34 Free Bunk Bed Plans That Save a Lot of Bedroom Space

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34 Free Bunk Bed Plans That Save a Lot of Bedroom Space

bunk bed plans

Ever tried to build your own bunk bed but ran out of ideas?

Well, learning how to build a bunk bed takes time. But we are here to give you simple bunk bed plans you can do right at home.

Take a few minutes of your time to go through 34 awesome DIY bunk bed plans we have in store for you.

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DIY Industrial Bunk Bed

Ashley comes up with this nice-looking DIY bunk bed plan. She builds the bed using two different materials. Wood is used for the frame and the posts.

The rails and the ladder of this bunk bed are made of metal pipe. This is a twin size bed having an inner dimension of 70 inches long and 37 inches wide.

The tutorial for this bunk bed starts with a full list of the materials and tools needed in the project. Ashley puts the cost of wood and hardware at $150.

Adding the cost of piping, the whole project sets you back at least $200-$250.

2. Bunk Bed Hack

Bunk Bed Hack

Quite a funny name for a bunk bed plan. Well, this is a nice plan for kids who want some privacy. Prosend, the designer of this bed builds it using wood.

The top and bottom bed all come in a twin size. You can give this bed a colorful touch by painting in your favorite color. Prosend uses a wax paint for maximum protection.

This project takes 7 steps to complete. Well, I'm quite curious how much this project costs since the designer doesn't have an estimated cost for it.

3. 2-In-1 DIY Bunk Bed

2-In-1 DIY Bunk Bed

Do you have many kids in your home? Well, Laura has just the right bunk bed design that you'll love. She settles for a 2-in-1 bed that can be used by at least four kids.

Each piece of the two halves measures 75 inches long and 35 inches wide. She adds a beautiful touch with slat headboard and foot.

A solid colorful paint and voila, you get one beautiful bed that gives your kids bedroom a facelift. Expect to use a lot of wood building this bed.

In this tutorial, Laura has a list of everything you'll need to make the project a success. With 4 frames to this bed, you should be prepared to spend quite a lot of lumber.

Well, I'll put the total cost of this project somewhere around $300.

4. DIY Triple Bunk Bed

DIY Triple Bunk Bed

There are many bunk bed designs out there. However, this plan takes the design to the next level. It is a triple bunk bed that saves a lot of space.

This plan is more like a standard bunk bed with another bed that installs across the middle to form a T shape. DIYers who are just starting have a chance of building this bed.

The tutorial suggests you can add some modification for a custom look. The frames measure 75 inches long and 39 inches wide. Included in the tutorial is a supply list of tools and materials.

5. Side Street Bunk Beds

Side Street Bunk Beds

Get some side street inspiration with this DIY bunk bed plan. Ana White gives this design that looks quite solid. 

She goes for a twin size having a length of 75 inches and width of 36 inches. Ana gives the bed a generous headboard and foot. These are built in a panel design.

Just like in most of her plans, Ana has a list of every tool and material you'll need for this project. For the mattress support, she advises the use of slats or plywood.

The tutorial has just 5 steps to complete. Ana puts the cost of this project at $50-$100. The good news is that it can be done by beginners.

6. Floating Bunk Bed

Floating Bunk Bed

One look at this bunk bed design and you just don't know where to start from. It is a floating bunk bed designed to give the bedroom a sophisticated look.

Monica makes the whole thing look simpler than you first thought. It is more like a twin-on-full size bun bed. The beds are mounted on the wall and supported by ropes.

There is a rope ladder that leads to the top bed. Monica says there are no fancy angle cuts in this DIY bunk bed plan. So I bet it would make a nice choice for beginners.

7. Simple DIY Bunk Bed

Simple DIY Bunk Bed

Looking for simple bunk bed plans? I think you might like to this what Tyler has in store for you. It is a pretty simple design and won't take much of your time.

The bed can be build using that stock of lumber in your garage. This bed uses solid wood and has a dark brown finish to add warmth to the bedroom.

The design is for a twin mattress and the top bed has side rails for safety. A wooden ladder leads to the top bed. There are 22 steps involved in building this bed.

Tyler does not put the cost. But you should be ready to part with at least $100 for this bunk bed.

8. DIY Bunk Bed with Aged Look

DIY Bunk Bed with Aged Look

Jay Bates has something for that aged look in a bunk bed. Do you have the same take? If yes, then this bunk bed design is a good match for you.

This bunk bed plan is for twin mattresses. It measures 81 inches long and 45 inches wide. Unlike most bunk beds, it doesn't have a ladder. Slats on the head and foot are what double as ladders.

Jay Bates gives illustrations on how to build this bed. But you can part with $9.99 to get a more detailed version of this plan.

