25 Amazing DIY Baby Gates for Stairs

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25 Amazing DIY Baby Gates for Stairs

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When you have stairs in your home and also have a baby, then you need a baby gate. It's a very helpful barrier, which can save you a lot of trouble.

Baby gates are not cheap and secondly, you might find it difficult to locate and buy a baby gate that you like its design, or that actually fits into your staircase. Many parents decide to build their baby gates by themselves for these reasons.

If you are planning to build yours, then you are in the right place. Below are 25 different baby gate plans, which I have collected and put together, with the hopes that they might help you to find your inspiration.

You can find more than just these free baby gate plans like plans for baby crib, toy box, sandbox, bunk bed, murphy bed, dollhouse, and many more.

Barn Door Free DIY Baby Gate Plan

Justin and Cassity built this barn door styled baby gate to keep their 2 girls from getting hurt in their steep staircase.

Perfect for lovers of barn style furniture, this DIY child gate is 35 inches high and 35 inches wide. It also includes 2 crossed braces and is finished in a barn style.

This guide leads you through the entire process of creating this baby gate in 10 steps.  Everything is provided, including a material list, tool list, a cut list, and lots of measurements.

You can also make additions or improvements to this plan, just like Brian did. His new design is also posted on this page, after the initial plans.

2. Plexi-Glass DIY Baby Gate Plan

Plexi-Glass DIY Baby Gate Plan

This plan shows just how creative anyone can get. The baby gate is designed to be stylish and modern, as well as to also fit into the house's decor.

Unlike other homemade baby gates, this one is see-through, and it does not feel out of place. This material list includes Plexiglas, which was used to make this gate. The frame was made using 2x2 lumbers.

One important thing to note here is that after the 2x2s have been cut to size, a grove should be made in them, where the Plexiglas can slide in. The rest of the work is then the screwing of the frame into shape and either painting or finishing the gate.

3. Thinking Outside The Box Baby Gate

Thinking Outside The Box Baby Gate

Though this construction creates an effective barrier to any child who might want to climb the stairs, it is not exactly a gate and yet, it functions.

Given the situation at hand, Rachel's husband decided to make the best of it. Instead of building and installing a real gate that would be out of place and even ugly, he designed and installed a beautiful sliding baby gate, which also matches the doors in the home.

Your situation might be different. In that case, you will be best served to properly study the situation and then think outside the box to solve the problem, just like Rachel's husband.

4. Bright Red DIY Half Door Baby Gate Plan

Bright Red DIY Half Door Baby Gate Plan

This DIY half door baby gate stands out because of its color. The gate is painted a lovely bright red color and is equally very sturdy and durable.

Although many parents might not want such a permanent fixture in their staircase, this gate is made from a sawn-off door, and it can very well withstand the abuses of everyday use for quite a long time.

The DIY guide is delivered in 10 steps. After sawing the gate off from a door, a stopper with a hook is added to the railing and also painted white.

The baby gate is then painted red and attached to the railing with hinges, making the construction complete.

5. DIY Fabric Baby Gate Video Guide

DIY Fabric Baby Gate Video Guide

Video tutorial lovers will love this one. It is available both as a video guide and with pictures and written instructions. So, the choice is yours.

This guide is quite creative as well. Instead of messing around with wood and other kinds of materials that she is not comfortable with, Casey uses what she knows better, and that is fabric.

The idea is quite simple. Casey uses heat activated adhesive, a pink bias tape, and a cord bundler to create her own version of a baby gate. It might not be able to hold off the really naughty ones, but this fabric stair gate does really work.

6. Free DIY PVC Baby Gate Plan

Free DIY PVC Baby Gate Plan

Another good material to build your baby gate with is PVC. When you are building a PVC baby gate, you will have to approach the situation from a different point of view.

Unlike wood and fabrics, PVC parts can be easily fit together to create any structure. All you need are a few PVC pipes, PVC t-connectors, and 4 elbow connectors for the corners.

Lots of pictures show you how to put together such a PVC baby gate. The only important thing is that you measure your staircase width first and then build with it.

7. Routered Plywood DIY Baby Gate Plan

Routered Plywood DIY Baby Gate Plan

Lauren & Kyle got this DIY baby gate from a friend. It was simply made from routered plywood, so there was basically no cutting and joining.

Still, it was too wide for the position it was intended for, and it had to be trimmed down to fit. Painting made it look much better, plus stainless steel hinges and gate latches.

This project serves to show you such a possibility of using routered plywood as a baby gate. You can, of course, create it with a different design, use a different color, or add the kind of accessories that you want.

8. DIY Cheap Fabric Baby Gate Tutorial

DIY Cheap Fabric Baby Gate Tutorial

Made from 2 yards of a decor fabric which cost $12.99, this fabric gate is great as a temporary solution, although it is quite tough to an extent.

