12 Creative DIY Chicken Waterers That Really Works

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12 Creative DIY Chicken Waterers That Really Works

Diy Chicken Waterer

If you already have a chicken coop, you will need a chicken waterer as well. Now we all know how expensive the retail versions can be so I will not even get into that.

In this article we shall have a look at some DIY homemade chicken waterers. The DIY projects listed are easy and straightforward. Most importantly, they are super creative.

All that is needed is for you to dedicate some time to play with some wood and other material lying unused in your garage, or probably buy some few supplies and you will be good to go.

That said, the list I have compiled features different chicken waterer ideas that you can build from simple and readily available material.

With these waterers, you can cater to the needs of your small or even large flock with some few adjustments. 

You can find more than just these free chicken waterer plans like plans for chicken feeder, homemade chicken pluker, homemade incubator, chicken brooder, chicken coop, frame chicken coop, chicken tractor, pallet chicken coop, and many more.

DIY Fang Dangled Automatic Chicken Waterer

There are lots of chicken watering systems available. However, if you are looking for a unit that is cool, easy and does not create a huge mess, then this chicken waterer by the Backyard Chickens has got you covered.

The entire waterer is simply a bucket with a PVC pipe featuring poultry nipples. The entire project will cost you about $35. Being an automatic chicken waterer, it saves you the trouble of refilling.

The blog tutorial features a list of supplies and detailed instructions to guide you through the project.

2. DIY $1 Buckets Chicken Waterer

DIY $1 Buckets Chicken Waterer

I shall be candid. What I loved best about this unit is the fact that the chicken waterer is cheap – it costs only $1. In addition, the entire system is quick and very easy to setup even for a beginner.

To hack this project, all you will need is a 5-gallon bucket along with its lid. If you do not have one you can purchase it at your local store.

In addition, you will need a drill and a large foil roasting pan. Now, following the blog tutorial, all you need to do is drill a hole on the lid and on the bottom edge of the bucket.

Next, place the bucket in the roasting pan, fill the bucket with water and replace the lid. Ensure the lid is airtight. The Bless This Mess Please blog features images that make it easier to follow the instructions.

3. Easy DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer

Easy DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer

When the weather gets too hot we get thirsty too often. And animals do too. To help quench your chicken’s thirst here is an automatic chicken waterer you can make.

This chicken waterer will cost you about $5 to make and will only take you about 5 minutes to build. It will surely save your chickens from getting a heat stroke.

This automatic chicken waterer will be loved by your birds since it avails water to them all day. Also, it is close to the ground and shallow enough to accommodate young chicks as well.

Another likable feature of this chicken waterer is that it is easy to disassemble and clean since it is made of plastic and rubber.

The blog, The Frugal Chicken has taken it upon itself to provide a tutorial to building the chicken waterer. In addition to worded instructions, they make a video tutorial as well.

4. DIY Homemade Chick Waterer

DIY Homemade Chick Waterer

If you understand the laws of physics, you can easily build a chick waterer without problems. Sure for The Prairie Homestead, it took some trial and error but with the tutorial provided, your project will sail through smoothly.

Basically, the tutorial details building a chick waterer from readily available material and as such will cost you nothing. All you have to ensure is that the bottom lid and water container fit together perfectly.

Using a bottle is better since it is airtight. The blog tutorial provides you with the instructions for building the chick waterer. It is simple and even better; you can use just about any material at your disposal.

5. DIY Chicken Nipple Bucket Waterer

DIY Chicken Nipple Bucket Waterer

Truth be told, rearing chicken comes with lots of chores. One has to keep changing the water and food and cleaning out bins. Actually, with all the work to be done, you need not hit the gym.

With this bucket waterer fitted with chicken nipples, you load will be lightened. The chicken waterer holds lots of water and keeps it clean and safe for your chicken for longer – up to a week.

With just 5 nipples and a 3-gallon bucket, you can keep about 20 chicken hydrated for long. Overall, if you have a bucket already, the project might cost you about $10. But this depends on where you buy the nipples.

If you do not have the bucket, you can easily get a free one from a local bakery. That said, The Happy Money Saver blog tutorial will guide you through building the waterer.

