8 Easy DIY Corner Desk Plans Anyone Can Build

8 Easy DIY Corner Desk Plans Anyone Can Build

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A corner space doesn't have to be a waste. It is quite easy to turn any corner into a productive office space that you can be proud of.

Most people assume that an office desk always has to be a standard desk, but the truth is that office space can get limited sometimes. In such a situation, you will want to get creative and decide on a corner desk.

If you love to build things by yourself, then it's even much better, because I have gathered the following 8 DIY corner desk plans, with the hope that they might help you to get creative.

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Simple but Elegant DIY Corner Desk Plan

Whitney from Shanty2Chic built this DIY corner desk for her 13-year old. It is simple, yet it looks so elegant and it is quite easy to build according to her.

This guide is packed full of pictures, detailing each step of the process, from the side cabinets to the final assembly. She also added cool drawers to the desk, which you are free to copy and add to yours.

The plans are contained in a PDF file, which you can download and print for your own convenience.

This corner desk is 50 inches wide and 30 inches high. You will find all the necessary material and cut lists in the PDF plan.

2. Jack's DIY Corner Desk Plan

Jack's DIY Corner Desk Plan

This tutorial is straight to the point. Jack shows you here how you can build your very own L-shaped desk. It features a drawer and 2 shelves on each side, providing you with a lot of space.

Each side of the L-shaped desktop is 62 inches long, while the desk is 30 inches high. This guide contains lots of color-coded diagrams, which help you to better understand.

There is a material list, which includes plywood for the top and 1x2s for the frame. Needed tools include a drill, miter saw, and pocket hole jig.

Jack did not leave any instructions about finishing so that one will be up to you, should you decide to use this corner desk plan.

3. Sturdy & Elegant DIY Corner Desk Plan

Sturdy & Elegant DIY Corner Desk Plan

This is a rather high-quality white corner desk, which has been built with lots of love and attention to detail. It cost less than $200 to build, but similar desks will go for at least $1,000 in a furniture shop.

There are frames for the drawer fronts, giving them a classy look. The legs are lovely, while the drawers feature bronze handles.

This guide is very detailed and comes with lots of pictures. It begins with a tool list, a material list, and then a step by step guide.

Step 7 is the last step and includes the addition of fronts to the drawers, as well as the final installation of the desk's different parts.

4. Dark & Bold DIY Corner Desk Plan

Dark & Bold DIY Corner Desk Plan

Some furniture pieces are very simple and easily forgotten, but this corner desk features an impressive design that you are bound to remember for a long time to come.

Its uniqueness comes from its legs' design and its color, which is a combination of Espresso, Jacobean and Provincial stains.

This guide includes enough pictures, but there is neither a material list, a cut list, nor step by step instructions to follow. Still if you pay close attention, you can figure out how to build this one.

5. Super-Cool Steel Pipe DIY Corner Desk Plan

Super-Cool Steel Pipe DIY Corner Desk Plan

It's okay to have a DIY corner computer desk which is a bit out of the ordinary. First off, this project used reclaimed wood boards, which look absolutely amazing.

Secondly, unlike most other corner desks in this list, this desk features a steel pipe frame and legs. The guide begins with a tool and material list, which include spray paint for the pipes and beeswax furniture polish for the reclaimed wood.

The construction instructions are presented in a step by step guide, though the steps are not numbered. It explains how to measure out the wood and steel that you'll need and then goes on with the cutting and assembly.

Although 13 nail plate connectors had to be used to hold the pieces of old wood together, the final result is amazing. This polished board made from old wood and resting on a steel pipe frame is simply too beautiful to look at.

6. Framing Wood DIY Corner Desk Plan

Framing Wood DIY Corner Desk Plan

Using 4 boards of 2x6 framing wood to make an L-shaped corner desk is quite a creative idea. Trey did it and he even added an amazing background to his desktop.

He explains the entire process here, including his choice of natural wood, hairpin legs, and a step by step construction instruction.

The boards are held together using mending plates on top of the desktop. You can choose to hide this if you want, but your final product might not look so cool.

Trey's window table wallpaper is something else. It puts the final touch to this corner computer desk plan, although you could decide to do without such a background.

7. Executive Style DIY Corner Desk Plan

Executive Style DIY Corner Desk Plan

If you want to build a corner desk that is fit for a CEO, then you might want to try out this plan. It teaches you how to make a corner desk that is truly fit for the boss.

This design is so simple but so cool. It uses drawers that were purchased from IKEA at $79 each and uses them as a base for the pine boards that make up the desktop.

For the desktop, four pine boards were held together using mending plates. After the 45-degree cut and fitting together, the desktop was then stained and double-coated.

The entire DIY computer desk plan cost just $300, which is a steal for such a great corner computer desk.

8. Ana's DIY Corner Desk Plan

Ana's DIY Corner Desk Plan

Our final DIY corner desk plan costs less than $100 to build. This plan comes from Ana white and it is fully loaded with a material and a tool list, plus a 5-step construction guide.

You will need either MDF or plywood, plus 1x2s and 1x3s. The table is 30 inches high and 61 inches long on each of the desktop's L-sides.

The plans are very well detailed with all the dimensions you can need. The cut list also makes your job easier, while the 5-step guide offers you stage by stage building instructions.

You will also find different pictures of corner computer desks on this page, which have been made using this plan.

We have reached the end of our DIY corner desk plans list. Please remember to pin and share whatever inspires you.

I am also curious to know your plans for a corner desk.

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