38 Easiest DIY Compost Bins You Can Build In One Day

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38 Easiest DIY Compost Bins You Can Build In One Day

Diy Compost Bin

Truth be told, constructed compost bins make beautiful and attractive additions to any garden while at the same time containing all composting operations you may have going on. Good thing, there are numerous compost bin designs online.

However, while all the available plans are unique and different, they do share some similarities, in their role they play and basic components and function.

In this piece, I have pieced together all the compost bin designs and created a comprehensive list any creative DIYer will enjoy. Even better, these will not cost you a fortune to build.

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DIY Recycled Wood Compost Bin

While there are many compost bin designs available online, the same cannot be said of compost bin plans and instructions.

If you are a picky DIYer and find most compost bins too basic, common, expensive or lacking in significant support, you will fall in love with this unit. This compost bin is simple and raised to keep rodents away.

The compost bin features 3 compartments each of the same size. The compartments are adequately ventilated and strong enough to withstand a lot of weight. In addition to this, the metallic roof is made light enough to lift.

The Backyard Feast blog provides a tutorial on how to build a compost pit. The instructions are clear and concise.

2. DIY Woven Flower Bed

DIY Woven Flower Bed

I should start by pointing out that this design exudes all manner of beauty. And the best part is that it is easy to build. Weaving a circular design is easy as the branches hold onto the structure easily.

The rods you use will determine the beauty you get in your flower bed. Willow and dogwood rods look great. The rods should be flexible and long enough. To achieve ample flexibility, you should soak your rods overnight.

For the weaving process, Instructables provide a PDF tutorial you can follow. It is simple enough for beginners to follow.

3. DIY Block-Wall Compost Bin

DIY Block-Wall Compost Bin

When you are making a compost bin, it is important that it be attractive and functional. This compost bin by Allan Block is designed to be versatile, large and easy enough to cater to your recycling needs.

But despite its size, the compost bin can be built in a weekend. While the compost bin block wall is open, it does feature a lid to protect against rodents and rain.

Overall, building this compost bin is labor intensive, but the results are indeed rewarding. You will enjoy the sturdy and strong bin you end up with when you are done.

4. DIY Spinning Compost Bin

DIY Spinning Compost Bin

Having a compost bin you can spin around saves you a lot of tedious work in making your compost manure. Unlike most spinning compost bins, this design is basic and easy to hack.

The compost bin is basically a barrel supported by two A-Frames on each side. While Instructables provides instructions, and measurements for the compost bin, you can make adjustments suiting your barrel size.

The tutorial has 12 steps but does not let this fool you into thinking it is a complex project. It actually is a beginner project and will cost approximately $50.

5. DIY Milk Crate Composter

DIY Milk Crate Composter

Who knew milk crates could come in handy in the making of your compost manure? Instructables shares a PDF tutorial and plan of a vertically stacked composter built using nothing else but milk crates.

The benefits of using milk crates are that they already have sufficient ventilation and that they are designed to stack together perfectly and firmly. They only need a little preparation to transform into compost bins.

The only tasking part of this project is the making of the lid and base to collect the leachate. Instructables provides a detailed PDF tutorial complete with the composter process even.

6. DIY Indoor Compost Bin

DIY Indoor Compost Bin

The fact that you live in an apartment should not bar you from making your own compost. Sure as an apartment dweller making compost is tricky and difficult, but with a little bit of creativity, you can hack it.

This indoor compost bin is perfect for individuals looking for cheap, creative, and customizable and space friendly options. All you need is a container, a tray, small bag of soil and old newspaper.

You can have the container as small or as big as you prefer. The Apartment Therapy blog takes you through the building process. The result is an active, tidy and odor-free compost bin.

7. DIY Yard Waste Bin

DIY Yard Waste Bin

Unlike most compost bin projects, this design could also work as a waste bin. This is, of course, depending on whether you have issues with critters or you are okay with them.

Regardless, working with the hardware cloth opens up a world of possibilities.  This compost bin by Empress of Dirt is creative and functional at the same time. The hardware clot in this project is used in making the screen top.

On the sides, the unit features a welded wire utility fence measuring approximately 144-inches. The tutorial provided will guide you through the easy project. The project is perfect for beginners as well.