Tools used here include a sewing machine and tape measure. Cord bundlers and Velcro bands were also used to fix the gate in place.

The guide is simple and easy to follow. Clear pictures show each step of the process, from the cutting and sewing to the attachment and testing of the gate. This should be worth a try if you fancy a temporary fabric baby gate.

9. Karen's PVC & Fabric Baby Gate Plan

Karen's PVC & Fabric Baby Gate Plan

Karen combined PVC baby gate and a fabric gate to create this thoughtful creation. It uses PVC for the frame and is then covered with a nice fabric.

This gate is not for a baby though, but rather for a dog, Annie, who is a 10-year old lab. You will need 4 PVC elbow joints and pipes cut to size.

Karen uses lots of pictures to show the work-flow. Measuring the width of your staircase is very important as well so that you'll know what you are working with.

The fabric is just folded in 2 and sewn together, leaving some space to slide it over the PVC frame just like a pillowcase over a pillow.

10. Wooden Designer DIY Baby Gate Plan

Wooden Designer DIY Baby Gate Plan

Coming from the designer Joel, this baby gate does really stand out from the rest. It is made from 1x2-inch poplar slats, plus a latch and hinges.

The beauty of this gate lies in its simplicity and yet striking look. You take 2 vertical 1x2 poplar slats of equal height and add horizontal1x2 slats with a 1-inch spacing to it.

You can decide to either stain and wax the gate or to paint it, according to your home decor. Joel here loves that natural look, and it still looks great.

11. Elegant DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

Elegant DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

Built using just 1x3s and 2x2s, this DIY baby gate is very elegant in its white color. The upper and lower frames are made using 1x3s, while the vertical slats are made from the 2x2s.

The shopping list also includes wood screws, 2 gate hinges, a gate latch, and white paint. Enough pictures show you all the construction steps, with the installation of the latch being the last step.

Of course, you could use a different color for the gate, in order to match your home's decor. You can also decide to use a different wood thickness in place of the 1x3s and 2x2s.

12. $10 Pallet Wood DIY Baby Gate plan

$10 Pallet Wood DIY Baby Gate plan

If you use free pallet wood for this project, then you will only have to spend money for hinges and a latch. This shouldn't cost you more than $10 and it shouldn't take more than 3 hours to complete.

Pallet wood can really be made to look beautiful when properly sanded and finished. While this page doesn't show the plans though, but it refers to a page with the full building plans.

Dawn built this gate in a farmhouse style. There is no finish, no paint, nothing. What you get is pallet wood, which has been joined together, hanging on hinges, and looking absolutely adorable.

13. DIY Industrial Styled Baby Gate Plan

DIY Industrial Styled Baby Gate Plan

This DIY baby gate plan shows you how to make an industrial style gate for your staircase. You will have to change the width to fit your stairs though, but everything else remains the same.

There is a material list, which includes a gate latch, strap hinges and hinge pins, U-bolts and lots more. There is also a tools list including a Kreg Jig so that you'll know what you need to get the job done.

The rest of the tutorial is full of bright and colorful pictures, showing all the steps of the construction process.

The beauty of this gate appears after it was stained and matched to the rest of the staircase. You may also want to match yours to the rest of your staircase.

14. Simple & Nice DIY Baby Gate Guide

Simple & Nice DIY Baby Gate Guide

If you've been thinking of a simple way to make your own baby gate, then this plan might be of help to you. It shows you how to make a simple but nice baby gate, which can fit any staircase size.

You will be needing 1x4 boards, paint or stain, a gate latch, hinges and the other items listed in the tools list. This gate is white with black hardware for a good contrast.

This guide even includes a 6-step guide, which leads you step by step through the process of making this simple but nice baby gate.

15. Barn Door Styled Baby Gate with Pet Door Plans

Barn Door Styled Baby Gate with Pet Door Plans

If you want to prevent your baby from getting hurt down the stairs, but you also want your pet to have free access, then this is the plan that you need.

With this baby gate, you'll create a little door that is large enough for a cat to pass, but too small for a human baby.  It is also designed in a barn style.

This guide is detailed. It includes lots of pictures and construction instructions. You can finish building it in about 2 hours and it will cost about $35 in materials.

The 18-step guide shows you how it was done. From the building of the frame to the addition of the cross board and the cat door, it's all laid out in text and pictures.

16. 8-Step DIY Baby Gate Plan

8-Step DIY Baby Gate Plan

Kristen built a really wide baby gate for her staircase and she presents her build here. It was all done in 8 steps, beginning with measurements and ending with the installation of the latch.

She also offers a material list and a cut list. You will need a Kreg Jig to add pocket holes on the slats. Kristen added 2 holes on each end.

The next step is the sanding and painting of the gate. Then there is the installation of hinges, anchoring to the wall, and that's it.

