18 Super Simple DIY Bar Stools You Can Make Your Own

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18 Super Simple DIY Bar Stools You Can Make Your Own

Do you need some extra seating in your kitchen area or your living room but do not have space for it? Or you probably just want to complement your décor with minimalistic furniture. Bar stools are your perfect solution.

Bar stools are simple furniture pieces that you can let loose your creativity on. They vary in design from modern to shabby chic to rustic and vintage.

In this piece, I present a list of 18 creative DIY homemade bar stools you can build with ease.

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Easy DIY Bar Stool

This bar stool by Rogue engineer is designed to be simple yet functional. It is beautiful and is cheap and affordable. For $20, you can build 2 of these bar stools or $25 for 3.

To build the bar stools you will need a drill, a miter saw, a tape measure, safety glasses, and ear protectors. The blog features a complete list of the tools and materials required.

A DIY beginner can hack the project by following the simple bar stool plans by Rogue Engineer. You can download the PDF wooden bar stool plan if you please.

2. DIY Vintage Bar Stool

DIY Vintage Bar Stool

There is nothing like beautiful vintage bar stools to increase your seating and complement your interior décor. Even better, this DIY bar stool by Brooke (featured on Ana White’s blog) is cheap and affordable.

For each bar stool, you get to spend only $20. The bar stools are oozing of vintage charm and are handbuilt from reliable and durable wood.

A shopping lost along with dimensions are provided to help you in hacking the project. When taking on this fun project, Ana White insists on taking the necessary precautions.

Some of these include wearing glasses, ear protectors and working on a flat and level surface free from debris.

The bar stools are perfect for the kitchen, and the entire project is ideal for intermediate DIYers though beginners can hack it as well.

3. DIY Patio Bar Stools

DIY Patio Bar Stools

These patio bar stools are creative and straightforward. While they do not have a lot of things going on, they do command some respect to all who lay their eyes on them.

The DIY Pete blog tutorial takes us through the construction of these patio stools. In addition to written instructions, the blog avails a video tutorial as well. Since these are outdoor bar stools, the blog recommends using cedar wood for longevity and durability

A complete list of tools and materials required for the project is provided to help beginners succeed in the project. With all the board measured and cut to size, assembling the bar stools is a breeze.

Perspective diagrams and PDF downloadable plans are also available on the site.

4. DIY Industrial Pipe Stools

DIY Industrial Pipe Stools

Industrial pipe DIY projects are trending at the current times. To help you jump in on the bandwagon, the Love Grows Wild blog tutorial provides a set of step-by-step instructions.

This tutorial guides you through implementing an industrial pipe bar stool crazy and creative idea. The industrial pipe bar stool flares out at its base to provide ample support and stability. The bar stools are 22-inches tall and are 12-inches wide at its bottom.

The blog tutorial not only shares project instructions but also shares tips and tricks to help DIYers complete a couple of these industrial pipe bar stools in no time. The blog tutorial has already taken care of the hard part for you.

One of the stools costs about $53.96 which is considerably cheap and affordable.

5. Curved Seat Bar Stool

Curved Seat Bar Stool

When working with a small counter height, you will need your bar stools to be just perfect. A simple bar stool will not entirely cut it. Saving the day is the Rogue Engineer blog presenting a curved seat bar stool.

The project is easy and straightforward. While it should be completed with complicated and expensive woodworking tools, you can hack the project by hand.

It is important to note that the Rogue Engineer completed three 2x4 bar stools and only spent a total of $10. The tutorial provides a materials and tools list for the project.

A cut list, project dimensions, and instructions are also availed on the tutorial.

6. Rustic Industrial Bar Stools

Rustic Industrial Bar Stools

This project by Remodelando La Casa is more of a remodeling project that a build from scratch project. As such, it has less tedious and complicated steps and is beginner friendly.

Kitchen remodels are common. However, you should know by now that these remodels have a domino effect. Any change to the kitchen warrants a change to several other items and furniture in the kitchen.

This tutorial documents the conversion of modern bar stools into rustic industrial bar stools that match and complement the new kitchen design and décor.

The modern bar stools cost Cristina about $70 a pair on Amazon. They rotate and are height adjustable. The makeover sees them lose their black round tops. Coffee painted round tops replace the black round tops.

Cutting out a round top from a plywood board is probably the most challenging bit of this project. Otherwise, it is a sail through.

7. Square Top Bar Stool With Slanted Edges 

Square Top Bar Stool With Slanted Edges

This is simple bar stool for any DIYer. However, courtesy of the angles and lengths, high precision is required to hack this project successfully. If you are not one precise DIYer, then this project just might prove to be a challenge.

To help in hacking those precise angles, you should consider buying an electric angle gauge. Electric angle gauges measure up to a tenth of a degree allowing you to set your table saw and drill press with utmost accuracy.

A list of tools required for the project is made available and the steps to hacking the project outlined. This is a 3-day project by Mr. Lentz. It can be shorter if one has more experience with cutting precise wood angles.

8. Industrial Adjustable Height Bolt Bar Stool

Industrial Adjustable Height Bolt Bar Stool

Getting a retail adjustable industrial bar stool will cost you a fortune. Afterall, convenience and comfort are costly. Luckily Ana White provides a creative way of getting an adjustable bar stool without spending a fortune on your hard earned money.

Though some bit of physics principles went into designing this unit, Ana White tinkered with the tricky bit and presented a clear tutorial to guide you through the project. I love the fact that their heights are adjustable.

But while the project is simple, Ana White warns against taking it up as a first DIY beginner project. The skill level is advanced, and the stools cost about $20.

Perspective diagrams are available to give a clearer visualization of each step.

