26 Gorgeous DIY Aquarium Stands With Plans

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26 Gorgeous DIY Aquarium Stands With Plans

diy aquarium stand

An aquarium stand is essential for keeping the tank level and safe once filled with water and marine life.

Good with your hands? Well, what about a DIY aquarium stand? You’ll agree with me that most store-bought stands come at over half the cost of a new aquarium setup.

Learning how to build an aquarium stand will help you save a bit of cash on the setup. Below are 26 DIY aquarium stand plans to draw inspiration from.

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30-Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand

I’d call this a versatile aquarium stand with the full functions of a cabinet. The stand is made sturdy enough to be used for just about anything.

In this case, the designer lets it provide support for a 30-gallon aquarium tank. Apart from giving that needed support, the stand provides space for storage.

This is a stylish cabinet stand adorned with cove, crown, and base molding. It’s fitted with overlay doors for easy access.

A list of the tools and materials you need to put this wood cabinet stand together is included in the tutorial.

2. 4-Foot 120-Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand

4-Foot 120-Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand

This aquarium stand is built to have direct contact with the floor. Adhesives and screws are used to create one strong bond that will keep the stand from shifting.

The designer builds the cabinet using 2x4 lumber. The frame of the cabinet is covered in 3/4-inch oak plywood to give that durable skin.

Some nice trimmings go into the building process to add more style. The cabinet has three doors and some good plumping in the interior.

According to the designer, this stand can hold up to 1,400-pound aquarium tank without a hitch.

3. 120-Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand with Customized Interior

120-Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand with Customized Interior

One thing I like about this DIY aquarium stand design is the fact that it can be modified to fit most glass aquarium tanks.

The width and the length are adjustable to fit tank sizes in the range of 55 to 180 gallons. Building this stand requires basic woodworking skills.

The designer settles for a customized interior that features lights, shelves, and outlet strips. A slatted design is used for the top of the cabinet stand where the aquarium tank sits.

Beautiful trims add an element of style to this aquarium stand. 2x4 lumber and 3/4-inch plywood are the main materials used to put it together.

4. 300-Pound Aquarium Stand

300-Pound Aquarium Stand

There’s some building done here before even the real work of putting up the stand begins. What the designer does it put laminated wooden beams on the floor for added support.

The stand itself takes the shape of a cabinet that has beautiful paneled sides. The heavy base created by the beams makes this stand virtually immovable.

At 30 inches high, this stand has plenty of clearance in the interior to accommodate fittings and equipment. It’s finished with a glossy coating of polyurethane paint.

5. 72-Gallon Bow-Front Aquarium Stand

72-Gallon Bow-Front Aquarium Stand

For an even better understanding, I’d call this a D-shaped cabinet aquarium stand. The D-shape is created by that stylish front design that takes the shape of a bow.

The frame of the cabinet is covered in 1/4-inch panels. Well, I should point out that this stand looks better with an aquarium stand that has the same D-shaped design.

This project includes a tutorial with all the details except for the staining and finishing process. Anyway, I think it doesn’t require much skill to figure out what to do in the two processes for finishing touches.

6. $100 55-Gallon Double Aquarium Rack Stand

$100 55-Gallon Double Aquarium Rack Stand

I think there’s no better way to explain a DIY project than with a video tutorial. That’s exactly what the designer of this tank does.

Well, what he does in the video is show how to build a rack stand used to support two, 55-gallon aquarium tanks. The rack has two levels each designed to hold one tank.

It’s more like a rack stand with a bottom and top shelf. 2x4 studs are used to build this stand.

This is a short YouTube video that won’t eat much into your time. Well, let me be clear, it’s just a 3 minutes and 58 seconds video complete with instructions and supply list.

7. 60-Gallon Cube Aquarium Stand with Open Design

60-Gallon Cube Aquarium Stand with Open Design

As the name implies, this DIY aquarium stand takes the shape of a cube. It’s one sturdy stand mostly built using 2x4 lumber and plywood.

The bottom of the stand is designed into some kind of tray that has a plywood base. It’s on this tray base that the aquarium tank sits.

The frame at the top is not left wide open. Instead, pieces of lumber are screwed across to reduce the gap giving the tank added protection.

The open design used in this stand is aimed at giving an unobstructed view of the aquarium and to provide easy access.

8. 75/90-Gallon Aquarium Stand

75/90-Gallon Aquarium Stand

This is a YouTube video tutorial on a stand that can support two aquarium tanks. Building this stand starts with building a box-shaped frame for the top and bottom. Horizontal cleats give the frames a good amount of bracing.

Support posts are fitted on the frames and the top frame covered in plywood to provide a level surface on which the 75-gallon aquarium tank sits.

