39 Free DIY Adirondack Chair Plans Anyone Can Build

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39 Free DIY Adirondack Chair Plans Anyone Can Build

adirondack chair plans

Few activities can compare to the pleasure of kicking back in an Adirondack chair. 

The Adirondack chair is an American favorite. It is a symbol of lazy summer days and long enjoyable evenings. The combination of functionality and simplicity make them timeless pieces of furniture.

As Adirondack chairs continue to gain popularity around the world, DIY builders are also creating their own chairs.

I have collected the following 39 free DIY plans from around the Internet, and I hope that one of them at least, will be an inspiration to you.

After you've chosen a free Adirondack chair plan, be sure to browse my other free woodworking plans including plans on how to build a rocking chair, bar stool, step stool, swing set, porch swing, outdoor bench, and many more.

1. $10 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

$10 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Our first Adirondack chair in this list cost about $10 in materials. Built by Rita and Cane, it is made from 8 cedar fence boards. 

Cedar boards can withstand the elements well, that is one reason that this chair was made from cedar fence boards. It is important if you plan to leave the chair outdoors for a long while.

There are 8 steps in this tutorial and each of those steps includes a picture. They show the stages of building the chair from the armrests and the crosspiece, to adding the slats.

The end result is a chair that will easily sell for $200. A lovely, reliable and sturdy Adirondack chair that will last for many years to come.

2. Advanced DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Advanced DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

There are 35 steps in this tutorial. They show you the steps needed to build this very beautiful but equally complicated Adirondack chair.

This tutorial begins with a list of tools that you'll need to complete this project. It also lists a shopping and cutting list, including wood finishing products.

Tips and tricks are also added to help you build better. The first steps of this guide focus on the templates. Then come the cutting and shaping steps, plus the assembly.

There are plenty of tips concerned with finishing in this guide. This is because this guide comes from Minwax, a popular wood finish manufacturer.

Detailed plans follow the step by step guide. They contain all the dimensions, measurements and instructions that you'll need to be able to build this amazing Adirondack chair.

3. Colorful DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Colorful DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

This Adirondack furniture plan creates a unique, affordable, comfortable, and colorful Adirondack furniture for your relaxation and comfort.

The tools list of this guide includes clamps, sanding discs, a drill and a table or miter saw. The material list includes deck screws and wood dowels, primer and glue.

With the building process divided into 4 sections and each section having its own steps, this tutorial is very well laid out. 

It starts with the making of the sides, then comes the completion of the frame, the addition of the slats, and the finish up, which includes sandpaper and painting.

This project requires an intermediate level of woodworking skill and it will take a full weekend to complete.

4. 2x4 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

2x4 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan uses 2x4s to create a simple but effective Adirondack chair. The tutorial is video based and the plans are also downloadable as a PDF file.

It includes a list of all the materials that you'll be needing, as well as the needed tools, which are mainly screws, a drill and a miter saw.

This Adirondack chair is 36 inches high, 31 inches deep and 26 inches wide. The armrest is 21 inches high from the ground, and you are free to paint it in any color that you desire.

Ana White builds this chair together with a Home Depot lady. Their tutorial is easy to follow. They show you which parts to cut and then how to assemble the parts that you've cut.

5. Double Adirondack DIY Chair Guide

Double Adirondack DIY Chair Guide

The idea behind this project is that the only thing which is better than chilling on an Adirondack is to do it with a good friend right next to you on a second Adirondack chair.

There are plenty of free Adirondack chair plans here. Everything is detailed and well laid out. There is a shopping list, a material list, and a cutting list.

In 7 steps, this guide takes you from the cutting of the wood pieces to the assembly in a systematic but experienced manner.

A separate section deals with the wedge-shaped boards that make up the middle table. You get to see how to use a ripping jig to create the wedge-shaped boards.

This project is complicated. It is not a simple Adirondack chair plan. In the end, though, it provides you with very lovely, classic, and comfortable chairs for you and a friend.

6. 19-Step DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

19-Step DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

With instructions laid out in 19 steps, this DIY guide shows you how to build a simple Adirondack chair. It includes a material and a tool list before beginning its 19 step instructions.

