24 Gorgeous DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans to Build Your Own

A nice bathroom vanity can boost the value of your bathroom and home in general. It can also turn your bathroom into one of your favorite places in the house.

If you would like to build a bathroom vanity for yourself or for someone else, then you should know how important it is to have good plans and ideas.

I have gathered the following bathroom vanity plans from across the Internet, with the hope that they'll provide you with the much-needed inspiration to get building.

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Featuring a farmhouse design, the bathroom vanity plans from Shanty2Chic offer you a quick-to-build but simple and memorable vanity.

This guide includes everything like pictures, instructions and detailed measurements. It also has a link to the downloadable plans, which go into even more detail.

The vanity is 34 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 21.5 inches deep. There is a materials list and a cut list in the plans, plus a step by step guide showing you how to build and install everything, including the drop-in sink.

2. Elegant & Double DIY Bathroom Vanity

Elegant & Double DIY Bathroom Vanity

Honestly, this vanity does not look like a DIY project because it is so nice and so professional looking. Katie and her hubby built it for the hubby's brother.

The vanity box's frame was built using birch veneer plywood, while the joints used pocket holes. Katie also used wood that was lying around to make the face frame, so it's hard to say exactly how much this project cost.

Katie only built the vanity, while her brother-in-law added the glass backsplash, the quartz top and the rest of the hardware. She leaves a link to the original plans though.

This DIY double vanity is 70 inches wide and 23 inches high. The drawers are about 20 x 16 inches in dimensions.

3. Small & Cute Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

Small & Cute Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

Rachel's small and cute vanity features turned legs and is 24.5 inches wide, 32.5 inches tall, and 18.5 inches deep. Rachel purchased the 4 turned legs online and she also leaves their source link on her shopping list.

This guide includes a tools list, a cut list, and free downloadable plans. There is a step by step guide, which begins with making the sides of the vanity in step 1 and ends with painting or staining in step 10.

One highlight of this project is the faucet. Rachel installed a center-set faucet in a lovely champagne bronze color. You could, of course, add your own unique extras.

4. Shaker Style Double Sink Cherry Bathroom Vanity Plans

Shaker Style Double Sink Cherry Bathroom Vanity Plans

For lovers of shaker style furniture, this double sink bathroom vanity will really be a joy to build. The entire project cost about $450 to build and this tutorial is delivered in 34 steps.

There is a tools list, a materials list, and a cut list to help you along the way. Most of the 34 steps also have a diagram which makes the step better understandable.

Its 4 centrally aligned drawers, double doors, plus the 2 false drawer fronts to make space for the sinks give this vanity a touch woodworking excellence.

5. Granite Countertop DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Granite Countertop DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Its granite countertop gives it a modern vibe, while the hardware for the drawers and the beautiful stain of the wood give it a touch of class and sophistication.

The plans show you how to recreate this beauty in 8 steps. You will need 2x2s, 1x4s, 1x6s, 1x2s, and birch plywood.

You start off with the 2x2 frame, then add the side panels and the dividers. Shara also uses lots of pocket holes in this build and there are plenty of pictures with captions to help you understand better.

6. Vintage DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Vintage DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

This vintage DIY bathroom vanity is 33 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 20.5 inches deep. Choosing to stain it would also make it look great. You could also paint it an entirely different color.

There is a tools list in this guide, and it includes clamps and a pocket-hole Jig. There is also a materials list, a cut list, and a step by step guide.

The 11 step guide includes diagrams in each step. They lead you through the building of the frame, to the addition of the 2 upper drawers and the final sanding and finishing.

7. DIY $300 Super Sturdy Bathroom Vanity Guide

DIY $300 Super Sturdy Bathroom Vanity Guide

Here we have an 8-ft wide bathroom vanity built entirely from hardwood. It is also budget friendly at under $300.

There are 2 sets of 2 drawers and 2 sets of double doors on this vanity. The drawers are large as well, being 5.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

Kati also adds a link to the free DIY plans, which is a 20-step guide for building a single 4-ft wide vanity. You will then have to double the project to create and 8-ft design.

8. DIY Spa-Like Bathroom Vanity Plans

DIY Spa-Like Bathroom Vanity Plans

With this homemade bathroom vanity plan, you are are basically building a table with 2 shelves underneath. There is also no space for a drop-in sink, so they have to sit on the tabletop.

This design is quite artistic and is either your thing or not. The tutorial begins with a supplies list, and a tools list, before the step by step guide.

Another nice thing about this vanity is the slat shelves. Kara shows you how she made them all, including making the posts first and installing the slats to them.