The cleats used on the bottom frame give a good level of support to accommodate the 90-gallon aquarium tank. Well, you can choose to do away with the cleats so that the tank rests on the floor.

9. 125-Gallon Aquarium Tank with 1500-pound Capacity

125-Gallon Aquarium Tank with 1500-pound Capacity

As the designer puts it, this stand is massively over-engineered to take a lot of weight without giving in. The stand is built to take the form of a cabinet that has two doors.

Cleats are used to support the frame at the bottom and the top. The bottom frame is designed to make contact with the floor.

Plywood sits on the cleats to create a bottom shelf and a countertop surface where the tank rests. Plywood completes the casing of this aquarium stand.

The countertop has a trimming along the edges to keep the tank from shifting to the sides. This stand is finished with a water-based primer.

10. 40-Gallon Aquarium Stand from 2x4s

40-Gallon Aquarium Stand from 2x4s

This aquarium stand is built entirely with 2x4 lumber with the exception of the paneling used on the sides.

I’d call it a cabinet stand designed to sit on an oak floor molding. Kiln-dried lumber is used to provide a better support.

There’s only one door that opens to reveal the inside of this cabinet stand. Notched joints are used making the pieces sit flush with each other.

This aquarium stand is 40 inches high, which is a serviceable height that won’t give you a hard time.

11. 80-Gallon DIY Frag Tank Stand

80-Gallon DIY Frag Tank Stand

Well, this is quite a simple stand to build. It has a box-shaped frame at the top and bottom.

Support cleats run across the frames for increased support. It’s on these cleats that a plywood cover is used to provide a level surface.

The plywood covers the two sides along the width of the stand leaving the longer sides open. A layer of sponge is added on the surface where the aquarium tank sits to ensure it stays level.

12. DIY Aquarium Stand with Raised Trims

DIY Aquarium Stand with Raised Trims

This aquarium stand is for tanks measuring up to 27 inches long. One thing that stands out in this stand are the raised trims along the edges of the top.

The trims come in handy to contain the tank so it doesn’t go past the edge. The stand is built in the form of a cabinet that has storage compartments and two doors to enhance its looks.

The top and bottom of the stand are covered in plywood to create a level resting platform for the tank.

13. Rustic Aquarium Cabinet Stand with Open Top Design

Rustic Aquarium Cabinet Stand with Open Top Design

With lots of support beams used to build it, you can definitely bet that this is one sturdy stand for your aquarium tank.

2 x 4 beams are used for the frame and plywood is employed as the cover material. The cabinet is built to have three doors at the front.

The top comes in an open design sporting two horizontal cleats on which the tank rests. A look through the glass aquarium tank and you get to see the inside of the cabinet.

14. DIY 15/20-Gallon Aquarium Stand

DIY 15/20-Gallon Aquarium Stand

This is an aquarium stand plan presented in the best way possible through a YouTube video tutorial.

The building process starts with setting up a 4-post frame. An oversized plywood covers the base of the stand at the bottom giving a wider footprint for added stability.

The plywood cover on the sides along the width is also made longer to go past the top. This creates a nice stopper that keeps the tank from moving past the edge.

The top of the stand where the tank rests it covered in plywood to create a level surface.

15. 180-Gallon Rustic DIY Aquarium Stand

180-Gallon Rustic DIY Aquarium Stand

I must say that this is one sturdy, stylish aquarium stand that adds a country feel to your space. Beautiful moldings and trimmings give the stand a sophisticated look.

It comes in a freestanding design covered on two sides with plywood. The sides go past the top to create support trims.

This stand sits on a heavy base that has a plywood cover at the bottom. The designer gives it some kind of distressed look before finishing with a splash of rustic stain.

16. 375-Gallon Aquarium Stand

375-Gallon Aquarium Stand

Want to go large? Well. I’ll recommend you give this stand a deeper thought. This is a massive stand spanning 8 feet long and 3 feet wide.

The stand is built in 4-door cabinet design. A lot of support cleats are used at the top to take the weight of the tank.

The designer uses plywood to make the “skin” of this cabinet stand. I think you’ll be glad to know that this is entirely a video tutorial on YouTube.

The video lasts about 11 minutes and gives all the details you’ll need to build this large DIY aquarium stand.

17. Modifiable 30 to 80-Gallon Aquarium Stand

Modifiable 30 to 80-Gallon Aquarium Stand

I think it won’t be wrong to call this a 2x4 stand since that’s the size of lumber used to build it.

For the skin, the designer uses plywood. Once enclosed, this stand looks more like a cabinet. A paneled design at the front enhances the overall look.

The designer settles for paneled planks at the top to create a slat design with gaps between the pieces. It’s on these slats that the tank rests.

Trimming boards line the edges along the top to hold the tank in place. The bottom of the cabinet is made in the form of a tray that’s covered at the base with plywood.

