when you get a breakdown of the steps involved as is outlined in the Practically Functional blog, you realize it is easy.

Provided you can paint, combine cube storage shelves using a few screws, you are good to go. This craft table idea is simple yet highly functional. The bale is large enough to allow for multitasking.

I personally love the fact that the craft table was designed to be sturdy and strong to withstand any bashing and hammering you carry out on it.

12. DIY Long Craft Room Desk

DIY Long Craft Room Desk

If you have a small space to work with, you have to be overly creative to use up as little space as possible and still get lots of storage. Retail crat room desks are long and unfortunately expensive.

This 120-inch long craft room desk will, however, meet your crafting needs. You can always make any changes to the measurements as detailed on the How To Nest For Less blog.

The blog tutorial made the masterpiece using kitchen base cabinets from Lowes and spent about $400 for the purchases and the project.

The cabinets are connected with plywood which acts as the top of the craft table

13. DIY Filing Cabinet Craft Table

DIY Filing Cabinet Craft Table

If you have a child littering the house with all her creative art, build her this craft table. The craft table is simply a floating table complimented with two filing cabinets.

The cabinets are spray painted to look presentable. You can choose any color you please. The floating top is made from a hardwood plywood.

With simple measurements to ensure the craft table suits your needs, all that remains is mounting it to the wall. The North Story blog takes you through this creation process.

14. Wall Mounted Craft Desk

Wall Mounted Craft Desk

This wall-mounted craft desk is perfect for small space. It provides a creative workspace and gives the room a midcentury look. Rather than getting a new desk, prefer this craft desk.

There are lots of instructions online that can get pretty overwhelming. But following this simplified version of the Crafted Life blog, you are more than set to go. All you need is a few boards and some brackets.

Overall, the project will cost you about $220 and about an hour to complete.

15. Simple Sawhorse Craft Desk

Simple Sawhorse Craft Desk

Sawhorses are a DIYers best friend. They help save a lot of time in projects. This particular project by the Poofy Cheeks blog uses sawhorses and installs a plyboard for the top.

Most of the work is in staining the sawhorses and sanding the plywood to get the look you are after. The result is a long table providing ample working space.

16. Modular Craft Table

Modular Craft Table

 This is a creative and functional craft table all in one. This DIY project table comes with 18 cubbies and 2 drawers. This is more than enough space to store all your crafting supplies.

Ana White details the process of building the craft table with ease. All you need is to do is build two cubby bookcases and add a desktop.

By doing that you will have a stylish table at the center of your crafting room.

17. Homemade Custom Craft Table Using Ikea Kallax Shelves

Homemade Custom Craft Table Using Ikea Kallax Shelves

This DIY craft tutorial is easy and doable for beginners. It is a custom-made craft table designed from Ikea Kallax shelves.

If you are short on space and have a cluttered workspace, this craft table will provide you with organization and storage options.

The tutorial is direct and perfect for beginners with basic woodworking skills.

18. Inexpensive DIY Craft Table

Inexpensive DIY Craft Table

Living in the city, space is a luxury that most homeowners cannot afford. As such, many are left to be creative in their own simple ways.

Rather than purchase new and expensive Ikea furniture, the Organize Your Stuff Now blog details the process of using inexpensive Ikea furniture to build an iconic piece of furniture. In total, you will spend about $55.

The white crafting table has been designed to work in just about any space and to be moved with ease.

19. DIY Bookcase Craft Table

DIY Bookcase Craft Table

Storage is everything when it comes to crafting table. There are any crafting tables that have been built with cubes. But if you need more storage space, you will need shelves as well.

These are longer and accommodate bulk and long items. Rather than build the craft table from scratch, you should get premade cube shelves instead.

They cost about $39 but overall, they are cheaper than most bookcases. With the cube shelves, all you need now is screw the top on. The Thrifty Décor Chick is detailed in her explanation of the project.

20. Colorful Crafting Table

Colorful Crafting Table

Who knew that cube organizers and repurposed doors can be used to provide a perfect piece of art - One that is practical and an envy of all?

If you are one who loves color, you will love this particular craft table by Martha Stewart. For this project, you will need 2 6-cube storage units, a hollow core, an oilcloth, brackets, and screws and other materials and tools listed in the blog tutorial.

The tutorial also features step by step instructions guiding you through the creation of the unit as a whole.

21. DIY Sewing Table

DIY Sewing Table

If any of your crafts entail sewing, you should customize your craft table to accommodate this. The craft table by Ikea Hackers is one that will meet your needs.

The base of this craft table features a two Ikea Expedit units connected to each other. They rest on 4-inch legs which add some height to the table.

The tabletop is a beautiful Vika Amon table top. The blog tutorial explains its layering with quilt batting and fabric to provide it with some padding. Now, this tabletop is connected to the base Expedits with strong L brackets.

22. DIY Counter Height Craft Table

DIY Counter Height Craft Table

For those who take their DIY projects and crafts seriously, they spend quite a significant amount of time on the craft table. As such, the crat table needs to be comfortable and with ample storage.

This craft table by A Jennuine Life blog is all this and much more. It features a comfortable counter height and has several storage baskets on its side.

Following the listed tutorial, you can replicate the project with some minor changes to suit your measurements and personality. Overall, the project costs a total of $173.98.

The baskets slide in an out for storage. They provide a clean and organized look.

23. Four-Station Craft Desk

Four-Station Craft Desk

Most people handle their DIY projects and crafts alone. However, if you are one of the few who loves to have friends and family over to help, this four-station craft desk will come in handy.

Good thing, courtesy of the Ana White blog tutorial, you do not have to spend a fortune to have one. This particular unit will cost about $500 and requires intermediate DIY skills.