There is a list of tools and materials in this tutorial. Wondering how much the project costs? Well, Jay Bates puts the cost of materials at around $135. 

9. DIY Triple Bunk Bed with Shelves

DIY Triple Bunk Bed with Shelves

This is a triple bunk bed with a cool twist. Bob came up with this design to save space and fit at least 3 kids. Unlike most triple bunk beds, this one has a clever twist.

Bob built it so that it can be used as 2 bunks with an optional third bunk. This bed is made safe for a wide age range.

I like the fact that the screws are nails are hidden.

When pulled out, the third bunker converts into a loft bed that has a play area underneath. Bob builds this bed with storage in mind.

He achieves this by building shelves on each bunk. He estimates the cost of the project to be around $202.

10. Easy, Modular, Pine Bunk Beds

Easy, Modular, Pine Bunk Beds

Want a bunk bed that takes the modular build to a whole new level? Well, this might just be the DIY bunk bed plan you are looking for.

Let me break it down for you. This bed can be converted to a traditional stacked design or L-shape bunk bed. It doesn't end there. This bunk bed can be arranged as two separate beds.

You get this versatile design at a cost-friendly price of $125-$200. Assuming you don't have to buy any tools, you can shave down the cost to $120-$180.

One thing I like about this tutorial is that it lists the cost of each tool and material you'll need. The project has 9 steps so expect to spend a good amount of time on it.

11. Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

More like a 2-storey cottage, this is one of the coolest bunk bed ideas. Jenny, the person behind this plan must have taken some precious time to set this up.

The first floor of the cottage makes the bottom bunk while the second floor is the top bunk. Jenny goes for a unique ladder that comes in the form of a staircase.

Both beds are designed to fit twin size mattresses. Each bunk measures 75 inches long and 39 inches wide. You get to complete the plan in 21 steps. 

DIYers with medium skill level are best suited for this project. Expect to spend at least $400 on this project.

12. Tree House Bunk Bed

Tree House Bunk Bed

Ever heard of a tree house? Well, there's a way you can just achieve that with this DIY bunk bed plan. Here, the designer turns a tree house into a bed.

You don't have to build this bed outdoors. What you need is a fake tree made of polystyrene and you'll be good to go. The plan even has a modified ceiling fan.

Tommo, the designer of this bunk bed builds it in 5 simple steps. This is an ambitious plan for those that have a love for heights.

13. DIY Triple Stacked Bunk Bed

DIY Triple Stacked Bunk Bed

Want a bunk bed plan that will allow you to change the layout of your bedroom? Well, this plan might just be what you're looking for.

The triple design saves space and gives a lot of room for at least 3 kids. Each of the 3 bunks come in a twin size that measures 75 inches long and 39 inches wide.

The tutorial of this DIY bunk bed plan starts with a list of the tools and other supplies you'll need. One ladder gives access to the middle and top bunks.

The middle bunk is more like a loft bed, which leaves enough space underneath for play. Lowe's doesn't give the overall cost for this project.

But judging from the quantity of lumber used in the project, I would put the cost at around $150.

14. Paneled Bunk Bed

Paneled Bunk Bed

Steve Maxwell likes quality. He builds this bunk bed using construction grade lumber. That means a durable and strong bed that is sure to last a lifetime.

A panel design combines with laminate legs to give the bed a refined look. Maxwell takes safety into consideration by building a safety rail on the top bunk.

So what do you need for this project? Well, Maxwell has got you covered. He gives a list of the items you'll need to finalize this plan.

15. Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

Do you have that odd sized space that has no use in the bedroom? Maybe it is a time that you give this plan a deep thought. The bed is built to hold two twin mattresses.

You can use the bottom bed for many different things like games or arts. There are 13 steps to building this bed. The tutorial for this bunk bed has the materials, tools, and safety gear you'll need.

Dylan does not put the cost of this plan. However, be sure that you won't break a bank to build one.

16. One-legged Bunk Bed

One-legged Bunk Bed

Ever imagined building a bunk bed that has one leg? Well, this tutorial makes that possible. In this DIY bunk bed plan, two sides of the bed are installed on the wall.

Makendo, the designer of this plan builds it to accommodate twin mattresses. The top bunk has rails for safety. A ladder is placed on the foot side of the bed.

This DIY bunk bed plan takes 9 steps to complete. I really love the solid look of this bed. Makendo gives a list of the materials and tools you'll be going to need.

17. Twin over Full Simple Bunk Bed

Twin over Full Simple Bunk Bed

For a good part of the article, we have looked at twin over twin bunk beds. Ana White decides to give something new. It is a twin over full bunk bed.

