12 Gorgeous DIY Baby Crib Plans for Handy Parents

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12 Gorgeous DIY Baby Crib Plans for Handy Parents

baby crib plans

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If you've been getting the urge to build your baby's crib by yourself, then relax because it's totally natural.  You are not the only parent with this instinctual drive.

Many parents and grandparents who are good with tools or woodwork have at one point in time or the other built their baby's cribs with their very own hands.

This list contains 12 baby crib plans from across the Internet. I have gathered them together in order to help and inspire you with your baby crib plans.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY crib, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a baby gate, toy boxsandboxbunk bedmurphy beddollhouse.

DIY Homemade Crib Plan

Made from pine boards, this DIY homemade crib is large and offers lots of space. Although it was later stained a dark brownish color, I prefer the natural pine color and feel.

This tutorial uses 4x4 and 2x4 boards, as well as 1x2s and 1x3s. The tutorial starts off with a material supplies list.  Next is a detailed explanation of the cutting process and then the assembly of the different boards.

There are quite a few diagrams with measurements and pictures of the actual building process, including the baby crib.

It will take you anywhere between 6 hours and 2 days to finish this project, depending on how skilled you are. Total material cost is about $200.

2. Farmhouse Wood DIY Crib Plan

Farmhouse Wood DIY Crib Plan

If you are a lover of farmhouse styled furniture, then this farmhouse wood crib plan should excite you at the very least.

It is made using pine or whitewood, which is later stained a dark shade.  This tutorial contains a link to a free PDF plans file, which contains all the information that you need to build this DIY baby crib.

There is a supplies list, a color-coded cutting diagram, and a detailed step by step instruction on how to make the crib. There are a total of 11 step by step instructions and learning how to make a baby crib is easy with such a great guide.

This plan also makes plenty of the Kreg jig use to drill pocket holes. The construction guide shows the different types of color-coded lumber as they are joined together, making things easier for you to understand.

3. Walnut & Maple DIY Homemade Baby Crib Plan

Walnut & Maple DIY Homemade Baby Crib Plan

This is a video guide, although it also contains the video script as plain text on the website. This walnut and maple baby crib is a special crib design, which is also worth the extra effort.

The crib's frame is made from walnut, while the spindles are made from maple. There are a total of 50 spindles and they taper from 15/16-inch around the center, down to 1/2-inch at the ends.

Another nice feature of this baby crib is that the rear frame is higher than the front frame. This makes the sides slope downwards, increasing the complexity of this crib.

You'll love this tutorial if you love video tutorials, else, it is uninteresting as a text and picture tutorial.

4. Land of Nod Inspired Free DIY Baby Crib Plan

Land of Nod Inspired Free DIY Baby Crib Plan

This baby crib comes with features such as adjustment to 3 different bed heights and being able to remove the side rails to turn it into a toddler bed.

It will cost you between $50 and $75 in materials to build this crib. This guide includes a tools list, material list, and a cut list.

The crib is 36 inches high, 55 inches long, and 30 inches wide. This guide also offers lots of diagrams to help you get a better picture of what you are supposed to build.

Divided into 6 steps, the building instructions are very detailed and feature diagrams with detailed measurements.

5. Don's Baby Crib Building Guide

Don's Baby Crib Building Guide

Building your own crib is a serious affair. There are a lot of things to consider, including government regulations, safe paints or finishes for the baby, and other safety concerns.

Don Heisz takes you through the process of designing and building a baby crib y yourself here.

He points out issues that you should keep an eye on, like the maximum width of the space between the slats of a baby crib.

Don continues with a construction guide, which includes lots of pictures, plus detailed instructions and explanations.

6. Free DIY Log Crib Plan

Log Crib Free DIY Plan

If you have a thing for log houses or furniture, then you might want to take a closer look here. Baby Zane is lucky to have a chainsaw-wielding and log house loving grandma because it was her grandma who built this crib for her.