Overall, it takes in excess of 20 hours to complete. The table is a square and measures 34-inches tall.

24. Durable Craft Table Room

Durable Craft Table Room

This is yet another craft table that allows you to work with friends and family on a project. The project by the All Things Heart and Home is simple, durable and spacious.

The fact that it features a beachy look does it for me. Its budget-friendly design is also a plus. With $39, you can order 3 boxes which are way cheaper than regular countertops.

When building this craft table, creativity is key. Though simple for beginners, one has to be keen to get the perfect end result.

25. DIY Pallet Farm Table

DIY Pallet Farm Table

Pallets are perfect for DIY projects. The results are usually beautiful and out of this world. This pallet farm table is simple and stylish.

The Funky Junk Interiors has a long desktop measuring 144-inches. While the desk is highly prominent and will capture the attention of everyone who walks into the room, it is proportional.

Cedar planks are used for the top while the pallet 4x4 oak posts are used for the legs. The blog tutorial features instructions to guide you through the project.

26. Dresser Craft Table

Dresser Craft Table

Well, this craft table is not exactly a dresser it is made from a dresser. The blog tutorial by Nicole Samuels details the process of converting the dresser into a piece of art.

If you are skeptical whether the dresser can be successfully transformed, doubt not. I love the fact that the resulting dresser features numerous drawers to store your items.

An extension is also added to the countertop to provide more counter space. You can finish the unit in whichever paint, color and style you prefer.

27. DIY Foldable Craft Table

DIY Foldable Craft Table

I love the fact that this project is made from scrap wood. Adding to this, it is foldable and stored when it is not in use.

Given that it was only made from scrap wood, it is insanely cheap. It costs about $5. According to the Remodelaholic blog, the project requires some advanced woodworking skills.

The craft table is perfect for persons looking for a large space to work on. It features shelves which add to its functionality and storage.

28. DIY Vintage Industrial Craft Table

DIY Vintage Industrial Craft Table

If a vintage industrial cart and a craft table were to get married and have a baby, this project will be the baby they get. The project is a perfect fusion of a cart and an industrial unit.

It is perfect if you need a craft table that can be moved around. If you need the convenience or portability, get down to work. The unit also comes with a shelf below for added storage space.

The Deeply Southern Home blog details the building process. The project starts with a heavy-duty workbench gotten from the Simpson Strong-Tie.

This kit makes the project a whole lot easier than building everything from scratch.

29. Rustic Craft Table

Rustic Craft Table

This is an attractive craft table that is highly affordable. The blog tutorial by the Creative Heart Studio is basic and allows a lot of room to make adjustments and changes to the project.

The craft table features drawers. And while building the craft table may be easy, you should note that the drawers may present some bit of a challenge.

Following the blog tutorial, you will spend about $85 on the wood. As for the drawer slides, handles, paint and other items listed, they cost about $30. This is a great price for a beautiful and sturdy piece.

The table can without a doubt hold up to beatings during different projects.

30. DIY Farmhouse Craft Table

DIY Farmhouse Craft Table

A DIY project needs not be perfect. It does, however, need to pass the functional test. It should be large enough to contain your items during any project and feature storage options for your materials.

In this project with wood screws and basic glues will come in handy, and is all you need. The materials needed for the project is provided in a list.

The blog tutorial by Tony and Kristine is intricate, detailed and features an ironing board.

31. DIY Customized Sewing Room Cutting Table

DIY Customized Sewing Room Cutting Table

This sewing table by Ikea Hackers is put together according to the Ikea instructions. The process though seeming complicated and intricate is simple. The blog tutorial is a testament to this.

The top is a butcher block gotten from a home improvement store. You can stain it however you please. You can even throw in a color resistant coating as well.

Given that it is sewing and crafting table, it is imperative that it is aligned and flat.

32. Ikea Hack Craft Table With Ample Storage

Ikea Hack Craft Table With Ample Storage

There are several things that have been addressed with this Ikea hack craft table. Some of the considerations include storage, counter height and the ability to sit around it. All this with the advantage of being inexpensive.

The Ikea Hack craft table by the Landee blog costs about $160. It is easy to put together the Kallax shelf with the instructions provided on the blog.

Adding some storage bins in the cubes gives the table more functionality. Assembling the unit is a walk in the park.

33. DIY Craft table with Trestle Legs and Wood Flooring

DIY Craft table with Trestle Legs and Wood Flooring

This tutorial by An Oregon Cottage will guide you through the process of building a rustic and industrial style craft table. The desk also features Ikea trestle legs along with salvaged wood flooring.

The latter is intended to give it more personality. Overall, the table costs about $30. It is incredibly simple to build. I love the fact that it has been built from reclaimed and cheap materials.

The step-by-step-instructions are straightforward and easy for beginners to hack as well. With all products available, the project does not take long to complete.

34. DIY Kiddie Craft Table

DIY Kiddie Craft Table

Kids are fun and are a blessing. But truth be told, when you are handling a serious project on your own for a client, they can get in your way of meeting a deadline.

To help get your kids out of the way without making them feel unwanted, you can build this craft table. A craft table will have your kids busy as you are busy.

In the process, having their own workstation will help avoid a huge mess around the house and help improve their creativity in the process.

This table by the Hallmark Channel blog is small and perfect for kids. It is large enough to accommodate two kids on one workstation. On either side are drawers for storage of craft items.

And there you have it – 34 DIY craft table plans you can build for yourself. They are all different and as such, you can prefer any that meets your fancy. You can also make the necessary adjustments

If you do end up building any of the projects listed, feel free to share the results of your DIY project with other DIYers. This will help motivate someone in starting the project for themselves.

We love hearing from you. If you have any additions or corrections to the list provided feel free to share.