27 Free DIY Cat Tree Plans You Can Download Today

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27 Free DIY Cat Tree Plans You Can Download Today

cat tree plans

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No doubt, cat trees are beneficial to cats. They provide cats with the luxury of exercising by providing them with enough space to scrabble, jump, play or sleep on the cat tower.

However, even the smallest of cat trees retails at an expensive price. The best alternative is building one as your DIY project

This will not only save you on loads of cash but will also provide you with complete control over the appearance and function of the tower. Best of all, you can create a cat tree from readily available materials and tools.

Since the most important bit to this DIY project is finding free cat tree plans, I have done the heavy lifting and collected a bunch of cool, doable free cat tree plans for this specific DIY project.

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Floor to Ceiling Cats tree + 2 Floor Cats Tree DIY Tutorial

The design and construction process of this DIY cat tree is simple and straight-forward. It features two parts; a floor to ceiling cat tree and a 2-floor cat tree attached to the same base.

As detailed on Meow-cat.com, to nail this project, you will need 1 long post, some paper lubes and sisal ropes. For the posts, a PC tube will work just fine. Good thing it is available at an affordable price at local stores.

The DIY cat tree plan detailed on the Meow Cat blog is direct and simple to follow. It helps that it contains pictures for every step.

2.  Carpet and Sisal DIY Cat Tree

a Sisal and Carpet Cat Tree

What I love about this DIY cat tree plan is how easy and inexpensive it is to build. According to DIY network, this project is one that should take at most 12 hours with beginner level skills.

For this project, you will need sisal rope, natural carpet, screws, board, and MDF. The measurements of each of these materials are detailed in the free DIY cat tree plan along with the tools you will need to make it a success. 

While the tutorial is not the most detailed, it does help that it contains pictures. The end product is a posh-looking 3-floor cat condo where your cat can climb, nap and scratch.

3.  Ramp Style DIY Cat Tree

Ana White's Free Cat Tree Plan

Finding a modern cat tree with ramps incorporated into the design is a challenge. And if you do get one, the prices are through the roof. 

This DIY cat tree by Ana White is creative, affordable and best of all, a beginner level project. According to Ana White, the DIY cat tree costs range between $20 and $50, depending on the adjustments and additions you make.

Generally, the cat tree has 3 levels connected to each other by ramps. You can think of it like building floors with staircases connecting the floors. 

The project needs 4” x 4” post, a 12 ft. board measuring 10” and thick plywood for the floors. If you want, you could carpet the ramps to give your cat(s) more grip as they climb up the floors.

4.  DIY Cat Tree With Real Branches

Build Cat Tree Using Real Branches

If you have a thing for nature, you will fall in love with this DIY cat tree. Admittedly, the design didn’t end up like the inspirational designs Brittany was looking or the foolproof design she started with.

But that is the beauty of this DIY cat tree project. You can customize the cat tree plan into whatever suits you. Other than the real branches, everything else she lists on the tutorial can be swapped for anything you love.

For this project, she uses a big and big branch, to give the tree some level, sisal to build the scratching post, fake vines and stepping stones to give it a realistic look and feel. 

The tutorial contains the complete list of materials and tools you will need to complete the project.

5.  Modern DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tower

For your stylish living room, you need an equally stylish cat tower to blend in perfectly. This cat tower looks more like a piece of designer furniture than a cat tree.

To replicate the cat tower you will need sanded plywood, adhesive-backed carpet squares, wood screws, adjustable Clamps and gloves. The tools you will need are also listed in the tutorial.

The sizes, of the materials needed, are detailed in the Dremelweekends.com tutorial along with a step by step guide of how to hack the DIY project. 

And though the project looks complex, it is simple and a DIY beginner can successfully recreate the piece using the DIY cat tower plans.

6.  DIY Homemade Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Martha Stewart is famous for dogs. But as it turns out, she is in love with kitties too. Using a fallen tree on her property, Martha comes up with this simple yet highly functional cat tree. 

She made hers 18 inches long, but you can customize the size. So what will you need to hack this cute perch for your adorable kitten? 