8. Simple DIY Compost Bin

Simple DIY Compost Bin

Like we mentioned earlier, there are lots of compost bin designs available for retail. However, they are either too common or expensive or not suiting your needs.

If you are frustrated with the retail compost bins, Instructables provides a project that you will absolutely love.

It is simple, keeps the compost contained and most importantly, keeps your cat, dogs and other critters away. For this project, you will need a closable container, a Dremel tool, liquid nails and a screen.

The PDF tutorial provided by Instructables provides step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow from start to finish.

9. DIY Compost Bin From an Upcycled Shower Door  

DIY Compost Bin From an Upcycled Shower Door

If you love your DIY projects and have an old shower door lying unused in the garage, this tutorial by Rodale's Organic Life will guide you through the creative process of making the conversion.

Following the blog tutorial, Rodale's Organic Life’s shower doors measured 56x29-inches. The resulting compost bin is based on these dimensions. Aside from the shower door, you will also need compost shingles, nails and a host of other supplies.

The blog tutorial features a complete list of supplies needed as well as step-by-step instructions to guide you through the easy beginner project. Seeing that this is an upcycle project, you may have to get creative with the measurements.

10. DIY Steel Barrel Compost Tumbler

DIY Steel Barrel Compost Tumbler

Simple, functional and creative are the words that come close to describing this compost tumbler. This tumbler is an easy and fast way of meeting your compost needs. Aside from being creative, the compost tumbler is cheap too.

This project makes use of a steel barrel and as such is strong and bound to last for long. Sure making the tumbler is easy, but it does need some initial labor.

Luckily, the blog tutorial by Just Our Little Family, guides you through the project. The tutorial features a list of supplies needed and detailed instructions easy for beginners to follow a well.

11. DIY $50 Large Composter

DIY $50 Large Composter

If you have a large piece of land to work with, this large composter will work perfectly for you. In addition to being large, the composter also features a beautiful design.

The composter measures 96x96 inches. It rests on four stumps on every corner. 25 landscaping timbers each measuring 96-inches long were used to build the unit.

Given that the length of timber equals to the length of the composter, you need not make any adjustments to the length. The timbers are held together by steel rods which makes the structure strong and sturdy.

Overall, following the Instructables tutorial, you will spend approximately $50. The PDF tutorial includes 2-step instructions that are easy to follow.

12. DIY Trash Can Compost Bin

DIY Trash Can Compost Bin

If you do not have the luxury of spending too much cash, you have to be creative to build a unit that will cater to your needs. Good thing creative projects are fun.

This trash can compost bin is one of the best you can build. It is surprisingly easy to build and only takes about 10 minutes to set up.

If you do not have a trash can lying around, you can get an inexpensive one from your local store. The compost bin has the added benefit of being tidy. The

Naturally, Loriel blog takes you through the steps of building the trash can compost bin which only includes drilling holes on the trash cans.

13. DIY Pallet Compost Bin

DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Pallets have earned a reputation for themselves over the years. They are most DIYers go-to material for creative furniture designs. Mikes Backyard Nursery knows this and decides to build a compost bin from pallets.

You can obtain pallets for free form a local industry or at a retail shop at an almost throw away price. The resulting compost bin is compact and portable.

To keep the contents of the bin away from critters and animals, you can wrap the structure with chicken wire. 4-6 pallets are used for the project. The blog tutorial details the process of building the DIY compost bin.

14. DIY Drum-Style Composter

DIY Drum-Style Composter

Drums do not only have to be made from steel or plastic. You also can build a drum from plywood and fence wire. Instructables provides a PDF tutorial that takes you through the steps of building the drum-style composter.

The composter is designed to rotate so that the compost can breathe. This fastens the process of creating the compost and minimizes odor. You can build this fine piece of art in less than 3 hours.

And while it looks great, it also has great aesthetics. The materials for building the unit should cost about $15. That said, you should note that there is a weight limit to the compost bin.

You can, however, make adjustments to accommodate the extra weight of compost you intend to prepare.

15. DIY Kitchen Counter Compost Bin

DIY Kitchen Counter Compost Bin

Composting is easy. It can, however, be even easier if you have a compost bin right on your kitchen counter.