9. DIY Bar Stool Makeover

 DIY Bar Stool Makeover

This project by Katie from Helpful Homemade will open your mind up to a world of possibilities with regards to reviving your outgrown bar stool.

While your bar stool might have the best design and is strong and sturdy, a time comes when it screams and begs for a makeover.

Buying a new bar stool is not a viable option since a makeover is more straightforward and much cheaper. The tutorial takes you through the steps of painting the bar stool white and covering it with a fabric of your choice.

The project is simple and is doable in a matter of hours. For this project, you will need a staple gun loaded with staples, a screwdriver, a rubber mallet and fabric and upholstery protector.

This is without a doubt a beginner project you will love takin up.

10. DIY 2x4s Bar stools

DIY 2x4s Bar stools

Well, this is more of a counter stool than a bar stool since it measures 26.5-inches high. Bar stools should be taller than this. But this is not the time or place to get into the technicalities, right?

Despite the name you choose for it, this piece of furniture is super cute and cheap to build. It is constructed from 2x4s. While the stools are simple, the steps to creating it are slightly complex.

But thanks to the Sawdust Sisters blog tutorial complete with instructions, material and tool list and images, it can be completed by beginner DIYers.

11. DIY Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

DIY Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

The DIY bar stools by Remodelaholic are on a 24-inch bar stool. I love the fact that the stools are comfortable to build and are inexpensive.

While the bar stools illustrated are just 24-inches, you can add to their length by adding some length to their legs. A cutting and materials list is provided for the success of the project.

The metal bar accents on the bar stools add to the overall design and beauty of the unit. Perspective diagrams are included in the tutorial for every instruction. These create a better visual of each step and the final result.

12. DIY Pocket Hole Bar Stool

DIY Pocket Hole Bar Stool

The Jays Custom Creations shows you how to make a bar stool. The process detailed is simple and easy. You can build a set of 4 in a couple of hours.

The beauty of this project is that it comes with several variations and options. This makes it all the more interesting and easy to build.

Following this tutorial, you will not need special tools and skills. It is truly a beginner project.

The pocket holes make this project one of a kind and easy to hack in a few hours. The color-coded perspective diagrams make it a breeze as well.

13. DIY Twill Woven Stool

DIY Twill Woven Stool

This is a creative and practical footstool. While it is lower than a regular bar stool, it manages to bring a pop of color complementing the overall interior design. You can add a graphic pattern of your choice.

Now, this is more of a weaving project than a woodworking one. The seating surface is woven. The weaving is a simple and you can choose whichever pattern you please to create chevrons and diamonds.

For this project, you will need a stool frame, a paper cord, a hammer, awl and several other tools and materials. The weaving instructions are straightforward and simple to follow.

14. $5 DIY EP8 Bucket Stool

$5 DIY EP8 Bucket Stool

This stool is cheap costing only $5. It is durable and simple to complete not to mention aesthetically pleasing. The end product looks like something that could retail for about $50.

The best part of this project at Home Made Modern is that there is very little waste emanating from the project. The bucket acts as the concrete mixing vessel and the form for the bar stool.

For supplies, you need concrete, wooden dowels, a bucket, copper pipe caps as well as washers and clean tap water. If you are looking to build your own bar stool similar to this, the instruction will prove invaluable.

15. Modern DIY Bar Stool

Modern DIY Bar Stool

This is a perfect DIY wooden stool plan to guide you into building a tall bar stool to complement your standing height desk. The workspace with this bar stool will be complete and beautiful.

The bar stool is simple and stable. It is made from hardwood plywood and is as such strong. There is a list of supplies to complete the project in the tutorial by the A Beautiful Mess blog.

With the right tools and materials, you will be done with the project in a matter of hours. The step-by-step instructions will make sure of it.

16. Rustic Bar Stool With Curved Legs

Rustic Bar Stool With Curved Legs

The best part of this bar stool is the design on the legs. They are intricate and beautiful. They are, however, difficult to design. As such, a furniture leg company should be contracted to carve the design.

The Shanty-2-Chic blog provides a detailed tutorial to hack the project. The tutorial offers dimensions, a cutting list, and images for every step to make it easy to construct.

The final finish of the with a rustic and vintage look. This adds to its beauty. Now, this bar stool may not be the cheapest available at $110, but it is cheaper than retail bar stools of its class.

17. DIY Super Simple Bar Stool

DIY Super Simple Bar Stool

If you are looking to learn how to make a bar stool from scratch in record time, this project by the Pretty Handy Girl is perfect.

The stool is simple and elegant. It is the perfect height and design. It is stable and sturdy. The finishing of this unit can, however, be varied depending on your preference.

This blog tutorial provides a list of materials and tools needed for the project. It also features a cutting list along with instructions and images to guide you through the project.

18. DIY Bar Stool with Splayed Legs

DIY Bar Stool with Splayed Legs

This is a simple bar stool. It is creative and impressively practical. It offers excellent support, is light and compact. It can be used to increase seating space as well as hold potted plants.

This bar stool can be used anywhere in your home. It is a small scale furniture project perfect for DIY beginners. The Wood Archivist blog tutorial guides you through the building of this simple project.

Images with dimensions help you to hack the angled joinery using a router. This is an advanced skill step but is simplified by the tutorial.

Increasing seating space has never been easier. Bar stools are the perfect solution to your problems. Above are 18 of the simplest and creative bar stool plans and tutorials to teach you how to build a stool.

When you do choose any one of the bar stool plans, feel free to share the images of the end product. Be part of the team that encourages other DIYers making some renovations to get started with the projects.

Last but not least, we love hearing from you. If you feel we have left out any cool and creative DIY bar stool, comment below with a link to its image or tutorial.