Your supplies will include; branched wood, tree saw, wood screws, a thick wood piece for the base and a drill. These materials are readily available which lowers the cost of creation to $0.

The creation process this cheap DIY cat tree is simple and a beginner can hack it in less than 12 hours using the free cat tree plan.

7.  Natural DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Unlike most of the DIY cat tree designs listed in this guide, this is by far the easiest and befitting the name cat tree. It is an actual tree, debarked, and wrapped around with sisal.

Karl and Elmo on their YouTube channel posted a video of them creating one for their cat. The video is 2 minutes long which is a testament to how simple and easy this DIY cat tree is to create. 

Again, with a fallen dead tree branch and sisal, you are good to go. This is a cool DIY beginner project and best of all will cost you almost nothing (though you might have to buy the sisal).

8.  4-in-1 DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tree

If you have several untrained cats and would love to provide them with the comfort of a cat tree, the normal DIY cat trees with carpeted platforms and sisal posts will not cut it. Why? 

Well, as David Murphy outlines in his free cat tree plan pdf, they tear up fast, absorb odors and are impossible to clean. 

This 4-in-1 cat tree, however, is designed with heavy carpet pads and feature wooden lips around the edges. The cats, do not mind not having soft carpets on platforms. 

The PDF outlines the steps to follow to build your own cat tree similar to the one featured in the images. A beginner could hack it though will need to be keen and concentrated.

9.  Wall-Mounted DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tree by Frosta X

For those who are like me and have more wall space than floor space, this is the perfect DIY cat tree to build. According to Instructables.com, the project takes about 2 days.

Before you write off the project for being lengthy and complex, most of the hours (24 hours) are for allowing the wood glue to dry. The active steps in the tutorial are simple and short.

You will mount the cat tree on your wall. For this simple DIY cat tree you will need double sided tape, a drill, wood screws, wood glue, paper tape and 5 Frostas. 

The steps in the cat tree plan are accompanied by images. This enables even beginners to recreate it with no hassles.

10. Affordable DIY Cat Tree Condo

Cat Tree from Pickle Perfect

Most cat tree condos are insanely expensive and do not last long. Brooke and Nathan experienced this first hand. So they built this for a solution.

This cat tree condo features 5 platforms including the base, a hammock hanging below the second platform, a hollow concrete form and play toys hanging from the 3rd and 4th platforms.

The entire DIY cat tree condo is wrapped in sisal rope and carpet for comfort. The blog provides a free cat tree plan to create the beautiful and simple cat tree condo along with images. 

No price is given, but it is safe to assume that it is considerably cheaper than commercial cat tree condos.

11. Solid DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tree with Solid Wood

Most cat trees on the market are made from particleboards fused together with glue containing formaldehyde. The glue is smelly and harmful to the cats.

As such, Meow-cat.com decided to make free cat plans on a solid wood DIY cat tree. This DIY cat furniture features 4 platforms in 1. The poles are wrapped around with sisal ropes.

It is easy to build with the free cat tree plan and will definitely cost less than $100. Find the materials and tools needed in listed in the tutorial.

12. Cabin-type DIY Cat Tree

Cat Tree/Condo

This is one DIY cat tree project I see myself embarking on soon. The design offers cats a space they have privacy, feel safe and a view of what is happening around them. Ana white clearly took some time piecing this together.

The DIY cat tree features a scratch pad, closable barn doors for windows and cushioned platform for comfort. Overall, this is an intermediate skill level DIY project, costs about $30 and requires about 20 hours to complete.

13. Cheap DIY Cat Tree

DIY Cat Tree

This is a minimalistic DIY cat tree look with 3 carpeted levels for your cat to find comfort. The bottom pole of this DIY cat tree is wrapped in sisal rope and plays the role of a scratching post.

The design of this DIY cat tree is simple and straight-forward. I love the fact that Silly Pearl kept the costs low as well. 

Other than the wood, you will need a staple gun, a drill, wood screws, sisal rope and small pieces of carpets. The DIY cat tree plan is completed with visual aids making the project perfect for beginners.

