12 Simple DIY Bike Racks for Space Saving Solutions

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12 Simple DIY Bike Racks for Space Saving Solutions

diy bike rack

Today’s bike racks can cost a small fortune. It makes sense to switch to DIY bike racks. These will help serve the purpose without the expense.

But the big question is, do you know how to make a bike rack? The good news is that there are a lot of bike storage ideas out there that will help you.

Below we take a look at 12 bike rack designs. I think you might want to consider for your next project.

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Floor-Mounted Wooden DIY Bike Stand for One Bike

Macho, a DIYer at Instructables, is the man behind the design of this bike stand. He makes this wooden stand to get an inexpensive bike support that doesn’t slow you down.

Macho uses wooden beams for this job. In this design, the tire is centered between two raised beams. The beams are screwed on baseboards and fitted with triangular pieces for side support.

You adjust the space between the raised beams to get a perfect fit. Adjustments make it possible to fit bicycles with different tire widths.

This is a simple bike rack you can build alone. You can use wood scraps for this project. This means that the rack can be built at no cost.

2. Single-Bike, Stand-Alone Vertical Wooden Rack

Single-Bike, Stand-Alone Vertical Wooden Rack

Filip Peeters, a DIYer at Instructables, uploads the design of this wooden DIY bike rack. His design aims at saving garage floor space.

This stand has two main parts, which is a wooden ground plate and a raised, angled wooden beam. A narrow groove is made on the beam and plate where both tires of the bike fit.

Filip puts a base support under the wooden ground plate so that the rack stands on its own. If you have wood, the only thing that will cost you is a tube of glue that attaches the pieces together.

3. Floor-Mounted Wooden Bike Storage Rack for 4 Bikes

Floor-Mounted Wooden Bike Storage Rack for 4 Bikes

Corey Maddocks from Simple Tracks builds this large horizontal bike rack. He makes this stand to get a stable, durable, and inexpensive support for up to four bikes.

The stand consists of two long boards that run parallel to each other. Slots made of two pieces of wood fit across the boards. Corey builds four slots in total. The space between the two pieces of wood is where the rear tire of the bike fits.

Screws are used here so you can adjust the slots to the size of the tire. Corey builds this bike rack by himself and spends a total of $30.

4. Wooden DIY Bike Rack for Makeshift Exercise Bike

Wooden DIY Bike Rack for Makeshift Exercise Bike

Kelly Miller builds this rack to transform a traditional bike into an exercise bike. His aim was to get some form of exercise that will help recuperate from leg injuries.

The rack is made of two raised wooden beams attached to a wide horizontal frame for a stable, stand-alone support. Miller puts a peg that slides onto the axle and rests over the beams to lift the back tire off the ground. That means the bike doesn’t go anywhere as you peddle.

The only thing that may cost you here are the two sets of pegs. Want to build this for yourself? Well, Kelly gives a video tutorial you will find very useful.

5. Wall-mounted DIY Bike Rack with Storage Cabinet

Wall-mounted DIY Bike Rack with Storage Cabinet

This project is uploaded to Instructables. This bike rack design is aimed at freeing up floor space and provide storage space for bike accessories and gear.

What you need here are a few boards and bike hooks. Two boards are mounted parallel to each other on a wall. A cabinet storage is built on one end of the rack.

Holes are drilled on the boards and hooks fitted to hold the bikes by the tire. Here, the designer builds a rack for 5 bikes. The total cost of this project is $20.

6. Simple Pallet Bike Rack for 3 Bikes

Simple Pallet Bike Rack for 3 Bikes

Maudlin from Instructables builds this DIY bike rack. He wanted a bike storage for the “lazy DIYer”.

The rack is as simple as two pallets. Maudlin uses salvaged pallets so it doesn’t cost him anything to build this rack.

One pallet is laid on the floor close to a wall. The other pallet is placed vertically on top of it and made to rest against the wall. Bike tire fits through the gaps on the pallets laid against the wall.

The number of bikes stored will depend on the spacing and size of pallets used. Maudlin says the rack needs some adjustments once every month. But he’s happy that it has stayed remarkably stable after months of use.

7. Half-Pallet DIY Bike Rack with Labels

Half-Pallet DIY Bike Rack with Labels

Annalee, a blogger, designs this half-pallet rack. Her idea is to build a bike stand at no cost and in less time.

Annalee uses a salvaged pallet that she cuts into half. She uses one piece of this pallet stand. The pallet sits on the floor and bike tires fit in the gaps.

Labels are added for easy identification. The best part of this project is that there is no nailing or measurement required. Annalee builds it all by herself in just 10 minutes.

8. DIY Bike Rack from Crib Rail

DIY Bike Rack from Crib Rail

Kelly builds this bike rack using a crib rail. What she wants is a stand that keeps the garage organized at minimum cost.

Apart from the crib rail, this project requires a paracord, eye hooks, and three wooden boards. The rail is placed vertically and screwed onto a wooden base frame.

Holes are drilled through the two ends of the frame and the rail to fit hooks. Kelly ties a paracord on the hooks to support the rail.

In her design, bike tires fit through the gaps between the slats on the rail. Kelly takes half an hour to build this rack and she loves how it turned out.

9. Kid’s Bicycle Rack with Helmet Storage

Kid’s Bicycle Rack with Helmet Storage

Katie, an avid DIYer, makes this bike rack. Her aim is to come up with a bike organizer that will keep her garage space clutter free.

Wooden boards and coat hooks are used in this project. She starts with an L-shaped frame that stands upright against a wall. Slats are attached to the bottom and middle of the back support at 45-degree angle.

Bike tires fit through the gaps between the slats. Coat hooks are fitted on the front of the rack to hang helmets. You can download a printable plan of this bike rack for $4.99.

10. Wall-Mounted Triangular Custom Wooden Bike Rack

Wall-Mounted Triangular Custom Wooden Bike Rack

This is a project on Buzzfeed. What the designer wants is a bike rack that takes the least amount of wall space while providing a sturdy support.

The designer uses triangular plywood sheets that have a triangular cutout in the middle. The triangles are stacked on top of each other using wood glue. They are mounted on a wall with the wider side facing up.

A pad covers the wider face to protect your bike from scratches. The hollow cutouts within the triangles are used for storage. This tutorial comes with a how-to video of this DIY bike rack.

11. PVC Bike Rack

PVC Bike Rack

This PVC bike rack is posted on Home Depot. The idea behind this bike stand is to build a bike support using simple pipe connections.

Tee and elbow connectors are used here. The vertical and horizontal pieces are flipped over and spread wide at the base for improved stability. This rack has the capacity to hold two bikes at a go.

A how-to footage of this PVC bike rack is included in the tutorial in case you want to watch how it is made.

12. DIY Wall-Mounted Industrial Bike Rack

DIY Wall-Mounted Industrial Bike Rack

Paul Cox builds this bike rack courtesy of Jon from Parker and Briggs. Paul wanted an industrial-style stand, which is a snap to build and completely holds the bike off the ground.

A piece of wood for the shelf and an assortment of metal pipe fittings are needed for this project. Floor flanges and screws help mount the rack on the wall. The bike is held by the frame by wrapping with recycled bike tubes.

Paul gives some notes on building tips. For instance, he recommends painting the wood with oil-based polyurethane for easy cleanup. There is a bonus footage that shows how Paul makes this bike rack.

I hope this article on how to make a bicycle rack has been of great help to you. It would be great to know what you are thinking.

Want to share your homemade bike rack setup with us? Please, feel free to leave your ideas and comments.