Baby Zane's crib is all-natural and down to earth. It uses 4 pieces of 4 to 5-inch diameter logs, plus 4 pieces of 3-inch diameter logs, and 30 pieces of 1.5-inch logs.

You are taken through the process of identifying the different types and sizes of logs, categorizing them, cutting and peeling them.

The rest of the guide then takes you through the building process, which is quite different from building normal cribs.

7. Rebecca's DIY Co-Sleeper Crib Plan

Rebecca's DIY Co-Sleeper Crib Plan

You might not want a full crib, but rather, a co-sleeper which allows you easier access to your baby. That was what Rebecca wanted, and this plan shows how she built her dream crib.

The crib is 33 inches long and 15 inches wide. This guide includes a tool list, a material list, and a cut list. It is presented in a step by step manner and with pictures.

After the construction phase is over, this co-sleeper crib was painted white to match Rebecca's room and furniture. You should, of course, feel free to use any color of your choosing.

The total cost of this baby crib construction was under $80, including the cost of lumber, paint, sandpaper, glue, screws e.t.c.

8. Free DIY 52-Inch Long Baby Crib Plan

Free DIY 52-Inch Long Baby Crib Plan

If you've been wanting to learn how to make a crib the right way, this guide contains all the information that you need to learn.

It is packed full of color-coded plans with detailed measurements. The legs and most other parts are made from 1x3 lumber. It will require about one weekend to complete this plan and mostly standard woodworking tools and safety wear.

This baby crib is 52 inches long, 27 inches wide, and about 35 inches high. All the detailed plans provide you with all the information you need to build a crib that is standard compliant and long-lasting.

9. Baseball Bat Baby Crib Plan

Baseball Bat Baby Crib Plan

Built in about 50 hours and costing less than $200, this crib takes carpentry and creativity to a whole new level. Caleb built it for his son to create a very masculine feel.

The hand-drawn plans are very basic but they do show the crib's height to be 43 inches, while it is 51 inches long and includes a total of 24 baseball bats, 12 on each side.

This tutorial begins with a materials list, which includes sandpaper, wood glue, stain, and wax. The 24 baseball bats come from a blemished bats factory and cost $3.5 each, which is great for such high-quality bats.

Each step of the construction process is detailed with pictures and presented in a step by step manner until the final product was achieved.

10. Jack's How To Build A Crib Guide

Jack's How To Build A Crib Guide

Jack's DIY baby crib plans aim to teach you how to make a crib the standard way. The plans are presented in a color-coded format, with each piece of lumber having its individual color.

This crib is 53 inches long, 30 inches wide and 30 inches high. You can build it with any type of wood you prefer like pine, and you can also choose to either stain and wax it, or to paint it.

It will take about one day to complete this project and the tutorial is also easy to follow and understand.

11. Moon-Shaped Baby Crib Plan

Moon-Shaped Baby Crib Plan

Although this crib could never be used as a toddler bed, it is still a very lovely and unique design, something to be cherished.

This guide shows how an expectant dad built this amazing crib for his baby. It uses pictures with detailed explanations to show each step of the building process.

He first designed a crescent moon shape and then paneled wood along the sides. And after adding star holes to the sides, this crib became an undeniable masterpiece.

You can choose to either leave it this way or to finish the wood in any creative way that you feel like. You will also need stabilizing feet to secure the crib.

12. $200 DIY Baby Crib Plan

$200 DIY Baby Crib Plan

This crib is designed to provide that giant backboard look that you get to expect from a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware coveted crib.

Built for just $200, the material list includes 2x10 boards for the backboard, 2x2s, wood glue and General Finishes Java Gel Stain.

The first step of the 8-step guide begins with the cutting and building of the side panels. The second step is the building of the back panel, while the third step is the attachment of the side panels to the back panel.

In the 8th step of the building process, it is time to sand and stain it to perfection.

We have come to the end of our list of 12 baby crib plans. I'm sure you must be inspired by now and ready to turn your dream into reality.

We would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you are up to.

Also feel free to pin any pictures you feel like and to share.