61 Free DIY Barn Door Plans & Tutorials

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61 Free DIY Barn Door Plans & Tutorials

diy barn door

Barn doors are slowly becoming a top choice in a majority of top-class buildings and houses.

Planning on making your own barn door? Well, I’m pretty sure you’re looking for strategies that will make your DIY barn door dream a reality.

From ultra modern, shabby, chic to vintage, we’ve got some cool ideas on how to build a barn door.

Welcome as we walk you through 63 DIY barn door plans you might want to consider for your next project.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY barn door, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a screen door, room divider, dresser, floating shelf.


1. DIY Barn Door Hardware for $20

 $20 DIY Barn Door Hardware

You'll agree with me that barn door hardware can be quite pricey. But you can cut down the cost by making yourself one. This tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic shows you how it's done.

And what a better way to show you than with a video tutorial? Yeah, you heard right. It's a detailed video guide that shows how to make DIY barn door hardware from scratch.

Talking about cutting down the cost, this project can be done at a cost of just $20.

2. Barn Door Style Fireplace Screen

 Barn Door Fire Screen

Want to make a firescreen the barn door style? Well, this tutorial by Tasha is worth giving a deeper thought. Though quite lengthy, it's definitely worth the time.

Tasha lists the tools and materials you'll need. The project is done in two phases with a total of 18 steps to guide you. Tasha goes a step further to give cut measurements to ensure you don't go wrong.

3. DIY Barn Door Headboard with Faux Barn Door Track Hardware 

 Barn Door Headboard with Faux Hardware

Did you ever think that a DIY barn door can find some use in your bedroom? Karin gives you something to think of. She turns a barn door into a headboard for her king size bed.

She builds the barn door using track hardware and even adds some custom lighting fixtures to create a fun mood. You won't believe what she spends on this project. It's less than $200.

4. Sliding Barn Door for Master Bedroom

Sliding Barn Door for Master Bedroom

Swinging barn doors can give you a hard time opening and closing. What's more, they take up lots of space. This tutorial gives you a solution.

It's a sliding barn door you can fit in your master bedroom. This tutorial has loads of pictures and instructions to aid in the project. 

This is a stylish DIY sliding barn door built on makeshift wheels to cut down the cost of hardware to around $130.

5. Pallet DIY Bypassing Barn Door 

 DIY Pallet Barn Door

Have some pallets lazed around your home? This tutorial shows you how to put them to good use. The designer uses them to make a barn door.

This is a 12-step tutorial with picture illustrations on how to do it. The designer gets creative when it comes to installing the track hardware. He uses a closet door track that cost just $20.

I like the designer’s recommendation to use pallets. This will give an easy time sourcing for the materials.

6. Simple DIY Sliding Barn Door for $60-$100

 Simple DIY Barn Door Tutorial

Amy comes up with a barn door plan you might like. It's a sliding door that stands 96 inches high and 47 inches high. I like how detailed her tutorial is. 

She includes the list of tools and materials you'll need. What's more, you get a cut list to ensure you have the measurements right. This DIY barn door is built in 5 simple steps.

The wheels of this door are located at the top so it closes without leaving any space at the bottom. Depending on your location, expect to spend $60-$100 on this project.

7. Contemporary DIY Barn Door Reveal

 The DIY Barn Door

A fancy new home needs a door that's a perfect match. Amy settles for a contemporary barn door built from an existing door. She gives it a nice crisp white finish.

This door is designed to slide with ease. The track wheels are located at the top and the railing made longer so that it opens or closes completely.

8. $25 Barn Door Baby Gate

$25 Barn Door Baby Gate

Want to try your hands on a barn door baby gate? Well, here's a cheaper way to do it. Sarah comes up with a design that costs her just a few bucks.

In her tutorial, she includes everything from assembly to installation. Sarah stains the gate with oil for a perfect display of the natural grains.

You'll be spending around $15 on hardware. This gate makes a good access door to the playroom.

9. DIY British Brace Barn Door for $50

$50 DIY British Brace Barn Door

Brace barn doors are known for their sturdy built. Mysha goes for a British styling to make a DIY barn door that stands 7 feet high and measures 4 feet wide.

The door is fitted with quality cast iron wheels that have a rated weight limit of 300 pounds. This barn door even has an anti-jump feature to ensure the wheels stay on track.

This tutorial includes everything you need for the job. Mysha uses plywood for this barn door. She spends just $50 for the project.