6. DIY PVC Chicken Waterer

DIY PVC Chicken Waterer

Given its size and the amount of water it can hold, the chicken waterer is perfect for chicks. The PVC waterer works with the principle of gravity. It is easy to set up and build.

I also love the fact that it is inexpensive and most importantly, creative. Actually, according to Instructables, the unit might cost about $20 to build.

The supplies needed include a 4-inch PVC sewer pipe, a cap end, treaded cap and female adapted (all measuring 4-inches), PVC solvent, silicone sealant and beakup. The instructions to assemble are provided in a PDF chicken waterer plan by Instructables.

7. DIY Glass Chicken Waterer

DIY Glass Chicken Waterer

If for some reason you are not a fan of plastic waterers, this glass waterer will do you some good. The all-glass chicken waterer by Natural Chicken Keeping blog is easy to fill, clean and use.

It comes with a flat bottom and as such proves to be easy to heat during the winter when the need arises. The waterer is big enough for chicken to drink from but not stand in.

The blog tutorial details the process of building the all-glass waterer. When drilling a hole, you should be very careful since the glass is very delicate.

8. DIY Autofill chicken Waterer

DIY Autofill chicken Waterer

A quick glance at this unit and one would think that the chicken waterer is a difficult project to hack. But on the contrary, especially with the Backyard Chickens blog tutorial, the project is simple and straightforward.

The blog tutorial lists all you will need to make the project a success. Additionally, the tutorial feature images to complement the instructions provided. Overall, it will cost you approximately $20 only.

The chicken waterer is a creative way to automate some of your chores as a poultry farmer.

9. DIY Hanging Bottle Nipple Waterer

DIY Hanging Bottle Nipple Waterer

Chicken nipples work the same way that other types of waterers do. When pressure is exerted, water flows through the nipple and when the pressure is removed, a rod inside the unit blocks the water from dripping.

The design is simple and creative. Even better is that the nipple waterer is available locally and is cheap too. Using a nipple waterer promotes the growth of healthy chicks, reduces water wastage and also reduces chances of drowning.

This particular bottle chicken waterer is easy to build. It hangs at a height all chicken can reach with ease using a bailing wire.

The blog tutorial by Lone Star Farmstead states that training the chicks to use the nipple water is easy. Just hold up each chick to the waterer and they will get the idea.

10. DIY 5-Gallon Chicken Waterer

DIY 5-Gallon Chicken Waterer

Building a bucket chicken waterer is a simple process. However, building a professional and clean chicken waterer from a 5-gallon bucket can prove to be tricky. Additional tools are required to make the design clean and professional looking.

To guide you through the building process, Instructables provides a 5-gallon chicken waterer PDF tutorial. They provide instructions and a list of materials you will need to hack the project successfully.

While some steps have been included, the overall project is still easy and simple. The only difference is that you will have to pay close attention to the detailing and measurements provided.

11. DIY Chicken Fountain Waterer

DIY Chicken Fountain Waterer

You will absolutely love the fact that the chicken fountain waterer is automatic. It is connected directly a garden hose and s such the chicken will have constant flow of fresh water.

This chicken waterer by the Community chicken blog utilizes drippers. Chicken take to this system very fast. And given the fact that the system is closed, the water provided is always clean.

The project as directed by the blog tutorial will cost about $12. The tutorial features images to guide you through the project.

12. DIY Chicken Cup Waterer

DIY Chicken Cup Waterer

The thing about chicken is the fact that they do not need to submerge their heads to clear out their nostrils like ducks. As such, there are numerous ways of providing your chicken with clean water when needed.

Aside from chicken nipples, chicken watering cups are also preferred. They prove to be easy to clean and somehow, some chicken prefer drinking from pools of water.

The tutorial by the Home in Disarray blog details the process of building the chicken cup waterer. The project is cheap but you should note that during winter, you will need a heating system to keep the water from freezing.

12 chicken waterer plans and tutorial should be enough. Hopefully, you land one that appeals to you and meets your needs.

When you do choose one to build, feel free to share the results with us. Help encourage a fellow DIYer and Chicken farmer.

We love hearing from you and getting feedback. If you have any additions or corrections feel free to share with us in the comment section below.