As the name implies, this aquarium stand can be modified with ease to accommodate tank sizes from 30 to 80 gallons.

18. 20-Gallon Pedestal Aquarium Stand

20-Gallon Pedestal Aquarium Stand

Most aquarium stands are built to sport straight edges from top to bottom. Well, Lewis decides to come up with something new.

He ditches the straight box-shaped look for a pedestal-style stand. In short, the stand is built to sport a top and a base that are wider compared to the middle part.

This is a design that actually adds more stability owing to the wide base. Lewis builds it the cabinet-style featuring a functional door. The stand is 28 inches high.

This DIY aquarium stand plan is put in a YouTube video tutorial making it much easier to understand.

19. 40-Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank Stand

40-Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank Stand

Tim Goose gives us a YouTube video tutorial for this acrylic fish tank stand. He builds the stand using 2x4 pine boards and 3/4-inch oak boards.

The stand takes the shape of a 2-door cabinet with support trimming along the edges at the top. Crown moldings are used at the base of the stand to upgrade its looks.

Tim Goose gives the stand a white finish that literally blends in with any decor. This video tutorial lasts 12 minutes and 27 seconds.

20. Modern Aquarium Stand with Carved Panels

Modern Aquarium Stand with Carved Panels

Better than new, that’s what I’d call this aquarium stand. In fact, it’s made to surpass the pre-made models in terms of engineering, versatility, function, and appearance.

Beautifully carved edges and modern paneled design are one of the strong points of this stand. Well, it doesn’t lack in size either as it comes large enough to hold big aquarium tanks.

The stand has an open top with flared edges that provide maximum support for the aquarium tank. It comes complete with lighting, power cord manager, and automatic light switch.

21. $300 ADA Aquarium Stand

$300 ADA Aquarium Stand

This is one stand that will get your attention once you fix your eyes on it. It’s made of 2x2 studs and plywood used to make the casing.

The stand has the design of a 2-door cabinet two sheets of Formica are glued onto the surface of the cabinet to create a finish that’s resistant to chipping.

The tutorial for this project includes everything you’ll need to make it a success. The finished cabinet stand looks sleek with clean lines.

22. DIY Aquarium Stand with Heavy Molding

DIY Aquarium Stand with Heavy Molding

The heavy molding used in this stand adds more style and stability. To start off, it’s a 3-door cabinet style aquarium stand made using 2x4 lumber and 3/4-inch plywood.

The cabinet sports pine base molding at the bottom with poplar trim molding and pine crown molding at the top.

Plywood is used to skin the frame. This cabinet stand is designed to hold the aquarium tank within with some extra room to spare for other equipment.

23. Aquarium Stand with Secret Door for Sump

Aquarium Stand with Secret Door for Sump

What I like about this aquarium stand is that it keeps most of the things away from prying eyes. In fact, it literally hides away the sump behind a secret door.

The designer achieves all these by designing the stand to take the form of a 4-door cabinet spanning 48 inches long.

The sump held within this cabinet stand has a 10-gallon capacity. The top is spacious enough to hold a 55-gallon aquarium tank.

24. 40-Gallon DIY Aquarium Stand for Breeder Tank

40-Gallon DIY Aquarium Stand for Breeder Tank

Medium-sized breeder tanks will do well with this aquarium stand. Strength is one thing that makes me give this aquarium stand a high five.

To give it maximum strength, the designer adds steel angle ties to reinforce the corners. The result is a wobble-free aquarium stand.

I’d call it a skeleton stand since it has only the frame support without cover material.

25. 55-Gallon DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand

55-Gallon DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand

All along we’ve been talking about wooden DIY aquarium stands. Now here’s something different that will jog your mind.

It’s an aquarium stand that's built with cinder blocks with some bit of plywood sheet and boards. The plywood sheet is used to build the shelves while the boards make up the top support where the tank rests.

This stand performs better when placed against a load-bearing wall. Expect to spend around $53 on this project, which includes the cost of paint and building materials.

26. 30-Gallon Aquarium Stand for $81

30-Gallon Aquarium Stand for $81

This is a low-profile stand that even a 2-year old can have access to. The stand stands 24 inches tall and has a sturdy frame with the top and bottom pieces connected at a 45-degree angle.

The stand comes in a cabinet style that has a false front design for easy access to the filter and other equipment.

The designer gives a cost of each supply to prevent any frustrations. Lots of pictures are included in this tutorial, which makes it easy to follow. 

I hope you now have ideas on how to build your own aquarium stand and save money. So, what’s keeping you from getting your tools together and start building one?

But before you start off, please take time and share with us whether these DIY aquarium plans have been helpful to you. Just post in the comment section below.