10. DIY Rustic Barn Door

A Rustic Barn Door

DIY barn door come in all sorts of finishes. Designers at Charleston show how you can build a rustic barn door to save space. 

In their tutorial, you get everything from measurements, design, to installation. 7 steps are involved in the making of this DIY barn door. I like how simple her tutorial is and the way she passes her idea.

This project is a good idea for beginners. Expect to spend around $100 on wood and $5 on screws. 

11. DIY Sliding Barn Door with Inexpensive Hardware

Antique-Style Sliding Barn Door

Looking to build antique sliding barn door? I bet you'll like Jaime's idea. He designs the door to glide along a pipe track. This lets the door stay almost flush to the wall.

Jaime makes this barn door from an existing door to shave down the cost. Casters are fitted at the bottom for smooth operation.

The door stands 78 inches high and 29 inches wide. It's built in just 2 steps and costs less than $100.

12. DIY Sliding Barn Door for Bathroom

Barn Door

The privacy you get from a DIY barn door is quite unmatched. This tutorial shows how you can make it part of your bathroom.

In this tutorial, the designers decide to go for a giant barn door. They make it 88 inches tall and 43 inches wide.

Wheel and track system is installed at the top. I think this is a good idea especially when you want to protect your floor.

13. DIY Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

At Shanty 2 Chic, Ashley comes up with a pretty cool idea that helps you create some storage space in style. She goes for a cabinet and barn door combo.

The barn door full opens the two halves of the cabinet one at a time. The plan of this DIY barn door and bathroom cabinet is quite detailed.

Lots of picture illustrations are given to provide a better guide during the building process.

14. Sliding Barn Door Media Console

Barn Door Console

One look at this DIY barn door and you'll think it's a decorated bookcase. Slide open the double barn doors and you get to see a media console and dresser storage.

Ashley of Shanty Chics is the brains behind this DIY barn door plan. Like in most of her plans, she gives more detailed instructions to give you an easy time.

I like the herringbone pattern used on the doors. It's something that will literally blow away your mind.

15. Double Pantry Barn Door DIY – Under $90

Barn Door Double Pantry

Looking for a double pantry barn door that's less than $90 is more like trying to locate a needle in a haystack. In short, most of them are way beyond this price tag.

But Erica shows you how you can build one in the comfort of your home for a mere $90 or less. She spends $50 on lumber and around $40 on hardware.

With such little cash, she manages to build a barn door that will make a bold statement in your home. Erica settles for a rustic stain that gives the barn door a warm, weathered look.

16. DIY Barn Door Under $10 in 30 Minutes

Barn Door for $10 and Under 30 Minutes

What do you prefer in a DIY barn door? One that costs less to build or one that takes less time to build? Well, here's a barn door idea that gives you both.

As surprising as it might sound, Stephanie builds this barn door for a mere $10. She spends just $6.40 on wood and around $4 on hardware.

Putting together the door takes her just 30 minutes. I bet that's a lot of time saved.

17. Budget-Friendly DIY Barn Door and Track 

Barn Door that Won’t Break the Bank

Yeah, you heard right. Shannon comes up with a clever idea on a DIY barn door and track. She settles for a design that's downright cheap without sacrificing quality.

Instead on purchasing boards, she decides to build the door using pallets. For the wheels, she uses scooter wheels that have the rubber part removed.

This door has a rustic finish. All the details you need for this project are included in the tutorial.

18. DIY Barn Door for Office

Basic Barn Door

One look at this barn door and you'll realize right away that it's a giant. Kara comes up with a plan for a barn door designed for the office.

This door spans 6 feet wide and stands at 7 feet tall. Kara ditches ordinary board for tough and strong MDF board. The door is braced to provide some form of reinforcement.

19. Cheap & Easy DIY Barn Door

Cheap and Easy Barn Door

Chantel, a DIYer from Over-Inspired comes up with this DIY barn door idea. She designs a door that measures 55 inches wide and stands 8 feet tall.

She settles for a tongue and groove design using pinewood. Chantel spends around $110 on hardware and $50 on wood. She puts the estimated time for this project at 2 days.

Her tutorial comes complete and has picture guides so you can get to see clearly how it's done.

20. $200 Chevron DIY Barn Door

Chevron Barn Door

Want a barn door that adds character to your space? Well, this chevron door will just suffice. The door is made of slats arranged diagonally.