9. Ana's Turned Legs Vanity Plans

Ana's Turned Legs Vanity Plans

With a 34.5-inch height, which also corresponds to the height of the purchased turned legs, this vanity also measures 48 inches across and is 21 inches deep. It will cost you between $150 and $200 to make.

There is a materials list, a tools list, and a cut list. There is also a step by step guide. Ana begins with the making of the frame by joining the legs to the sides and then joining the fronts.

You also get so much information in this tutorial that you can easily make slight modifications to it and create something entirely unique and personalized to you.

10. Hard Edge & Rustic Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Hard Edge & Rustic Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

You will need 4x4s to create this vanity's posts, which also gives it its hard edge look. You will also need to get your sink and faucet first so that you'll know how much space that you'll need.

There is everything you need here, from the materials list to the tools and cut lists. You can make changes of course and double the materials, if you want a 2 times wider vanity, for example.

The step by step guide includes diagrams which you can also click on to enlarge. Step 15 deals with the attachment of the slats, while the top is attached to the frame in step 20.

11. Serena's 60-Inch DIY Bathroom Vanity

Serena's 60-Inch DIY Bathroom Vanity

Building bathroom vanities is a process that should always start from the base. Serena loves thrift shops and she got her vanity's legs there, which is the beginning of this tutorial.

Next step is the cutting and attaching of the red oak boards that she decided to use. She makes pictures of every step and adds lots of tips and instructions.

Serena also added a before and after picture of the bathroom and it's amazing how much change can happen with just a little DIY effort.

12. Lindsay's DIY Kitchen Table Bathroom Vanity

Lindsay's DIY Kitchen Table Bathroom Vanity

This tutorial from Lindsay proves that you can build a bathroom vanity from practically anything. What Lindsay did here, was to cut a dining table in half, and then make a vanity out of it.

She presents an 11-step guide to building this vanity. You will need to sand off the old dining table that you plan to use, then cut it to the required depth.

Next step is to trace your sink's template on the table and cut it out using a jigsaw. Then paint, install your sink, and install the vanity to the wall. She also shows you have to install a vanity with just 2 legs.

13. Industrial Farmhouse DIY Bathroom Vanity

Industrial Farmhouse DIY Bathroom Vanity

First off, this might not be the nicest looking bathroom vanity in the world, but when you consider that it cost only $260, then it becomes quite interesting.

This $260 cost includes $85 for the sink, $70 for the faucet, and about $100 for lumber. The vanity is 29 inches high and 39 inches wide.

Most of the pictures and talk here have to do with the plumbing, but there's a link to full DIY plans for this project. The legs are made using 4x4s, while the top is made from a 1x20 board.

14. Upcycled Cabinet DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Upcycled Cabinet DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Few people can see beauty in something old and seemingly useless, but Jamie did and ended up creating a unique and artistic masterpiece.

This DIY bathroom vanity tutorial shows you how Jamie and her hubby discovered this antique chest, then later transformed it. The first step was tracing out the sink and cutting a hole in the cabinet using a jigsaw.

Legs were then added to it, and an open lower shelf made from the frame's wall attachment. In the end, you get an irreplaceable work of work, which is equally a functional bathroom vanity.

15. Floating Shelf DIY Bathroom Vanity Guide

Floating Shelf DIY Bathroom Vanity Guide

One could also decide to build a bathroom vanity with a floating shelf look. In fact, building your own vanity allows you to design it exactly how you want it and to customize any features you wish.

The floating shelf look here adds a modern touch to this vanity, while the sink, faucet and towel bar give it a touch of class.

This project guide begins with a materials list and tools list. The top and the front were made from plywood, while the 2x4s were used to attach it to the wall.

You get plenty of pictures and instructions here. From the sealing of the sink with the vanity to the painting of the plumbing, everything is well explained.

16. Ana's Simple Bathroom Vanity in Gray

Ana's Simple Bathroom Vanity in Gray

With a 48-inch width, 21-inch depth and 35 inches high, Ana White presents a very simple bath vanity here. It is gray colored, but it would have also looked great in red or yellow.

Its shopping list includes 20-inch wide plywood, 1x4s, 1x2s and non-mortise hinges. There is a tools list as well, plus detailed plans with all the measurements that you could need.

Ana also adds a cut list for all the different parts of this vanity and then goes into the step by step building instructions.

There are a total of 9 steps in this guide and it will cost you between $50 and $100 to build. You can also download a printer-friendly version for your convenience.

17. DIY Desk Vanity Plans

DIY Desk Vanity Plans

This particular project proves that DIY bathroom vanity plans can be made in any style or design that you desire. All you need to have is a little creativity.

