12 Easy DIY Clay Pot Heaters To Keep Your House Warm

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12 Easy DIY Clay Pot Heaters To Keep Your House Warm

12 Easy DIY Clay Pot Heaters To Keep Your House Warm

Winter is that crazy time of the year when electricity bills soar even though the cold still seems unbearable.

But would you believe that you can warm your space with a couple of clay pots? Yes, you've heard that right!

A DIY clay pot heater holds the magic wand to transform your winter moments at a fraction of the budget.

So, if you are tired of using other alternatives, then this could be something worth trying. Here are 12 homemade clay pot heater ideas to ponder upon.

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he 4-Step Candle Powered Clay Pot Heater

This clay pot heater is designed to heat any space for just pennies per day. Not to mention, it is so easy and inexpensive to make.

In fact, you can put it together in under 10 minutes.

One candle, three different sized clay planting pots, a large bolt and 6 washers are all you need to build this clay pot heater.

In addition, the design requires no special knowledge or tools. Yet it will produce heat for any room and light when constructed.

Besides, it takes a few minute before it actually feels warm to the touch.

2. DIY Hanging Terracotta Pot Heater

DIY Hanging Terracotta Pot Heater

While most people think of terracotta pots only as gardening essentials, it’s interesting to note that these can perform yet another important role at home.

Constructing a terra cotta space heater may need some more technical know-how, but the results are well worth it.

After all, all you need is just a six-inch terracotta pot with its base, a smaller five-inch pot, candles, a chain link and, nuts.

Not to mention, this is considered to be the most efficient and stylish clay pot heater out there because of its hanging design. And with its adjustable base, it is easy to customize its efficiency.

Furthermore, in a few simple steps, your terracotta pot will be functioning as a heater that costs just 4 cents an hour to run.

3. The 4 Tea light DIY Flower Pot Heater 

The 4 Tea light DIY Flower Pot Heater

To put this design together, you will need 4 tea light unscented candles, a nickel or a piece of tinfoil, 2 un-glazed flowerpots and a few landscaping bricks.

Honestly speaking, it may not seem like much, but the effects are startling.

For this simple design, the materials needed are affordable and readily available at any hardware store. And you can put it together in under 5 minutes.

In addition, it takes very short time to heat up and would work even in a small green house to keep the chill off plants overnight.

Also, it can act as an emergency heat source in case there is an unexpected power outage.

4. Fan and Candles Powered Clay Pot Heater

Fan and Candles Powered Clay Pot Heater

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to heat up your house, try making this fan- and candle-powered clay pot heater.

While most clay pot heaters depend on candles as their main heating element, this design is a bit more advanced.

It uses a 90-degree metal pipe and an electric fan which makes it more effective. You may also need a clay pot, nuts, bolts, candles, a clay pot and threaded rod.

As such, it may be a little bit expensive compared to the rest of designs in this guide.

5. DIY Tent Flower Pot Heater Lantern Method

DIY Tent Flower Pot Heater Lantern Method

Looking for the most cost-effective way to heat the inside of a tent or a small space? You should definitely try out this design.

It may not be easy to construct, but it costs just a few dollars to set up. Not to mention, rather than using a candle, you will be using a lantern in order to increase the thermal mass.

Here is the deal!

You will only need a chain, different sized clay pots, nuts and bolts, a lantern and washers to have this heater working.

So, save money on your utility bills with this efficient and effective DIY heating method.

6. Oil Lamp Clay Pot Heater

Oil Lamp Clay Pot Heater

With candles powered clay pot heaters, you will need to keep replacing the candles that go out every 3 to 4 hours.

However, this design uses oil burning lamp making it more sustainable and safer.

It is easy to put together and is rather cheap. In addition, the oil burns more steadily, it is efficient and clean thereby putting out more heat.

What you need to build this heater is a clay pot with a lid, radiant oil lamp, fiberglass wick and of course burning oil which is quite affordable.

Also, the design requires far less attention because it burns for quite a long time.

7. One Candle Flower Pot Heater

One Candle Flower Pot Heater

This clay pot candle heater helps you create radiant heat from a flower pot and a single pillar candle. So simple yet so warm for any standard-sized room.

It is easy to build, attractive, inexpensive and very efficient. However, it may take your time and plenty of effort to build the stand.

Some of the materials you will need to gather include three different sized flower pots, stainless steel nuts, three braces for the stand and of course one candle.

But like with any other project, the easiest way to learn how to create this heater is to follow the instructions.

8. The $25 Clay Pot Heater Off The Shelf Hack

The $25 Clay Pot Heater Off The Shelf Hack

As the name implies, this design costs around $25 to set up. However, it can be a lot cheaper depending on where you buy materials.

After all, you only need four 8- or 4-hour tea light candles, one large and small clay pot, a saucer clay pot and a bolt to block the small hole.

The heater gets really hot but can only be used to heat small rooms. Besides, it is very efficient and does not require any sort of drilling or even cutting.

Additionally, it is quite easy to construct and works well where there is no fireplace or electricity.

9. Tea Light Radiant Clay Pot Space Heater

Tea Light Radiant Clay Pot Space Heater

This is a fairly small and simple space heater designed to get you through times of emergency as a result of unexpected power failure.

Because of its small size, it is ideal for bathrooms to prevent fogging up, tents or small rooms.

It uses two clay saucers, two clay pots, buts, scrap wood, drywall screws and three tea light candles.

The tea lights are capable of running for over 3.5 hours and costs as low as 0.99 cents for a 20-count pack.

Therefore, this unit is highly cost-effective and only takes a couple of minutes to set-up if you have the basic skills.

10. Easy On the Eye Ceramic Flower Pot Heater

Easy On the Eye Ceramic Flower Pot Heater

Want to keep your personal space warm and toasty particularly during cold winters? The best and easiest way is to build this ceramic clay pot heater.

Besides, you only need to acquire a couple of tea candles for less than $10, one medium and small ceramic flower pot, a ceramic plate and small washers.

It is, therefore, easy to build, a little cleaner, more efficient and easy to the eye.

The only downside though is that it gives off less heat compared to other flower pot heaters in this guide. Consequently, it can only be used in small rooms and can be ideal for your desk.

11. Free energy Cornish Flower Pot Heater

Free energy Cornish Flower Pot Heater

This is more of a traditional design hence it is very easy to create. For a small room, you will need a single candle, a number of pennies, two plates, and a flower pot.

Of course, most of the materials can be collected from around the house or bought from any hardware shop. That alone makes this design very easy to construct.

In fact, it will probably take a couple of minutes to have it ready. Furthermore, it can provide enough heat to keep a small room warm for about three to four hours.

However, it gives out little heat so you will need to sit next to it to feel all the difference.

12. The Small Roasting Tray DIY Flower Pot Heater 

The Small Roasting Tray DIY Flower Pot Heater

Constructing this heater design requires only some basic skills but fortunately, it does not take much effort and time.

You only need to be armed with two clay flower pots, a scrap of aluminum foil and a small roasting tray.

This heater can keep a medium-sized room warmer for a minimal cost per hour. Not to mention, it is inexpensive to build.

And that’s not all. The tea light candles and a scrap of aluminum foil are quite cheap.

But does this design really work? If you follow the setup guide keenly, it should work.

To avoid high utility bills especially during the winter season, the best way is to invest in the most efficient and cost-effective heating ways.

And there is no better way than heating with terracotta pots.

Not only do clay pot heaters save you a lot of money on your utility bill, they also make nice pieces of décor for any home.