The wood comes from 2 pallets, which you can get for free. The instructions then show you in single steps and with pictures, how to build the chair.

This simple Adirondack chair plan is easy to follow and the chair will take a few hours to complete. 

The last step is the addition of pillows for comfort. You can also decide to finish or paint the chair as you may desire, giving it that final, personal touch.

7. DIY Pallet Adirondack Chair

DIY Pallet Adirondack Chair

This DIY guide shows you how to create an Adirondack chair from just pallet wood. Pallets are free and using them helps to recycle and stay earth friendly.

It takes 9 steps to complete the tutorial, beginning with the collection of the pallets and the removal of the 1x6 and 2x4 boards, with which they were made.

The tutorial then continues in step 3 with the making of the rails, and then with the making of the seat. The arms are attached in step 8, making it a complete Adirondack chair.

Finishing options are completely up to you. You can decide to use a power sander on the wood and later paint or stain it, or you could just leave it the way it is.

8. Elegant 10-Step Adirondack Chair Plan

Elegant 10-Step Adirondack Chair Plan

Here we have a 10-step guide to building an elegant Adirondack chair, presented by a lovely young lady. This tutorial is brought to you free from Black & Decker.

Few Adirondack chairs are as lovely as this one. Starting from its beautifully crafted back, to the curvy seat and armrests. This chair was definitely designed by a master.

Beginning from the cutting list, everything is properly labeled. The plans are very clear and easy to understand. Everything is well explained and with detailed measurements.

Each of these 10 steps includes a picture which shows how the lovely lady goes about building this masterpiece of a chair. If you follow this plan, you will also build such a beautiful chair.

9. Durable DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Durable DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Here we have an Adirondack chair plan to make your dream come true in 15 steps. Labeled perfectly with all necessary measurements, this plan offers you the opportunity to create a real beauty.

Each of the 15 steps contains a clear picture which helps to explain the process. Everything is explained in detail, and the clear instructions make sure that you don't miss anything.

This project will make a great weekend project and will cost you less than $100 depending on the type of wood you use. 

Although the plan used cedar, you can decide to use pine, but it will not be able to resist weather elements for long.

You can also download this guide as a PDF and print it out to make your work-flow easier.

10. DIY Classic Adirondack Chair + Footrest Plan

DIY Classic Adirondack Chair + Footrest Plan

This another plan for a classic DIY Adirondack chair. It includes the tools needed like a jig saw, drill, belt sander and other basic hand tools.

The chair itself is comfortable, elegant, and simple. There is also a footrest associated with it and this plan also includes the plans for the footrest.

This is also a folding Adirondack chair plan because this chair can be folded to a 10-inch height.

There is a grid diagram with details for the contoured parts. There is also a parts list, a 3D assembly diagram, cutting diagrams and step by step instructions.

All the steps have detailed diagrams accompanying them. The instructions end in step 11, which deals with the staining, painting or varnishing of the chair.

11. DIY Scrap Adirondack Chair

DIY Scrap Adirondack Chair

Designed in a unique and eye-catching manner, this Adirondack chair is not just made from scrap wood, it is also very stylish.

The base is wedge-shaped and is beautifully oiled to bring out the grain of the Douglas Fir wood it was made from. It is additionally coated with outdoor-grade Polyurethane for durability.

Of course, you are free to use whatever types and shapes of wood that you have available to you. Just follow the step by step instructions here and you should be fine.

Tools that you will need include clamps, a chisel, hand plane, an orbital sander, and a table saw. 

Your wood needs will depend on what you have available, although you could as well decide to buy boards and completely rebuild this beauty.

12. Simple DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Simple DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

For those who want to build a chair that is not too difficult to build, this simple Adirondack chair plan makes it possible because of its simple design.

It includes a material list which is made up of 2x4 boards for the legs and supports, 1x4s for the arms and the seat slats, plus 1x6s for the back slats. 

Detailed diagrams with all the necessary measurements show you everything you need in order to build this chair. One thing missing though is a step by step guide.

If the diagrams are not enough for you and you need building instructions, then you can download a PDF version of this plan for just $1.