The two diagonal parts meet to form a chevron pattern. A handle is fitted on the door so you can slide with ease. The tutorial provides 7 steps to making this barn door.

The cost of this project is less than $200. However, expect to pay $50 in case you're going to paint it.

21. Double DIY Barn Door for Bathroom

Closet Barn Doors

Truth be told, this is among the complete DIY barn door tutorials I've come across. It includes every little detail from tools, materials, measurements, to instructions.

The designer builds the door in two pieces. He settles for inexpensive whitewood that costs around $213. If you're a fan of picture tutorials, then know that you're covered.

This tutorial has tons of pictures for every little detail you might want to know.

22. Contemporary 4-Panel Barn Door for $50

Contemporary Panel Barn Door

Talking about contemporary barn doors, it's quite hard to get one at $50. So I was at first quite skeptical at first about the cost of this DIY barn door.

But that changed after I went through this tutorial by Leslie. She builds it using only one sheet of plywood. This door is fitted with quality hardware made of stainless steel.

The tutorial has cut measurements and the list of the materials you'll need for this project.

23. $378 DIY Sliding Chevron Barn Door

Detailed Sliding Barn Door

There's something I like about chevron doors. They've got that cool pattern that adds character to your space. This 14-step tutorial is for a sliding chevron barn door 38 inches wide and 83 inches tall.

The door is made of pallet boards. I'd say that this tutorial is totally complete since you get everything from the cut list to the list of tools and materials. The designer puts the total cost at $378.

Expect to spend around 7 hours from building to installing this barn door. The good news is that DIYers at beginner level can take on this project.

24. DIY Frameless Barn Door with $30 Track

DIY Barn Door

Melanie builds this DIY barn door and manages to get hardware at an unbeatable cost of $30. She chooses a frameless door made of 7 boards and 2 cross boards.

The door is 39 inches wide and stands 7 feet tall. She gives the door some hammering to create a distressed look. The track and wheels of this barn door are installed at the top.

This door comes with a handle and takes 9 steps to build.

25. DIY Barn Door from Simple 2×6’s

DIY Barn Door from Simple 2×6’s

Searching for a DIY barn door plan with a vintage rustic vibe? This tutorial gives you just that. Lindsey builds it from an existing worktable.

The boards are glued together and braced using strap ties. Lindsey uses a tall of 7 boards measuring 8 feet long. The distressed look of the boards combines with a rustic stain to give a sweet vintage finish.

Lindsey spends around $450 on this project. Out of this $400 is spent on purchasing hardware.

26. Double DIY Barn Door Headboard 

DIY Barn Door Headboard

There are many ways you can give your bedroom a facelift. One of them is to settle for a DIY barn door headboard. The door is made using three 8 feet boards and eighteen 6 feet boards.

Each half is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. There are 3 horizontal braces and one diagonal brace that form a Z shape. Instructions and cut measurements are included in the tutorial.

27. Hidden Study with Sliding Barn Doors

DIY Barn Door Hidden Study

I bet this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen on DIY barn doors. It's a hidden study sporting two sliding barn doors. In this design, the rail is made to run across the entire length of the study.

Most of the details on this project are included in the tutorial. I'd say it's a modern way of getting the privacy you need most for your study.

28. $50 DIY Barn Door Track

DIY Barn Door Track

Among the hardware used in sliding barn doors, track systems are the most expensive. You might get one at the store but for a staggering $180 or even more.

This tutorial shows how you can build one at just $50. It's a 6-foot track system made of steel. Melanie, the designer of this project gives a list of the hardware you'll need and a breakdown of the price.

The instructions on how to put it together are included. This is a killer deal that you don't want to miss.

29. DIY Barn Door for Laundry Room

DIY Barn Door Tutorial

Far away from professional DIYers, this DIY barn door idea is one of the easiest. Just some basic skills and you have what it takes to put everything together.

The designer spends $20 to purchase vertical boards for this door. An additional $90 for the hardware and he has all it takes to build the door. 

The door measures 31 inches wide and 75 inches tall. Well, you should expect some little bit of difficult taming the edges of this barn door. 

This tutorial walks you through all the steps from start to finish.

30. DIY Crawl Space Barn Door

DIY Crawl Space Barn Door

Barn doors come in all sorts of sizes. This tutorial shows you how you can go smaller and build a crawl DIY barn door. The door is made of thick plywood and sports a cross brace.