14. DIY Cat Tree With Hanging Bed

DIY Cat Tree

This is probably the fluffiest DIY cat tree on the list. To complete this project, you will need a drill, wood screws, a handsaw, table, utility knife, PVC pipes, glue and a concrete form tube.

This DIT cat tree features poles, tunnels, and hanging bed. All of which are designed to provide comfort to cats and indulge their agile nature. 

The pole is wrapped in sisal rope, while the tunnels, platforms, and hanging bed are covered in thick and soft carpeting. The tutorial by Woodwork Guide details the steps to follow to recreate the DIY cat tree.

15. Traditional Style DIY Cat Tree

DIY Cat Tree House

It is okay if you would like a traditionally styled cat tree. What is not okay is paying a fortune for one. Luckily, with the free DIY cat tree plans from Instructables.com, you do not have to. 

Simply put, the DIY cat tree will be a paradise for your cat down. The platforms are cushioned, the poles feature winding sisal and the house is decorated. It even has a cushion for your cat on the top platform.

The tutorial covers the steps to follow in detail and provide images to make things easier. A list of supplies is also provided. 

Be warned though the project is slightly complex and suits intermediately skilled individuals.

16. DIY Cat Tree Using Scrap Wood

DIY Cat Tree using Real Tree

Using real branches makes the DIY cat tree look organic and alive. The end result looks great and you do not have to spend a fortune. The DIY cat tree features 3 platforms excluding the base. 

Each platform is designed and decorated differently. Meow-cat had one platform decorated like a cat face. You can let loose your creativity and come up with whatever you please though. 

The poles are covered with sisal ropes and act like scratching posts. Since you will use materials you already have in your house, the project may cost you $0. Also given it’s a creative project, anyone can hack it.

17. DIY Cat Tree From a Real Tree

DIY Cat Tree using Real Tree

What easier way is there to get a DIY cat tree than from an actual tree? Meow-cat points out that even simple and small DIY cat trees using easy DIY cat tree plans require some bit of hassle. 

Building a DIY cat tree tower from a real tree only requires you to cut down a perfect branch from a tree. Dry the tree, attach the base and tie some rope around it. You can attach some cushioned platforms on the branches as directed in the tutorial. 

The project is straight-forward, requires $0, and perfect for beginners. 

18. Floor To Ceiling DIY Cat Tree

DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

This is more of a cat tower than a DIY cat tree. Cat towers are loved by cats since they combine all of their favorite pass time activities. Cats get to climb, perch and scratch their claws.

For this DIY cat tree, you will need a long PVC drain pipe, sisal rope and wood and carpeting for the two platforms at the top. With all pieces at hand, creating this DIY cat tree should not take more than 24 hours.

The Free cat tree plan on the Meow-cat blog will direct you accordingly.

19. Luxury DIY Cat Tree

DIY Luxury 4 Floor Cats Trees

This DIY cat tree plan will have you create a luxurious playing and resting space for your cats. The DIY cat tree has 4 floors and features enough playing ground for 3 adult cats.

The materials needed for this project are inexpensive and best of all are available in local stores. The materials include carpet pipe, particle board, fake fur and sisal rope. 

Assuming you buy all these, you will spend around $30 for the entire project. The free DIY cat tree plan includes measurements and sizes as well as directions on how to put it all together.

20. Furniture DIY Cat Tree

DIY Unique Cat Furniture Tutorial

This is one gorgeous and stylish DIY cat tree that I recommend you get. Meow-cat got inspiration for this unit from a premade China cat furniture. But given its high price, it was turned into a DIY project.

This DIY cat tree plan includes comprehensive drawings complete with measurements. The cat tree plan also includes images of the complete DIY cat tree which resembles the inspiration cat furniture.

I should warn you though; Meow-cat did not provide a detailed step by step tutorial for this DIY cat tree. As such, one needs at least intermediate handy skills to pull it off.

21. Hollow DIY Cat Tree

Free Cat Tower Plan

This is a new approach to a DIY cat tree. It avails enough room for your cat to move at high speeds inside it. The DIY cat tree tower is 6 foot tall and has a platform at the top.