13. DIY Folding Adirondack Rocking Chair

DIY Folding Adirondack Rocking Chair

This one is something else. It combines multiple features into one chair. It is, of course, an Adirondack chair, but it can be folded for easier transport and it is also a rocking chair.

This unique Adirondack plan begins with a template download. This is necessary in order to reproduce perfectly fitting parts.

There is then a 5-section guide with instructions on how to build this amazing chair. It starts with the template guide, then the holes section, and finally, the assembly.

It should be noted that this plan is very detailed and contains lots of information. You will need to go through it all before beginning.

This is not a simple project. It is for those with experience in woodwork. You should be really prepared if you want to build this.

14. Ana's Adirondack Chair Plan

Ana's Adirondack Chair Plan

Ana White presents this Adirondack chair that is comfortable and equally easy to build. The chair is not too fancy, but it has all the features of a good Adirondack chair.

It is 37 inches high from the ground to the top of its back slats. The armrest is 21 inches high and 25 inches long. There are no curves in this chair, just straight and simple lines.

This Adirondack chair plan includes a material and tool list, as well as detailed diagrams with all the measurements that you can need.

There is also a cut list, after which the step by step instructions begin, ending in step 8, which is the attachment of the chair's arms and support.

This Adirondack chair design will cost you less than $50 and about 4 hours to build. You are free to get creative with its finishing and to create something amazing thereby.

15. Limited Tools Adirondack Chair Plan

Limited Tools Adirondack Chair Plan

Steve created this Adirondack chair using a limited set of tools. These include a drill and a jigsaw, a pocket hole jig, and a random orbit sander.

There is a video plan, as well as an 8-page PDF file with printable Adirondack chair plans that you can download and print out.

This plan makes the entire building process easy and understandable. There is a cutting diagram with color codes, which makes the cutting list easy to understand.

This plan also includes a SketchUp file, which you can download and use on a computer. The entire chair cost just $50 to build

16. DIY Adirondack Love-Seat Plan

DIY Adirondack Love-Seat Plan

The Adirondack design is not limited to carrying just one person. It can also be built for two, in the style of a love seat, upon which best friends can spend the summer afternoons and nights together.

This plan includes color-coded diagrams, a material list, and a tool list. There is no step by step guide, but the instructions contain enough pictures to show you what's going on.

The instructions begin with a cutting list. You need 1x8s for the legs, 1x4s for the seat, backrest, and supports, and 1x3 for supports.

The cutting diagram for the legs is well detailed. It shows you the angles to cut and where to cut. You also see how to cut and add the armrests and supports.

17. Beach Chair Style Adirondack Chair Plan

Beach Chair Style Adirondack Chair Plan

This folding Adirondack chair plan offers 2 seating positions. It is delivered in 8 steps and creates a chair with natural and lovely curves.

The 8 steps being with the templates. There is a printable template, which is rather large and has to be purchased. If you use this template though, you will just have to mark out what to cut and that's it.

You can still try to build without a template if you can, but you might be better off staying away from the lots of curves involved in this chair.

18. Easy to Build Adirondack Chair Plan

Easy to Build Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan shows you how to easily build an Adirondack chair in just 23 steps. This design is simple and features no difficult cuts or assemblies.

It starts with the steps and also includes a tool, a material list, and a cut list. This plan used 1x6 cedar boards which can last for a long while outdoors, but you are free to use any board of your choice.

The first steps involve the creation and assembly of the front and back legs. The next steps take you through the rest of the building process, ending with the installation of the arms in step 23.

This plan uses mostly 1x6 boards, plus 1x3s and 1x4s. The cut list includes a cutting diagram, which makes it easier to cut the different boards into the right sizes.

19. Classic Adirondack Chair Plan

Classic Adirondack Chair Plan

This chair features all the curves that are usually found on classic Adirondack chairs. The armrests are curved and so too is the seat and backrest slats.

Although this project is for intermediate or advanced woodworkers, you can still understand the instructions well if you are a beginner, because they are well laid out.

There is a video overview, and then a PDF file with 9 pages packed full of information like diagrams, measurements, material and tool lists, as well as a step by step guide.

One interesting feature of this chair is the way its backrest slats fan out. You can recreate all these and more, by simply following this guide.