The designer settles for a sliding mechanism and adds a handle to make it easier to pull and push along the rails. This crawl door costs a mere $40 to build.

31. Rustic DIY Dutch Barn Door

DIY Dutch Barn Door

So what's a dutch door? Well, this is a door that's literally divided into a top and bottom half with each half working independently of each other.

Cassity has a cool idea of how to incorporate this concept of a barn door. She builds the two halves of the door using boards and puts X bracing.

Well, this is not an ideal door for sliding. Cassity ditches the sliding design for a hinged support. This door has a rustic finish reminiscent of the old good dutch furniture.

32. DIY Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door

DIY Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door

Meet Tania, a designer that comes up with a sliding barn door for a farmhouse. She builds this door using 9 vertical boards and a Z shape brace.

Tania uses steel bar for the rails that she installs on the top of the door. An oil bronze finish and voila, you have a gorgeous DIY barn door that blends well in the country environment.

33. $100 Distressed DIY Sliding Barn Door

DIY Sliding Barn Door

One thing I like about Jaime's design is the distressed look she gives to this barn door. It looks more like a door that's seen many years of use. 

She has a clever way of installing the track system. Instead of installing the casters and track system together, she opts to separate them.

Jaime uses a steel pipe for the upper track and installs the casters at the bottom of the door. Maybe that's the clever plan she used to cut down the cost of this barn door to less than $100.

34. $52 Sliding DIY Barn Door

DIY Sliding Barn Door

This is a cheap barn door courtesy of Sweet Maple designers. Well, this sliding barn door is made from an existing door. 

With only a few changes, the designers come up with a sliding barn door that looks pretty cool. 

The tracks of this door are homemade at a cost of just $52 compared to at least $195 you'll have to pay for store-bought tracks. 

This project requires some basic skills and is done in 10 steps.

35. DIY Sliding Barn Door for Kitchen

DIY Sliding Barn Door

Before starting out this project, ensure that your kitchen wall has enough space to fit a sliding door. The designer makes this barn door from an existing hollow core door.

She purchases it at $10. Well, you can get some sheet of plywood and board for a little extra than that. The door is built into a four-panel design.

Even though not quite deep, this tutorial gives some instructions that might just paint a picture on how you go about this project.

36. Vintage DIY Double Sliding Barn Door

Double Barn Door Plans

This barn door plan is for the laundry room. Rebecca settles for a double barn door design that runs on two tracks. She builds the doors with double Z shape braces.

Each door takes 6 vertical boards to build. Well, that doesn't include the framing pieces. Rebecca spends $100 for the two tracks, which is quite a huge saving on the store price of $300-$500.

37. DIY Fabric Sliding Barn Door

Fabric Barn Door

We've talked much about wooden barn doors. Now it's time to go a little bit more creative with a fabric barn door. Well, that might seem like a crazy and daring approach to barn doors.

Karisa proves that such a project is doable. In her tutorial, she builds it for under $100 and gets a sturdy barn door that puts most wood barn doors to shame.

Even though a fabric barn door, Karisa uses wood to make the frame of the door. She kind of upholsters it using a fabric material.

38. $40 Glazed DIY Sliding Barn Door

Fig Milkshake’s Sliding Barn Door

Ever thought of building a store-bought $300 sliding barn door for just $40. Amy shows that it's possible to do that. However, you'll have to get wood materials from an existing door.

Amy builds hers from a door lying around her home. She spends just $40 on the track system. Amy settles for a glazed design on the upper half of the door and a paneled look at the bottom.

She finishes with a solid red color and voila, she has one beautiful barn door.

39. DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

Free Plans for a DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

This is a design of a barn door baby gate that sports a full cross brace. It's a clever half-door design that prevents access to hazardous zones within the house.

This tutorial has instructions on how to build it and the plans for the door are absolutely free.

40. Half Herringbone Half Plain DIY Sliding Barn Door

Herringbone Barn Door

Want a sliding barn door with some cool contrasting pattern? I think you'll like Katie's idea. Using plywood and boards, she builds a barn door that has a herringbone bottom.

She leaves the top to retain that plain plywood finish. I'd say that the difficult part of this project is setting up the herringbone pattern.

Well, it requires some skill and patience. So be ready to spend lots of hours building this sliding barn door.

41. Hollow Core Door to Custom Sliding Barn Door

Hollow Core Door to Sliding Barn Door

Add visual weight to your existing hollow core door. This tutorial shows how it is done. A $10 hollow door is transformed into a sliding DIY barn door.