In this guide, you will learn how a normal office desk was transformed into an amazing bath vanity. All that was needed is a drop-in sink, plumbing hardware, a faucet, sandpaper, and paint.

You will need to find an old desk first and your sink if you want to try this project. It starts by tracing out the sink's template, then drilling a hole for the jigsaw to cut the hole.

Sanding, priming, and painting are the next steps, and they are all beautifully presented. Very simple steps really, but they produced very big results.

18. Side Table To Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Side Table To Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Here we have a design that looks so simple but is equally stylish and very modern at the same time. John and Sherry put this amazing piece together for less than $400.

It requires transforming a side table into a modern and classy vanity with a lovely sink and a cool chrome faucet. The first step was to properly coat the side table after lightly sanding it. This should protect the wood from water.

The next step was making cuts behind the side desk to allow for plumbing. Depending on the type of side desk that you are using, you may or may not have to make cuts.

John and Sherry used plenty of pictures and instructions here to show you how they did it, and how you too, can transform any side table.

19. High-Quality & Amazing DIY Butcher Block Vanity Plans

High-Quality & Amazing DIY Butcher Block Vanity Plans

Some people can really go out of their way to create something amazing. Here we have a vanity made from a butcher's block and resting on lovely turned legs.

These legs cost about $30 each though, bringing the project's cost to $150, excluding sink, faucet and towel bar costs. The first step was to cut the 4 newel posts to size, then build the vanity's fame around them.

Traci follows the entire building process and documents it pretty well in this guide. It shows you how to build a bathroom vanity that is of a very high standard and quality.

20. Cassity's Rustic Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

Cassity's Rustic Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

Cassity built this vanity after a Pottery Barn vanity. There are a few design differences though, but her design came out looking quite great.

She used 4x4 posts for the legs and shelving boards for the drawer front. The guide begins with the cut list, then the detailed plans. The vanity is 2' 2" high, 2' 4” wide, and 1' 8” deep.

Cassity also places the cost of the vanity at $300, with wood costing $70, faucet costing $80, and the sink and drain costing $150.

21. Old Dresser to Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

Old Dresser to Bathroom Vanity DIY Guide

This guide shows us the amazing transformation of an antique dresser into a modern and super stylish bathroom dresser. One amazing aspect of this transformation is the white paint and the black handles of the new furniture.

The guide begins with a picture of the old dresser. It then shows you in a step by step manner, how the transformation took place. This includes the drilling of holes to making space for the plumbing.

Also interesting is the shortening of the drawers to make space for the plumbing. The lowest drawer maintains its original size though.

Sarah also lists the materials that you'll be needing for this project, including the sources to get them from.

22. Stacy's DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Stacy's DIY Bathroom Vanity Tutorial

Stacy's bathroom vanity plans show you how to make a simple and nice homemade bathroom vanity. It begins with joining boards together in a previous post, then continues in this post with the assembly and staining.

There are lots of pictures, which help you to know the stages of construction. The design offers 3 fully functional side drawers and one large one on the other side, with the middle containing the plumbing.

She also shows the installation stage in details, as well as the staining of the finished vanity. In a later post, she then shows the vanity complete with a faucet.

23. 30-Inch Bath Vanity DIY Plans

30-Inch Bath Vanity DIY Plans

The Rogue Engineer built this vanity for a house they were flipping. It is simple and decent, and it has a lovely granite countertop.

Its countertop was installed by a local granite company anyway, so the plans here are for the rest of the vanity. Required tools are listed, as well as the materials that you'll need to have.

Jamison also lists all the other accessories and where to source them, like the towel ring and toilet paper holder. The vanity is 30 inches wide, 34.5 inches high, and 21 inches deep.

A cut list is provided, making things easy for you. Then comes a step by step guide with pictures to lead you through the process.

24. Wendi's Open Shelf Vanity DIY

Wendi's Open Shelf Vanity DIY

This bath vanity shows how far creativity can be stretched. Wendi built this amazing vanity using a combination of materials way different from others. The base alone cost about $100 without accessories.

Yes, it has a wooden frame, but it is an open shelf system. Then the countertop is made from concrete, which Wendi poured by herself, and then there are those glass sinks and stylish faucets.

There are a tools list and downloadable free plans with a lumber list, material list, a cut list, and an in-depth step by step construction tutorial.

Wendi's open shelf vanity is 60 inches wide and 34 inches high. She also adds lots of pictures in her post, including the finishing and the installation process.

We have reached the end of our DIY bathroom vanity plans list and I hope you are excited to start building your own homemade bathroom vanity.

Please feel free to pin any images and to share this list on social media.

I also love feedback.

So, if you have a little time, why don't you drop me a few lines in the comments below, and let me know what you are planning to build.