The PDF file additional has lots of information for the beginning woodworker, such as how to cut tapers, wedges and many other shapes using a table saw. 

This plan comes from the Woodworker's journal, so they know what they are talking about.

20. XXL Super-Sized Adirondack Chair Plan

XXL Super-Sized Adirondack Chair Plan

There is no size limit when it comes to Adirondack chairs, and this giant chair here is the proof. The backrest is almost 60 inches wide, while each of the armrests is 60 inches long.

You will also notice that the choice of lumber here is different from the other plans on this list. This one uses 2x12s, 2x10s, and 2x8s.

The entire chair will cost you anywhere between $300 and $500 depending on your choice of lumber and on whether you plan to paint, stain, or leave it natural.

This plan includes a material list but the building instructions are not in a step by step manner. Still, it is easy to follow and its diagrams are easy to understand.

21. Jack's Free Adirondack Chair Plan

Jack's Free Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan shows you something quite interesting. It shows you how easy it is to modify a plan and thereby customize the final product to your taste.

Jack builds his Adirondack chair using a specific free plan, but parts of his chair churn out different from the plan at the end.

Maybe Jack found it a little difficult to work with curved wood because the plan had curves and his didn't. Remember that you can always do the same and save yourself a lot of headaches. 

He uses 1x6s for the legs, armrests, and the frame, while 1x2s are for the seat slats, and 1x4s for the trims. he also adds lots of tips to help you do a great job.

22. 6-Step DIY Guide to Build An Adirondack Chair

6-Step DIY Guide to Build An Adirondack Chair

This plan presents a guide to building a classic Adirondack chair design. Its armrest and other frame parts are beautifully curved, with the backrest fanning out as well.

The 6-step guide is simple and straight to the point.It tells you how to cut the parts, and then, how to assemble them together to make the chair.

A beginner might find it difficult following this plan because it doesn't take you by hand in a detailed step by step manner. Still, it covers the basics.

There is a material list in this guide. There is also a tool list which includes a jigsaw, a table saw, a drill, a router and a random orbit sander.

A detailed diagram shows you everything you need to know. The chair is 38 inches tall, the armrest is 20 inches high, while the seat is 19 inches wide.

23. Adirondack Rocking Chair Plan

Adirondack Rocking Chair Plan

It is 43 inches high, 39 inches long, and 38 inches wide. It is an Adirondack chair and also a rocker. This plan is brought to you by Chris Hill from Chief's Shop.

There are so many diagrams here, that it would be difficult for you, not to get it right. Everything is well laid out in a step by step manner, although the steps are not numbered.

You get a lumber list, which includes 4 pieces of 2x4s, 5 pieces of 1x6s and 1 piece of 2x6.

There is a cutting diagram to show you exactly how to cut the parts. There is also a PDF file with the plans, which you can download for free and print out.

24. Double Adirondack Chairs with Table Plan

Double Adirondack Chairs with Table Plan

If you desire plans for Adirondack chairs which are joined together with a table, then have a good look here. This plan helps you to create the perfect romantic Adirondack double seat.

The back legs are built using 1x8 lumbers, while the front legs are built with 1x4s. Most of the other parts of the chair, including armrests, table supports and backrests are built using 1x4s.

It will take you one day to finish building this project and it will cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the type of wood that you choose.

This plan is very detailed and contains every necessary information for building this pair of chairs. Finishing is of course left for you to choose.

25. DIY Roomy Adirondack Chair Plan

DIY Roomy Adirondack Chair Plan

This Adirondack chair will cost you about $60 to build. It is roomy, has a fan back, and its armrests are truly wide. It has everything you can need in an Adirondack chair.

This guide includes a material list, cutting list, and tool list. The project itself can be completed in about 5 hours, and the $60 budget is for using pressure treated wood.

Step by step instructions take you through the individual stages needed to build this chair. From the assembly of the base to the seats, armrests, and the back slats, every step is taken care of.

This plan does not feature beautifully curved armrests or back legs like many plans for Adirondack chair designs do, but you can, of course, add them if you so desire.

26. Classy DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Classy DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan is for an Adirondack chair and a matching table. You can then decide to build as many chairs as you need for your backyard.