As the name implies, the top bunk comes in a twin size and the bottom bunk in a full size. The top bunk is 79 inches long and 66 inches wide.

What makes this DIY bunk bed plan simple is the fact that you have only 4 instructions to follow. That means you won't be spending much time following the guide.

Frankly, this bunk bed design is something that can be done by beginners. In case you like this plan, then be ready to part with $100-$150 for the project.

18. DIY Unique Built-In Bunk Beds

DIY Unique Built-In Bunk Beds

Want to start stacking your kids? That won't be a bad idea in case you are short od space. The answer lies with this DIY bunk bed plan.

It shows just how useful you can make the empty space in your closet. This bunk bed is built into a closet without interfering with the shelves at the top.

The closet itself is mounted on the wall so there is no need for additional reinforcement. Both bunks are designed to fit toddler mattresses.

The bottom bunk has some ground clearance that doubles as a storage place for personal items and bedding. This bunk bed is built in 8 phases.

19. Twin Over Full Kenwood Bunk

Twin Over Full Kenwood Bunk

We have talked about a bunk bed plan similar to this, right? Well, there's one thing that you'll really appreciate in this plan. You get to spend less on such a solid and durable bed.

Rayan, the brains behind this plan estimates the total cost of this project to be around $100-$150. He has a clear list of the tools, materials, and cuts.

The tutorial walks you through 10 instructions. Something literally blew my mind in this design. Rayan builds this bed so it can be stacked or used as separate beds.

A ladder is built into the bed to let you tame the heights.

20. Stacked Triple Bunk Beds

Stacked Triple Bunk Beds

With just a small footprint the size of a twin mattress, you get 3 bunks arranged vertically. To be frank, I think this plan is a space-friendly choice you might want to consider.

Just from the look of this plan, you'll know that you need a couple of hours to complete. The designer puts the duration of the project at 24 hours.

Slats on the head and foot area come in handy to double as ladders. The top bunk has rails to guarantee your kid's safety.

Now comes the big thing you might be itching to ask. How much does the project cost? Well, the designer puts the figure at around $600.

21. Kids' DIY Bunk Bed

Kids' DIY Bunk Bed

It makes no sense letting your kid sleep on a full-size bed. This bunk bed design is the right choice for that. It frees up space and gives the comfort your kids want.

One thing I like about this plan is the flexible ways in which you can organize it. Well, this bunk bed can be stacked on each other or separated into individual beds.

This tutorial has a video clip to make the building process much simpler. A more detailed version of this bunk bed plan can be downloaded after paying $5.

Each bunk measures 64 inches long and 31 inches wide. This makes the plan a great option for kids up to around 10 years old.

22. DIY Bunk Bed with Staircase Storage

DIY Bunk Bed with Staircase Storage

Ladders can be quite tough on kids. The designer of this plan had that in mind and chose a clever way of making things much easier.

Instead of using ladders, this bunk bed plan uses a staircase. Well, it does not just serve the purpose of providing access to the top bunk.

The staircase of this bunk bed doubles as a storage place for your kids' books and toys. Apart from the staircase storage, you also get a work desk that can double as a shelf.

Interested in this project? Well, be ready to part with around $500 for supplies.

23. Minimalist Bunk Bed

Minimalist Bunk Bed

Seamster makes DIY bunk bed plans look so simple. He shows how to build a sleek bunk bed while managing to keep it rock solid.

This project is a good choice for DIYers with mid-level skill. So it might be fairly complicated for DIYers who are just starting. Seamster gives a very detailed breakdown of the instructions and measurements.

In total, there are 17 steps involved in building this bunk bed. The bottom bunk is designed to sit at ground level. Due to the low profile, there's no need for a ladder access to top bunk.

The two bunks in this bed can be used together or individually.

24. Princess Castle Bunk-Bed

Princess Castle Bunk-Bed

Let your little girl sleep in a castle of her own. This bunk bed comes in handy to serve the purpose. Nelson builds it the castle style to create more like a house bed.

The bottom bunk confined within the castle gives your little girl all the privacy she needs. Fit curtains on the door and it becomes even more realistic.

Build this castle bunk bed in 12 steps and get a helpful video guide to walk you through. Talking about cheap bunk bed plans, this one surely makes the cut. It costs just $100.

However, you are likely to pay more for the plywood, curtain, and paint. These amount to around $72.

25. DIY Bunk Bed with Drawers

DIY Bunk Bed with Drawers

Michelle shows you how to add a touch of luxury in the bedroom. This bunk bed plan looks modern and is solid enough to take some weight.

The headboard side of the bed is built to the wall. The floor clearance on the bottom bunk is put to good use by turning it into cool storage drawers.

