24 Quick & Easy DIY Clamp Rack Tuitorials for Organizing Your Workshop

diy clamp rack

Assembling your woodworking and other projects can be laborious without clamps. And the chances are that you will end up messing up the project.

But, what is even harder than working without clamps is finding a place to store them in your workshop.

There is never enough wall or floor space in the workshop, and you do not want your clamps all over the place or end up misplacing some.

The best and probably the only storage solution for your clamps is clamp rack. And although it is possible to buy one a DIY clamp rack is always the best option because you can build something that suits your space and the clamp types that you have.

In this piece, we have gathered some DIY clamp rack plans to help you make the perfect one for your workshop.

All you need to do is go through the plans, choose and build the one that best suits your needs.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY clamp rack, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a lumber rack, squat and power rack, garage shelving, garage storage, and many more.

Quick and Easy DIY Clamp Rack

This Make Magazine DIY clamp rack plan by Same DeRose is one of the easiest and cheapest to build. You can make the clamp in 1 to 3 hours, and you will not need any particular skills to do it.

The clamp rack tutorial provides some very detailed instructions that include lots of pictures for all the steps of the construction and there is also a small list of the materials. Some of the things that you will need are 3/4-inch plywood, 2x4 lumber, and 1/2-inch round metal bar.

What I love most about this DIY clamp rack project is that you can alter the design so that it accommodates different clamp types.

2. DIY Space-Saving Parallel Clamp Rack

DIY Space-Saving Parallel Clamp Rack

Here is one of my favorite clamp rack idea that is both cheap and easy to build for any DIYer including beginners that can follow simple instructions.

The 38 3/4-inch long parallel clamp rack will take little space on your wall but can still hold many of your clamps and will not take a lot of material to build.

This Fix This Build That article provides a comprehensive picture tutorial that includes both tools and material lists for building the DIY clamp storage, and there is also a helpful video.

3. Simple Homemade Clamp Rack

Simple Homemade Clamp Rack

With a couple of 1x8s, 1x4s and 1x3s you can make this DIY bar clamp rack in just one day. The plans are for making a 48-inch long clamp rack, but you can adjust them to any size that you want.

There are not many materials that you will need, but the tutorial still provides both the shopping and tools list for this cheap DIY clamp rack project.

For the tutorial, you will get some 3D SketchUp for the different stages of the build with some text description of what you need to do. And this should be an easy-to-follow plan for most DIYers and woodworkers.

4. Easiest DIY Clamp Rack

Easiest DIY Clamp Rack

You do not always have the time to make a complicated clamp rack despite the fact that it is handy in the workshop. But, an easy one like this will not take a lot of time but is still helpful when organizing your clamps.

This clamp storage plan will hold almost any clamp type, and you can scale it to any size that you like depending on space availability in your workshop.

The clamp rack uses a sheet of plywood and some screws. And this tutorial from the ManMade DIY site provides pictures and in-depth text instructions on how to do everything from measuring to cutting and assembling the pieces.

5. Wall Mounted Swing Out DIY Clamp Rack

Wall Mounted Swing Out DIY Clamp Rack

If you have many clamps and want something easy to build and access that will hold all of them here is a DIY plan for you.

It entails building a wall mounted clamp rack that also swings out so that you can store your clamp racks on both sides. It uses 1x4s, and you will need other things like wood glue, but the tutorial provides complete materials and cut list.

There are some 7-step instructions with 3D SketchUp and a video to help you with the construction, and this will be an easy and expensive DIY clamp rack plan

6. Easy 7-Step Clamp Rack from Leftover Materials 

Easy 7-Step Clamp Rack from Leftover Materials

The chances are that you have some leftover lumber in your workshop. If so, here is a 7-step Instructable to help you build a clamp rack to organize all your clamps.

And you do not have to build a clamp rack that looks exactly like this one, but you can instead use it for inspiration to make something that suits your space and the clamps you own.

With your leftover wood, a conduit pipe and regular woodworking hardware like nails and screws you can build this simple DIY clamp rack.

7. Homemade Clamp Rack Combo

Homemade Clamp Rack Combo

A clamping bench can also act as storage for your bar and pipe clamps with a few adjustments, and this tutorial provides some instructions on how to do this.

This tutorial is for making both an overhead rack and one for the side of the clamping table, and you can do all in 5 easy steps.

And besides from the step by step guidelines, there are also some drawings with dimensions to help you comprehend all you need to do.

