8 Simple DIY Automatic Chicken Feeders Made From PVC & Wood

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8 Simple DIY Automatic Chicken Feeders Made From PVC & Wood

Diy Chicken Feeder

A chicken house is an important part of poultry farming. It is one of the essentials you should take care of to ensure healthy growth of your chicken.

Also equally important is the feeding of your chicken. This is where a chicken feeder comes in handy. If you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on getting a chicken feeder, you can always make one.

To help kick-start your creativity in the DIY chicken feeder project, I have taken the liberty of listing unique, cheap and effective DIY chicken feeders you can start on.

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DIY Waste-Free Feeder

Chickens love to scratch their food from the ground. Now while you could afford your chickens this luxury, you risk wasting all the food when it rains. And truth be told, you cannot afford to be wasteful.

To help ease your mind, here is waste-free chicken feeder plan. The feeder allows several chickens to feed at the same time and not be wasteful at all.

To build this chicken feeder, you need a large container, PVC elbows, a drill, caulk, caulking gun and the tutorial by My Pet Chicken to guide you through the project.

Overall, this waste-free chicken feeder will cost you approximately $25 and take up 20 minutes of your time.

2. DIY No-Spill Chicken Feeder

DIY No-Spill Chicken Feeder

Most times when your chickens are making a lot of noise, they are crying out in hunger. They do not have any food in their feeder but there is plenty spilled on the floor.

Your chickens may not feel the pinch of the wasted food but you do. To help reduce the spillage, you can build this non-spill chicken feeder. For this project, you need a plastic pipe, a connector, and end pipe.

All you need to do is to piece the pipe together. Following the guide by The Art of Doing Stuff, you do not even have to use glue.

3. DIY 5-Gallon bucket Chicken Feeder

DIY 5-Gallon bucket Chicken Feeder

This is one simple and creative chicken feeder. Imagine turning your 5-gallon bucket into a chicken feeder. You can use a larger bucket if you want but that means getting a larger bottom piece to contain the food as well.

This DIY chicken feeder is basically a bucket with a hole drilled right through the airtight lid and on the edges of the bucket at the bottom. The chicken feeder adheres to the laws of physics.

The Bless This Mess Please blog outlines the process you will follow and shares images of the steps as well.

4. DIY Treadle Chicken Feeder

DIY Treadle Chicken Feeder

If you love feeding wild birds, you must have realized that wild birds are slightly more aggressive feeders than chickens. As such, when feeding them together, your chickens are disadvantaged.

To solve this problem, build this treadle chicken feeder. The chicken feeder requires a chicken to step on the treadle so as to gain access to the food.

If the wild birds are lighter, you can increase the minimum weight needed to open the feeder. This way, only your chickens get to feed. Now, this chicken feeder project is slightly complex than others listed.

However, the Backyard Chickens blog tutorial makes things simpler. The treadle chicken feeder built requires 6 pounds to open, weigh 20 pounds when empty and holds 38 pounds of food.

5. DIY Basic Treadle Chicken Feeder

DIY Basic Treadle Chicken Feeder

This is yet another blog tutorial detailing and teaching the process of building a treadle chicken feeder. This chicken feeder design is simple to follow given their basic nature.

Adding to this, the Wood Working Corner blog shares step-by-step instructions along with perspective diagrams that give great visuals even to a beginner building the chicken feeders.

Measurements are also included in the blog tutorial. Overall the project is slightly tedious and time-consuming but one can hack it.

6. DIY PVC Chicken Feeder

DIY PVC Chicken Feeder

Normal feeders not only lead to waste but also lead to the introduction of trampled grass in the feeder. In the end, your chicken feeder is full of grass and the ground covered in chicken feeds.

This is not what any chicken farmer wants to see. To avoid this, you can build this PVC chicken feeder. The feeder built by Hobby Farms stands upright and auto-fills itself. It also discourages wild birds from feeding with your poultry.

It also protects the food from spillage and wastage and the introduction of foreign material. To build this chicken feeder all you need is a PVC piping. A complete list of supplies is available in the blog tutorial.

7. DIY Homemade Chicken feeder

DIY Homemade Chicken feeder

If you have small chicks, you know that they cannot feed together with the big full sized chicken. For your small chicks, you need small chicken feeders as well - feeders that are of their height.

The blog, Off The Gridat, details the process of building simple chicken feeders. They make use of plastic containers you already have in your home. As such, you do not have to purchase additional material for the project.

You do, however, need to choose plastic containers that are large enough otherwise you will find yourself having to refill them all too often. 1 kg containers will work just fine.

8. DIY Bucket Chicken Feeder

DIY Bucket Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is creative and simple to design. Adding to this, the materials are readily available and cheap. In addition to the bucket, you also need to get some PVC elbows.

The number of PVC elbows you will get is dependent on the size of the bucket and number of chicken you want to feed.

The tutorial by the blog, We’re Far From Normal, details building a chicken feeder that caters to a small chicken flock of 4 birds. You can scale this up if you want.

The chicken feeder is low maintenance, creates no mess and is clean and dry. It is a beginner project and takes a few hours to complete.

And there ends our list of simple DIY chicken feeders. Did any of the 8 listed DIY chicken feeders inspire you to embark on your chicken feeder project?

If yes, feel free to share with us images of your complete chicken feeder. It may inspire another DIY chicken farmer to build one as well.

We love hearing from you. Share your thoughts on the list with us in the comment section below.