The designer settles for a heavy 4-panel design that adds a modern touch to any space. The door has the track and casters installed at the top to create a total seal at the bottom.

A list of tools and materials needed for this project are included in the tutorial.

42. $150 Double DIY Barn Door

How to Build a Barn Door

Gail decides to settle for a fixed barn door. She goes for a double door design that's fixed in place using brackets. Each door measures 27 inches wide and 84 inches tall.

In her tutorial, She includes the list of tools and materials needed for the job. Gail spends around $115 making this door. Well, that's a deal you can't refuse for a barn door.

43. Lightweight Sliding DIY Barn Door

Lightweight Sliding Barn Door

Who doesn't want a lightweight sliding door? Mandi shows how you can go lightweight while keeping the cost to a minimum.

She uses boards for the frames and covers the door in a fabric to create a lightweight screen door. The door is 55 inches wide and 86 inches tall.

Mandi uses 10 boards that cost a total of $20. She uses premium grade wood for molding. A pipe railing is fitted at the top and caster wheels at the bottom.

44. Master Bathroom DIY Barn Door

Master Bathroom Barn Door

Rachel gives an old caked door some touch-ups and transforms it into a sliding barn door for her master bathroom. She's lucky to get the hardware for free.

The door has a 5-panel design and stands at 80 inches tall. I like how detailed her instructions are. She outlines 10 steps to building the door from start to finish.

For a better look, you can choose to paint the door to match the wall color of your bathroom.

45. DIY Barn Door for Interior Shutters

Mini Barn Door Shutters

The idea of transforming barn doors into shutters isn't far-fetched after all. At Rustica Hardware, this idea is made a reality.

Here, the barn doors are designed to function as bi-part or bypass shutter systems. There's a list of the sliding shutter hardware you'll need for this project.

It's a pretty solid shutter system build to last.

46. DIY Rolling Door Hardware using Plumbing Pipe

Plumbing Pipe Barn Door Hardware

Some sliding barn doors take long making you feel like you're building a whole house. So why not cut down the time by settling for this barn door built with a plumbing pipe?

This is a rolling door that screams privacy and has a fun splash of color to make it stand out. The pipe is used for the upper railing and the handle.

The designer uses small casters at the bottom to keep the clearance between the door and the floor at a minimum. This door costs only $60 to build.

47. DIY Barn Door Fun

Regular Door to Sliding Barn Door

Using a salvaged door to build a barn door can be quite fun. The designer of this door settles for an old door that has seen some years of use.

She retains that distressed look giving the door a touch of vintage styling. This sliding barn door has a 5-panel construction and looks pretty solid.

The rail and caster system at the top is made longer so the door opens completely.

48. Reclaimed French Doors on Rolling Door Hardware

Rolling French Doors

This is a great upcycle idea for a DIY barn door. In this tutorial, the designer gives an old french door a classic update transforming it from a shanty to a chic look.

The glazed frames make this french sliding barn doors a true beauty. Rolling door hardware makes a great bonus to this barn door. The tutorial includes a step-by-step instruction on how to install the rolling hardware.

49. Arched Swinging Rustic Barn Door

Rustic Barn Doors

Jessica comes with this cool idea of an arched swinging door. She makes two swinging doors each 5 boards wide. Perfectly arranged, the sit flush and lay totally flat.

Jessica's barn door is supported by hinges and she attaches a handle to each door making it easier to close and open. She ditches the paint and decides to settle for the rustic natural color of the wood.

50. Upcycled Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door

This is a 5-step tutorial on how to build a barn door. Here, the designer uses an old salvage door and gives it a facelift to create one charming barn door with a rustic finish.

Large cast-iron wheels are used here and cost $10 apiece. Instead of a rail, this barn door is supported by hangers. The designer does a good work to include the list of tools and materials.

This project requires DIYers with an advanced skill level. Expect to spend no more than $100 on this project. From start to finish, this DIY barn door takes about 1 day.

51. $100 Rustic DIY Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door For Cheap

The designer of this barn door shows how you can save huge. He gives a tutorial on how to make a barn door that costs less.

This 8-board barn door has three braces on one side and two braces on the other. The designer ditches store-bought hardware that cost around $400. 

Instead, he makes one spending $30 on wheels and $25 on the metal and rails and tubing. The wood used to make this DIY sliding barn door costs around $40.