At the foot of the DIY cat tree is the entrance to the inside of the tower. The inside is lined with high traffic carpeting as is the exterior.

To create this DIY cat tree, you will need wooden boards of different sizes and a high traffic carpet. The tutorial outlines the creation process with images too. The tutorial also contains the measurements for the boards.

This DIY cat tree project is designed for beginners as well.

22. Ladder DIY Cat Trees

Free Cat Tree Plan

Wikihow.com details the different process of making a DIY cat tree with a ladder. The first process has you creating the DIY cat tree from wood and carpeting and adding a ladder to the first platform.

The second DIY cat tree plan details the process of converting a ladder into an elegant and highly functional DIY cat tree. The process includes painting the ladder, carpeting the steps and wrapping sisal around the ladder legs.

Both processes are inexpensive and customizable to suit your preferences and cat’s preferences. This DIY cat tree project is perfect for beginners.

23. Fancy DIY Cat Tree Condo With Baskets

Free Cat Tree Plan

One look at this DIY cat tree condo and you will find it has to resist the urge to build it. This DIY cat tree condo features a long pipe covered in sisal rope and 3 wicker baskets.

The baskets are mounted with brackets to the PVC pipe. The PVC pipe is held in place with a bottom wood disc. The DIY free cat tree plan outlines the simple process in detail and with images as well.

If you wish, you could add some cushioning to the basket for added comfort. You don’t need to be handy to hack this. Just follow the steps provided by hgtv.com.

24. 2 Hour DIY Cat Tree

Free Kitty Condo Plan

This is as easy as they come. This is the perfect DIY cat tree for beginners. Dadand.com provides a free cat tree plan pdf complete with drawings and measurements. 

The DIY cat tree is made from wood and features 3 simple carpeted platforms. Dadand.com claim the DIY cat tree project will take about 2 hours to complete. I personally love this DIY cat tree plan for its simplicity.

The entire project costs about $25.

25. Triangular DIY Cat Tree

How to Make a Cat Tree

This is a refreshing change to the towers we were used to. This DIY cat tree is triangular in shape. It features carpeted platforms and an enclosed platform at the bottom.

Woodworking.formeremortals.com has it that the project requires very little lumber. The carpets used are inexpensive and available at local stores. They provide a free cat tree plan which is easy to follow.

However, I should point out that making the angled joints seems like they will require some bit of prowess and skill. Other than these joints, a beginner can hack the project in a short time.

26. DIY Cat Tree Playhouse

Making Your Own Cat Tree

This DIY cat tree is designed to be a playhouse and to accommodate two cats as is evident from the two cat houses featured. Thrifty Fun made a smaller version of the DIY cat tree playhouse shown on the blog.

Creating a small version requires beginner skill but a larger one needs slightly more skill. When creating this DIY cat tree, it is wise to recycle most of the materials to keep costs low.

The main materials you will need include a carpet tube, a particle board or plywood, fake fur, doormat, jute rope, and toys. 

The tutorial provides a cutting guide. But the tutorial, in general, is not as detailed as I would like it. On the bright side, building this DIY cat tree is cheap.

27. Functional and Artistic DIY Cat Tree

Twisted Juniper Cat Tree

This DIY cat tree is made from a juniper tree. The best bit about this tree is that it features contrasting colors, has a unique shape and can also serve as a Christmas tree.

The guide provides you with details of the tools and materials you will need. They are not much since the juniper tree is the main part. For the carpeted perches, you can add as many as you please and the branch allows.

Given its simplicity, you might end up spending $0. It is a perfect project for novices. 

You should note that for the cat tree plan you will have to pay.

It wouldn’t make sense for you to spend a significant amount of your hard earned money on a commercial cat tree after learning how to build a cat tree.

Hopefully the list I have compiled will intrigue you and you can get at least one DIY cat tree you would like to build.

When you do try one of the 27 DIY cat trees, share your experience of building it. We love knowing that our lists are inspiring people.