Sure, you will need a bigger bin indoors or outdoors depending on your preference, but a daily collection of food scraps and other compost materials is simpler with an accessible odor free bin on your counter.

This countertop compost bin is made from recycled material. The blog, Planet Pals, guides through the process of building the compost bin with plastic containers you would otherwise have thrown away.

While this creative countertop bin provides you with convenience, it should be emptied regularly in the larger main compost bin.

16. DIY Madeleine’s Compost Bin

DIY Madeleine’s Compost Bin

This is one smart, beautiful and professional looking compost bin. Its design can be confused for a top brand design. It is clean and is bound to keep your compost heap in tidy.

Instructables built this DIY compost bin from lumber left over from deck building. The bins measure 36 x 36 x 24 inches. The front stiles on both compartments have been designed to be removable and slide upwards.

This design makes it easy to shovel or fork the compost matter. The back stiles, on the other hand, are permanently screwed in place for stability. The other openings on the bin are screened and feature glass mesh.

The top to this bins are hinged and swing up from the center. Instructables provide instructions and SketchUp diagrams to guide you in the project.

17. DIY Spinning Wine Barrel Compost Bins

DIY Spinning Wine Barrel Compost Bins

There are compost bins designed using plastic and metallic barrels. However, this tutorial details compost bins made from wooden wine barrels. If you have some wine barrels lying around, why not convert them into compost bins?

The 3 barrels have a rod passing through them right in the middle and are suspended in mid-air on fence posts. With the 3 barrels, the compost bins are bound to meet a high compost demand.

The tutorial detailed by Garden Tenders details how to prepare and convert the wine barrels into compost bins and set up the stands for the spinning effect. Overall, it is a simple and straightforward tutorial.

18. DIY Homemade Compost Bin

DIY Homemade Compost Bin

Compost bins do not have to be fancy. Actually, creative does not mean complex. In actual sense, it means simple. This DIY homemade compost bin meets this criterion.

The compost bin by Bonnie Plants is made from 2x2 pickets coupled with a hardware cloth. The tutorial provides a quick and simple tutorial to building the compost bin. It is perfect for a beginner project.

The hardware mesh was used on the sides and the lid as well.

19. DIY Wooden Pallet Compost Bin

DIY Wooden Pallet Compost Bin

Wooden pallets have created a lot of buzz in the recent times. They make all sorts of furniture which are cool and creative. The Fabulessly Frugal blog decided to extend its creativity and build a compost bin from wooden pallets.

The resulting compost bin is almost triple the size of a barrel compost bin and is outstandingly sturdy and strong. Even better, for your creativity, you get to spend $6. In total, the project uses up 5 wooden pallets.

Connecting the pallets together are L-brackets. The compost bin also rests on pallets to help maintain cleanliness of the ground in the event you decide to move the compost bin.

20. DIY Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

DIY Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

This compost bin is not only easy but impressively beautiful. The compost bin has been designed from a 4x8 sheet of lattice panels (extra thick). The open design of the lattice used allows for a faster-composting process.

Adding to this, the bin is easy to take apart when the compost is ready for use. Courtesy of the open design the compost matter in the bin need not be stirred or turned.

With the right sized panels, the project is a matter of hooking the lattices together. WikiHow takes you through the process of setting up the compost bin.

21. DIY Simple Cube Compost Bin

DIY Simple Cube Compost Bin

As a DIYer, if you are looking to improve your garden or yard, you first have to improve the oil. This will ensure you experience success with your makeover project.

Now, to improve the richness of the soil, you will need compost manure and as such, a compost bin. Rather than having compost piles, you can build this cube compost bin as directed by the Bird and Blooms blog.

This bin is designed to keep contents neat and contained. The air also circulates freely within the compost matter which speeds up the process.

Also, the bin is designed to open on either side which makes it easy to turn the pile. The blog tutorial features a list of supplies needed for the project and the instructions to follow.

22. DIY Concrete Block Compost Bin

DIY Concrete Block Compost Bin

This compost bin blends strength, durability, and functionality. The concrete block compost bin as directed by the tutorial on My Backyard Plans is held together using mortar which ensures that it does not stagger.

