15 Simple DIY Chicken Brooder Plans That Baby Chicks Love

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15 Simple DIY Chicken Brooder Plans That Baby Chicks Love

Chicken Brooder Plan

Before brooders were designed, chicks were left to hatch under the mother hen and would remain beneath her for warmth. But things have changed and evolved over the years. 

Most poultry farmers have decided to use brooders to raise their chicks since the broody hens at times prove slightly difficult to find. In the first few weeks, chicks will need a brooder to survive. 

Brooders serve the purpose of the mother hen which is to provide the chicks with warmth. Chicks are not able to regulate their own temperature. 

Without a brooder, there are high chances of the chicks dying of hypothermia or starve to death after they refuse to feed. But even while you should invest in a brooder, you do not have to spend a fortune. 

You can build one yourself using readily available material and at low costs. In this article, I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of chicken brooder plans that you can build. 

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY chicken brooder, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build chicken feeder, homemade chicken plucker, homemade incubator, chicken waterer, chicken coop, frame chicken coop, chicken tractor, pallet chicken coop, and many more.

DIY Custom-Made Chicken Brooder

It is true raising chick is a far easier job than incubating eggs. That said, there is still some bit of work to be done with regards to the care of your chicks. 

If you have no clue of how to build a DIY chicken brooder, the Modern Farmer tutorial and plan will take you through the steps. The plan details the elements a perfect brooder needs to have. 

It provides information on the space each chick needs for comfort and to survive infancy. Also, the plan insists on having a lid on the brooder as well as proper ventilation. 

Provided the brooder has the chicks dry, safe and warm you are good to go with whatever brooder option you choose. 

2.  DIY Chicken Brooder With Hardware Cloth

DIY Chicken Brooder With Hardware Cloth

Definitely, the idea of spending a couple hundreds of dollars on a premade chicken brooder does not stick well with you - and rightly so. You can make a brooder for just $40 with great ease. 

The Survivalist Prepper Blog provides a plan for an easy DIY chicken brooder project. The project detailed only takes 2 hours to complete and is perfect for beginners. 

The brooder is simply a plastic storage bin with a wooden cage surrounded with a hardware cloth. It also has a lid. The DIY chicken brooder plan features the tools and supplies required along with their estimated prices. 

The instructions and cutting dimensions provided are clear and easy to follow. 

3.  DIY Plastic Toddler Pool Chicken Brooder

DIY Plastic Toddler Pool Chicken Brooder

If you do not have lots of chicks, a small chicken brooder will serve you well. The small space will be easier to manage and less heat from the bulb hanging above them will be lost. 

This particular chicken brooder by Backyard Chickens blog will cost you about $20 to piece together. And it will only eat up 30 minutes of your time. It is fairly easy to put together. 

Actually, you might not have any need for the plan – the images will suffice. That said, we should point out that the chicken brooder was designed from a plastic toddler pool found in an alley. 

You might not be as lucky, but seeing that this is a DIY project, you can as easily get creative and improvise. 

4.  Cheap DIY Chicken Brooder

Cheap DIY Chicken Brooder

Chicks are cute and irresistible to many. But when they are all grown up, they transform into sources of nourishment (in form of eggs or meat). 

The beauty of having chicken is that you do not need to have acres of land to rear them. A simple backyard is enough. 

But be it as it may, you need to get them comfortable, especially when they are young and vulnerable. To have your chicks safe, dry and warm, you do not have to spend a fortune. $10 is enough. 

Buy a kiddie pool and transform it into your chicken brooder. Use cardboards of different heights to keep the chicks caged in. This chicken brooder is easy to build. 30 minutes is enough to set it up.

The Easy Homestead blog provides a DIY chicken brooder plan to guide you through the simple steps. 

5.  DIY Chicken Brooder Box

DIY Chicken Brooder Box

It is easy to build a DIY chicken brooder from a cardboard box. However, you do run the risk of the cardboard board box getting wet, or worse still catching fire from the heat provided by the lamp. 

If you want to put your mind at ease, you can build a brooder box. The Fresh Egg Daily blog provides a plan and tutorial to follow in building the chicken brooder from a plastic storage tote. 

The process is easy and quick. I love the fact that it is inexpensive, safe, easy to clean, durable and most importantly, reusable. After the six weeks, you can store anything else you like in the tote. 

The blog tutorial provides a list of supplies as well as easy to understand instructions. 

6.  DIY Wooden Chicken Brooder

DIY Wooden Chicken Brooder

Chicks outgrow their brooders so fast. The fact that they learn how to fly at a tender age makes it harder to contain. 

Now, if you already have an initial early stage brooder, and are looking for space to house your chicks (not old enough yet for the coop), this chicken brooder plan is for you. 

The blog, MrAnimal Farm provides a detailed plan/tutorial on how on build the wooden chicken brooder. The process is easy and the resulting brooder is sturdy and beautiful. 

The plan comes complete with a supply list as well as step by step instructions that are easy to follow. 