8. Ultimate DIY Roll-Around Clamp Rack

Ultimate DIY Roll-Around Clamp Rack

You do not have to keep walking back and forth to pick clamps when working in the workshop because you can build a simple DIY roll-around clamp rack like this one.

This rack will hold almost all clamp types and to build it you will need some oak lumber to form the legs and plywood for the shelves. But you will also need a few other materials and the Family Handyman article provides a list that includes four swivel casters and some 2 1/2-inch screws.

The article provides both detailed text guidelines and images to make this an easy to build clamp storage.

9. One Sheet Plywood Clamp Racks

One Sheet Plywood Clamp Racks

It is possible to make two clamp racks from just one sheet of plywood, and this tutorial proves this. The compact clamp racks are still very spacious and very useful for organizing your clamps.

All you need for this project is a 4x8 sheet of plywood and your regular woodworking tools, and this should only be a one day project.

You will use about $50 for this project, but it can be less if you already have the materials in the workshop. And if you follow the exact dimensions you will end up with clamp racks with deep slots and enough surface area to hold up to 40 clamps.

10. DIY Wall-Mounted MDF Clamp Rack

DIY Wall-Mounted MDF Clamp Rack

Building a DIY clamp rack should not be hard because you only need to design it according to the clamps that you have. And this Canadian Home Workshop piece helps to make things even easier for you.

The clamp rack design is straightforward, and you can adjust it to suit your particular clamps. It uses some MDF boards and screws, and so it will cost nothing to build if you already have them.

You will get some text instructions and some plan drawings to help you with the build, and you can also download them in a PDF format.

11. Two-Sided Mobile DIY Clamp Rack

Two-Sided Mobile DIY Clamp Rack

Whether you want a pipe clamp rack or one for your bar clamps this plan will be handy as you can make something that accommodates both.

This two-sided and movable clamp storage rack will not take up a lot of space in your workshop, and you can move it around the shop almost effortlessly.

The tutorial provides some photos and text instructions that will guide you through everything from making the cuts to assembling the pieces and finishing the DIY clamp rack.

12. Dedicated Clamp Storage Rack on Wheels

Dedicated Clamp Storage Rack on Wheels

This DIY clamp storage project is perfect for a beginner or intermediate woodworker that wants to try something challenging over the weekend.

Although this rolling clamp rack will require a lot of planning and some precise cuts the tutorial provides a lot of information to make it an easy-to-implement project.

There is a lot of text instruction for making the cuts and assembling the pieces, and you also get materials and hardware lists to get you started.

13. Homemade Clamp Racks with Sliding Dove Tails

Homemade Clamp Racks with Sliding Dove Tails

Instructables always makes projects appear simple, but this one is quite easy to build even for beginners. And besides from the usual step by step text and picture instructions, there is also a video.

These clamp racks use some scrap 3/4-inch plywood, and so they will be quite inexpensive to build. And although the cuts might look tedious they are quite straightforward.

This project should only take a few hours to finish, and you can adjust the slots to fit almost any clamp type.

14. Mobile Clamp Rack From 2x4s and 2x6s

Mobile Clamp Rack From 2x4s and 2x6s

A mobile clamp rack like this one will be convenient, and it is just the right size for many workshops as it only takes up about 21x32 inches of space.

This moveable DIY clamp rack can hold up to 50 clamps, and it also does not take a lot of materials to build. Besides the 2x4s, 2x6s, and 1x4s, you will need some plywood and 3-inch swivel casters.

There is no step by step instructions, but the short description of the project should be enough for most DIYers that want to build similar clamp storage.

15. Cheap and Easy Wall-Mounted Parallel Clamp Rack

Cheap and Easy Wall-Mounted Parallel Clamp Rack

Those that have lots of parallel clamps and are finding it hard to store them should try out this easy DIY clamp rack plan that costs almost nothing to implement.

You only need a few pieces of lumber and your regular woodworking hardware and tools. And with this The Wood Whisperer tutorial to guide you using text and pictures you can make the rack in a few hours.

There are detailed instructions for making the back, side and shelving pieces and also for assembling and mounting the clamp rack on the wall.

16. The Homemade Universal Clamp Rack

The Homemade Universal Clamp Rack

If like most other woodworker and DIYers you have a random collection of clamps or have them in various styles, storage becomes even harder for you.

This DIY universal clamp rack will help to solve all your clamp storage issues, and despite its large size it is still quite easy to make and will not require a lot of material.