Cedar is of course among the best woods to use for these outdoor beauties, just as it was used in this guide. This design further features a fan back and curved armrests.

There is a material list with everything that you need. The step by step instructions then lead you on through the different stages of building this chair.

The pictures are bright and clear, and every important stage of the work is properly captured. The construction of the table also follows after the chair has been successfully assembled.

27. Redwood Adirondack Chair Plan

Redwood Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan is presented by the California Redwood Association. It advises that redwood should be used to build the Adirondack chair since redwood beautiful, durable and resistant to decay and insects.

The design is simple, but it contains quite a few angle cuts. All of the parts should, of course, be made from redwood, if you plan to follow this guide.

A step by step guide deals with each part of the chair, starting from the legs, to the back slats and then, to the finishing.

At the end of this guide is a page dedicated to the beauty of redwood and its finishing options. Redwood is truly beautiful, but it is still left for you to decide.

28. Mini DIY Adirondack Chair Pattern for Kids Plan

Mini DIY Adirondack Chair Pattern for Kids Plan

Sitting back and relaxing is not meant for adults alone, kids can as well kick back from time to time. If you can build an Adirondack chair pattern for your kid, I'm sure you'll be loved for it.

This plan is for that smaller version of an Adirondack chair and it even includes 2 cup holders. There is a downloadable PDF version of this guide with all the detailed plans.

The material list includes mostly 2x6s and 1x6s. You are free to use pressure treated pine or cedar wood.

This plan also includes a 9-step tutorial on building the chair. It begins with the cutting of the wood parts and ends with the building of the footrest. 

29. $95 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

$95 DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Using cedar, this plan will cost you about $100 to build. It is a classic Adirondack chair with all the lovely curves at the right places.

Cindy and her family actually went all the way and built 5 chairs at a go. She also put up a downloadable PDF file containing the plans with detailed dimensions, as well as the templates.

The armrests are 5 inches wide and 27 inches long. The middle backrest slat is 28 inches high and 5 inches wide.

This guide takes you through each step slowly and with very clear pictures. You will catch up with the process once you have cut out the parts using the templates.

30. Very Technical DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

Very Technical DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

This plan has the sole purpose of creating a comfortable Adirondack chair, which does not have a very steep recline. This will allow the chair to also be used for other purposes except relaxing.

In order to achieve this goal, this plan uses specific angles to create the chair's frame. The back legs are 48cm high, while the front ones are 51cm high.

There are 4 different angles to pay attention to in this plan. They are the angles of the 2 feet to the ground, plus their 2 joints with the seat. These were well explained with diagrams.

The rest of the tutorial is also very technical and detailed. Every measurement is given and you can also download a Sketchup file to view the plans on a computer.

31. 18-Step DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

18-Step DIY Adirondack Chair Plan

This guide will lead you in 18 very detailed steps from zero to a finished Adirondack chair. The plans are totally free, but the downloadable PDF file costs just $5.

It starts with an introduction and then a material list and a cutting list. It also includes the plans from different points of view.

There are 3 options to shape the different parts of the chair in this plan. You can use their measurements, which are provided. You can also use a grid plan or a template, which are both provided.

Step 1 of this tutorial is all about cutting the pieces of wood to length. The tutorial then goes on and on, until the 18th step, where you sand the chair and then, you are done.

The choice of finishing is totally left for you to decide. You can stain, paint or coat as you may desire.

32. DIY Cedar Adirondack Chair Plan

DIY Cedar Adirondack Chair Plan

Built from cedar, this chair will definitely last a long time outdoors. The plan is simple and straight and will take about a day to complete.

All you need for this project are basic carpentry tools. The instructions show you how to cut and assemble the wood parts.

From the floor to the armrest is 22 inches high. the backrest is 45 inches high, while the seat is 15 inches high and 17 inches deep.

Nails and waterproof glue were also used a lot here, much more than in other plans.

This tutorial first makes the legs, then the seat, the back and then the assembly. It then goes with the construction of an Adirondack bench, which shares almost all its dimensions with the chair.

33. Yellawood DIY Double Adirondack Chair Plan

Yellawood DIY Double Adirondack Chair Plan

This project is for intermediate builders. It will take over a day to complete and cost over $100. 