This brings the total cost of the project to less than $100. The cost is even less if you already have the door.

52. $20 DIY Sliding Barn Door

The $20 Barn Door

Talking about cheap DIY sliding barn doors, this one here takes things to a whole new level. I can only have one word for it - super expensive.

Beth, the brains behind this barn door gives a complete tutorial on how to build this low-cost barn door. She uses 10 fence boards that cost $1.57 each. 2 clothing line pulleys cost her $5 each. 

Well, that's one great deal you can't resist.

53. $65 Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

The $75 Barn Door

There seems to be a ton of ideas when it comes to cheap DIY sliding barn doors. Here, Julie makes hers for just a few bucks. 

She comes up with the idea of making a barn door using a reclaimed door. Well, this is a good idea for those that already have a door.

Using a reclaimed door means she doesn’t have to source for wood. Adding the hardware, she ends up spending $65 on the project.

54. DIY Barn Door and Hardware for $80!

The $80 Barn Door

Ana White designers have something you might like. It's a sliding door made of plywood to cut down the cost. The track system is made using a steel rod and pulleys.

The cost of the entire door totals to around $80. This project is a nice take for DIYers who are just starting out. Expect to spend anywhere from 6-9 hours on this project.

55. Sliding Barn Door In Less Than an Hour

The 1 Hour Sliding Barn Door

Lindi's tutorial shows how you can cut down on time and still come up with a quality sliding barn door. So how much time are we talking about?

well, you'll be surprised by this. She takes only one hour from start to finish. She makes her door with a full Z shape brace. One thing I like about her tutorial is the video guide that makes the whole process easier.

56. Sliding Barn Door with Single Sided Mirror

The Barn Door Mirrored Door

Brighten up your space with this sliding barn door designed by Rustica Hardware. The door has a rustic frame with a full-length mirror on one side.

This is a door that can be personalized with a custom finish of your choice. In this case, it's given a stained finish while the track hardware is finished in black.

Rustica Hardware also provides the option of a barn door with a double-sided mirror. Get this door at a cost of $1,298.

57. DIY Modern Barn Doors

The Contemporary Barn Door

Looking for a solution for those awkward spaces? Well, this modern sliding door might give you something to think of. The door comes in a 5-panel design.

You can choose to give it a white finish or sand it down and let grains show. This tutorial has a picture guide on how the finished door looks like.

You'll agree with me that it's a true modern beauty you just can't resist.

58. Easy Barn Door Paint and Install

The Painted Barn Door

This tutorial is more about painted doors and how to install them. There's a whole avenue of options when it comes to color, lengths, and hardware options.

This tutorial shows how you can match sliding barn doors with different home styles ranging from modern to vintage. It's a 6-step process that you'll find quite informative.

59. $70 Sliding Screen Door

The Sliding Screen Door

Screen doors are the next big thing in the world of barn doors. Christy comes up with the idea of a screen door that locks out bugs while filtering in the fresh air.

She uses wood for the frame and covers the door with a black mesh screen. According to Christy, this is a one man's job suited for DIYers at beginner to intermediate level.

She spends around $20 on molding and weather stripping. Putting all things together, the total cost of this project comes to around $70.

60. Super Simple DIY Barn Door

The Super Simple Barn Door Tutorial

Just starting out as a DIYer? I'm glad you're reading this. Sara has a super simple barn door tutorial you might want to try your hands on.

So what makes this barn door super simple? Well, it's made from just two pieces of wood with no butt joints. The cover material is MDF and cabinet grade plywood.

Sara puts the total cost of this DIY barn door at roughly $100. This excludes the hanging kit that costs around $150.

61. $175 DIY Chevron Barn Door

Wood Chevron Barn Door

This sliding barn door is sure to make a bold statement and add something extra to the decor of your space. It has a chevron pattern that stretches around two-thirds of the length.

The door measures 39 inches wide and 84 inches tall. Everything you need from materials, cut list to tools are included in this tutorial.

It's an 8-step tutorial that includes a breakdown of the cost of each item, which comes to around $175 in total. The designer spends three 2-hour sessions on this project.

This brings the estimated time for the project to around 6 hours.

Do you love these DIY barn door plans as much as we do? Well, I think they’re a great idea that adds a little interesting detail while serving the functional purpose.

Are you satisfied with our DIY barn door ideas or want to see more in our next DIY recap? Leave it in the comment section and let’s see how we can help you make your own barn door.