17. Rustic DIY Baby Gate Plan

Rustic DIY Baby Gate Plan

Here you have to build a gate with vertical boards, then add an upper and a lower piece, plus an X to stabilize the boards. This project uses only screws, but feel free to use nails if you can.

You then have to cut the entire gate in half and create half door baby gates. this makes it a unique and interesting construction.

The gate lock here is a simple system which uses boards to cross over the 2 sides of the gate. You can either use this locking system or get a little more creative yourself.

18. Simple DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

Simple DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

For this project, you will need plywood and 1x6 boards. The plywood is cut in the shape of the gate that you want to build, while the 1x6 boards are used as trim around the edges.

This guide is easy to follow. The plenty pictures show you everything you need to know. After building, it is painted white and has black colored hardware attached to it.

One thing about this plan though, is that it's only the front of the gate that looks good, the rear doesn't look all that great. You could do something about it though, if you decide to build this project.

19. Custom DIY Plywood Baby Gate Plan

Custom DIY Plywood Baby Gate Plan

This guide uses plywood as well to create a very interesting baby gate. Since it was not installed directly on a staircase, the design had enough space to get fancy.

It simply uses plywood for the shape, then adds trims to the edges to make the construction look more lovely and professionally made.

This guide shows you how to build this easily. From detailed plans with measurements to real life pictures of the construction process, everything is laid out here.

20. Folding DIY Dowel Baby Gate Plan

Folding DIY Dowel Baby Gate Plan

Built to fold on itself, this gate can be folded out of the way and against the wall when not in use. This opens up many more possibilities of usage than normal baby gates.

It should be clear though, that this is not a project for those who are still learning how to make a baby gate because this project requires good woodworking skills.

You will be needing 3/8-inch wood dowels, and you'll cut them to size the gate that you're planning to build. You will also need 4 hinges, 2 for the wall and the other 2 for folding the gate.

21. Katie's DIY Exterior Baby Gate Plan

Katie's DIY Exterior Baby Gate Plan

Katie's baby gate is the first exterior baby gate on this list. This means that you'll have to take the weather elements into consideration when building such an exterior gate.

It is installed on the deck to prevent her kids from harming themselves down the stairs. The frame is constructed using 2x4s, then fitted to the 6x6 posts of the deck, plus 1x4s on the top and bottom.

After cutting and adding balusters to the gate, the second set of 1x4s were used to cover them up and make the baby gate look more beautiful. Finally, a latch was added and that was it.

22. Simple & White $30 DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

Simple & White $30 DIY Baby Gate Tutorial

Angela and her husband built this DIY baby gate for the stairs in their home. It was designed to fit into the surrounding decor, both in color and in structure.

The entire construction cost $30 to build and includes 1x2s, 1x4s, 2 hinges for the gate, and 1 latch. The single 1x4 board was divided into 2 to create the top and bottom frame of the gate.

The 1x2s were then used as balusters and the entire construction was then attached to the wall after using a stud finder to get a correct position.

23. Strong PVC Baby Gate Tutorial

Strong PVC Baby Gate Tutorial

Delivered in 11 steps, this baby gate tutorial is very detailed and uses both pictures and diagrams to help you to build yours.

It cost $48 to build using PVC parts like elbows and tees, as well as the pipes. All the PVC parts used here measure 1.25 inches in diameter. You will also need PVC cement and wood screws.

Step 3 of this tutorial deals with the cutting of the PVC pipes, after which the assembly of the different parts begins. The gate is finally made removable, a catch mechanism attached, and the build is over.

24. Barn Door DIY Baby Gate Plan

Barn Door DIY Baby Gate Plan

This big and red barn door is made using 2x4, 1x4 and 1x2 boards. The tutorial is delivered in 5 steps and it includes lots of pictures to help guide you through the process.

It begins with a material list and the step by step guide then leads you on. This gate will cost you about $50 in materials to build, and you will need 2 to 4 hours to finish up.

Noteworthy is how the gate was attached to the staircase using zip ties. This makes the construction strong enough to withstand any baby, but also makes it easy to take down after the baby is all grown up.

25. Nicole's Big DIY Baby Gate Guide

Nicole's Big DIY Baby Gate Guide

Nicole's DIY baby gate plans is a very scanty but helpful one. It is perfect for those who want a really strong gate for their babies and not just some barrier.

There are not many pictures here to help you know what's going on, but the few pictures show a well-built gate. It is made from 1x6s, 1x4s, and 2x2s.

The tutorial is a little scanty as well. 5-steps without much talk. But if you are interested in this big and strong baby gate, then you can easily pick up the idea and get building.

We have reached the end of the road for our baby gate plans. I do hope that you have found something that you'll like to recreate.

Feel free to share your passion with me and let me know what you are up to in the comments below.

Also feel free to share this list and to pin anything you fancy.