Although the plan comes from Yellawood, suppliers of pressure treated pine, you can make it with whatever kind of wood you feel comfortable with.

You will have to download the PDF file for this project. It is free, but Yellawood requires some information before the download can start.

It contains a cut list, tool list, and material list. Each part of this double chair is drawn in a diagram with detailed measurements.

There are 14 building steps, plus a short tutorial about laying out curves. The ending of the tutorial contains extra tips to help you work better.

34. Adirondack Chair DIY Plan for Beginners

Adirondack Chair DIY Plan for Beginners

This plan will cost anywhere between $20 and $100 depending on your choice of wood and extras. It is designed to be easy to understand and to follow.

You should budget a weekend for this project and you can also decide to build just a chair or to build a love seat for 2. This plan covers both types.

There is a detailed diagram of the parts, including measurements and directions of where what goes. There is also a downloadable PDF file with the plans.

The step by step building guide takes you through the building process in 5 steps. The last step deals with the marking and trimming of the chair's back using a homemade pencil compass.

35. Bar Style Adirondack Chair Plan

Bar Style Adirondack Chair Plan

This Adirondack chair design comes with a twist. It is built to be as high as a bar stool, making it quite different from the other Adirondack chair designs.

In spite of its height, this chair is comfortable, sturdy and durable. It offers relaxation at a higher elevation and even includes a cup holder.

This guide includes a link to a separate plan from which this chair was built. Most of the wood is pine, or you can use white-wood. It is then stained for a lovely finish.

When you download the PDF file, you will find all the information that you need. Everything from measurements, angles, and diameters are well detailed, and a step by step guide leads you through the construction.

36. DIY Adirondack Chair Plan with Video

This plan is also available in a lovely and very detailed video. It lists everything you need, from a material list, to cut and tool lists. You can also download a PDF plan with all the details in it.

If you are the kind of person that prefers video tutorials, then you'll love this video, because it is very clear and packs lots of information in a very nice way.

The PDF guide includes a cut list with detailed directions. The cutting diagram is very clear and helps you to easily get going.

There are 9 building steps, which show you how to build this chair very easily in about an hour. If you use affordable wood for it, then your cost will also be less than $50.

37. DIY Upcycled Adirondack Chair Plan

DIY Upcycled Adirondack Chair Plan

This fun project is for anyone who has spare wood lying around. 2x4s, 1x6s, and 2x6s are all great, you will have to figure out which board will go where, first.

Keep in mind that the legs and the seat should use boards that are about 2 inches thick for the best results. The armrests and the seat and back slats can use thinner boards.

As you can see here, they even used skateboards for the armrests. This is fun and creative and you are encouraged to use what you have lying around.

The plan shows you how to cut the seat board and give it that Adirondack shape, and every other thing then comes together.

38. The Most Beautiful Adirondack DIY Rocking Chair Plan

The Most Beautiful Adirondack DIY Rocking Chair Plan

This chair is simply beautiful. If you can succeed in building this Adirondack chair plan, then rest assured that you've created a wonderful piece of art.

It is a mix of an Adirondack chair and a rocker, and it also blends all the artistic elements of both a rocker and an Adirondack chair, for example, its backrest slats and beautiful seat slats.

You will notice that a combination of wood sizes was used to create this beauty, and if you are creative enough, you could even add your own style.

This guide includes a material list and lots of detailed plans with directions and measurements. It even shows you how to create those lovely backrest slats, especially the ones on the sides.

39. Les Kenny's Adirondack Chair Plan

Les Kenny's Adirondack Chair Plan

This is a plan for a very basic but sturdy chair. It is presented by Les Kenny from BuildEazy for free, but if you want the printable Adirondack chair plans, then they'll cost just $5.

This plan also includes a video and its step by step guide begins with the cutting of boards for the legs and other parts.

It also includes plans with detailed diagrams and measurements. Everything is well laid out and explained, but you can always add your own twists to it.

We just run through 39 different ways to build an Adirondack chair and I hope you are fired up!

I would like to know what you are up to and which interesting design you are planning to build.

Feel free to leave us a comment below and to share or pin this.