On the front side are boards fastened to the concrete block using steel bolts and washers. The blog tutorial provided is simple and straightforward.

You can modify the plans provided with great ease to build one or several compost bins according to your needs.

23. DIY Californian Compost Bin

DIY Californian Compost Bin

This compost bin by the Chicken Street blog features a simple concept. While the name given to the design might sound foreign, at first glance you notice the compost bin is not overly different from the numerous designs.

The compost bin is easy to construct and cheap. It requires no woodworking skills. The cylinder measures 48 inches in diameter and stands 42 inches tall. It can, therefore, hold a considerable amount of compost waste.

When full, the compost bin can contain 1000 liters of compost. The blog tutorial features the supplies required along with the instructions.

24. DIY Compost Bin With Straw Bales

DIY Compost Bin With Straw Bales

Incorporating straw in the compost you make has numerous benefits. The straw is a great source of carbon. In the Hobby Farms blog, however, straw bales are used as the compost bin walls.

The straw bale compost bin proves to be easy to construct and fast to downsize or expand as the need arises.

In addition, the creative use of straw bales for walls gives the bin great air circulation as well as heat and moisture retaining abilities.

And since the wall will also decompose with the wall, when the compost is ready you can mix the walls with the compost for zero waste. Yes, this is a temporary yet highly efficient compost bin.

25. DIY Cardboard Compost Bins

DIY Cardboard Compost Bins

Note that the Shauns Backyard compost bin is built using cardboard bulk boxes. This type of cardboard box is extra thick and has the ability to withstand weather elements. Also, they also make for perfect compost matter.

Aside from being creative and a perfect compost material as well, I love it because it is free. Building this compost bin will not take a long time. The blog tutorial provides step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the project.

26. DIY Straw Compost Bin

DIY Straw Compost Bin

Straw bales are used to build huge compost bins. They are able to meet high demands of compost manure. In addition to this, they are loved by most since the straw bales are also part of the compost matter.

Simply put, this straw compost bin is designed by using stacking bales of straw like Lego blocks. The stacks form the wall of the compost bin.

You can use any number of bales depending on the amount of compost you need. The Urban Food Garden Blog will guide you through the project with specific and detailed instructions.

27. DIY Tiered Compost Bin Using Milk Crate

DIY Tiered Compost Bin Using Milk Crate

This is one creative compost bin. It is simple and only takes about 60 minutes to build. The project according to the Badge Garden blog cost $0. But this is dependent on whether you have the milk crates or not.

To stack the milk crates together you can use duct tape or hot glue though the crates stack firmly alone. For the crate floors, you need to layer new papers to separate the compost matter in each crate.

On the sides, you can use landscape fabric. The blog tutorial details the process of setting up the milk crate compost bin.

28. DIY Compost Bin with Two Doors

DIY Compost Bin with Two Doors

This compost bin is classy. It is compact and features sleek two doors with hardware mesh. The compost bin by the Black and Decker blog requires intermediate woodworking skills.

However, given its simplicity and easy to follow instructions, a beginner can hack the project. The time estimated to finish the project is 5 hours. The compost bin is compact though it can handle quite a significant amount of compost.

The tutorial by Black and Decker features a cutting list and step-by-step instructions along with images to make it clear.

29. DIY Inexpensive Compost Bin

DIY Inexpensive Compost Bin

If you require only a small amount of compost, this compost bin will cater to your needs. The bin is easy to build, inexpensive and efficient. Building this compost bin takes only three hours or less.

To complete the project, you will need approximately $75 or less depending on the type of wood you choose. The materials you will need include 1x6 utility wood, 2x2 utility wood, wood sealer and wood screws.

The directions by the Sunset blog are simple and easy to follow. The blog tutorial also includes a tutorial on making the compost.

30. DIY Sleeper Compost Bin

DIY Sleeper Compost Bin

This compost bin is designed with three stations. Each station is independent and can contain lots of compost matter for your garden or backyard.

I should point out that setting up the compost bin is slightly more complicated than other compost bins in the list. But while it may be complicated, the Bunnings blog provides step-by-step instructions which make it easy to build.