A metal ladder gives the access you need for the top bunk. Each bunk has curtains so you get total privacy whenever you need it.

A lamp is fitted in each bunk and you get a recessed wall shelf for storage. Michelle does not put the cost. However, I think the project might be worth some serious bucks.

With this superb design, the project might cost you somewhere around $600.

26. Custom-Made Triple Bunk Beds

Custom-Made Triple Bunk Beds

Kristen has something for those with a ceiling height of around 10 feet. It is a triple bunk bed plan custom made to ensure it performs as expected.

Kristen puts the bed under stress test to ensure it is solid enough to take the weight. This triple bunk is designed to fit twin size mattresses.

There's an access ladder to the middle and top bunks. A canopy just above the top bunk keeps you protected from the light.

It is a pretty cool plan though I'm yet to find out how much the project costs.

27. DIY Pallet Sofa/Bunk Bed

DIY Pallet Sofa/Bunk Bed

The world of bunk bed designs is never short of creativity. This 10-step tutorial walks you through the process of building a sofa/bunk bed.

The use of pallets qualifies it among cheap bunk bed plans out there. This plan lets you save your energy when it comes to moving the bed from one location to another.

This is made possible by swivel casters that can be locked in position to avoid unnecessary movement. This bunk bed sits quite low so no need for a ladder.

28. DIY 2×4 Bunk Bed

DIY 2×4 Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is a furniture with many pieces that come in different sizes. But did you know you can build one using the same size of lumber?

Well, this tutorial shows how you can do it using the 2 x 4 lumber. The bed has safety rails on the top and bottom bunk. These double as ladders to the top.

Each bunk is 80 inches long and 43 inches wide. That makes it a good fit for twin size mattresses. The plan has 6 steps involved in completing the project.

With a list of tools and materials ready, you can complete this project in around 2 days.

29. New Triple Bunks

New Triple Bunks

We have come across some cool triple bunk bed designs. This is yet another having solid colors and beautiful decorations.

The bunks are arranged in such a way that one-half of the middle bunk sticks out. The space under the middle bunk is fitted with drawers for storage.

There are multiple configurations for this triple bunk bed plan. So be sure to choose one that impresses you most. The cost of this project is not given.

However, I can confidently put it somewhere around $200.

30. DIY Triple Bunk Bed with Two Ladders

DIY Triple Bunk Bed with Two Ladders

Immediately I saw it, I knew that this bed is one solid piece of furniture. I'm happy I wasn't wrong.

It is a strong triple bunk bed that makes a perfect match in the boys' bedroom. Looking closely at the posts, you'll notice visible joints. These were put there for a reason.

The joints make it easier to separate this triple bunk bed into individual beds. Each bunk has a headboard that adds more comfort. The bed has two access ladders that also double as safety rails.

31. Classic Bunk Beds

Classic Bunk Beds

Already given the classic bunk bed a thought? Well, Ana White has something for you. It is a twin size bunk bed measuring 80 inches long and 42 inches wide.

Ana built this bed with safety in mind by adding rails. The tutorial for this DIY bunk bed plan has 9 steps. This is a good project for DIYers with intermediate skills.

Ana White puts the cost of this bunk bed at $50-$100.

32. The Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse

Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse

Well, this plan takes bunk bed plans to a whole new level. It is more like a bed on wheels. The 14-step tutorial for this plan has the list of tools and materials.

Expect to do lots of framing in this project. It will require a DIYer with the advanced skill level to take on this project.

As complex as it might look, this project doesn't cost a fortune. All you need is $500 and you'll be good to go.

33. Martin Brubaker's Bunk Bed

Martin Brubaker's Bunk Bed

Looking for simple DIY bunk bed plans? Check out this plan by Jason Pell. It is a simple plan that looks quite on point.

The plan is an improvement of the twin size bunk bed. You get identical headboard and footboard. Rails are included for safety purposes.

I'm yet to get the cost of this project. However, judging from the look of it, this DIY bunk bed plan might even sit well with low-budget DIYers.

34. Girls' Triple Bunk Bed

Girls' Triple Bunk Bed

Have plenty of time for DIY jobs? I think this is one of the best bunk bed plans to keep you occupied. The plan is for three bunks, which are beautifully made to match a girl's taste.

Karakae gives a step by step plan on how to build this bunk bed. This design looks great when placed on corners.

Want to undertake this project? Well, get a $5 detailed plan and you will be good to go.

I hope this article has been a great help to finding the plan you want for your next DIY bunk bed.

Have any suggestions, remarks, or something to add on? If yes, then don’t hesitate to post it in the comments section below.