7.  DIY Plastic Storage Box Chicken Brooder 

DIY Plastic Storage Box Chicken Brooder

No doubt chicks grow so fast. As such, cardboard brooders cannot hold them for long. To provide your chicks with ample space buy and customize a large plastic storage tote along with its lid. 

In addition to the plastic storage box, you will also need wire mesh to cover the space you make on the lid for ventilation purposes. The Little Homesteaders blog provides a free chicken brooder plan. 

The plan is complete with images to give a clear mental picture of the end product. 

8.  DIY Outdoor Chicken Brooder 

DIY Outdoor Chicken Brooder

Yes, there are outdoor chicken brooders. These are perfect as they allow chicks to indulge their foraging instincts right away. I love the fact that this particular DIY chicken brooder is small and thus portable. 

You can easily move your chicks to fresh ground whenever you please. Also, the DIY outdoor chicken brooder is simple and inexpensive. The fact that it is made from scrap lumber cuts your costs to almost $0. 

But even if you have to buy new lumber for the project, you might end up spending less than $10. The blog, Mother Earth News, provides a plan on how to build the DIY chicken brooder. 

9.  DIY Raised Chicken Brooder 

DIY Raised Chicken Brooder

If you are looking for a DIY chicken brooder that will accommodate your chicks even when they have outgrown the cardboard boxes, this is your best DIY chicken brooder plan. 

I love it because it is raised, has a lockable top and it is well ventilated. Instructables provides a detail DIY chicken brooder plan for this project. It outlines the supplies required along with the relevant measurements. 

In addition, the plan also features a 5-step guide for the DIY chicken brooder. 

10. DIY Cardboard Chicken Brooder 

DIY Cardboard Chicken Brooder

A DIY chicken brooder does not need to be fancy or even expensive. After all, the chicks will only be here for less than 6 weeks. 

With a cardboard box, you can whip up a simple CIY chicken brooder in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is find a cardboard box of a suitable size (depending on the number of chicks). 

You should also factor in their growth over time. A 12 x 12 x 36 inches cardboard will work fine. The blog, Backyard Chicken E-learning provides a free DIY chicken brooder plan. 

11. DIY Insulated Heat-Lamp Chicken Brooder 

DIY Insulated Heat-Lamp Chicken Brooder

The biggest challenge for most poultry farmers is raising chicks successfully especially when the prevailing weather is not conducive. That said, Chicken brooders contribute majorly to a successful growth of young chicks. 

Ordinary chicken brooders are laden with a host of problems related to temperature control. To solve this problem once and for all, you need to build a DIY insulated-heat chicken brooder. 

The blog Practical Poultry Tips provides a detailed plan of building this DIY chicken brooder. It features the basic concepts, hints, and instructions to complete the project. 

The DIY chicken brooder only takes 2 hours to complete and costs $20. 

12. $10 DIY Chicken Brooder 

$10 DIY Chicken Brooder

If you have no handy bone in you, this DIY chicken brooder will work best for you. You will not need to take measurements or cut wood. 

Actually, all you need is to surround the plastic kiddie pool with hardware cloth fencing and you are good to go. You can repurpose an old plastic kiddie pool or buy one. Buying one will cost approximately $10. 

The Montana Homesteader blog provides a detailed DIY chicken brooder plan. The plan also covers the cleaning of the DIY chicken brooder.

13. DIY Homemade Chicken Brooder 

DIY Homemade Chicken Brooder

If you have many young chicks, you will need a large and safe place for them to grow in. This DIY chicken brooder plan by Backyard Chickens will work perfectly. 

The chicken brooder is large enough to accommodate lots of chicks. It has heat lamps installed on the top and a mesh for breathability at the bottom. With this chicken brooder, the temperature is easy to regulate.

Building this large DIY chicken brooder will set you back only $62. While it might be expensive compared to other DIY brooders listed here, judging by its size and finishing it is a bargain. 

14. DIY Chicken Brooder Condo 

DIY Chicken Brooder Condo

If you want to give your young chicks the best time of their life, this DIY chicken brooder condo is the best. The brooder features all elements necessary for the survival of a young chick. 

However, these necessities are met in a cool way. For heating, The-Chicken-Chick uses an EcoGlow Brooder to radiate heat and uses a poultry nipple watering system to keep the chicks from spilling and wasting water. 

Simply put, this DIY chicken brooder looks like a tiny chicken condo. 

15. DIY Container Chicken Brooder 

DIY Container Chicken Brooder

Building a DIY chicken brooder box is not complicated. And while most people prefer preparing it before the chicks arrive, this is not advisable as there are some considerations to be made. 

The New Life On a Homestead blog takes you through all you need to build this DIY chicken brooder. In addition, the plan provides all the basic and considerations of making the perfect chicken brooder for your chicks. 

This plan/tutorial is detailed and systematic. It is perfect for beginners. 

There you are - 15 DIY chicken brooders to choose from to keep your cute and fuzzy young chicks safe. All are designed to be dry, warm and safe.

When you do choose any of the plans to build your project, feel free to share your experience. Share some tips you learned on the job, your challenging and easy bits.

That said, we love hearing from you. share your knowledge with us in the comment section below.