The supplies required are listed on the blog tutorial and include hardwood sleepers, form ply, batten screws, cordless drill impact driver among others.

31. DIY Double Compost Bin Plans

 DIY Double Compost Bin Plans

Given that the composting process takes some bit of time, having double compost bin will allow you to prepare multiple batches.

This compost bin by Rogue Engineer features a lid which helps to dispose the compost matter into the bin with great ease. The doors on the front make it easy to remove the compost when it is ready.

The tutorial features perspective diagrams to guide you with measurements and visuals of how everything fits together.

32. DIY Concrete Backyard Compost Bin

DIY Concrete Backyard Compost Bin

You can build this simple and sturdy compost bin in a few hours. While it is a creative project, most of the heavy lifting has already been done for you by the Blue Planet Green Living blog.

If you are not into the plastic barrel compost bins, you will love this concrete block compost bin. This compost bin has been designed to last for long, keep raccoons away and provide ample ventilation.

In addition to this, the compost bin is easy to dismantle when the compost matter is ready. This entire project will cost you about $100 to complete.

33. DIY Cedar Compost Bin

DIY Cedar Compost Bin

For a DIYer getting a compost bin is great but it does not suffice. You want a bin that is not only functional but beautiful to gaze upon.

As such, while plastic compost bins may get the job done, you will love the cedar compost bin even better for its beautiful design. This compost bin is made from weather-resistant cedar. The cedar lasts for a long time.

Approximately, the project costs about between $100 and $200 and can be done in just 6 hours. It is even better that this is a beginner project.

Follow the tutorial availed by This Old House and you will be good to go.

34. DIY Compost Bin With Chicken Wire

DIY Compost Bin With Chicken Wire

If you are looking to learn how to build a compost bin, this DIY compost bin guide will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial and instructions. This project will take you about 4-6 hours to complete.

The compost bin created has an open lid for easy adding of compost material. The lid also features a latch which keeps animals and critters away. And while the compost bin lays on the ground, it is critter proof.

The blog tutorial has a supply list, instructions and images to guide you through the project.

35. DIY 3-Crate System Compost Bin

DIY 3-Crate System Compost Bin

Composting is a long process. And if you a DIYer who wants to get your compost fast, the common compost bins will not work for you.

But this 3-crate system will provide you with ample space to produce more compost to meet your demand. The compost bin is simple and straightforward and will only take a few hours to complete.

The blog tutorial by Rodale's Organic Life provides a list of materials and tools needed as well as step-by-step instructions.

36. DIY 2-Compartment Compost Bin

DIY 2-Compartment Compost Bin

This is yet another one of a kind compost bin that allows you to have several batches of compost. The compost bin has 2 compartments.

You get to have one compost material in the making and add another batch to the adjacent compartment. The front of the unit comes with removable slats that stack in the groove provided. It provides access to compost turning.

This compost bin plan by Sono Garden is simple and fun to build. You can adjust the measurements to suit your needs. With this compost bin, it will only take 5 weeks to ready the compost.

37. DIY Large Compartment Compost Bin

DIY Large Compartment Compost Bin

If you take your gardening seriously, then you obviously have a higher demand for compost matter. To meet your high compost demand, you need an equally as large compost bin.

This compost bin by homestead and Prepper has 3-compartments. These provide you with ample space for 3 batches of compost matter. The blog tutorial provides all you need to build the project including an AutoCAD design.

Pressure treated lumber is used to ensure the compost bin lasts for a long time even when exposed to harsh weather elements.

38. DIY Cylindrical Chicken Wire Compost Bin

DIY Cylindrical Chicken Wire Compost Bin

Most of the compost bins we have listed are square or rectangular. This compost bin, however, comes in a cylindrical shape. The design is quite straightforward. With two rods and a chicken wire, you can build this creative compost bin.

The blog tutorial by Mother Earth Living is short and brief. but even then, the project can be completed by a beginner in a few minutes.

And there you have it, 38 DIY compost bin designs and plans you can borrow for your next project. Hopefully, they provide you with the inspiration you need.

When you do choose any of the DIY compost designs and build, feel free to share with us the images of your final compost bin.

Also, if you feel a particular design should have been on the list, share with the DIY community in the comment section below.