The DIY clamp rack plan uses 3/4-inch plywood for the holder material, and the racks will have both 7/8-inch and 3/3-inch slots to accommodate different clamps.

And apart from the picture and text guidelines for making the universal clamp rack, there is also a helpful video.

17. Small Clamps DIY Overhead Rack

Small Clamps DIY Overhead Rack

Small clamps are handy in many woodworking projects, but if you have many of them, they can be easy to misplace if you do not store them well.

This DIY overhead clamp rack idea will help you solve the storage issues for your small clamps, and it is also quite an easy idea to implement.

You do not need a lot of materials for this clamp rack because a few 1/4-inch plywood pieces hanging from the joists of your shop and a few large nails will be all you need.

18. 34-inch Long Wall-Mounted DIY Pipe Clamp Rack

34-inch Long Wall-Mounted DIY Pipe Clamp Rack

Your pipe clamps might be handy for your woodworking projects but if storing them is an issue they will not give you the convenience you deserve.

But this 34-inch clamp rack plan will help store them away quickly when not in use. And it can accommodate up to 25 clamps.

The WOODARCHIVIST homemade clamp rack plan provides some drawings and pictures to make this project easy for you. And there are also a lot of text instructions.

19. Simple DIY Pipe Clamp Rack

Simple DIY Pipe Clamp Rack

Your cumbersome and heavy pipe clamps should no longer give you a tedious time when it comes to storage because here is another DIY clamp storage that you can build for them.

The best part of this clamp rack project is that you can use almost any lumber that you have lying around, but some 2x4 or 2x3 pieces will be the best.

You will also need 5/8-inch dowels to act as the clamp holders. With these materials and by following the instruction on this Home Construction and Improvement tutorial you can make the pipe clamp rack in just a couple of hours.

20. DIY PVC Overhead Clamp Holders

DIY PVC Overhead Clamp Holders

Like many other DIY projects you can make clamp racks from various materials with a little creativity. This Woodsmith Tips tutorial is about making some simple PVC clamp holders.

Each section of the overhead racks uses a 2x4 piece or other small lumber pieces that you might have in the workshop and some 2-inch PVC holders with a cutout for getting clamps in and out.

Although this is just DIY clamp rack idea without step by step construction guidelines, it should offer enough inspiration to make something that works for your small workshop.

21. The DIY Multi-Layer Clamp Rack

The DIY Multi-Layer Clamp Rack

These DIY plans are for building a multi-layer clamp rack that will accommodate a lot and different clamp types.

The clamp rack has three layers that will open like cabinet doors to expose the storage space for up to 48 clamps. And it only takes about 3x2-foot on one of the workshop’s wall.

There is a video that describes the construction to give you some idea of what to build, and you can get the complete plans for a few dollars.

22. Scrap Plywood Pipe Storage Rack

Scrap Plywood Pipe Storage Rack

This clamp storage rack has a simple design but is still very useful in organizing your clamps and will take up little space on the wall.

The DIY clamp rack plan uses scrap plywood, and so it will be an inexpensive project to implement. Although the rack on this project is L-shaped and 41-inches long, you can adjust the measurements to accommodate as many clamps as you want.

The step by step picture tutorial, text instructions, and the short video will make this an easy project even for beginners

23. Simple Scrap Wood DIY Clamp Holders

Simple Scrap Wood DIY Clamp Holders

Here is another pipe clamp rack that you can build with your scrap wood pile and so it will cost almost nothing since you might already have everything you need in the workshop.

You will need some scrap pieces of 3/4-inch plywood, and there are some pictures and written instructions to help you with the measurements, cuts, and assembly.

This project should only take a few hours to complete, and the short video will also be handy for DIYers that might not be sure what to do.

24. The 5S Compliant Clamp Rack

The 5S Compliant Clamp Rack

This Highland Woodworking project provides another idea for building a DIY wood clamp rack from your scrap plywood.  But, apart from the plywood, you will also need 3/4-inch dowel stock.

There are some in-depth instructions on how to build the clamp storage from scratch, and they include both text and pictures.

If you follow the measurements and directions in this tutorial, you should end up with a large enough clamp rack that can accommodate lots of clamps. And it should be just a one-weekend DIY clamp rack project.

Well, now you have 24 different DIY clamp rack plans that you can use to build storage for all your clamps.

Whether you have a lot of pipe or bar clamps or even a variety of others in different sizes and styles, there is a plan that can help you organize and store them.